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Live Hair Demo: Toni

Here's a little bit course, because it's salt and pepper so when they're here changes color, um, the texture changes as well. Um, but it's also, um, quite flat three and is it naturally waving like your daughter? Uh, no, no, no, no. If it's what has it got any kind of kingston has? I'm sorry. It has some volume. A little bit of a bend if I don't work with it, but I would I would say it's it's pretty close to the street side. Okay, so what I want to do is bring a little bit more here across the face. I think we're gonna party like this. I'm going to go through and damp in the front and I'm gonna float right down a little bit into her face and I'll actually do that. I'll explain what I'm doing first, and father here drives on anything, and then we'll use um, tom, just add a little bit of movement swell. So when they've had their hair tuck back or in a ponytail, he always have this hair sitting back side dampen that as well so that I can pull that down into her rushing through just a litt...

le you never know what's going to come here, it's a strange text you can be a little bit of a drive it so pull that through the hair just to have a little bit more hold because I feel like this here's gonna fall quite quickly and I just used my fingers to work through their hair and then maybe grab my brush and pull it through again check in my head, right? I'm going to use this sort of medium sized brush and I want to direct the fringe down I want to sit across the forehead for someone and know out before I had a little bit I don't want to settle up the face I'm gonna bring that here forward bring this here forward and then just go through and quickly blow dry the rest of it and then I'll use the time to just give it some more shape so sorry about the noise yes someone know what to do just select the medium sized brush and not the smaller one or even a larger one the large amount won't give me enough lift and enough ben because this part of the haste quite short so really I'm only getting that much around um and the small one I think I get tangled in here because that's really just for either we're extremely short here um or just getting left on the roof but I want to put the brush through that hair ah so I just wanted to say um if I really want some lift in there it's I'll flick my brush behind the hair push the here this way so I've still got pull intention on the head and then I blow up into the root so that gives me a lot smaller then I flick it back around and then you also saw me do this and that just helps me to get the ends around and then as I pull that kind of correct themselves and slight through and then I can slide back onto my head and that's how I do a really good blow dry with brushes um I would then always hit from here and then I can use my cold a button as well to cool their hair down so it sets it for me much quicker so sometimes with certain here I can do most of the blood drive without sectioning things off but that's I think that's just practice and experience when you starting out does help to pull sections back so you didn't get all tangled in it because it can't happen buddy you can explain the purpose of cold eriks I don't use okay so whenever you playa hate to the head that's what changes the structure and allows you to create a curl or um straighten curly here you then needed to sit so when it cools chef stays closed and that's what allows the structure to stay there um so by applying cool air he's setting the hair on the brush straight away because the moment I let it go it's still really hot, so it's gonna drop out a little bit more? Um, so what sometimes also do is I'll do a section he and then I'll leave the brushing their not so much around the front of the face, but in the back I'll leave my brushing there and then I grab another brush, same size, go around, leave that money and then maybe a third one on three usually get me across a section, so this is kind of mice. It sounds complicated, but it's not you're just doing the same thing you just allowing it to cool their instead of standing there with the cold air button and cooling if you just leave it there doing x section, move across and that's just the way you work just go through finish off the front so that I can talk and I can do the back from the break. So what I really want with this here is to create lift, smooth it out because it wasn't really that smooth before and then I can put a bit more direction in with my tongue wait the top of the head always go because no matter what we want, volume I haven't done much and I haven't done it properly the way I would normally take my time with it but already that's a huge difference different hair, smoother it's got a lot more left through here and a little bit of movement around the front way when we spoke to tony earlier she said she likes peachy curls kind of soft meat u here well, not really cool she actually said she doesn't want just some movement soft movement is that right? I'll use my tio normally I have pockets when I work so I can stick all these things tell crime in one side simona, what do you suggest for clients that want to get like a fresh cut on a fresh color? Do you allow? Do you tell him to get definitely a week or two weeks to have some grow out our whatever I think differently having your roots down because you know that I want to look back of the forest are we should always show into the hedges and there's nothing. Of course you can fix a little bit in post, but um it's hard work it's better if they just get it done to start off with is there any reason why you shouldn't have them do that are advised not to do it the day before? Now I can think it's fun on this um now they haven't done the day before. Not a problem. Do you ever have? So do you ever have any music on in the background during a shoot? And I always oh, yeah? What do you preferred? You listen, spoon or legs, something a bit more millet and always ask the client to what? What? They sort of luck, you know, play what I feel like and then say that music okay, free just in case someone really hates an artist. And I think this has nothing to do with, uh, hair boat. So what are you listening to? What do you have on your playlist? Right? And anything in particular? Um rebecca ferguson it's an english artist. Kind of beautiful female voice. Um, okay, so what I'm finding looking at that I'm gonna get too many loose ends just gonna be a little bit too fine and stringing. Um, so I'm gonna start taking ficus section so I've got more here going in the same direction because I think I might like that shoot you make it look so easy. It is it's just practice it's not that's. What I was telling you yesterday that I keep trying it and it just comes out you wanna come and try and weird my stylist does it beautifully I think it's just keep the tongue moving so see, I've done biggest sections through he way you do this one and it's just looking much nicer still got movement but when you've got more here going in the same direction it's not gonna look to see if any other questions for pulling up from the hair here as well just get more lift that yet and then I'm actually pulling them out at a bit because I want them to be a bit more relaxed and I'll put product in at the end of well can you explain why you're choosing the flatiron over the tongs for the carly I just wanted to be a bit more relaxed a little bit um casual way we're just about to ask the same question eleven when that happened it was a question from a little out there so you know you can get it elegant co with faces well um just sometimes I just used these because it's faster um sometimes I start to use it on someone thin I think oh, I don't like the curl it's doing so I switch to a hot I'm definitely for this here biggest sections because it's it's turning quite easily and I don't want it to be too curly you're not setting it in the clips either not you send clips in their specific when it's when it's long hey um and I really want the coal to stay in and I think the weight of the is gonna pull it out and I won't have enough girl that's when I said it and it's all set first do my makeup then finish off so of course that you know half now off when I'm doing makeup um off the hair sitting just gives it a much more staying power and also if the girls have all one length here you know all the weight in the head that's that's we sort of need to sit if you're going for quite a curly look good tio made your first jump that's great really good so just so I wasn't sure what to do with the top because that's her natural here yet just run your fingers through it and pull it back because she does wear it back off her face quite frizzy for like and I've smoothed it out with the curling iron and everything but there's still a bit of um I'm then going and I'll finish that off with an expression yeah, a little bit of products through there but um maybe uh have you finished all the front? Yeah, I went on to do the front first, ok? Yeah so if you're finding that and you think oh it's still not smooth enough I go in on just pull a bit of products through a smoothing lotion or you know like a smoothing oil a really light what would you do that kind of at this point what has more time or if I started talking in a notice that I'm not getting what I want I'll stop put the put up through pull it with my fingers through the hair and then then at the setting lotion and then continue yeah do you want me to add a little bit harder or we're gonna do that um it's okay just keep going I'll have look here some pulling it through quite fast and sometimes these bits still go back even though I've straightened them to go forward so that's when I use my straightener because that's gonna get them the best and last my client do not move your head and turn to me going nice and close just pull that down so these air yet sorry if somebody comes to you that hasn't had their roots done do y'all tell them not to get their pictures done until they torto do it or it depends how how bad I think and what sometimes if you kill the hand it's blonde here and it's not a huge contrast you khun kind of mask it um I do also in my kids have these powders um so when I get someone with some really fine here um I can it's kind of like a little bit like the dust it's kind of a texture patter the dust into the scarf and it creates an illusion that you've got more hair there thing then you actually do so you khun change you can actually put that on the roots as well and there's other products that you can buy and hendrix and supplies that allow you to mask just that you know in the top player so you can kind of color it up but you need to have those um if it's a person with dark brown hair um I've grabbed my I should've pellet before a little stepping brush and I've just gone around and colored the grab it yeah okay that's front done and again always go through and tease the route because there's never enough um, volume but I will use the powder in this case actually I'm gonna put that all through the hand I might block um blasted through so you can see amazing stuff is god's son that's the best thing since stepping traffic so it has no color but in really dark here sometimes it can give sort of matt effect, so in that case I might leave just a really fine section where did I put it? So I've got something to cover over the head and it actually feels a little bit wet doesn't feel wet on your scalp get people say that yeah so that's just the product with wait a minute and that's, without anybody coming. And he saw her flat. The hair was before that's, actually amazing, and it looks natural, doesn't look too down. You know, you do have clients that don't want to look overdone, and they just like the hay in a certain way. They just wanted a little bit better than they normally would wear it and do it themselves. So we see a little bit of back coming in there and, obviously, don't do the back. Um, I think that's, just a really easy, and I would go through and just lift that up a little.

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Sue Bryce's hair and makeup artist Simona Janek came back to CreativeLive to teach hair and makeup for photography! In her course, she talks about how to start offering hair and makeup in your photography studio, how best to work with hair and makeup artists, and more. In two full days of practical instruction, she teaches technique and style. She teaches communication and how to get the look you want. And as a bonus, she also teaches women the fundamentals of how to apply their own makeup!