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Live Hair Demos: Jowhara and Carolyn

So you are actually has, um, human hair extensions in the back here. So I sit sideways, baby, because I'll be working a bit more on the back way face that way, um, cameramen, which fishy smell good. Okay, thank you. And this thing with human hair extensions, they do hold a curl quite well, um, because it's real here, but it has bean sort of treated, and they tend to really grab on to the kill, so brush out the hair first. Now, g doesn't actually know how to tom, so I'm gonna I'll show her, and then I'll get her to do it, to make sure that you got it right, that at the top, what I'll get you to do after his section often started the bottom, okay, okay, put a little bit of this through. So this here is. Pretty much all one link, but I want to create a little bit more movement through there. So what you're spraying in is the setting lotion is the setting left on you, which kind of protects the here from the heat and and all of that. At the same time. Let's, pray then, and I brush it throu...

gh, and sometimes it sizzles when you put the heat straight on it, because it's still wet. So you just told a client, and I'm not burning the hair off. It is just the setting lotion sizzling. Can you see? So I try with her extensions, are trying not to always pull on them too much, some grabbing heat and creating tension. So I'm not pulling on the routes where they're attached. I'm actually pulling against my own hand. Okay, so you open the tongue to start with but it's close to the start to the route as you can and then I twist the hair around that allows me to pull through and by doing this you're smoothing the cuticle and applying here in creating the girl so probably I need to take a slightly smaller section because that, um the extension has quite thick and right through to the end just hold that for a little bit so you can do this technique this is different because I'm pulling their hair through the tongue nice and flat so the strand that I take goes through flat like a ribbon I'm not twisting it to get it through, which creates more smoother sort of dropped curl but this one's a little bit tired of the reason after chosen this tongue because I think with the big one we would only just get a little bit of movement through the end yes, here, yeah, I was just just so I'm not pulling on ahead with it. If it's not extensions, then I don't ok if it's just around here so we've got no shame do you work with extensions that I dont arthur there any that you can use heat on? Yes so the piece that we had in yesterday that synthetic care um and you can't really put heat on that you can um, reset them just recently bought new ones that apparently you can tong on a lower temperature. Um, I haven't really played with that much, but it's only the real hair months that you can really treat just like here. So if somebody comes in with those already, you just check you just always check before, um, uh, otherwise they do. Otherwise, they stick to the tongue and teach us to do you just leave it straight, if that's what they have. No, I asked them, um, a lot of the time, when, if he's awake, how do these look when they wit your extensions a little bit, wavy and frizzy? Yeah, a lot of the times, actually, the sort of the natural texture of them is quite wavy again. Pull the hair through. And so I just released this a little bit and let its light through some, not dragging the hair through and twist each time to get the hair around. So I want to stay kind of close to the route with the tom to keep that girl nice and high. Now I treat it just like normal here. You just have to be careful rushing through it, so you're not ripping at their scalp, okay? We're getting enough detail in what the cold looks like. I think so, so just yet. So when you start, you're doing over the cliff or under the clip. Uh, yep, um, clip. I put it inside right, twist the hair under and then pull it through under the clip again. And then the whole time I am under the clique. I was just feeding it through and pulling through this way. And this is the technique that I use when you see the sits going. Um, this is what I would do. I get it all the way through. Just wait for the heat to come through or we're on the highest temperature. Serious. I don't think we need to set this because it's gonna hold. But if I did just hold that for me. If I didn't need to set it, then I just let it come out of the tongue like this. Roll it back on itself. And I let this part of the hair stand up just to get lift off the route. And then I put my little clipping toe. Hold that and that's how I do the whole head. Do you wanna do one just so some peoples here. Not especially fine here, not really easily. So I find I have to sometimes brush it section or get my tail crime and smooth it out before I put it through the tongue otherwise you'd just have knots everywhere they go yeah ribbon under yes put it through again don't be step keep straight put the clip back on and out turn this you gotta turn the tongue all the way around and now feed the hair with it and keep turning the tongue it's always going in just the one direction okay and feed it through again under gotta get always in yeah, there we go and just open it a little bit and slide it out that's it and sometimes you have to hold the end if it keeps popping out on you help if you stick your tongue out when you're working probably and you try not to burn your hands or your client. Okay, good. So I'm not that great. Is it off it's not getting to know that that is actually a question from bb eight six eight simona is how do you decide what stage of the heat to use for a particular hair type? I tend to just use the horses to high because I want it to be quick if a tighter I don't have to hold it as long um, you know, most of the time hair white girl or hold a cz much as I want, I'm always on the hardest setting pretty much yet so I don't know if we've lost slight men of power but our things are calling down so I'll get you to go over there plugging yeah and just keep going if you need help call me okay thank you okay okay cheryl next and let me just grab a big tongue state simona before you start this next um yeah style hey there's at least a dozen people in the chat rooms wondering what brand setting lotion you're using if you would use the same setting lotion for straight or curly here yes I love that one it's called white sand sitting um liquid texture that's what it's called and it's a setting lotion that gives really good hold uh there's there's like a light version and medium and a really strong the strong can be quite sticky I don't need that one is often I used the media most the time and you can build it up in the hair like I can keep spraying it and actually get the hair quite wet with it um and then when I tongue it'll you know the kill will be quite crunchy but when I brush that out that's what gives it really good hold in the cole stays in there and then I can re manipulated through the shoot and just keep going with it yeah okay so this is getting nothing so caroline has beautiful stick straight here and she has a really good cut that suits her face so when we had a chat this morning she said she actually really likes her here to be straight into sit forward and into her face um so I've decided old older kerlan or myself what I would do so it's been clipped up so it's got a little kink in there um I'm just gonna go through with the large tongue and just put a little bit of movement through the ends we don't really want to go we just want a little bit of movement through the slayer this part we wanted to sit forward and just a little king through that bottom layer there so maybe I should turn you sideways because I'm gonna work a little bit on the back as well I will spread a little bit of this through and what is that what you're saying same thing always he's always this's my I don't have a whole lot of styling products in my kit I have this um I have the powder have hair spray um I do have a moose if I have someone with short hair that comes in and I'm doing a blow dry and I feel like I just wanted to have a you know a little bit more hold um I preferred a blow dry we smooched you can put this through a swell and comb it through but it just really depends on the hair texture um and then I have ah styling cream that I was using yesterday and I will be using again when we finishing the heroine with brand of and the like whole level of the hair spray they use. Um, I actually don't know what that brandies I use a different one at home. Um, I just choose one that I like the smell off and, um, has just really good hold and it's quite dry. I don't like when they're too witch on the hair like that when they're sort of dryer and dry quite quickly in the head or like, the stronger hold. Yes, yeah, I I think one that I think there's a few, they're only black cans, they seem to me once a goa'uld world and slew it. So this technique that I'm gonna use here is the same as what time did use doing, and all I want to do is just put a bit of movement in the end, and you can actually achieve this by, um, blow drying their hair if she can. With wet here, I could do a blow dry with my round brushes, which I'll show on our next model and leave the brush. To the and that gives you movement through the ends. So I'm just turning the end the little, and I'm using the large tongue for that, because that's not really going to give me a girl. No, because I want it to be quite loose. If anything, I'll probably brush it out and then maybe even blast the hair drives through it. I'm leading role. I'm betting, not even so much body. Down here I'm just adding movement through the end of the hair yeah if if in fact I came in with my damn pair you'd see in fact my hair is very wavy and by virtue of blow drying it first it simona said it it takes out quite a bit of the waving us on dh I have the choice of being quite wavy not quite as much as a few of these other girls but quite wavy and or or the straight look and it's really funny because I didn't know I had wavy until say the last two years I wore my hair right down to my dimples for most of my life and only discovered my waving us in the last while it's kind of fun so I'm doing my sections and I'm turning each one in a different way like now I'm going to go down with just to get a different direction so wasted here it's it's quite easy once you know how to work the tongue through the hair then it's just a different directions that you pull the hearing that gives you different kinds of girls I'm trying to figure out how I could possibly do this on myself in different directions you know cause yeah that's all good I would love to be able to do that something like that I think it's just practice so you khun d'oh ome here quite well I've had short here for such a long time, I probably couldn't, but it's much easier on someone else. So, hey is taking the heat really easily, probably because she has naturally wavy hair. So when are you going to show us doing here on someone that has short hair like yours? Um, do you have any for, um, generally what I find with people with short hair, because you have to have it cut so often? Most of the time, they have quite a good style that I just work with the cut and don't try and change it too much. I might play around with the front, you know, bring it more forward, like with my hair to get a different look. You could tuck it back and maybe lift this off my face thing. So does not change it up that way of any curling just lived. Um, if they had, if they had lots of length through the top, maybe would just do some kinks with hd. Yes, with still be, like with her hair in the texture that it is. I feel like my curls still have a little bit of tail end. Is that okay? Wait, come over and have a quick look. You feel the end is not smooth enough. Like, I don't know if that's too much not smooth for it's about okay, so in this case, I would I would work, so you're not pulling it through enough. See how mine is right to the tiny smooth yeah, so maybe you're not stretching the end enough when you're twisting it around your tongue. So, uh, tighter way might need a bit of setting lotion through the back because I'm not sure if I got right through to that. So maybe as you open up each section spray, you're setting lotion on, pull it through the hair right to the end because that's gonna help you smooth it. Another way to get around this if you got this problem is sometimes I go through on dh just blow dry at the end with a big round brush. Because I don't want to pull this out this is what's going to give me texture and movement and and I want that in there and I'm you know with the way I'm curling I'm increasing that I want more of that but she's got really course here and it's some actually really, really fixed so I would I would definitely stay with her star maybe I would take the fringe across a little bit more to change it up I might just put a few kinks in with the dhd good idea cousin expect so actually because I'm gonna work on some of you so we can wave a plane but you go ahead and which did you know it's called feel the end of that too? What is your name? Samona that probably cuts down on time wake you we've got sort of half unerring makeup and then you know, ten minutes on the hair yeah, yeah cuts down hugely have a question I guess maybe for someone who has been tio uh formal hair training recently but also for you. Simone, is there anything that you remember between the formal hair training that received and the style that ya used now that other techniques that you've just dropped and that you use now are you that you wouldn't use now, um I think it's the way we finish here often that that's two got more to do with the trans you know the curling technique is kind of always the same and the blow drying you know, getting the direction with the heat that you want all those principles of the same it's how you make it look in the end and I think products you know, back in the nineties the kurds were more separated and more kind of jj old like in their little ringlets now it's it's got movement it's softer and I think the hair styling products have changed as well there's a lot more pastes starling paced around starting creams that a softer and matter and just allow that sort of more movement in the head it's not all gloom and spreading so I think it's more about you know, the way the hair transit going and products that are out there not so much the technique because we're we're open to employing hair stylists for our company you know, maybe in the future that are fresh out of school so I wonder if there's like techniques that they should just maybe change immediately like oh, we don't do that okay, so um the golden up that's a hairdresser that I'm training you know, she's had her own cell on and has done here when she first started with me she would spend hey just blow drying their hair perfectly and it's like well, just cut that time in half blow dry just round the front that's most important, get that sitting really good um and then just talking here, you know, used the use the hate of the tongs because it's so much faster and you get a quick result. Yeah, don't speed is a question for us like tips to give our hair stylists and make up artists on howto how to shorten their time that it takes to do hair and makeup. Yes, I think concentrate on the front, you know more making all this perfect and back off course do it, but you don't have to spend as long doing the back and really learn you're different tongues and the different time techniques because that that's really we get most of the result. So with this top section that's quite a bit shorter, I don't want it to be too big, so I'm only really just turning the end slightly and then almost pulling it out with my fingers relaxing it. I'm going down in the back because that girl that comes out just does its own has its own little kink. So this whole layered section through he's going to have lots of movement carolyn's got lots of here, um, which is great, so I'm not using the parry it um but I might maybe use it just around her in front of her hair um, if it's not holding the patter, doesn't just have to go in the roots as well. I sometimes use it through the curl doesn't help hold it helps tell the curl, but if you put too much, it sort of locks it up. And then, um, it's not the easiest thing to brush out. So you sort of have what you have that's maybe what I do towards the end of the shoot, if the hair's really falling out and I think, okay, we've got one shot, one look to do don't want to reach hong. I'll put the powder and and scrunch it up, but that's that's kind of the end. Okay, so my turn you back, teo camera just sorry. Thank you. How are you girls going? Is that better with yet? So he when you want a lift, always just direct the hair straight up from the root and then you can apply heat and I'm almost over directing and then just turn a little bit on the end because the hairs grabbing so quickly, so it just gives that sort of soft, blow dried look without having to do that. Blow drying so if your stylist is not that good with blow drying because there had, you know, a makeup artist and they're just learning here it's much easier with tongues so I'd leave this fringe I wouldn't touch the fringe because it's short and I don't really want to put a kink in it, but maybe just a bit of movement through there and there's a piece that we've left, I notice you're not getting a lot of crimping from the iron whenever I don't I don't do get line I get lines whenever I try to do my probably because I I moved as soon as I put it on I start to move through the hair so seong already right? And, um yeah, I'm moving in them once the hiss in their opposition you can hold that's not going to give you a line but oh, also make sure that the end is not sort of caught up or folded in this part here that it's pulling through. Okay, one a little bit of lift in here. I'm gonna go straight up now if that was really fine here then you want it. Good lift you, khun spread this in the roots, coming up through the root so it spreads through the hair and then apply in writing that season that's what I say don't worry that's oh yeah and then that gives you amazing hold and it's really it's that product that does it together with the heat on dh that's just the medium so if I held it a bit longer you can get even more and then if you pin it to sit you get even more say that lift I just wanted to be movement on the internet okay, so at this point I would let caroline changed and then she's your hair after she's you know pulled her tops around um but I'm going to finish her after she's ready to shoot for sue so I always tend to start in the crown he because that's the bit that I want to cover us well and it's a good time to see when you first start chasing someone some people it doesn't taste is easily or you do it and it doesn't have as much effect, so this is kind of my testing ground to the back of the head so I'm really pulling the hair not pulling it off ahead but I'm holding it firm that heard and I'm pushing down with my tail comb and say it's all just standing up on itself so that's created yes, I just had a question to reiterate yesterday you said that you like to work with fresh clean hair versus like maybe day old hair still your preference and maybe why? Because I will always heard working with like day old dirty hair it really depends what I'm doing if I for the glenna photography I want clean route I don't want any oil on the route because when you've got that yes you can put dry shampoo but it's hard to get height once I apply heat to the oil it's just going to spread through further through the head and then you know I'm always gonna have this collapse he and that's most of the time I want to lift off the roots I'll be able to cool the engine problem but I'd rather have clean here that I can really manipulate and then put product in to mess it up myself perfect um when I speak to my client the day before the shoot you know I do ask them what kind of hair do you have? How do you find it sits and you can tell people that really know their hair and work with the hair a lot and sometimes I said, you know really better for washing the night before then I might go with their judgments ok wash it the night before I do a really good cleansed are really good rinse I find some people don't rent product out of their head and then you just have to build up and it's really heavy on the root it's always say you know, maybe do a double shampoo like they do it the headdresses when you're going to be hair washed um condition just made lengths down the conditioner on the roots um and then you know, just let it dry naturally or if you feel that you want to blow dry, you can thank you. So you said that you talked to your client's beforehand do you talk to suze clients before too or are you talking about just your own that I'm talking about my own she talks to her clients and she would break them on things like that? Yeah, it doesn't help you ever if does she ever take like the before shot of them? Maybe before you see them like not or doesn't matter what you get is what you get wait just a bit of a product, so if I just want a little bit of separation through the end's covered, um and I got cream that's a little bit too sticky dilute it down with something else I do that quite often sometimes like a liquid gloss if they've got really dry ends, but I also want just a little bit more than a glock I'll put a little bit of styling creamy, so now I'm mixing the faced together, it just makes it a little bit runny out in my hands and I won't get stuck in straightaway with products. The smooth, gorgeous forthis. Okay, so at this point, I would leave it and then just use more onset. Thank you, thank you.

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