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Live Hair Demos: Krista and Hannah

Okay, so we've got krista here who's got beautiful thick tight curly here and we had a little chat before hand and I said, you know, do you like girls do a hair curly do you love it straight? You know what would be your idea? And she said I actually really like it straight with some beautiful loose waves through it um and she's got a lot of here and it's really tight cole's a really tighter in order for me to achieve what she wants I really need to straighten and smoothes the hair at first can't really going just with a straightening iron and get it perfectly straight without doing some sort of blow drying so whenever he apply heat to the hair is when you allowed you know, to change the structure of the hair so first we need to smooth it out and we need to straighten it out and then put a different kind of curling so to do that I would probably a brush through it a little bit first just so little brush and I know that people got on the girl that's gonna freeze out it's gonna be huge th...

at's what she's thinking right now um but in order to glide right, we're gonna have to get a brush through it so I would do this if she wanted to wear her curls um and I what I would want to do is really find them because at the moment they're sit kind of all different random I would still do this I would brush it all out and then I would spray some setting lotion through the head just put a little bit of hold and because hes I won't do that just yet because you need to blow dry um you gonna press on after you blow dry it yes, just a little bit we're going to get it wet before we way out, so I'm just gonna rush the calls out so it's all smooth and I'm just confusing the story but if she did want curls, I would do this shuttle out and then actually go through in re tongue and redefined the kills but I'll show you that technique on hannah, so for now we're just gonna and I'll let you finish this off, okay? And probably what I would do is damp in the hair down a little not get a drenching wet but just use my water bottle because the gray one there and just dampen it down we can finish that off backstage, okay? And I want to put the hairdryer what I would start to do is get a section usually when I blow dry if I've got someone that comes in with short hair right here that needs a blow dry, I tend to do front area first just to get it sitting in the direction that I needed to find if you twisted up and you have it up for too long and it sort of starts to dry, you get these funny little kinks that are hard to blow dry after so the front of the head is the most important for the shooting the back I'm not as concerned about of course I want to make it look beautiful all over but I go through and do the front first so he I would probably want a little bit of her here around her face but at the moment is sitting quiet often she's also got some really tight curl through he so I would just pin just ease, clip that back and then go through with my hair dryer and if you take smaller section so we've blow drying take a section that you won't get all tangled up in, you know, sort of if your brushes that big, I would take a section that big around the front I tend to do probably smaller sections and I would blow dry this drive so this but I will don't actually do it I'll get tiffany to do it so we don't have the hair dr hahn but I would drive this in this direction forward to get the hair sitting forward and if I'm not getting rid of all the little fuzzies around the hairline, which I do want to get rid of, I would go into really small brush, and I'm not gonna create a cool with that, but I just want to be able to pick up, see how this brush gets from writing, and I can really pick up all the hair to get it nice and smooth so I would go around the front and smooth this hey, I wouldn't at this point, I would just dampen it and dry because her hair's caused enough and curly enough that I think it's gonna it's gonna hold maybe just a little bit of, um, steal the ends or like a slut moisturizer into the end, which is not really going to give it any hole, but it's just gonna help me smooth out here, but the ends are actually not that dry, so I would just blow dry it with dampening it down with water. And is it only because of this hair type that you're blowing forward because, like, normally, I would blow like my hair back away from my face? I'm blowing for it just to get the hair to actually sit forward because I don't get it forward it's gonna be hard for the shoot for me to get this part too sick to come forward, yeah, make it sit there, double, actually. In being with the tongue ing or whatever we do after flick that's our but I just want this hairline to be sitting forward so someone has a really strong kallick do you call them calix here? Yeah, yeah um I blow dry against it so if she had a big curly he that went you know in one way I will pull the hair in the opposite direction and really pull down and blow dry against it and then sometimes they even grabbed my brush this way and go down to just get the hair sitting exactly where I wanted to and then I just pin the hair off to the side of the hair straight or I want teo so just straight back okay, I think the girl that we want excuse me, I would just go straight all the way through and just let it twist around the bottom a little bit because it's quite coarse hair you don't really want to get all tangled up in it. So this is he always pointing your blow dryer down because you want to smooth the cuticle want to straighten out the hair and you want a smoother if you go this way the hair shafts on the um the cuticle shots on the hair point in a downward direction so that's why we smooth everything going down because we want to seal the hair, smooth it down and I know this hair real cool really nicely again, because look how tight the police to start with. Um, if I had someone that had not as tight a curl, I might bled dry would probably blade right in a way where I'm smoothing it and I'm going back on itself. So I start to put a little bit of a kick through the end because when you do this and then you let go, I pull it out this way end up with a really soft flick at the end. But for this, you can just go straight and then once it's all blurred riley she's, beautiful and straight grabbed the gh days way see how we have only very short lace around the front and the rest of the hair is all one length which means which means if you depending on how you do, the curly could end up with them all just sitting around the bottom. I actually want the girl to be a little bit messy, a little bit right from the roots as well. So I want you to take different directions, actually let's put this son. So when you do the back, maybe all spinning and the back of the hair you congee so downwards, slide through and pull out, and then just twist the hearing around the front. I want that very front layer to go back, and this is so it doesn't all sit in her face, so that actually straightens reasonably easily. But I think it's still nice to blow, dry their hair and just get rid of it also, de bulk up a little bit by blood, trying it if we just went in and did that, I think I wouldn't end up with such a neat curl, and definitely, I would blow dry the front if I didn't have time, and I was pressed for time. I'll blow dry the front, talking the front, and maybe just hit you in the back, but we won't see that as much, and with the fringe, which we call banks banks this way this way, also called curling irons, not tongue's, so with the front, you can leave thes front sections that you would have blowed, drive straight and then pull him around this way so they sit off the face, so I get kind of a soft brawl. So do that, too. Only this section goes that way, and then the rest can go a little bit him, so we've got some here to play with around her place, so if you tongue it this way. End up with some of the cool coming back and cutting into the face and kind of puncturing the face a little bit. Okay. Good. Yeah. Okay. Thank you. Shall we? Just kind of a people. What came next? We've got hannah and sarah. Can I ask you a couple of quick questions on that last section in terms of the selection of brush is that you use for that hair? Why did you choose the ones that you did for her hair? Okay, thiss one just really purely so I can get riding clothes and also I can pick up all the head. You know, lots of people have little hairs there. If you try and get in here, you know, you're this far out, and then if you try and get the blow dryer right in there, you won't get the attention that you need to really stretch their hair. And also you'll burn her ear off with the hair, hair dryer, trying to get it so close. So by using this one, I can get right in there and really pick it up and get some tension on the hair without burning her. Um, so just for that, for the back, I could probably even go to that brush there. Which will be much quicker so I can stretch out and smoothes the hair out a lot quicker. Thank you. Now can we just plug in a really thin tongue at the medium in the thinnest? So hannah's also got forges curly here and she has lots of it it's not as coarse as some krista's here it's a little bit finer and softer but there's lots of it in the cause of quite tight as well what I want to do with tennis hey, he's, keep a curl really natural looking girl but as you can see it's strader through he and this kohi is not that defined and it's a little bit random a bit all over the place. So, um probably use two different sized tongues to give me that variation if I make the coral the same size and make it sitting same directions it's not gonna look as natural a natural curly hair but I want to make it look like it's her own purely headbutt just better, better and bigger ever used like a heat treatment before him, like I protected spray or anything what's your yet I I used the setting lotion, which which does that as well? Yeah, so same we some tennis hair, I would just run a brush through the end so we're not getting tangled, and if you notice three he cool, start quite close to her scalp, you know, they're not starting here. I'm gonna show you a talking technique that allows you to replicate that, um, let's, put some setting lotion in. It. Just spread these four through the hair you khun spread in again as you going through different sections of these on, and I want to spread into the roots a little bit, because when I go in with the hot tongue, that's, what's gonna create, I want to create quite a lot of root lift and movement of the roots. Smooth. Do you find yourself walking a lot? Was curly here back home? Do I work a lot with curly hair? Yeah, okay, so you're on the front and then you. Section the soft and start at the bottom so I'm gonna start off with the soonest one there is thinner than this but I find that this is usually this gives me a tight enough girl on that still looks natural and small enough and for these technique actually take quite small sections sort of a centimeter square that half an inch something like that so it's kind of gotten straighter here because it's heavy but it's still those unfortunate if there has a lot longer no matter what you do that's gonna stretch this out a little bit more but what I would do is curl the top maybe tighter to get a little bit more live through here so what I do is I open up my tongue put it right at the root so straight away eating and putting heat on the hair to pull it up off a head case I do that and then I actually twist the hair around and then pull it through and I tend to drag the end through but keep it on a slight open angle just so it's not really really high, so when it comes out it looks like that I've got lots of lifting direction from the root and then I've gotta curl, which we will pull out later but for now I would actually just leave that on my next grand if you want to create she has thick hair and beautiful sick care that actually stands up by itself, but sometimes you have people that have curly hair and it's really just curly on the bottom and very flat on top and not as much of it so with each section what you want to do, so now I'm going to go in the opposite way because if I have sections going in different directions, they help each other stand up when create that volume for you and then I go in this way and same again, lots of left twist around so when you're twisting and you're actually getting the hair to kind of twist on itself too, so that gives it more irregular girl that's what gives it thiss run than riveting it through, okay? And sometimes I actually do this without sectioning it off, I just flipped the sections in different directions so then and also what I do is I look a tte see the way her hair, her own hair is actually going, so I'll go okay, I'll go with natural direction of the hair, but I just wanted emphasized that and make sure that I get good height, same again twist around and doesn't take long for the hair to to grab I'm not holding it for all that long how do you make that curl stay that way did putting these days set in motion before putting that through yet that was the best tip for me because I would curl, curl, curl and it would all fall out so yeah, so especially around the front I really take smaller sections and each time I'm kind of going in a different direction with the with the cool so now I'm going to give it hi this way and twisted around and it would always be angled back more towards no, not necessarily so that one actually went a little bit down this one's going back that one went sideways said never for sometimes I do for justin yeah, more around the lake side of the face on top of that, it depends if they've got a really big forehead and I want some of it to sort of come down okay, yeah, do one more and then I'll send you off and then you could just call me, okay? And you want me smaller tongue, huh? Curling iron through the front and then, um, mix it up through the back, so I'll just same thing we still larger tom, you could do exactly the same and what I do bigger sections in the back, but since it's right through the back, you can around the sides and sort of this top part because this is where we always want heights you're always trying to create bigger here sort of through he and three not always necessarily we'd like it off the face there but not always right through he cooks on some people that can just look a little bit too square and too big so I'll show you what the bigger curling I'm a really nice girl and we'll look very natural so even alternating from france you can you can all tonight do the very front smaller justus about and then it all tonight through he mixed a guy wear that way have a question over here? No sorry it's just you're not rolling in and setting it with clips like you do when I guess you're doing the straight here is that because it's so curly that you don't need thio exactly that? Yeah yeah her hair's going toe hold um but what what I would do if I know it's going to be a while before we start shooting or oh, I think this is really not gonna hold that well or I'm seeing that it's sort of dropping on me a little bit too quick then I would grab instead of doing them individually, I would sort of just pin up little bunches just so they're hanging in a they're not hanging actually just so they're not hanging so that can sit before they cool down or you can just add more setting lotion

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