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Live Makeup Session: Second Model

She's got a little bit of fun, sort of dark discoloration around her eyes and all around her mouth and she's a lot lighter through the center of her face so I'm going tio counteract that discoloration and then just do a nice natural based on her way just swap out my brush we've got clean ones, okay? I've got this beautiful stack for darker skin, okay clothes for me, so I'm gonna start off with the leads and you can see this is quite a strong yellow color, but on erica skin, it actually just cancels out all that darkness and then I buffet in so now actually be able to get more color off my shadow coming through on the other side so with some darker skin it's really tricky? Not tio I don't work with a lot of dark schemes, so even for me, you know, I've got to make sure I'm using the right colors it's quite easy to make them look as she, um and sort of take a whale that brightness, isn't it true? So then is that simone all about the cup, the color that it's all about the color? So they ne...

ed to be quite a warm sort of yellow orange airbase to brighten the skin rather than dull it and definitely using more than one color foundation because as you can see erica is quite a big dark around there, but lighter through the center, so we don't wanna flatten her face and make it all one color we want to keep that this mustard and how do you go about knowing even where to start? Or is that a matter of experience? Um, it's a matter of playing around and experience and experimenting, definitely, um, I started with the darker part because I want to make sure that I can large in that whole area before I start applying foundation. Great. How lighter aiming to go apart like air you trying to match it? They're part of her skin tone. I'm sort of fur that lightest pot, and it made me just wanting neutralize that dark pigment. They're just gonna go mixing a little bit of this orangey a cover and a little bit of flesh and questions about foundation. Yes, way. I think with these eyes just keep it a little bit more to the outside. So you push back this area. He so you got quite a deep socket insider in eventually mama's wondering how you handled tougher circles under the eyes rather than merely dark circles. So puffy circles what you need to do you some neutralized that you need to darken the actual puff a little bit. And then lighten the shadow that the puffy's creating underneath it so you need to use two different color concealers and work that way and so depending on the person's color of their skin color, what you're going to use to neutralize that if it's sort of a dark a bluey tone, then you need to something that's orange based out of a seven um orangey color to counteract the dark dark time okay, so I'm happy with that I'm gonna go ahead and put liquid foundation when it comes out and I'm just gonna do this through the center where erica skin is lighter just bluffing and sort of pushing the color into the skin that's a different color than you were using? Yes this's a liquid foundation so I'm going to keep the lighter color through the tea here and her cheek bones and around her mouth and then I'm gonna use this darker color that I've got on my hand for that on the outer part of her face and just work the two together so I'm not going back over that area right over the years well, just use my other side. Simona bb eight six eight is curious if people who wear contacts will I a plane, the eye makeup disturb wearing people wearing contacts or no, I just have to be a little bit careful when um putting powder on around the eyes to make sure that their eyes are closed. I'm not flicking anything into the air. That's gonna aggravate the contact lens. Thank you. Okay. All right. I'm gonna swap back to susan for me. You need to get a little bit too much product under the I s are just sitting and blended out. You can do liners. Well, okay, so the way I set foundation is put a little bit of loose powder in a powder puff and then press it into the face. No, I know it looks like I've got a lot there, but I'm gonna buff did away with the powder brush just loathe and see by opening and closing her eyes. She's got creases on her eyelids, which I want to get rid off. I'm just going to keep your eyes closed for me. Smooth those out. You never use a brush for the loose powder or not to apply. I find this way you're actually sitting the foundation of a lot better. You sort of instead of having foundation and, um, loose powder sitting on top, you're really pushing it in together and creating one surface and then I bust that excess away, I don't leave it there. Sometimes I leave it underneath the eye, so I was going to go straight into dark shadow would actually leave that little bit of excess powder there to catch the fallout for me, and I roll it up, go ride around the nostril as well, look up for me and same thing with underneath the eye, usually the concealer will increase a little bit, so I smooth it all out and then keep looking up for me and then just with a clean brush in a downward movement, we've got everyone's got a little bit of facial hair, so you don't want to rush it up. You wanna buff down when you're doing a session for more than one person? Do you ever do both of them kind of at the same time and do it in stages? Or do you do one completely and then you from doing tio try and get someone in to help me? Um oh, if I'm just the makeup artist, if I'm not shooting, um then I'll do one person completely taken go and start and then I go on to the next person, but when we do rushes in between, like, do I've got to sleep, yeah. I've got lots so I used different months any fuck out then I clean them in between with brush cleaner that translucent it's actually got no color yeah it's the mecca prepping prime and it goes on all skin's so someone again could you tell us what you clean brushes with because that was a question folks online yeah um alcohol cleaner that doesn't fix the brushes as well and um just put a bit in tissue or spritzer onto the brush and then just do that to a ll the color comes off and do you clean if you're going between colors do you clean in between not really not really thank you what brand is that uh that this one smack okay so let's get another powder punk susan the chat room is wondering why you're not in the chat room while having your make up done okay so I'm gonna close for me just gonna smooth out across here and susan's foundation then I'll go over and look at the students and see what they're up to maria if he is asking do you clean the beauty wonders with that same no um I actually washed them with the laundry sir okay they do come with a cleanser but I prefer the laundry so great so I'm just going to go over and look at the student can you see well over here or shall I bring them up? That's fine. Okay. That's great. So midori obviously has a nation I and tiffany's done just a really soft erm contour, maybe just close for me to just go a little bit stronger through there just sort of pushed the liner out with the shadow owner or the with the medium shed over because we don't want to go too dark at this point. That's great. So just take the liner riding to the corner that so getting the client to look down inside way stretches the part of the eye, but I'm actually gonna stretch and it's a little bit more is your line of brush someone's are here. So did use using a joe lina he with an angled brush just looking down from me and sideways. So I just stretched the eye and pushed the color right into the lashes because you want to emphasize that whole, um, flesh line here, down this trainer so and it's got some for your eyes. Just look straight ahead for me. And as you can see, she's got a slightly hooded eye. So what happens with some as we age, that lead get sort of dropped down and sits closer to the lashes? Um, so what you want to do is apply darker color dicks, you want to push that area back? Um, you definitely don't want to highlight it, and no frost did use a format. Um, what is this document? I think it's dead, yeah, that's. Okay, and then we just bring the shading for me, just a little higher through he just softly to there and look down again in this way down to meet this. Just make that line a little bit stronger. So with a mature I, what you want to really do is keep all the color around the lashes. Um, make it nice and smokey. You can't even take a shadow and then blend that line around with eye shadow and just maybe soften up the ends a little grab, a cute, even just. I'm stuffing up dance, but that's. Great.

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Sue Bryce's hair and makeup artist Simona Janek came back to CreativeLive to teach hair and makeup for photography! In her course, she talks about how to start offering hair and makeup in your photography studio, how best to work with hair and makeup artists, and more. In two full days of practical instruction, she teaches technique and style. She teaches communication and how to get the look you want. And as a bonus, she also teaches women the fundamentals of how to apply their own makeup!