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Morning Makeup Q&A

Baby eight six. Eight. Uh, when there is a light blonde slash redhead, a real client would you darken the brows so they would become more prominent? Also, the lashes do dark in those, um, browse. Depending. I would make them closer to the hair color. So I would maybe russia and I should go through them rather than a pencil. So it's natural. And it just colors them lightly. Um, and lashes up. I would use brown brown scar, but yet I always emphasize lashes. I think everybody wants beautiful lectures, so never leave them unattended. So going back to the beginning from kawasaki photography other than checking their skin, what does what do you do to, quote unquote, interview the client before applying makeup? Or what are the questions that I usually ask them? What? What bank up would you wear every day? You know, what would you wear to work? What would you wear when you're going out? Um, they'll basically told me what that is. And then I show them the visual cards as well. You know, this is...

what I call a natural I this is what I call a smoky eye because the smokey eye means so many different things to so many different people, visual reference. He's always great, because they'll go on our call that smokey and that's my natural, you know, for so yeah, I think just talking to the client and seeing what they want. And same with way due here tomorrow morning, little miss picasso is wondering if the client comes with their eyebrows undone do have do you do them, or do you advise them tow? Have them plucked tweeze threated before the session I have any more no it's a swell makes your browser down, but that doesn't always happen, so I will actually tweet them for them. Okay? And, um, do you recommend that they have them tweeze or whatever they family do? I wouldn't say wax just before he takes about a week before here on the street, because the waxing dust removed some of your skin, and even they can fix that in a photo shop. But I've done more bridal makeup, where you see where the wax has bean like these patches, where all the finer has been removed and the skin exfoliated, and then the make up doesn't stick to the same way that it sticks to the rest of your face, even though you care to cover still seeing where the wax wass, right, uh, from brand mob, oh eight what was the tool that you're using for the bottom lashes oh it's it's a little um suck a wreck it's just a little stiff brush thank you um that you can use this way rather than the traditional mascara wand and on yourself I wouldn't say this is easier this is probably harder but for me to use on somebody else this is much easier to do the bottom lashes of got more control sort of going down with separating them sometimes I use it on the top lashes well to separate out the m s k cannon is wondering if you could talk about a technique for eyes with that have a very small islands or like their islands are very prominent where the actual my bar I lived when your eyes are open doesn't show very much yet um so what you want to do in that case depending on where the brown seats as well when you've got small eyes and the brow is quite close to the eye itself, you've gotta stretch the eye sideways and make it look bigger through the bottom and through the side because whatever line you put on top of the lashes there as soon as they open their eyes that's gone so I can to a gently through the lead depending on how much face of god if the space isn't very big, I'm not going to put a big dark line there because then I lose all of the eye, so stretched I sideways and keeping everything set around the lash and smoking it out to the side side and up russian from bb eight six eight how do you decide which color range you use for the blush? A cz an example of the model has more pink undertone do use more pink blush. So for susan, how did you decide which which color to use? Ay tio tio, if someone's really cool undertone, I will go for pink, sir tend to be cooler, and if they're warm, I'll go for more of a peachy sort of finish, but with the blush, it also depends what eye makeup I've done. If I've gone for a bronzy smoky eye, then I might go for more of a pt blush is well, I think he's, um, sort of bright colors that, you know, come live on the blush and that give your skin a bit of color, but very soft suit doesn't like too much blush. Contrary, largo is wondering what you do for oil control. Um, use the oil control moisturizer and also you can buy kind of like a blotting cream to put underneath your foundation, which mets out certain areas of the face? Um either it's called, got he got one called liquid powder, which is just looks like a white moisturizer, but it creates a surface. So you put that on before your foundation and then, of course, patter. If you've got a really skin and you know everything tends to move and shine up, um then you set everything with powder as well. I just can't tell you how much people are enjoying this and how many questions we have bits of them going. Tio okay. Question from gin, eh? Do you choose a palate before your client arrives or after for those color choices, just kind of an immediate I have everything there, um, because I don't really know what the client's going to look like when they're I've, um, but the colors that I used for these very neutral sort of either cool grounds, warm brown. Form grace, cool grace and then I just have a few accents that are putting their to highlight the I, um, so those sort of collapsed into suit. Everybody just depends how dark or light you take it. And in terms of choosing that color palette, are you working with sue with regard to what the outfit is going to be? Are you planning that in advance? For how how does that what the photograph is going to be? How does that play into that? Well, we thirst neutral colors, they tend to go with everything okay? Yeah, unless there's something really specific. But then I might add a leap or a cheek. You know, if someone's wearing something beautiful, um, tangerine, orange, that I might add a glass that's got that color just to pick up a call, but generally with generally the isa. Yeah, quite mutual, great margin. What is wondering what you do and the client has really dry lips and their chapped. So as soon as they sit in my chair, I moisturized face. And their lips, and sometimes we'll get them to rub it on and see if they can exfoliate the lip a little bit. Um, you can use, um, you know, that they're leap exfoliating sticks that you can use, but I don't have that because I can't share the stick around, but if I see someone with dry lips, I put a lot of family conditioner on, sir, that it's got time to sinking and when I get to the lips, lips a little bit softer. Yeah, all right, well, we have more questions on lips in particular. Um, from top ria, do you ever put a lighter color in the center of the lip to make thin looks? Lips look plumper, so I guess then overall, due for thin, thin lips, so thin lips, I would stay away from any dark colors that I'm only going to bring attention back to the lip and use a very neutral sort of lip color liner to maybe just go outside off the natural contours off life, makes them a little bit darker or fill them in a little bit more on the outside and leave. Center lighter and then use a lot of gloucester blend all that in so you're at the centre can look bigger you can also um highlight that cupid's bow a little bit to make the liberal for ashley dunn is photography is when and if there are colors that should not be used on big lips on big leagues or what do you do with lips like people want big people with our lives they can just pull up every color well, some people don't like their own big lips so in that case I would bring the contour what might bring the foundation or a concealer close around the edges to make the lips look a little smaller and then line it more on the inside of their natural applying and if they don't want to bring attention to their lead I would use a color that you know it seemed natural to me their skin tone and bridget uh bridge wan photography do you ever use lip liner? I do um on susan she's got beautiful big lips and um I didn't want the lipstick to be quite sure so I just went ahead and did that but you do usually planning especially damaging a red you know, strong color then I wanna have control of going around with penson also on mature lips daily planet tends to hold the lipstick in just a little bit more um stop it from bleeding out so yeah, that was do my my follow up question was, what is the purpose of the lip liner? Is it tio? Add color on the edge or define them? Or is it toe hold the lipstick kind of all of those it's there to help you define them. And if you want to take them outside of your natural line, then that's easier to do with, um, a pencil than, uh, lipstick. Um, because it'll stay there. And then also the wax is thicker in the pencil, so that's gonna stop it from bleeding out. Fashion tv from singapore. Uh, makeover aside, if you were engaged or an underwater editorial shoot, what part of makeup would you apply or not apply on the models? And how different would you've, uh, done it and still ensuring the models look good? I have to do a test for what I have done in water. Um, make up so, uh, probably not bothering with miss kerr, but maybe putting four slashes on can't get waterproof lash glue. Um, we're finding in this car, that is, you know, there's there's, waterproof for crying and there's waterproof for swimming. So you really need to research and get the right mascara for that you can get lots of from oil based creamy colors that will stay on the skin and that can't be waterproof and that's probably, you know, in the professional range makeup, you'll find a lot of those things. Yeah, maybe we'll have you come back and dio class on. I don't want to make it, but if so, scooby scooby g that's, right, that's, right couple more lip questions or another lip question. Lindsay at one one one. Do you always use lipsticks, or do you ever use lip stains? Combination munitions here. So, he's um, sometimes I use a format lipstick if I'm doing a red or, you know, just a stronger color sometimes he's a glass sometimes easily tinted lip conditioners just depends what I want for someone younger, you know, from photographing a thirteen year old much just use a really she lip stain. Devil seventy two from pasadena, california. Are there any special tips or challenges for working with a client who normally wears no makeup and indicates she feels you are applying too much? Um, yes, there's this you climbed that wears no make up and he's not used to wearing makeup doesn't wanna wear much make up. So I do make it more natural, and I try and explain to them that you know, in photography it's not going to shop what they see when they're looking this close in the mirror because that's usually what they do, they go right up in there like, oh no seen this much makeup on me, but I do pull it back and I, you know, take their feedback and then there's the other clients that don't wear makeup but like I love it, please put on a much as you like that's the one like I got a question that goes along with that on the flip side of that we've had, uh, some clients who where a lot of makeup and are used to a certain way of makeup, especially with women who maybe thirty, forty, owned up, they're used to a certain way. And so if it's not consistent with the look that you or the makeup artist and photographer is not going forwards, not part of your company brain, how do you do with that? Um so you try and if it's if it's good the way that they do it it's not it's not, um you try and show them another way and say why so might do you know, the guy that she wants me to do it, and then I'll do it my way and, you know, usually my way will be better so kind of convincing them I had clients that just want it the way they want it. So then in the end, that's what they want and that's, how they used to seeing themselves. So I'll do it. But all twiki.

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Sue Bryce's hair and makeup artist Simona Janek came back to CreativeLive to teach hair and makeup for photography! In her course, she talks about how to start offering hair and makeup in your photography studio, how best to work with hair and makeup artists, and more. In two full days of practical instruction, she teaches technique and style. She teaches communication and how to get the look you want. And as a bonus, she also teaches women the fundamentals of how to apply their own makeup!