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Working with Hair and Makeup


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Noon Makeup Q&A

Ok, jon snow from seattle. Our eyelashes supposed to clump to a certain extent and how much clumping is good or bad there will clump because you you wanting them to thicken. Um, but I always comb them out with a disposable miss kara wanda's. Well, if if they're clamping a little bit too much and I'm not getting the length in the coverage that I want on them and they're really sticking together than I pull these through, separate them and then go ahead and you apply another layer of found the scar, but with using false lashes, you kind of it's much quicker. You do a good coat of mascara and then just put false lashes on a lot of folks who were asking about the light that you use for doing makeup. Do you prefer natural way? Yes, always, always. And if that's not an option, what would you recommend in must studio do have, um, lighting artificial lights? They're not ideal, but I sort of know. If I do a makeup in there, how it's gonna look in natural light? Um, if we shooting in natural lig...

ht it's ideal to do the makeup in natural light. Yes. And, um, when I go around to do weddings and things like that, I've actually got a big light that I sometimes take with me. Well, uh, oven and keeper was wondering, what would you do if you did a smoke a beautiful, smoky eye and the client wants that lighter? Would you remove the makeup? Um, it depends how much lighter they want it. I'd used q tips to just try and take some of the color ofthe blended back. Um, well, then, just a slightly damn cute with makeup remover. Not an oily one, but, um, just a watery one and take some of it off, but not the rest of it. I would just take the death it's a lot of the times. It's the islander. That makes it look. Two doctors well said maybe start off with removing that or just blending that back question from midnight what do you recommend for facial scars do to acme and other issues for darker skin? I guess I would say for all types of skin you can get a really good full coverage makeup which would be this sort of work space make up and you get well like this that really highly pigmented sorry so that you can get you know for all different skin types that provide full coverage and you need to see what color the scar it's if it's if it's sort of bluey purplish um you need to do something that's gonna be orange that's gonna counteract that and then you need to apply foundation over the top and you actually need to go into the scars of peter do you need to go into them and, you know, make sure the color gets deposited where it needs to be so you're not just giving over the top a studio's co uk is wondering can you have too much powder? I had a model who had so much that it was standing on her skin and causing shadows I'm a bloke and I don't know about makeup, so please rescue me yes, you can have too much so when someone has a lot of soft facial hair, if you pad of that a lot that can look really horrible in photo so in that case don't pata make sure you apply your foundation with a brush going down ways not up um and don't pattern maybe he's um edifying product if they've got oily skin beforehand and use a mat foundation so you don't need to pattern right a question are there any questions? More questions in the audience got way also found that there's a lot more soul in shooting in natural light there's just something there that we really appreciate about it so I've made him may make a brew in our studio that has covered up windows and we have flights that no natural light is in there so if we want to continue to do that sort of changes everything but you know uh we khun re back you reinstall the window um what kind of life do you use? Teo I've got a big mirror and I've got a bank of lights either side and on top sure andi I've got a mixture of warm and cool globes because I couldn't get a proper daylight looking for one one was way too cool for me and one was a way to warn sir mix them up so it kind of gives man in between it's it's not daylight um but I've learned to work with and you know I could do makeup at night as well let's have that light there or is there like overhead got overhead lights but they cause a bit too many shadows so I can just put those three on and do the makeup with that um and I got a window for days well daylight do you um ever do is shoot where maybe you're gonna get to this with tiffany um where you start with a more natural I and then for for some of the shots and then you maybe change outfits and go to something more dramatic and when you do that I always have trouble with the mascara portion there because I don't know whether or not more mascara needs to be applied and if so it starts to get too stuck together you know and what you really need to climb on the sky I don't know because I don't know what I'm doing so sometimes we need adding, you know, more pigment either in life or dark he end up with a whole load of fallen on your lashes and then all the sudden you're miss garrett's not looking black anymore because you've added all these other product on s o then actually maybe it would be you khun paint them a scar on ok, are they using a brush or one of those little scar rex um so it's not like you've already got four slashes on and you get that fallout yeah then I grabbed my joe lina or my mascara and put it on and just kind of fill it in because it's hard to get up yeah I think what you do doc from the makeup you know other headliner I'll change the lip shade yeah summon a lot of folks have been asking uh in including audrey coli can you please talk about airbrush makeup and why you would or wouldn't use it um it's fantastic if you know how to use it really well um I have it but I don't because I used to many many years ago but I've sort of gone out of practice and for me it's just find a time consuming but for those people and I've seen it done beautifully so it's great it can be really quick and could be fantastic and maybe just for people who aren't familiar with airbrush makeup at all okay so I've got a little bit yes basically got a tiny little compressor with an airbrush um nozzle um I think they call it and make up literally gets sprayed on so you can spring foundation and you can get pigment to spray I should go on you can do contouring you know you could do machine for the body all of those things and off course for fantasy makeup can be spread on this wealth um and it's all done by spreading it out at first. Quite nice having it done and they say it looks more like skin because the molecules of makeup. Um, stay around as their land when your skin so it gives it a little bit more dimensions than when you pushed to make up with your hands, but then go to powder that that flattens everything again. So, yeah, russians. Great. Envious. Mi is wondering how long should it take a make up artist to apply a full face before the shoot begins? What do you know? Money? Give me an hour having our hair and makeup for both hair. And yeah, if someone's got really sick along here on, you know, I have to blow dry it first to smooth it out. Just take longer than an hour and a half. But yet, so we've talked about using natural light for the shoot. Uh, shiloh asked what causes a face toe white out or looked too pale in flash photography? I've been told it is the powder before others say that it's the spf, uh, could be a combination of both there's, some powders that they think that contain a lot of silica and with flesh that really shows up white, um, and spf can also kind of have, like a flashback way call it flashback in makeup when that happened, so if you know that you're going to be but if it's got a flash photography, you need to have patter that doesn't have, um, throw back so it's a matter of testing out your product. Uh, question from jo hee does simone ever ever do male makeup? Um, not so much for the photography that now, but I have four commercials and catalogs and all that before you, um and what? I used that generally, it's, um, I might do a groom on the neck, you know, do a little tidy up in here and and all of that. And then it's usually just facing body makeup. So just to even out the skin if they need it. If not, then it's just a d shine a generic question about go ahead. Some people have oily skin, so they'll just look quite glossy on camera or in photos. Um, so this products that instead of a moisturizer you khun put sort of like a cle jill that's gonna met your skin out it's gonna take that shine away so powder does the same, but of course, if you want it to look unmade up on a guy, you better off eating a cream like that or a jail rather than a powder, and you can also then apply make up over the top of these products, so I have this question is uh uh a person but also more for professional basis guitar goddess asks I see others has asked about when to get rid of makeup mascara and liquid makeups like island are usually start to get sick and clump and you can tell when to throw them away but what about uh what about shadow and blush how long do you keep the I finds a pressed um products like shadows and blush last for a long time I've got some things that I've had for using use um and if you know if the pigment still there and they feel creamy not dried out then they find to use yeah it's more than liquid products yet stars and lipstick you know your smell lipstick when itself through michael is wondering if you could explain the difference between cat eyes and doe eyes and when those are appropriate so can I I is you know and I that sort of stretches out and up and a doe I tradition is when you sort of do the socket and keep the eye a little bit more round it so a little bit more of a like a half a rainbow shape and I had eyes self explanatory isn't it can die does that explain does thank you very much I'm just looking for one final question before we go to lunch good o r b am stylus do you ever contour knows this bridal with time? Um a lot of my asian clients always want their nose contoured as well. Yes, I started up here with the brown, um, and and down the side of the nose. If the nose is quite wide through he and triangular, then you take the shading onto the nostrils as well. Otherwise, if you just want to make the nose seem slimmer, then you take the dark color through there and a lot of one on top and soup right up the air inside their great thank you soon, and you can also shorten the nose. So if someone's got a really long nose, you khun, you know, put a darker color to about they're. So that creates.

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Sue Bryce's hair and makeup artist Simona Janek came back to CreativeLive to teach hair and makeup for photography! In her course, she talks about how to start offering hair and makeup in your photography studio, how best to work with hair and makeup artists, and more. In two full days of practical instruction, she teaches technique and style. She teaches communication and how to get the look you want. And as a bonus, she also teaches women the fundamentals of how to apply their own makeup!