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Shooting the Hair and Makeup

The question that's being asked over and over and over and over and over again on the internet is, why am I shooting with thirty five mil and what's the distortion on the thirty five mil? I actually used a distortion in my favor when I used the tilt up just above the eye line until ford, because it gives a nice, very gentle distortion. If your client is very, very lane, you cannot use it, it it's differently. You need to pull back a little bit. What actually heaven was. I've always shot on the twenty four one oh five, simply because I am a close quarters shooting, always close quarters shooting, and I like the ability to zoom in and out and change my competence, my composition instantaneously, just really fast without having even get up there. Move around too much, and I realized when I look back at my meter data that I was away shooting between thirty five and fifty always, so I was using the best part of their lands and it's, an incredible lens and it's a kit leans and it's an l seri...

ously nes but it's also a four point islands. So if I want to shoot wider uh oh shoot you know two point eight and just get a bit of drop away then and I've only got one girl on my frame and I'm focusing on the I then I prefer the thirty five mill because I can shoot it you know, two point eight which I can't do on the twenty four twenty five so I hope that answers that question I'm going to take a quick shot uh majority so remember today we're just focusing on shooting the here and make up we're not really shooting you know we're not doing flow posing we're not doing body lines it's really just getting beautiful he'd shots that the clients by every time so this something really simply that I do what I'm sitting down I'm gonna get you to lean against the wall and you're going to be able to do that because someone is supporting it for you yeah come towards me just stop it and I want you to turn around turn your back to the wall I want you to put your left foot up so your knees up like this that's it end stay exactly the slide your foot out just a little way but law a little bit more little bit more and drop that need towards me that's it so this hand goes up and over that's it and I just want you to bring this hand away from your body so with the shoulder for me a little bit more and kick this elbow back to the wall there now bring your chin all the way around to the front so what I've done is I post majorities body pointing this way but then I turned her face directly to the front so I straightened you hit up to may this way and come a little bit more that's it now just bring your chin and keep going and down that's it so I engaged the chin back to the camera there did you see the angle? So give me some reflection and that if and I'm just going to shoot this nice and close uh I just want to really go just keeping that background in a little bit more just you know, tuned it in hold it the minor okay? So chin forward and down with that shoulder for mae could go a little bit more down that's it wrapped that shoulder a little bit more so this way stop yes, bring your shoulder in that maze and bring your chin out to shoulder. Okay, now what I want you to do is I want you to bring that shoulder in more okay, stop now I want you to reconnect now you're tipping you head back to straighten out more and bring your chin down, that's it and now and so as soon as I see that chin and shoulder connect I know that I've got my shot and I can go straight in now bring your chin down it's all right down down down stop don't move and I want to go in nice and close now I need that little twinkle in your eye goes good gil and I need a little bit more work that front shoulder keep working it good gilt head's the one now with that front shoulder a little bit more and I like this so I'm gonna get you to do is they're gonna get you to take your hand away this one mirror me to take that hand away drop that knee down your drop it down so it's comfortable relaxed work that shoulder forward not just your shoulder work that front shoulder forward towards tiffany and bring your chin back to me this way stop don't tip your head back so wait straighten up bring your chin around don't need okay now bring your chin around me now away around to may bring that background in tiff if you can that's it I need that gorgeous little twinkle excellent little bit more in the mouth go just keep going and gorgeous big smile you've got it that was perfect thank you you're so cute thanks madurai and jump out I want katie to come in I'm going to stay on the floor yeah it's coming katie so sue with your reflectors to use the ones that were standing away like they don't move but you guys just have to say so does that because since you're holding him at such an angle now is that what I'm trying to do is reflect light okay so big wherever the lighters I need to have here on the angle surface over here catching this light here that's what I have to do is cheap it's so what I want you to do katya's can you sit like may yeah right now I want you to tune your body all the way towards tiffany that way your whole body ten ten ten yeah so I want your need to be towards me so you can put your foot there and you could just hold just get there and you need here for and I actually want tiff can you slide that back push short nights but that's more stuff so this is where we go big happen to the scalp and we may surgery here it's called messaging way put that powder and so all we have to do is go into the into the here and find the powder so we go up into the hand we find the grit and we just may decide it like this in a jump straight back up in volume so um you kind of go up find the volume gone are the days of having a heavy thi's in a spray these days we pretty much do a nice big volume here and to re boof it we just go up and under and give it a message in it jumps back up again okay so from here not from here all I want today is sit you forward now stop okay sit forward a little bit more and now I want you to connect your shoulder away to the chin to the shoulder so all I want to do is open who here up on the shoulder that's it perfect don't move and for a beauty shop that's absolutely perfect so the light that I need to find is right there stabia and if anything so may I probably get a bit of fun on the side but hang on let me see what I could get andi don't be afraid to shoot horizontally um one of the hardest things to do for photographer when I started shooting video was to go horizontal because I tended to shake everything physically okay, I want you to work your hands forward stop see that connection come in you can shoot that right there like this and we can go down to shoulder good girl there tiff can you bring that background and it just keeps going out yeah that's it more, more more letting your foot out katie so that's it stay there okay, stay there just hold it just hold its manner that I am much time yes. Okay, there it is. So work that shoulder with that chin good girl good connection there I can shoot that sort of cover girl connection chin that way and you saying that expose her my angle it looks really white blown out can you see that? Okay, so chin around a little bit more and I got even closer to here make up face shot and I want a little smack and I want a beautiful big smile guy could kill so straight away I'll go one, two, three just like that and I'll always do a reelection mouth connect the shoulder and then I go there it is there so that's, that kind of model e shot that dead heights and mom buys that one and then the boyfriend dead by that one because everyone likes smiling women and that's how it works. I want to sell all three, so I want to do that in quick succession and get closer every time because I really want to knock out that shot and make it look really, really gorgeous. Cool. Thanks, katie. Um I have, um, miss bennett, please okay, so what I did wass I'm like I said with with the girls I change up the clothes I don't need to keep changing out there out, but I don't need to keep changing up the opposes too much. I just have to try and get different. Composition is different expressions and just make a gorgeous shot so support this. What I want you to do is so minus gonna lean on that wall so that you can actually lean on it like a proper war is I want you to give me reflect it if this's standing upright which we know not that standing upright or we do now, so watch that screen, not you. Okay? And I want you to turn your body forty five degrees this way that to go now I want you to put this hand just here, okay? You could look at me, okay? They go and now what I want you to do is bring this toe up. Yeah, and I want you to fall down, but I want you to do all of that because you've done that leaning on that war for that's, right? Not with your head that's it stay there now let me guide you. Drop this hand down their lean back just lean on back c minus got it not with your head that's it okay, salim, your shoulder, everything goes back it's it now this hand tax into here behind tune it over that's it now let your hand down stuff stuff so ok you can lean that now everybody does the same thing okay when they lean their hand stays on the outside of the body you touched down on tooth I lifted up elbow back cases straightaway you create the hourglass now whenever people are leaning back I don't want them to do this okay so how I get how I get the lower half away from me is I want you to push your booty back that way no that way so what do you know that way but that that way that way so I want you to go yeah that's it back that way don't you think I could do more ugo okay, now lane back against the wall because you're off the wall you can take your weight on it. Yeah that's right she's got you she won't let you fall, okay now straighten you hit up to make that to go and just bring your chin long towards me now okay, so stay there. I'm just gonna take a long shot so you can compare it to who standing upright so you can say sorry gotta blink so you can see the awkwardness off stay there now lean back about that stay there stay there okay, stay there, stay there, stay there okay, long chin towards me okay don't move okay now ten down push your chin towards me and it just pushed that to girl it's a long way forward now down this way stop stay there good girl give me a tiny little we smile bring that chin back stop beautiful big grand go ten down smiling for you is just not hard is it you just you leaning isn't it is that you're not allowed to look at that ok alright you may leave you may leave the set um I'd like uh susan susan okay for may we've got extensions so we must we use them we need a fan we want to put some beer in here because we love it and we'd like to have a go okay, so cava gilles it's just about all body types but particularly okay but it particularly looks good with boobs okay, so go back against this grain grey green that's it keep going keep going stop okay and what I want today I want you to bring your head up into your way step and now up in in a little bit more okay now don't predict for with your elbow so you just upright like that straight away now drop your shoulders down that's it and lift up tor through your back and make a right up here like this and then push your chin towards me okay so can you just see what happened in her posture then it's it's remarkable go back into normal set a comfortable position then you bring it in here I want you to lift up nice and tall straight away drop your shoulders down lift up nice and tall push your chin forward you give me a slight tip this way stock don't move okay smile you've got the fan we've got some space through the ear through the here here which I like so I like to give me those ears that and before she starts blowing the first thing I do is I take a shot okay bring your chin backstop push pull it down down star now you have to give me that little we good girl not too much not too much open your eyes up to me that said that is beautiful stadia sorry didn't check my exposure and one more good girl that's beautiful put a bit of beer in there and I want to let that nice a little bit more of a smith could push your chin towards me susan that's the one beautiful big smile go theo okay from there and I want you to drop your hands down and just turn exactly the side on and move your whole body okay and I just want you to kick back so I want you just to kick back with your upper body like that it's just lean back he beck stop okay I want to know what your shoulder for that sir and hold your elbows now so go straight up on your boob line hold both albums that's it now chin all the way around to may give me sunlight in there I don't know I really like tennis all the way around better now no smartest elect mouth give me those eyes not too much not too much good coaching around a bit more okay from here t o make sure plankton iss I'll put you on to this chair well I'll say gone yes and should enter box um ok so I'm always asking people to smile through their eyes but sometimes people drop down too much okay the gate and they go past the point of smiling with the eyes and they go into squinting too much at me so I will say less than that you know? Listen that thank you okay from there um I want you to actually stay exactly right there I want you to sit forward ok? Two things one of them is susan's all of a sudden isa going the color of this top so it looks amazing put your hands onto your thighs like there and slide them back to go okay, now don't push your boobs out so ok then more more stop and then as soon as I see this line I push this down my back okay don't don't jam it back there just lit it for naturally now all I do is sit forward set forwards forwards forward and now connect your shoulder stuff a soon as I see this line come into play in the front I'm not going to see this hand so I can place his hand wherever I want all I'm trying to do is create this connection here where she gets this thing working right there right? Because that too may is beautiful but I don't want this okay it's really important I don't get that so we lived up neck and shoulders chin around to the front like this and it's about connecting the body language of the image to hear the case it's about getting that beautiful like right there okay asked me christian okay. Sarah murray three oh six is wondering how do you handle someone who overlooks their face and smile either with their eyes or mouth less than that? So when I say lips together and they go at this and I go to see what you're doing right now just relax him out let's together and just a tiny touch on your lips like this I just talked him back through it reset the mouth, reset the face some people have a face default setting yeah it's just you just have to go back, relax the mouth, relax your face go again for election mouth for lecture face go again way t the booth back just take it down this hand up the back yeah now name forward they would get shoulder stop not too far left up nice and tall unique and shoulders in chin down this way that's it stay there okay bring your feet around I'll just keep posing I'll just do some different poses while we're waiting uh feed around let's put this up here on just one foot so one up one down stopover puts it um more point the toe forward and you can lean forward okay so I'm always trying to do one thing I'm always conscious a really good place for babe's too sorry I keep talking about your boobs that's a really good post for boobs because straightaway you notice that the hands committed they work against the boobs and I always say that if you've got boobs it crowds the plate and kind of blocks up that um that pose I didn't do that so much trouble broke the cord um so what I do is I put this exactly the same is someone without boobs in the same pose but what I do from the friend is a guy like this push boots back so just the boobs so your whole torso leave your elbows here comes back through here looks weed to here right from side on cause she's suddenly going like this but from the front long chin because when the boobs go back, the chain goes back the case as soon as she pulled the boob spec chin tucked in and then we just go chin back, and then all of a sudden she's got a hollow space in there and it makes such a difference. So really good slimming trick is when the boobs crowd that plate, so when you were sitting up forward and your boobs are in this space, if you pull your chest back as much as you can and then chin forward from the front, the perspective is that there's so much more room here and it's so much more slimming also, whenever I do these poses, I'm trying to look for some asymmetry, so I'm going to try and put one hand in there one hand across, but I don't want to straight arms because we know two straight arms locked into an image doesn't look good and then I'm going to try and kick her over this way a little bit or this way so I can see the shape of her waist and booty and I always went there and then boobs go back and then chin comes for god it's quite a lot to remember it's not, but it's such a good person it's so with it all right so what I want you to do is kick your buddy out this way so your upper body goes that way yeah that's it and chin for ok and I'll take a yeah but just let me take a two more shots and I'm down and then you guys can move on to what you're gonna do next and I just wanted to get a good shot of susan b b jacobs this wondering if you can explain how you would work around squinty eyes when they're smiling what directions would you give a model to relax the squinty nous some people just have really tiny eyes when they smile but those people always have really big smiles and beautiful big smile so there's nothing you can do about it they the most incredible thing about smiling with the eyes is this I'll do it to camera is you could do a whole other different smile she can smile like this he can smile like a little weak sort of you can do a half smile you could do a full smile you could do a crack up smile but the truth is is when you look at someone and do all of those smiles you never look at the mouth you always look at the eyes so if they have a big smile with squinty smiling eyes that just happens I mean there's nothing you can do you can, because if you get them to keep their eyes open and smile, they'll end up like this, and then it doesn't look real, cause the eyes aren't smiling. I'd rather that I be smiling, okay, give me some light up there, and then I'll get you to put some beer in here long term for just don't straighten it out out there to go down, to lift up nice and tall through the back of the neck and shoulders and chin down, right, and you, miss mina, come in, come in, come in to me. Smooth, beautiful, big smile, guy way.

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Sue Bryce's hair and makeup artist Simona Janek came back to CreativeLive to teach hair and makeup for photography! In her course, she talks about how to start offering hair and makeup in your photography studio, how best to work with hair and makeup artists, and more. In two full days of practical instruction, she teaches technique and style. She teaches communication and how to get the look you want. And as a bonus, she also teaches women the fundamentals of how to apply their own makeup!