Working with Hair and Makeup

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Working with Hair and Makeup


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Simona's Business and Q&A

And I'm going, teo, I'm show you what I've been doing. My transformation from makeup artist photographer only picked up the camera two years ago. I didn't really know much about it before them and yes, I've seen training working with sue and training with her for the last tease and slowly my businesses evolved. I've got a small studio, which is at the back of my house, um, separate entry, but, you know, it's, just a small little space with natural daylight, and they used to be my makeup area, um shifted around when I started shooting. So I've got a shooting space now and, um, yes, these before and after that's the make up area and those were the clothes of the lights that someone was asking me about, um, I've got one small window it's, not a huge window. I do struggle sometimes I wish I had more. You could get going quickly through the fight. Maybe we could talk a little bit about. Yeah, that would be great. Um, before and after. So, is there any questions? Well, I was thinking the bef...

ore and after us, but, um so this is anya. Um, I did a really nice treat of her. Um, she ended up with a little book. Um, that we that I sell, um, this girl was actually pregnant, so I did a pregnancy shoot with her. But this is the only non pregnant looking shot. Wow. Um, this is a beauty shoot that I did just for mark for me to have, um, you know, the makeup transition cards. So that's, one of the shots from that, um, this is a client that I photographed. This was kind of photos for her business and for her with a sort of a mixture. Um, this girl was in the before and after. That was just a sort of a fun glamour shoot. It's the same one hasn't been easy for you to get clients since you already had bigger bourne's clients. Yes, I draw on that, um, full of clients. Um, because I meet people through doing bridal work all the time. Um, so hasn't been easy, but it's coming along here. Um, this is marisa and that's, the that's leader. Same in the before shot in the shop. Before here. Yes, I borrow from the shooting war drive. I'm slowly collecting victim pieces. Um, so I have ahead yourself that's been working with me and I'm training her in makeup so she showed you the here, I'll do the make up, and then she, you know, does the fan, um, holds the starring, but I have done shoots without her, and I just have a little fan that I put on that can't hold a camera and a fan at the same time. I think so you can, but I can't so it's much easier to have another pair of pants shoot, so doesn't come hold up your wall and load, or no um, that's, actually, from the very first shoot video and that's on you again, working with somebody think it's helped you the most in your two year business. What's helped me the most, um, deposing confidence imposing. I'm still struggling with it, and, you know, there's areas where I'm needing improvement, and obviously, I don't flow like soup, but yet definitely there's opposing the biggest. Because then the photo photos they're so beautiful they almost kill themselves but yeah because I been doing hair and makeup for over sixteen years but also a part of those ese I worked as a model and even though I had all that in front of camera experience um getting someone else to do it you know photographers don't give you that much direction they just go change it up so it's your job as a model to know what to do where is the women that are photograph real women and they have no idea so they expect directional opposing brilliant yeah how did you are you doing your sales yourself too I mean I know you have some doing I have someone do that for me um between doing hair and makeup shooting and the retouching and have a family yeah something's gotta give right and I think the sale part is the one that I least enjoy or death become is good at selling my own work so I hired someone to do that you've trained somebody told them what you're looking for she yeah she's a sales girl does that for me so you had said that you had offered books albums what other types of products out anything he wants for for the wall I've got the boxes the portrait boxes with seven biting prince and we've also done kind of like an art book and that's it really it's not a huge range in terms of, uh, differentiating one product are one, uh, glamour photographer from the next way all look atsu bryce, uh, you know, stuff way want to emulate it as best we can. And then at some point, I feel like maybe there's a differentiation of style. Sometimes maybe you add a little bit more of art form here and there, but since you were involved in the makeup aspect, have you found yourself differentiating yet or would you, in the future, at any, any kind of aspect? I think for now, I'm still, you know, working out a hole for me. I mean, I'm working to the formula and when I feel completely comfortable and I can just pull it out of a hat black so you can or, you know, closer to that, then, yeah, I might, um, you might even shoot outside, but for now, I'm comfortable kind of in my space on doing that. But, you know, I think everyone's got different, and I'm not su and I interact in a different way with people, so I think probably that makes it look different this well, do you storyboard out your shoots before, um, I can't draw squiggles, speak it well, stick figure, but I do. Yeah no english but um you're going for yes so I go when my client arrives we lay out clothes same of suitors and you know I picked the favorite outfits that I like I like what their favorite efforts are um we might even try some on and then while I'm doing the hair and makeup I think okay I'm gonna do this morning that this morning that and then sometimes that changes last minute this world but yeah definitely that helps to keep the flow going and keep the pace going because after two hours so you know how sometimes you put two and a half with the hair and makeup that's another hour they're exhausted all this hard work being a model uh when you charged separately for hair and makeup or she incorporate your fees she incorporates my face into her face and then she just build her a job do you want us to keep peppering you with questions yeah okay keep going very questions awesome go heather a couple questions from fashion tv and phoebe jacob's both are wondering about your studio and they're wondering if you shoot with natural lighting or using studio lighting you are sitting and that's why you mentioned there's only one window in there do you want you when yes I want to put a big holding there yeah I get a little bit too much light at times and then I get not enough so I'm a little bit limited at the moment you need a bulldozer to come in and you get kind of blas what what portrait lens do you like to use um I used fifty and twenty four two one five bar in my husband's e I don't even have my own could you explain again from turia breed in new jersey wants you know um I'm sorry that was a question uh crystal randazzo is your do you have a formal training uh former background and training and makeup is a certificate school um or versus being self talk now I did do a proper pair of course I didn't make up course which didn't offer here um and then I went and traded separately and how long were those programs so the makeup causes about six months and then the hair I did a whole lot of short courses and worked with the hollow head dresses so I learned very much hands on um yeah and I got a doll's head those headrest dolls it's great to practice on yet that was when I started and have you seen your style changed over the year makeup makeup uh makeup well I started doing make up in the nineteen so style was you know quite different the hair was yeah big big let's go back to big hey uh uh you just move with the fashion just have to adapt remember question earlier from today I'm sorry I don't have it in front of me with the first segment but they were wondering if you think you know stiles and makeups even now like how it's stylized now we'll be out of style in ten years from now where do you think the natural look will remain consistent throughout time think look I think it had fled in the face and that that is the woman you don't have a whole lot of certain color going on then you know it'll be timeless like you look it's a feeler in so any of those gorgeous women they still look beautiful today so I know sue earlier had mentioned that your average shoe is now our sale is now twenty five hundred dollars which is awesome and amazing for so many of us watching I know how did you get there what was from where you started with lots of shoot lots of shooting um yeah I had to learn photoshopped this well obviously I didn't know that before um so yeah all of those things together and obviously having sue there to critique my work speeds up you know the process but I still get stuck don't shoot for awhile I think okay what's next what do you do in the situations when you feel step because I know a lot of us out there in canada that a lot um give others played it is where you seek inspiration or uh in that moment what if I can't walk away if I can walk away yes I have sees cards but if I can't walk away just go through the brain library and if it's not working just try something different this faras a photo shop is concerned I bet that was a pretty different approach for example from someone who doesn't have a makeup background and then going straight into photography and doing the editing but with your background makeup must yeah I really enjoyed that aspect because I know what I'm looking for and I can enhance it all put back and all of that but even before I met, so I sort of because my husband, like she said, my husband has been trying to get me to shoot. But I didn't ever know what I wanted to shoot and didn't really have the desire. But I always sort of sort of for a shop could be fun, and I had other photographer friends try and teach me, but my eyes were just glaze over when they started going through all the layers and too much. Um, but when I started learning with sue, I had the need because I had images are needed to retouch it's all of a sudden, and she also simplifies it quite an amazing way. So all of a sudden, it didn't seem that hard. Yeah, and I actually really enjoy retouching, but did you? You find that you, like, find your own mistakes, and then you're upset with your subject. She yes. That's. Right. So you see things that you normally maybe wouldn't. Because you're not looking at your, um, work that's un retouched. You know, on that helped you photographed really good cameras here? Definitely. Yeah. What kind of products? Like I know you said what you already sell, but what did you find there? Buying most of from the boxes yet? Because they can get, you know, just ten images or twenty so they can add to it. Yeah, the box is among the most popular. And then maybe a canvas for the war do so many campus, more boxes. Think. Canvases. Yeah, I think it's more of a personal thing. Women love it's, a beautiful women always coming say they're so big. I don't want yeah, I pictured myself did one recently monterey husband. Yeah, I think, is wondering what role does being a people person playing your success? Yeah, I think I think quite weak. You have to be able to relate to people and with the job that I have done for sixteen years, you know, that's a huge part of it. So I think that helps. So the question a lot of folks are asking about with being photographers and getting hooked up with make up artists especially when just beginning uh so wonder than photo said I'm a photographer and just moved to long island new york what is the best way to connect with hair and makeup artist for some of my chutes beauty schools are what would you advise you definitely make up schools because all those students getting out that just finished training are wanting images for their portfolio um and otherwise likes to mention before model mayhem is a good way to connect with some you know other other hairdressers or photography cannon chicken wondering uh simona would you walk away from hair and makeup and go full time photography I still like to dabble in it but yeah I could feel the shoots are quite happily have someone else do the hair and makeup suck and just do the shooting you mentioned that um that because questions asked about what has helped you by working with soo do you find this question from top ria from new jersey do you find that my training will suit your style is close and similar to souse or do you have you have you develop your own style no because I think I'm still trying to get to close to where she's and so I suppose it's not that different yet or maybe I don't know yeah I'm still far far away I think jon snow is enquiring what couple things do you wish more photographers did differently or communicated better about as far as michael says? What couple things yeah I think so I think so say working with photographers as a makeup artist what are some of the challenges in terms of what they are working together really depends what genre I thinkyou working in makeup as well you know if you're working for a catalog shoot it's sort of up to you and the client to decide what looks going to be for these if you shooting glamour then I think you need to show you makeup artist what you like and just show them visual references if you can't explain it um they don't have to be your own you could just you know pull up tear sheets from magazines and show them what you like um and obviously explain if you shooting naturalized will flash that anyone anyone in the audience more questions questions um so when you're working with photographer you kind of let them be the director of the shooter do you do you bring in your own suggestion er how do you how do you deal with that dynamic especially if it's a target for you don't work with on a regular basis like suit so say the photographer asked you to do something maybe to the hair and it's not quite what you were thinking how do you handle that kind of complex? Um in front of a client so you're not you know what you mean? If it's like a personal shoot, it would say it's uh let's say that we're working together and I have a client in front of a client. We have a disagreement, maybe not an argument, you know, but just like I'm asking you to do one thing to the hair and maybe I think you just talk it out, you just talk it out. Yeah, you just said I was thinking this because and then you know my country what you were thinking and but if it's the client's personal photos, I think they always left a lot of valerie goddess wondering since you've been a shooting on your own how often do you work with sue now, um when she's in sydney come once a week depends what she's got on it's been here a lot more likely. I got a question, um, in terms of, uh, a guy doing makeup. Uh, one of the things I wanted to take from being here this week is not necessarily to do make up for our clients, but to be able to guide makeup artists that we choose where I want to go, uh, is it is it pretty normal for common or I guess more comfortable from women in general have a guy um you know I don't have a problem with that I've had my makeup done by lots of guys and it's fine but yeah still where why don't keep pulling you susana way we're thinking about talking to the models yeah about their experience with hair and makeup and not about the shoot itself but right now maybe we could go down the line and talk about just the experience and we're gonna need to give you the handheld might which is somewhere um it was great fun but I still don't have not really looked at myself in the mirror haven't I yeah I mean soul but be back seems to be good it was great fun I couldn't hear everything that was being said and I gather that's gonna come through on the tape but I was picking up so much and um wanted to know more and it was just great to be on this side of things great fun yeah well I'm only seventeen and so I'm pretty young but it's really fun to learn all these things and I can take it back and then I can look good when I go to school and do all that but it's been a really great learning experience thank you cute are you guys so I have a couple things I need to say really is um one thing about getting your makeup done by somebody like you as a woman a lot of times you get your makeup done, and you're you have no idea what you're gonna look like when they're done. So having that confidence to know that you're gonna look gorgeous, is it just makes you feel so much more relaxed. And you would be normally with a stranger that you're like, oh, I have no idea how this is gonna turn out. So that was that was amazing. Just being comfortable going into it, knowing you're beautiful as faras soup, posing me. It is so much like a game of twister, because you really have to be semi athletic, to be able to hold the poses and do all the things she's. I'm going to do so it really helped me learn that when a client comes in to do a photo shoot with me to kind of tell them that I'm going to oppose you and it's not it won't always be comfortable and it will be awkward but you will look beautiful you know being able to say that right off the bat I think there's a lot of women that would not be comfortable I'd say that it's opposes right yeah so I thought that was amazing just an incredible experience I'm very grateful to be here thank you so on also wondering about maybe last too about how um what you're in terms of the make up what you like or what you didn't like or if it was what you expected in terms of the actual hair and make up part of the experience my concern was so when I went to the bathroom by myself I thought she did a good job I was also concerned with love color because I usually don't really do color in my lips but again looking back on it it was perfect so she did a good job uh I've just really enjoyed this afternoon it's been quite a learning experience for me just as a photographer as well and I'm just amazed how posing body positioning makes a huge difference as in terms of makeup this is uh I rarely wear makeup most days I don't wear makeup I have three young children, so I'm just running around trying to get them ready for school. Uh, pick up, drop off. So it's been kind of tried to shop to see myself. I just made up and I'm still not used to it when I look at myself I I don't even write nice myself so but it's just been a wonderful experience and I anything is I just love just do and her ability to find beauty and all of women you know women shape size different ages and each group so yeah it's been great thank you question that now the audience certain questions questions for you guys um a question from pharaoh photo in toronto uh did the hair and makeup time relax you before the photo shoot and maybe then also simona has that part of the experience of getting bit tio you personally yes you yet but maybe in a close it I don't know did it relax you it was just a little bit out in the open I think just affirmation from each other and just you know, just work from annette you know I love her words and just not mean just seeing the transformation saying wow you look so beautiful are wow look so great so natural skill where I felt a little self conscious I feel like there's so much on my skin and I'm just uh yeah so I think it was very relaxing and then just works from even knew she approach well just ask just before helping comfortable yeah I think it is a huge part of what we do is having you know that hair makeup in studio um, around than somewhere else, because anything can be changed or fixed up there, and then a swell right, right. Uh, one last question from ceo, uh, you do owe, uh, models. How does being on that side of the makeup will you take into your own chutes? Are there keys to talk about points that you will make sure to add into your own? Look? Well, I would definitely say, just your gentle touch. I really like this punch. Yeah, great. Just just all the little extra things that are like it just seemed to step it up a notch and make it seem like an experience. It is that experience, so definitely would. I like all the little touches that you do so gentle, she is gentle. She smells good.

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Sue Bryce's hair and makeup artist Simona Janek came back to CreativeLive to teach hair and makeup for photography! In her course, she talks about how to start offering hair and makeup in your photography studio, how best to work with hair and makeup artists, and more. In two full days of practical instruction, she teaches technique and style. She teaches communication and how to get the look you want. And as a bonus, she also teaches women the fundamentals of how to apply their own makeup!