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Working with Hair and Makeup


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Today's Image Review

You go so while you guys were doing here, make up, we were in the back corner, tiffany and I, um, in the very back corner covered by reflectors, so you couldn't see us shooting the girls from this morning, so I would like to show you the images and talk to the girls about them for a minute. And so as you can see tiffany's saying they're holding my reflective fully, she we had won the flat. By the way I painted that he fled to sort of a powder blue. I went into seattle had we have just down the road here and literally picked out three colors that I really like, and I photographed those color wheels for you and painted the polystyrene tiffany painted the palestine for me, eh? So basically I made these backdrops for around thirty dollars, and so on, we have taken a little video and I'll show you over the next three days how we did that so that you can see it. So we were down there in the corner, right here by the studio, we could heal up here, off you talking, and I couldn't direct the gi...

rls that was all body language and whispers because I had to be quiet, and so I was taking shots of the girls while you're all here. And I've got some of them to show the girls so we had two sides we hit our green grace it up when we hit our powder blue on the other side we had one window now tiffany's very tall she's probably about five foot eleven and heels so she's actually standing right by our window so she can see so we only had that one little window right up there and one little reflector which is what she's holding so I started off with caroline caroline caroline how would you carry him? Caroline is fifty three and so we tried to choose models all through the workshop that range in age from pretty much eighteen tio sort of sixty because I think that that is my most common age group to photograph and callin board and lots of beautiful outfits so we started off in this gorgeous gold dress and then she brought something a little sexy in way to take another shot in that because it was so gorgeous you folks you just have the most piercing eyes I love the way somebody did you're here because I think it's very close to how you wear it and I like that you make up is very very close to how you would wear it to yeah right thank you so so much well may I speak showy placed any well first of all the pictures are like really very moving and I thank you it's really a dream come true that's what I said to you when we started our shoot on dh I'm so glad I took you up on the invitation to be here today and I thank you and simona for doing my hair, which is so beautiful and tiffany also for doing my makeup initially when I when I looked at my makeup, I thought it was really heavy and I was a little concerned about it, but in fact, as I see it in the photographs it's it's, uh it's totally appropriate that's really important, you know, I don't even want people to feel like they can't talk about their maker. I get there probably that comment more than any other comment I've ever head about makeup on camera before because you do if you don't wear a lot of make up and you see an evening medium to an evening maker something I do explain when everybody comes in for a photo shoot is you are quite possibly going to have a nice evening makeup on so makeup you would wear out tow, tow a function or a party and you happen to have them on during the day, which always is on the heaviest side of what you had were for a daytime makeup I also think it's really important that I tell my clients that you're gonna go out afterwards because everybody feels so good, post makeover and post shoot that they actually want to go out to dinner and be seen and and mingle and go and meet people. So I think it's really important that you understand it's more of an evening that they go towards an evening look, if you look a traditional glamour and what it means in the eighties and nineties, it was about being completely transformed nowadays, it's, just like your hottest division or if you went to a pro make about us to go out for the evening, that's what they would do so you could go to a counter and say, I'd like my hair and makeup done for an event, and you would just look that gorgeous and beautiful. You look absolutely incredible. You've got an amazing, amazing body line and it's so easy to photograph, you have a a classic hourglass too, and yeah, thank you in every way. I didn't have the pleasure of photographing these two fabulous girls here. Oh my goodness, I tell you what, you two look so identical, it is crazy. I mean, we're not really because your mother and daughter apple never falls far from the tree the mother and daughter shape for mai is day most point insured that I ever do I love my mom so much hope such a great relationship with here I love this shit more than anything in the world because one day you will give this to your children you know what I mean? And I think about don't cry because I'm not gonna cry today and I think about what that means and tim's off stop I think you know I think about what that means and tim's off giving that gift and I just think about the fact that, um it's something that you will keep affect I've said it a lot and when I was training to minor we are she's going when I was photographing some minor in him mama sister, I was like him one day you're going to give this to your daughters and then they all started crying and I was like, never is made to be crying here I just think you two uh so alike and your likeness. One thing that really amazes me is when you're both looking at me, neither of you looking at each other or neither. If you I can see each other's expression, but as I talk you through expressions you're so identical and the way you do your little smoke in your big smile and your really big smile is so identical and I love that about mothers and daughters in terms of photographically selling, I need to be abl issued in one location. I'm in one thief let so I photograph both tony and handed together I'm kneeling on the floor and I would like to say I got carpet being today I was fully committed and then all of a sudden I stand hand her up and I take a beautiful photo of hannah, and I do a typical cava go shot remember, this is the cover go shop that mom and dad don't necessarily by the hannah will because hannah's, like I look gorgeous and then that's the one that hanna's mom a day by because, you know, they love that beautiful smile and and just to pull back enough to make a difference, and that shot is a two shot cell. I'm also creating a beautiful shot of tiny because what I want to do is go amazing shot of hannah and amazing shot of tony and in an amazing shot of the two of them together, and I want that siri's to be something that I can put up a za one, two, three and then I want to create something that I can make large, and there would be that one there, so it was easy for me to create one siri's in under a minute yeah, so it's such a mate I think when you when you look at the timeline on my camera to know that I can shoot for a siri's that potentially will be on your war for ever in under a minute and just by doing a quick change you were leaning into the wall and the newest mining and then I told you to stand up straight and then I added your mom there and then I behind you and then I added them to the front of you because I always like that different perspective you can connect with each other there and then I brought you down to the ground and they were there together so every time I look at you know the girls I'm always looking at coordinating obviously they hear makeup shoes you done by the same make about us that she's your very similar although today it wasn't this still you girls have done an incredible job of doing what I call the sioux bryce makeup in here because you have done a here and make up to who did you make out sarah who did your makeup inner dude you okay so too may have you both have a surprise here in my cap so I feel like you know you've been made up by some minor and the level of your hair and makeup is exactly the same to me not like two different girls that have never worked for me before and I really love that. And, um, I just think that's really beautiful. Um to ara. Happy birthday for tomorrow. I wish it was your birthday today. I didn't realize that. Yeah, it would have been a great birthday present. Have you? Yeah. It's. Still a great brother, actually, before you go, do you do out? Can I talk to the girls just for one minute? I will talk to you about this because I do want you to tell me, um, do you like that? Yes. Sorry, I do. I I think it's, um, it's really special. They have a beautiful portrait of the two of us. Um, I have five children and four of them are or boys, which I loved dearly, but she's, my only daughter, they cut the willies off the smart ones. So this is is special. You know, I know that women love their boys. I get it. They loved. My mom loves here, boys. But the relationship between a mother daughter is so cool. And you can have a holiday brothers back. You know, in terms of being in the studio, I love the idea that you can come in and get something like that because the boys would come and do that, but they wouldn't. They would do it and they would like the photo the family fed of mom and all of us a lot there but there's something about having that that you two will treasure for the rest of your life and I know that so I market the mother and daughter shoot above all my shapes I just find it it is the most beautiful connection and I think it's wonderful. I'm glad that you do it's definitely a treasure that's for sure. Excellent. Thank you. Thank you. Happy they for tomorrow. You are sorry. Thanks. I didn't asked the girls if they like their shots, you're just the most beautiful girl you smile in the whole world smiles with you. I don't think you should ever, ever, ever look at a photograph and not smile because when you smile everything about you is just absolutely divine I love your makeup I love the gold on your shadows I love the gold in your top and how much it suits you and I love the shapes that you got and I think it's really beautiful that you've got a nice long cool around you're here absolutely amazing fifty five tomorrow thirty five, thirty five, twenty five yeah wish I could say I felt a shock to you, but I I didn't really need to look, which is really not fair you have children, joy? Uh, two girls for an eight for a night. Okay, um, you know it for a night, it's. Not something that I would encourage. I would rather for me as a glamour photographer, I would rather photograph you first on your own. I would go more for your friends and sisters. Uh, the woman that made my steer. So whether that would be your mom or your sisters before I will bring your children in. And I just want to say one thing a woman with a foreign and eight year old has forgotten what it's like to go to the bathroom on her own, but she's forgotten what it's like to get up every morning and do face of makeup and wear high heels out every day because you just do not do that. And I just feel like the experience for women with young children to enjoy a pam position is one of the most incredible feelings just to be looked after and not be serving everybody else. I can't. Now I'm not a big, you know, women do every thing I get it there's a lot of good deads out there that do a lot of helping around the house and all the rest of it. It just seems when the children always wanting attention just seems that mom's on the bottom of the list and I just find it is um um um it isn't it one of the coolest things to have somebody play with you here and make up oh absolutely I told my husband I said I get to go and not be your wife or peyton's mom or prices mom I could just get me which has been like eight years since that happened so I'm super grateful um I just think samantha and I had a conversation I've lived with the minor in her family for three months I stayed with him when I first went to sydney and it was like my my sidney family you know I get it I mean her children I just love her children like my children they're just amazing children but I just watched constantly how you know the children are always fierce children always first children always first and it always just seems to be you know, mom last and I just think there's a market that mom market for me is huge that's where we made samonas video last time that's why it's bean so viral and you know what? Since create a fly five and a half months ago when we first saw minus video I have received over three hundred three hundred enquiries for portrait shoots around the world in australia in america after seeing that video and referencing her video and saying that's how I feel every single day and I want that experience so the power of that story to may um if you can put that in your marketing um then I think that is one of the most strongest things you could do did you enjoy being photographed I did it's a lot harder since looks it isn't that I blink a lot so yeah yeah okay so you're thinking some people blink a lot I always think um for people who blink a lot in front of the camera if I say slow down the blanks they consciously think about blinking and I just say slow down your blends you did too tiny to you blink a lot yeah but that's okay, yeah I wasn't being very loud because I couldn't talk but we still did it quietly it was like a silent fellowship you guys were like doing your thing you know? You just don't knew what I went when I would be like and then I would go at this and then tiffany and I would look at the camera goes it's christa beautiful smile to our beautiful smile um I love that you have naturally killing here so why nobody knows this about me so I just out of myself and I also have not only naturally killing here when I get out of the shower I straight in it and then we kill it and, you know, really big struggle for any new boyfriend's kind of like that doesn't that defeat the purpose? You kind of cool, and then you dry and then you kill again, but out for me, that control when you've got a natural curl and you've got a lot to hear like you and I do, isn't it just the most incredible experience to have somebody brought you here? Yeah, I know people probably thought I was crazy. I like my curly hair. I'm at a point in my life, I'm almost thirty. I've lived with it for this long, you know? So I can appreciate it. I like it. But you said control and I was thinking that too. But I feel like I have control over my hair. Aiken run my fingers through it right now and I thought I was in the wind. Yeah, I see that look a lot like the wind when it is not to kill it there. Yeah. It's like an altar. You go or something? I love it. Thanks to everybody who works on it because I think everybody worked on it. Tio the one thing I would like to say really about that is that I guess what I hear from a lot of people is all the grass is always greener, isn't it? And I always say what do you mean by that they go what you got clearly here you want it straight you want straight here you want to kill you know and I was kind of looking then I think now it's not the grass is greener I have my here but I love you never to do lots of different things for that so when I get it but I don't I can't walk out of this chair interstate mihir doing actually and I love having silky beautiful here big here say I'm just like yeah this knot grass is greener again you have classically beautiful smile that just really liked up and um everyone if you gave me that smile and I think at the end of the day smiling for me for camera is about how much teaching you have in your face it's not about being photogenic it's about trusting me enough that when you look at me you truly look at me and you let that smile come forward and it's so beautiful I can tell a real smile from a fake one I can always tell a smile that is just so true do you capture it and to me it is a really and um yeah incredibly vibrant so that's on the grey green side and you're well what a great, uh, portrait for you. Detain. Thank you early birthday for me, tio. Yeah, when it's, your timing this year, january. Okay, we'll celebrate.

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Sue Bryce's hair and makeup artist Simona Janek came back to CreativeLive to teach hair and makeup for photography! In her course, she talks about how to start offering hair and makeup in your photography studio, how best to work with hair and makeup artists, and more. In two full days of practical instruction, she teaches technique and style. She teaches communication and how to get the look you want. And as a bonus, she also teaches women the fundamentals of how to apply their own makeup!