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Filming an Interrogation Scene part 2

This is a time where you might want to think about getting a little bit of I light in here, so we've got something like three hundred what lengthening piece of card I should have tried just going straight off the we're going to three hundred little area three hundred yeah, just well, just try bouncing off the table look, see how that looks? Because that's kind of now shown I'm gonna need tio back that bands off so it's not lighting the war's quite so much needs to come back to kind of about oh, sorry it needs to be up appear on up nice and high so that because at the moment what is doing is just lighting up all the walls inside the room which we didn't want to do. Wait now this this shot will probably fall apart once and once on one's dairy comes in but it's my well and my well work once on dh once mark is exited shot we might well end up with an interesting profile says from me worth keeping it running just to see what happens now how are we weigh in terms ofthe thiss really needs to ...

be just box right in, right right down here we'll bring that lamb right into picture I mean, it wouldn't be impeachable just right down here so it's not spilling all over ah young lady is it to make a little hot spot there need to get into her eyes and then do we have some we have some black rap doing you kind of way something like that I think I even have a c forty seven in my pocket because way you know just what we're looking at that do you mind just flashing it so we can see just take it take a look at each other guys yeah get I just flash this three hundred seventy flash it for me this one this one here and just take a look here now let's just pan that live very slightly lamp left that didn't have flashing you know really getting them light in the eyes like I wanted let's just take a look he's gonna do this and is this it is this in your picture this life just take a look take a look at my training gate and they were just getting a little bit of left in the game. Okay, cool that'll be better jason do me a favor just flash that forming once one yeah that's nice yeah that's good it's great. Okay, now how are we exposure wise now let's just back that's often tiny bit jason because we just we just ended up in a way got it again that's good, right? Okay, so just jack carey exposures and focus that then we'll get ready to go so generally what we what we've done here is we move the back light around further just so that we can get a bit of a halo and separate ahead this hair light here we're getting really can quite nice little edge on here now which is quite nice we brought this in to get some light in your lovely eyes which is cool on dh basically made those changes and other than that we haven't changed very much so let's sum stand by and we'll do a little rest and see so you have father still run john we do we have the other legal wait I mean what we hadn't going before was just about working it's just that the one legal by itself is really struggling just a couple of minutes guys and we'll be in business hee hee can I just go let me give up a tiny bit way better yeah that's better not I mean showing I think we got it just tip the lamb papa chinese but if you can we just tip that yeah that we let you go you got it that's it perfect so let's close the door and let stand by on dwi will run arousal and you see how far we can make this fly sorry oh yeah I know yeah yeah let's go for it okay, so is everybody is everybody ready to speak I'll call action this is what was the what was the point of which you ended before derek I'm sorry what was the point at which you entered before I mean it was a couple of like three about three or four sentences that okay all right so let's do the same as we did before in just coming after about three or four seventeen says yeah let's actually see you down into position I think what's nice is obviously a hand shock is not going to last that's a lovely two shot that you got going so once you've done a little bit on the record or a little bit of you know grab some insults here you could do a little piece on mark's hand if you did you make any notes or anything about what did you do with your right hand let's see I wasn't writing as I was doing it this is maybe a little bit of that a little bit over there and then you know sort of up to up to faces because inserts you can always get laid too so more important to be on the actorsfaces initially all right so is everybody ready as ready as can be again cool all right eh so let's roll camera we are only and action okay so you are mercer trixie mercer and what uh my car broke down and then you go and then what did you do you get out I was going tio walk towards seattle center where we're going to go there because I was going to meet some friends at the mp ok so you think you owe the rest you were hanging trixie let's cut it right start talking because she's been talking are you in the car with the mayor look a brute force has never gotten anywhere I haven't touched you yeah we're not doing any of your stale coffee breath is all over me and if you don't mind I'm lying a little chanel madamoiselle and you might be disturbing so get down from the mayor to weigh do have a little bit of information what we're getting at here what spice is getting at here is that we have a little bit of information that you are seeing with the mayor in your car not information I was not in my car you were in your car where were you hey offered to give me a ride ok so it was giving a ride to up to the mp the e m p okay starts I got this from you could say that yeah yeah ok she's lying no I got this your line trixie I'm tired of your lives accuses the important way you get up one day and just do that yeah started taking back a couple of lines yeah just squeeze that just just ok take it back a few lines and stand by everybody and start with you're lying okay? And action you're live trixie you've been lying this whole time you don't have to actually do I know women like you that you do a whole bunch of that's not what we're talking about here so you are the car you were the car we always make it all about him way have a couple dollars listen, I'm tired of your games again and kept there that's cool. Okay, great. All right, I think we achieved it's a very, very nice little pieces there the reason I wanted you to stand up for what was just said that we had some kind of continuity in terms of what we shot before. So suggestions for next shot's what would we be wanting to shoot next? You couldn't tell me right? I think that would be very nice and it might be very nice to come into here on dh shoot over up to derek, see how that looks and then on dh then basically coming around here and then we can figure out some sort of rather nice, especially shots that we could do after that. But we just basically get the scene covered and then work out tim um what else we could knew after that so let's try that so why don't we let's lose this for a second? It'll probably come back just to give the cameras freedom of play initially gail the internet is saying they would love to see a slider shot okay I'm sure they would I'm just trying to think ok let's so let's save this lighter shop for when we come around to the back here we'll do this lighter shot on this side that would be nice because we can use the necklace and all of that kind of stuff is part of that so ok yeah e I mean my penis which europe every lenses that could go down like one four oh yeah we do absolutely yeah let's let san let's do that it's this is what I'm hoping this is the counter suggestions and I'm looking for so we have an eighty five one two if you want to change over to that so jason let's see him put in eighty five one two on that we can pick this up began and go through you know just do some details with that yeah no no absolutely absolutely no way I mean let's let's sound do one with the eighty five from here it be rather nice yeah you guys were cajun ancient water or anything okay yeah just just we're just going to change some lenses so if you want to step out of them the light sweeting wait just grab yourself an ample boxes until that's really the best thing this way an amazing about throat when you have a year's there yeah and it helps a lot if you didn't, you didn't really type with a focus. Yeah, I think so. I think that might be right rather nice. You could go with the dialogue because she's she's spending a lot of time looking at this way so I think that would be a very valid thing to do. Well, I think it might be nice. I mean, you're going to be slightly different on this because it's a crime but you know, it should be a hell of a lot shallower than let's say a weekend. Yeah, yeah, god is seven fifty and she thinks you're versus old no way down with just last year came I think just on an injury you know what I said in game try to get over her soul. Wait, wait. So when everyone's when everyone's ready let's put everyone back in the shop. Right, that young thing show kishan either one or is that me or you can I mean, you know, you're just under seventeen, you know, you go to zoom going years that you can, then you could halfway through decided to get dressing singles. I mean, there's the beautiful thing about me you got some water and you know I'm good thank you a lot, ok, so that's a nice that's, very nice to shot that's him I'll tell you what well, what we should do is run the scene twice over without stopping and then, eh? So we'll just go at some point I'll call cut we just go back to number one and start over again and then just find a slightly tiger angle or a different angle on each on each we can't all night visits a prime lands house some house that shot looking all we know yeah we'll give from the beginning you've got all your work kind of way you shoot for gay but that's that's fun in school okay on dh marks could we just see you coming to see you sitting down? It would be very nice to feel a piece of you occasionally, which is why one might want to use a slider but we'll save that for the other side. No, I just like to your right a fraction you just there just yeah it's a time work that zone of this new harmon framing like this you know I mean that's right that's rather sweep her and them yeah that's lovely. Ok and then just be prepared to tip up so you can hold marks phase two which is rather nice even if he's soft it's need to feel his presence there just put a bit more weight on your left buttock mark just a tiny bit all right, girl, I think we are right now. We are ready to go. Okay? All right, everyone ready? Let's. See what we get from this? All right? And let's roll cameras good luck, everybody scam ruling rolling okay and action and so then what happened? Trixie? Um so it was, you know, a fairly nice night out and I was just going tio walk, but I was in some very uncomfortable heels and so, uh the mayor offered me a ride. Oh, the mayor was just driving by, okay? It wasn't on his bike today. Sex was not just was he drove by and, uh, saw that I was a damsel in distress the damsel's that you call yourself now? Okay, so that he saw that you are in the quarter. I don't like you. Your breath is so horrible. It's all that coffee and donut, the sugar, the thing that gets really think ok, should then just listen to my breath here. So you got into the car on ben. What happened? Excuse that he was giving. He was giving you a ride. To where? Uh, to the to the a m p but the mp america's supposed it was cheese line taking their circuses or a liar, okay, so you never got seven point you need to get up we've established that you never actually got to the peak no, I didn't because you all pulled us over with you because you were the mayor and you were supposed to be with the mayor. Why who was he supposed to be with tonight? His wife oh, I heard she's in georgia and that's lovely okay, I actually am sorry I said we were getting keep game but so let's go back to number one and then just try variations on the theme do some on this camera do some nice hand details maybe something very nice off this one mark just so it's your position just just look slightly to the to the ride's over there just yeah now come tio just move over to your right a little bit I mean even something like um inside minimum but it might be nice to pull back so you could just hold focus on him here and then right through to her it's a rather lovely angle so maybe slide the camera back a tiny bit so there's just get some new focus marks and things like that just to the point where you congest get him in focus like you're saying sometimes that that gives you a very kind of subjective shot you suddenly become him you know and mark on this one just just cheat so that we see a tiny bit more of your teeth just a fraction and just a little bit and said have you can you get focus on money go again it is just once in a while it's a really nice when maybe when he's talking and then you can rack focus backwards and forwards it gives you an interesting variation and what have you done different to what you did last time have you gone charger get goals. All right, cool. All right, so let's let's get ready to roll ready? Nice caspian's death lesbians wonderful gate way already I guess everyone falling asleep out in the wide world. Definitely not. They're loving this right again. All right, let's, roll camera and action. Okay, so you got, uh you got out of the car and you went to the mp? Well, I was on my way to the m p and then the mayor drove by and I know him from a goodwill ambassador meetings follow some of his issues, so he recognized me. You follows issues. Okay, saw that I was in probably uncomfortable choose so why track does he normally did you ask him if he normally makes a habit of picking people up anyway? He picked live trixie. Okay, I got this space story doing fine you're not doing fine hurry. Yeah, we are, as a matter of fact, start telling the truth now unbelievably bad it's your lines unbelievably bad it's still coffee thing ok we're not going to get anywhere this way okay says just step back step back step back andi cap then okay cool I think that was really nice I think between those two takes we got for very nice little george that was great let's get a um what might be nice to ring in the changes a little bit let's get something like um maybe seven I can we go to twenty four prime jason it might be nice to get this camera right in amongst it all in here. Just repeat the piece of this is really just for derek the interaction between the two of you on that side of the table it might be nice to get right down here and you seem shallow depth of field in them have some fun with them but this is working really quite nicely. So let's let's swap it. Swap this guy out for twenty four prime and what is that kind of a reset of one two or one four this's wait, wait. That would probably want to lose all this stuff because it's going to hamper us from sitting on the table it's on this like we just want to have the cage in the end the battery you don't mean because the battery is going to stop us sitting on the table you want to get yes, bring the changes, guys, anybody that hasn't participated yet can jump in and take out the judge a visit? Yeah, I think so and it would be nice to get it right in the end. You know, just a bit more dynamic with them e we have such a thing is a little shot bag or a sandbag or some wedges or whether we go great girls will probably need to prop this scam up a tiny bit once we get it on the table. This is a general no team, we will must not change the lighting. We've been concentrating more on getting slightly different shots in terms ofthe your perspective and depth and shallow depth of field at all of that, we haven't really changed the lighting up very much. Uh, the only thing we really did was to move the hair light around the bank over there, which help just a little bit because we're going a bit closer now we'll see how that looks we buy well need that three hundred to come back to get some lives back in the eyes again. John it's a little bit neither here nor there she lets him it's just come right in there like a going into far no, really, I think you know, this starts to get more interesting now way getting a bit more dynamic with it something like that we're right on the top edge of this set up here could I just put a little catcher on the side of the leak oh they're just to stop them lead on the top edge of the sand she's a little side or some black rap or something can you see them now derek let me just see you lean into the light year that's nice yeah so let's go through the motions off checking our is this a is this some monitor not set up for false callem is steve them steve just just help me with the fall of skeletal in his monitor it looks like it's not set up for some reason good I know I could do it it would take about half an hour that's all it does it stop getting angry testing things too anybody that's around this camera can see that this is a really really nice exposure for sort of way we've got a mid gray's we've got on on pinks and greens that separate amid gray on either side so basically in good shape here okay so this is good teo and daring just be aware of the where the cameras and don't don't get lost behind that yet yeah I think that's great occasion I think that's a really sweet john now um uh let me just check one thing like bleeds thes johnny depp but I'm not going to worry too much about that oh my god steve just need a bit of help they need to know what I see here we are three twenty let's go let's go right down two hundred a say on here you're going soko one for yeah I just wanted to get them to try and see false color looks around you you have to stop let's just check our focus yeah go okay okay that's that's pretty shallow that there with the bank grounds really falling off quite nicely okay so somebody men this camera ok so once we've done this we're basically will do the slightest short has suggested them by our team on the outside and we'll just do these shots of them will move around and cover from the other side so let's get back to number one for our dear actors and we'll start from the beginning and have them derek bursting in we need to be a tiny bit careful about standing right in front of this guy because this is our chilled just if this up a tiny bit that's good right okay I say let's put it double in this three hundred it's a little bit overkill I said have you it looks like we need a new battery for this camera sorry could we get a battery and what what I I s o u guys that are you working at the shell of a step you can do to it was pretty hard again one day yeah. What? What? I show you one just forget about the noise they go to go to a hundred because on the noise on hundred isn't too bad at all and and then there never enable you to open up a little written. Yeah, that's not sit back a bit more going now? Yeah, just yeah. That's pretty goal, right? Things your patients guys concern when you become part of a lighting excise, it turns into a whole other monster. And you know what? I'd probably have a look at how this one looks and see how out of focus he looks and then maybe on this ecomog use your judgment to see whether you want to do that but it's a very good question. Okay, okay. Okay. So I think we're ready to go. Is everybody ready? Ok. And let's roll camera too. Just have a little bit less era. Yeah, there you go that's a much nicer composition and cool and then just write the top on a half, then that's lovely again on dh action. So I want to help you, okay, but the only way I can help use toe have you clearly answer the questions which you've started out doing well, okay, I'm not out, I'm not out to detect any lies or anything like that, okay? I just don't understand why you got out of the car um after thirty minutes of parking in the lots at e m p what were you doing it if you're just getting a ride right? Well, like I said, I have followed the mayor's issues for a long time and uh and he knew that it was my birthday and he hasn't seen me uh you know lately and so he wanted to offer all right thanks a lot gift from my birthday gift ok, so what was this you can fishing give us a second no, I'm tired. I'm very tired and I'm getting angry maybe have another cup of coffee and make it start telling the truth tell the truth what do you want to know? Why were you with the mayor that night? I was with him because he gave me a ride he was supposed to be with his wife. I heard his wife was out of town. More lies, trixie okay let's cut there that's great now daring in just from this camera angle you're just a tiny bit lost so this would be a little bit more to your to your right just afresh in yet that's it exactly so let's try that one last time and what did you feel about the focus? Did you feel that it was holding on him? It wasn't ok it might be you know, this time just probably easier for the dialogue of it just sort of you know ok, so how you guys feeling about your shot? He was a little stuff right? So yeah I think so maybe just roll it with the dialogue and tiny bit you know, I think this this might help you now anyway bye bye, derek being very slightly this way I could help you. Okay, let's just try this once more let's get back to number one everybody okay everybody poised finger on triggers ready gay and let's roll cameras okay and action. Okay, so why were you in the car for thirty minutes in a parking lot? Well, after he gave me a ride he remembered we remembered that we had met each other and some democratic goodwill ambassador inventions ok, so why were you in the car for a half hour way were talking and I mentioned that it was my birthday coming up and s o he know trixie start telling the truth true, I am telling the truth in fact we were getting along quite well before you. Well, now you have to talk to me. I don't know what you want to know why were you with the mayor? I was with him because he was giving me a ride he was supposed to be with his wife I don't know about his personal life count then sure thing great, okay all right, I think we've done some really nice coverage from this side let's come around to the other side e I think what we should now do is tio pay homage to the internet and doing I slide a shot so let's lose the camera off the table and then if you guys want to relax and just cool off a tidy bit while we just get this kind of sense this's a little bit high for this all these all these stands to ai wei don't have really lower stands I didn't think they'd do that they know the end game anyone could some money just standard awful good yeah we got a tree over there on a little hang on a second could could somebody sit in for us and we'll try to figure out wait we need to be or maybe it's not too bad she knew what we might be ok jason that's a look at this what? I think this is probably fine so isn't this isn't this somebody's prize that we're playing with? Yeah, very wobbly does anybody know about why he stands there so wobbly you should wear different heights and we're going toe in there floor's uneven okay that's better in case let's put the probably the twenty four to one o five back on and initially I'm just trying to think we could make use of the other camera I think we when we can let's go back I'm steve would you man changing the lens on that let's go back to that the, uh seventy two two hundred hey, wait wait wait yes so you know we're doing one lighter here yeah, where you could get well I'm just I'm just thinking it might be rather nice to be on on mark and then follow him when he's standing up you know and it might even be nice year to just have a little bit of him looking bored and he'll be quite dark up there and weaken sylar at him against the notice board which could be coming quite nice you know, against that bulletin board wait now they were still live way we're coming out no great ways that way jason what were you saying when this was going to run off right so we know we're not gay bling it again but we'll we'll do we put a marshal monitor on here off no is that what we're doing with this camera? We're just looking at each other. We get your city morninto I said wait the life fetus wait no um shown just going toe massive event of a spill with cannibal not well now could we just get a flag just to that side of the three hundred just to get in control that event yeah breaking about fifteen minutes and gave them around their cool no, I shouldn't say this but it's not a very good side up probably but never won yeah I mean it's it's well, I mean I I suppose one could put a little head on here or something but it hasn't got him fluid head on top so just enables you to it's really difficult to do moves you know that this issue is not too bad troy you sweet shifting the slider on the first date so yeah, you know, it just made it a bit more difficult because it's just a ball just a ball if it was him game so is this gonna be okay this's gonna be drinking? Yeah it's a game all right, that's just check our exposure so this cameras that monitor on that camera yeah, ok, I follow it. Yeah, it was just because the moment is already powered and all of that and that's pretty nice in that works pretty well so boss what's are actually going for you well, I think that's see if we could come in do reveal okay, right. So left yeah, that might be coming quite nice and once and sits down we're gonna want to have him and focus and I think so yeah, very much so and that might be times where you you want to use some of this when when yeah yeah, but the difficulty with this is well, you can it's just a little bit difficult. I mean, I would move it but just didn't remember that I'm probably the actual movements themselves will be not usable. Yeah, but you could leave right? Literally just, you know, reframing ok, then you know, I just do the best you can go. You grab that and just tightens up on them. Okay. Let's, um let's bring the let's. Bring that camera over to here. I'm probably not going to use this anymore for the moment. Yeah. Then that's good on the wall is showing them that helps enormously. You know what? That is probably a good time to put use this clock on the wall with we've never we've never established this wall. Okay? Yeah, trying to get the thing for you. What about your hide? This clog is that is that is it may be just a bit higher. It looks a bit strangely low there someone said you just feeling that job it yeah, go that's good. Yeah. That's pretty that's. Pretty cool, actually. Just a little bit of them what's that counter clock and the other way yes, that's it that's okay, that's something that's it that's all right, all right, I think we're good to go so let's, bring that camera over here on what this camera khun do will be to just do a little piece on just right next to that lamp khun do a piece on mark when he's pacing is mark around in fact let's ask our dear anxious to join us by consent jack thank you I think and I mean you're you're wearing it most the time on you yeah okay. When when ugo patient when where do you go when you stand up where did you actually hear it didn't happen to notice. Okay let's cheat you a little bit further over just so that then we can silhouette you against the board then on dh love to get a tiny bit more ambient light can we just raise this teaser or lower the car? The chinese bet back here just just so we've got a tiny bit more ambien you know what lower lower the teaser is probably the game okay that's it as she tried going the opposite way let's try taking it up a little bit maybe let's just yeah, I just open up one side little bit there we go. Good idea rain okay, go all right that's a bit better so I think the value of this show would be just literally too it's a very difficult focus pool but just basically take mark from standing up because it's a good into cut to this street this you've been going on over here and then we'll figure out another shot to do after that but you know if we have a little piece of that there I think that will be kind of great nice gay you might want to open up a little bit on this let's see where our way and what's your eye a show in here three three hundred one twenty three five should stop looking up force color he's breaking down here so let's go teo I got two, six forty year yeah, that is just raising money time okay, cool they go write them pretty tricky voters on this one he's a little bit flatly lit but you know just do the best you can because it's it's hard to get a bite on something that's flatly let like like that ok, so let's um let's stand by for rehearsal it's put everybody in yes, please. Really empty great. Sit back down. Yes, piers yeah. We starting back at number one derrick's out of that at the door here. Just give a fraction to your left just so way you're hitting a little bit. So go go to your left a little bit more bit more that no, there we go cool and then come to reveal him and you knew his best you can try and pan back tio which it's a bit of a night so you you end up something like that maybe I mean should do the best you can it's him let's just explain to have internet audience that slided doesn't have a fluid head on it so it's not going to be this move this two moves and it's not exactly our fault it's just what we have here and available okay all right, so I think we're basically ready everybody said gay and let's roll camera okay and sanction ok, so then what happened? Trixie uh well, I started walking and uh um uh the mayor pulled over and asked if I needed a ride. Yes, we got through that park so then it's hearing a lot ok? You're talking and you're talking about a birthday present were talking hey thought I would be a good candidate for a goodwill ambassador because he had a conversation no tricks start telling the truth way were just uh having decent conversation your breath is unbelievably bad your lives are unbelievably bad expect stale coffee smell that gets me every time I want you to tell me why you're with mayor okay let's change directions here was he it was hey gave me right because my car broke down you make me sick I'm sorry to hear that can it cool okay, well, we got some pc there that's yeah that's awesome. How does it looking from the shot on derek very just take your position when you write in there do you have anything there you blocked your blocked a bit too much okay, I think what we should do is to this slide is really difficult because it doesn't have a ban pan until head on that church very difficult so I think we should just concentrate on literally getting coverage on this shot so let's can I see mark sitting there and just relax for a second eric let's concentrate on just getting coverage for the scene for the moment maybe something in here we've done we did a slight a shot that vaguely worked gay something like that just check our exposure that's pretty good. Okay, so that's role a shot like this and then we've got coverage on then we'll do a nice detail of hands and things like that after this electoral that schatten somebody could just take care of focus once and once mark stands up just let him go out him shot and that's getting quite a nice transition anyway on this one once once derek has come in I'm here I'm just trying you just come right on to our young lady there and just being a nice close up and I think that would be a nice into coat so all right so let's try that one small right? Yeah, I think one sam I think at the beginning you just you've got a nice profile that why not? I mean you probably wouldn't use the shot much at the beginning but one sterrett comes in then it becomes rather interesting to feel him looming behind that keep focus on her I mean that's kind of fun fun shot so we already ok so let's uh let's roll camera and action so why don't you tell me how you learned most of your income? Oh uh I have an annuity payment that comes through from the uh, deceased uncle who left me okay, so you don't really work other other than that income that's pretty much um I I uh I garden I am I volunteer okay, another live trixie okay it's nice that we have this start telling the truth way we're just having just truth okay? Your breath is horrible and your attitude is worse so you're lying is terrible. Why were you with the mayor? Like I said, why were you with the mayor? He was giving me a ride and then he was giving me a gift and this is mine it's fresh water you're full of lies, you're full of bad stale coffee breath girl it was really sweet it's a nice little shot get go great. So can I just see what you were doing with you and just beginning? I was here first and then just here oh, really? Ok, ryan's hurricane. So could you correct that by just being slightly more this way? Okay. We're going to go to the right a little loan. You know, I never think you'll be fine, I think bite. Right? Okay. All right. So, let's, repeat that first it'll section one could be rather nice. Here is to stop maybe down on the well, listen, come up and find her in the beginning. That could be rather nice it and go to the scene. Cool. Okay. All right. I'm something ok. Are we all ready? So yours worked? I mean, it was just up to the point where mark stands up. Okay, so we'll cut this time. One smart stands up. Just let go to frame o care we already gave. So let's roll camera and action. So, what were you wearing when? Yesterday? I was playing this. Okay? Yeah. That's what we have right here. You see, if they could be right here. So is that? What would you call that outfit? It's a summer dress? Okay? Because from from my perspective, if I'm driving by do you understand what I'm saying? I'm not accusing you of anything, but if I'm driving by I see you dressed like that. I wouldn't think I wouldn't think that you're just wearing a summer dress as a woman that's just wearing, you know, like an easter think that's yeah, I think that's the cop mentality that you're always looking for something else decided no eyes, trixie, start towing the truth. We were just having a look. Uh, brute force has never gotten any man anywhere really? I beg to differ, so start talking. Why were you with the mayor? As I was explaining tio, you're very nice of colleague here is that hey gave me a ride my car broke down, as I have told you a dozen time. Don't waste my time and don't waste hiss could you find yourself in al toid or something? Because it's just repulsive. Your breath is just it's disgusting that scout that that's cool! Ok, all right, I think we have certainly coming this scene, it said you works the way we've covered it. I'm sure there's a thousand other shots that people will suggest, which we're not going to do. I'm sorry about the slider show they didn't realize the m the head on the side, it was not him a pan until his head it's very difficult to actually do anything smoothly that I'm very, very tricky and lead s so what do we learn from all of this? Have we? Does anybody feel we've missed anything that we enjoy? The scene that we cover in an interesting way was the lodging working for everybody doesn't feel right any comments in the class? And he comments from the it's a good, um, it's a unique experience to work with monitor because I, uh, worked without it a lot, and it kind of expands things dramatically. I think it really helps in almost especially if a focus, you know, when you're working with sort of shallow depth of field, I mean, without him on it and unless you do what I go on injury camera, you've got the camera with this acute dry piece or or the v f it makes it very difficult to find bogus and, you know, just looking at that, especially, of course, if you're outside in bright light, but jim well done, I thought the glassed in some really nice shots there, and, um, I think we're kind of done I mean, that will certainly cut it into a nice little sequence brother to our active one.

Class Description

For the first time in history, a camera that costs roughly $2,500 can shoot material good enough to hold its own weight on the highest professional levels. 

Gale Tattersall, renowned Director of Photography, has been at the forefront of pushing HDDSLR's in Hollywood. He shot the season finale of House entirely on a Canon 5DMII last year. In this HDDLSR filmmaking workshop, he teaches the ins and outs of making great films with HDDLSR cameras. 

Note: Neither NBC Universal, Fox Television or any other entity involved in the production of the House M.D. program endorses or is in any way responsible for the content and production of this workshop program.


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