ROUGH CUT: Psychiatrist Office at Night


HDDSLR Filmmaking


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ROUGH CUT: Psychiatrist Office at Night

I've tried, I tried to do what you wanted me to do. I went home, I tried, I just couldn't went home. I made the list you told me to make with him with the pendant, I told you to use he's pencil it's about the pencil it's aboutthe it's about. You know, I can't use the pen it's. What it does to my hands leaves it all my and that's, where it belongs, but it won't. It won't wash. You can't keep erasing it, it's, your dirty, you can't be clean.

Class Description

For the first time in history, a camera that costs roughly $2,500 can shoot material good enough to hold its own weight on the highest professional levels. 

Gale Tattersall, renowned Director of Photography, has been at the forefront of pushing HDDSLR's in Hollywood. He shot the season finale of House entirely on a Canon 5DMII last year. In this HDDLSR filmmaking workshop, he teaches the ins and outs of making great films with HDDLSR cameras. 

Note: Neither NBC Universal, Fox Television or any other entity involved in the production of the House M.D. program endorses or is in any way responsible for the content and production of this workshop program.


a Creativelive Student

It is a very good class, with a lot of information and exercises. It´s better to watch more than a couple of times.