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Now we are just about ready to get started with the course here and we're going to introduce our instructor she's a pretty incredible human being in general she's basically a paradigm shifter in the worlds of self care fitness she's created programming for yoga tune up this is she's created these programs you'll go tune up corgis the role method which we will talk about a little bit later in the program with over two hundred teachers worldwide jill's methods or taught an elite fitness facilities such as equal knox crossfit yoga works you name it she's all over the place and she's been featured on programs such as fox news good morning america the today show she's been all over the place she's got a lot of brilliant information to share with us so I'm gonna go ahead and introduce jail come on up thank you for your great great well I mean I was talking about it in depth earlier we're really excited to have you here so I'm going to just let you take it away you on and I will now reveal le...

beau I realized that I hadn't shown my baby bump and it was just this really weird thing people like what you're gonna show us the bump and it was like well there's not kind not much to see so it felt very anti you know bump show offish and then just about two weeks ago it started to, she started to emerge, so I am a twenty four weeks tomorrow, and I'm thrilled to be able to share with you and this worldwide audience strategies for self care, for dispelling pregnancy, myths on exercise, diet and self care, so the people that this is meant for is not just pregnant women or not, just women who are hoping expecting or post natal, but this is really a webinar that addresses self care needs for every type of human being, and the more I was wrapping my head around the topic and thinking about the daddy's also, who are also be lifting babies and feeding babies, and the type of wear and tear that comes from that post natal period. What you're going to be learning in these next two days is going to be covering your baby carriage now and your baby carriage later, so I hope that those of you who aren't able t join in life, you tell your friends, you tell your husbands, you tell your mates, then you're going to get with the program so that your body last longer, so that you could be a better parent in a better human being for your child. So I want to tell you about some of the equipment pieces that you're going to need thio work with the course, and anything that I show you there's ap substitution tze and so I'll go over what those are a swell and after I go over this then I'm just gonna drill in tow what who I am and what this course is about so the items that you're going to need our a pair of yoga tune of therapy balls now this is my product this is ah grippy rubber ball you can swap out tennis balls for any of the balls that I show you so these are the smallest and then there's the medium size these are called love plus balls and right now you see there in a snow grip tote and we'll use them entered take them out of the totem use them individually and then there's a slightly larger ball that's called the alfa and the alfa again it's this grippy pliable rubber lastly and of course any of those you can just use whips attendant wu and there goes the ball there's my first rolling ball uh richard wind driving that thanks a lot. So any of those you khun swept out a tennis ball or a softball and you're just gonna have to really modulate your pressure the yoga tennis balls because they're made from a grippy pliable rubber the really designed for the human body unlike sports balls andi I believe we have a coupon for viewers that you khun purchase and get them at a great discount. The corgis ball is a hollow airfield ball it's gotta grippy skin and you khun substitute for this there's a item in the toy store called a gertie ball and so you can use a gertie ball or you could also use a rolled up towel or blanket we're actually gonna be using this to massage the gut and the rib cage and it's extremely important type of self massage especially teo get your rib cage pliable, which you want as that baby grows, you're going to be able to breathe somewhere it's hard to breathe down really deeply so you want to make sure that those ribs air open and this is one of the best tools for that? And then of course you want to have your model uterus no, you don't need to have that you just need to have your own you'll also want to have a couple of a firm yoga bricks now if you don't have yoga breaks in your house, you can swap out large phone books although I don't know if you have phone books anymore but some stack of large books will do and and then there's just stuff that you're gonna have around your house blankets now these air yoga blankets from manduca that you can use the bed blankets that you have also some large pillows what I have here is a bolster this is a traditional yoga bolster from in duca, but you can also use your large bed pillows or a stack of pillows and then a yoga mat it's not a necessary thing to have a yoga mat, but it's it's helpful especially if you have, you know, super thick plush carpeting uh, you want to use a yoga mat for some of the things that we're gonna be doing? The last thing that you're going to need is some type of stable object like a ah really firm chair or rooted chair and you'll see tomorrow when we when I go over the squat mechanics with you, we're gonna actually use that solid chair, you can actually use a couch and it's something to grip against, which is going to really help you ultimately in labor and then actually the last last thing is do you have in your space? Ah, blank wall? We're gonna be doing some things up against a wall and so it's nice to have a patch of wall that doesn't have furniture on it. So maybe you can clear some stuff out's that you have that great. I think that covers all of the stuff that you're gonna need, so I am so excited to bring you not only some of my best strategies, but also the strategies off some of my closest friends and most revered colleagues the people that I have brought to share with you over the next two days are the professionals that I have looked to for advice about my own pregnancy, my own health regardless of whether I was pregnant or not these are people that I have followed for years and happy and lucky to call them friends first up this morning is katie bowman, who is a biomechanics genius specialist and she's going to come in and talk about the pelvic floor she's going to be talking about well she's going to be unleashing a keg on the cable and it's probably not what you're thinking, so please listen carefully to the wisdom of this woman she's also going to be talking about di asta sis wrecked e the tear down the center of the abdomen that so many women get during pregnancy and by the way, it's not just women who get this so she'll be talking about how the hold your body better to prevent that from happening later today uh, two of my favorite people on the planet doctor kelly starrett and his wife juliet will be here they're the owners of of san francisco crossfit and the creators of mobility wad they'll be here to talk about the pregnant athlete and also how to reclaim your abs after delivery and I know that is a super hot topic for women because you just feel this really sort of dead vacuous space and he's gonna give us some great strategies of how to reclaim that he's also going to do some massive myth busting on exercise during pregnancy today what I'm going to share with you our some daily dose ing strategies for health and feeling good and also this afternoon we're going to go over what I call your inner baby carriage really howto get the lining of your birthday suit incredibly pliable and strong so that you carry your baby better now and you can carry yourself better afterwards tomorrow morning we're gonna be covering pelvic power that squat when I put out ah sort of a call for you ladies what's your main thing about pregnancy what were the biggest thing that helped you get through it? Everybody in this facebook call out that I put out everybody said squat the squad, the squad so going over squat mechanics so that you are phenomenally strong during through it and afterwards then in the late morning esther go clay, who is an incredible expert on spinal health across all cultures she's gonna be coming in should be talking about howto carry your baby on the outside so it doesn't break your back in the long term and then later on in the afternoon we'll be going over sleep strategies power napping which is super important while you're pregnant and and I'm told very important after you have a baby, you need to be able to sneak sleep and really quickly I am not yet a mother, and so this will be this will become a great surprise to me, which I'm sure yes, right? You're like, I can barely open my eyes right now and then later in the afternoon tomorrow we will get tau finally connect with one of my doc pals. This is dr eden fromberg she's an o b g y n in new york city, we'll have a skype with her, so if you have serious medical questions questions that are beyond the sea soap of what I or the rest of my colleagues can answer, save them. Save the more medically related questions for dr fromberg, and you'll be able to ask her directly via skype tomorrow and then finally we'll have dessert. Sarah from gozo, the founder of everyday paleo, will be here to cook for us she's kind of feed has just gonna feed you she's going to talk about an anti inflammation diet and how teo stay incredibly healthy with your food during pregnancy. So I'm really excited about her. I'm so excited about everybody this is the package is like the dream package of an ensemble of experts that I need for my own journey and that you can utilize its paradigm shifting material that were presented here this from these next two days and I think that you're going to see some through lines and I think you might also see within us that we also might have disagreements if there is a topic in the universe that there is more controversy over than pregnancy I'm not quite sure what is it is such it raises the goat of so many of us and so I want you to be open teo the dialogue I want you to be open to some of the flares that go off in your head that well that's not what I do we that's not what I did that's not what I would do and just take it in take in the information listen and ultimately you are the metabolize err you are the one that needs to trust yourself in your journey some of what we have here over these next two days is going to be incredibly useful for useful for you other pieces you may leave on the floor and that's totally okay because your pregnancy is completely unique to you and even though we're coming with our best intentions and are most creative and innovative strategies strategies that have worked for all of the ex sports who represented here who are all parents by the way I'm the only non parent presenting um they have a lot of wisdom and so we have a lot to learn from them so um there is a little disclaimer that a significant disclaimer that we ethically have got to share with you and it is our ethical imperative and your ethical imperative to make sure that what you're doing is under the guidance of your own medical supervision and we can't make any claims that this is going to create a successful pregnancy for you and I hope you understand that this is just a legal disclaimer that we need to alert you to I want to welcome my in studio guests thank you all for coming some of you are partway through your pregnancy some of your att the end of your pregnancy some of you have the babies and some of you are hoping and some of you work with pregnant mama's and I thank you for being here for yourself and for the people that you're going to share this information with and I look forward to getting to know each of your bodies better well as we go through the exercises and go through the movements today what you're doing to represent yourself um and the many women who are on the same part of the path that you are is incredibly generous so thank you for your time for being here I know that this would be possible one of this this webinar this pregnancy or anything would be possible if it weren't for this guy this is my husband robert faust and I'm extremely grateful for his energy, of course, I'm very grateful for his mate ship and his partnership, he's, my business partner as well. So thank you for being here. I am, as we said, I'm jill miller, I'm a movement educator, I'm a fitness therapy expert and I am the co founder of tuna fitness worldwide. As evey said, I've created programs for lots of different types of of fitness and yoga spaces, namely the yoga tuna program, corgis and the role model method. I am forty one years old, and this is a twenty four week little better, a little baby girl and as any murphy paul says in her book origins, I'm not alone in my body, but this is not the first time that I've not been alone in my body. Last year I was pregnant for the first time, and at twenty weeks in the middle of the night I had a catastrophic rupture and I lost my first son and about the thirteenth week of my pregnancy I had as tvs, it's, a genetic tests and invasive genetic test that being a being a woman over forty, I really bought into some of the doubt and fears that I was presented from my doctor at the time, and so I went ahead and had this test, and I am the one point five percent. I'm I've been healthy my whole life, I've never had a broken bone or anything and he's serious diseases, but I lost my child because the test damaged my membranes, and the loss of that is this still haunts me, as you can hear is a trauma that I have, um, I'll never fully recover from theirs. I just don't think that anybody who loses a child, um, snaps back quickly, but I wanted to move on and I wanted to change the story, and I wanted to be a mother and have a family, and in order to move forward while I had to grieve, I also had two work on changing my story and work on not living in fear or doubt or operating from them place in terms of my own health and growth during my pregnancy. So one of the things that I know from going through what I've gone through and I knew so many of you out there have more than likely the stats are what they are have lost children two miscarriages or had had a really hard time of creating a child in the first place that we have fears, and we have doubts and we walk around with those burdens and it is your right toe live. In a trust space it's your right toe live in a way that doesn't burden you with agony at the thought of loss or the thought of doubt and so I want to help you all all of you to change whatever fear story may be a part of this whole complex package for you so what I'd like you to do right now is hopefully have a pad of paper next to you at home or will you have a chat box don't you you have a computer and have a chat box I want you to write down what that biggest fear is for you what's the biggest obstacle that you feel is in the way of conceiving your you're pregnant now or post natal or the fears that you have for the women that you work with and wherever you are on the spectrum so go ahead and take a moment and I want you to write that down for yourself so I'm gonna count to three and when I finished that count of three you know may seem corny I want you to say that fear out loud you don't have to scream it I just want you to say it out loud that you hear yourself articulating what this thing is that you've been holding onto or that you're carrying around right so and I'll say mine too all right one two, three we gonna tear is gonna hurt yeah so we can make that story happen by continuing to repeat that story or we can take action to try toe educate ourselves rework and dissolve some of the fears that are in the way now my fear is that I'm gonna tear and it's gonna hurt and I know that it's a likelihood right? I mean those of you who have had children you know that this is this is something that's that's likely but I also know that I can take action to actually make my pelvic floor more pliable now and it has to do with position and also has to do with with massage and I'm actually teach you all tomorrow a pelvic floor massage that you can do while you're sitting in a restaurant I'm telling you this is totally doable no seriously I just did the mexican restaurant the other night chips and salsa and pelvic floor massage so there are ways that there are ways that we can work together to try to annihilate some of the in some of the fears that we have and just to change the story also knowing that I know that pregnancy that giving birth is a zenith of sensation I mean there is no other zenith off sensation that transformation of I wanted to write that happens in the moment had I also know the type of pain I experienced last year the pain of loss, the emotional physical pain that I dealt with and I'm looking forward to this degree of sensation this news enough to any of you want to share your fear out loud or any of you open to that jasmine I have a seventeen year old but I still remember my fear ah it was how how is this baby going to come out? It was studly unfounded but it just kept asking myself and I kept having to say, you know, women have done this for millions of years and I've just got to trust my body I just kept having to say that trusted trusted trust it but that question kept coming up again and again I was just going home I go to push it out you know, beautiful and it is it is that that like okay, we know what I can't just keep like scrambling on the doubt cycle here or I can I can just flip it to trust I'm going to trust I'm going to trust I'm gonna do my best I'm gonna breathe I'm gonna hunker down and I'm gonna trust that I am a continuum of the female species that crosses every single species of animal plant memo on the planet and I'm built for this I'm gonna trust it anybody else my biggest fear would be losing the next child if it happens and but along with that in my first when I felt like I had the wrong information and that made for a very difficult pregnancy and so I'm worried that something would happen where I didn't have the right information for their next pregnancy. So so looking back knowing that you felt that you had the wrong stuff, you're able to sit teo now know that oh, that information wasn't serving may write I have all these other new resource is that can serve me yes right and obviously already found your way to katie you found your way here you're you're on to something you're on to something so take that and breathe into that okay? Because that's good that's the good news you found your way here starting a new path a round of also of a self identity I mean there's like an excitement wrapped up like the new identity as a mother but then there's that change of letting go of for this like your professional career not completely letting go but that you're having toe balance and also around you're changing body to that that's also something that you have to three game and so so the fear of the loss of me so legitimate I'm like goodness what what what what that makes me think is, um first of all, I there's a little part of that like, I wish that was the thing I was worried about because I could handle that so much better than like the fear of the physical pain that I'm hanging around with does that make sense like I'm comparing my thirty years right now and wishing that I was just worried about my identity and not worried about hurting and am I doing crazy talk here a little but it's like but I understand our chief here is archie fear whether it's a psychological one or it's a physical one and no matter what where you're going to make brave choices lauren about who you are you're new you're sure there's more to your identity now with the second in your arms right? So it's you plus even more do you get to be an even bigger you with that that's the way I see it that's the way I would maybe play around with that and I you're going to be an amazing mama I can just tell by the way you smile on the way you hold yourself and and that that is on the plate for you to consider like how do I can you continue to have an identity and not get hand over your almost over taken right now right now there's not a lot of room left in there so I'm here to help and my friends are here to help and these are the people that pulled me through my crisis these are the people that pulled me through to the other side and they are going to share their best strategies of coping mentally, physically, emotionally and you're going to get armed and educated and that is power so we're going to change your story you're going to change your story and you're gonna change it and that awareness is your best power and we're all gonna transformed fear into trust you had a comment come in jerk from the chat room that was kind of interesting and I can relate to this a lot you know just in terms of thinking about one day being pregnant she says her name is brittany and she goes by yoga nurture in the chat room she says I fear that my natural choices will hurt my baby somehow and that the doctors who have been pushing so hard for other choices will sum for some reason be right and that's a big fear for her jesse too there are several people that if I had that too yeah and then they get taken away from you again this uh trusting this trusting in the moment I mean especially the closer you are to pregnancy and those of you who have ah birth plan one of the uh one of the uh one of the many books on pregnancy that I've been reading and of course every book that I'm reading on pregnancy is completely opposite the other one so I think that you know, the reconciliation inside of all of us is I want what's best for the child and I want what's best for the child to be healthy and that ultimately is is what everyone is trying to serve here you're trying to serve that your doctors are trying to serve that and the you know, I obviously have not been through my own my own birthing experience, but from what I know from all of the women that I have talked with and I'm sure you've talked with a million women to that the the the medical interventions that may likely come in you know, the friend of mine who had a forty hour labour and finally there like it's a c section we have two section you andi her baby is so healthy and she's so happy and she had to go through and she did her best she did her best she interviewed wasted her best when she's really get yale she's at an incredible institution and they wanted it to be natural to but ultimately this is what had to happen for her and this process of this process of surrender is doesn't mean you're you're losing it doesn't mean you're losing because you're letting go for the sake of the child you want the child ultimately tto win you know I had that exact thing went for two days I had a natural and it all went pear shaped and we both ended up in intensive care because I didn't call earlier so I would, and you know what I'm loving about, what you have, jill, is that you're what you're teaching us there's, that moment where you actually have the baby, but there's all that stuff afterwards and if you have, you know, that's one second, the baby's safe, and you're so thankful that this I think you forget the actual birth, but what comes after when you're feeling about your body, you know, in the baby and you're tired, you know, I actually think that what you're bringing to us is more useful than is more important than because that's, the time when you have a moment to think about it, then you get sad that you feel blobby you know or not, she could be the best mom in the techniques that were going to be sharing with you our techniques to revive tissues no matter what trauma they experience, so I know what you're like. Oh, my god, there's going to trauma there might potentially be trauma there might be tearing right there might be tearing here, there might be cutting here, but I am going to teach you ways of reviving those tissues. Right? Scar tissues are not necessarily a they're not a death sentence for your body scar tissues can be re awoken dh they can be made pliable again and we're going to show you strategies those of you who've had c sections or appendectomies or back surgeries that actually will help with that. So the going forward even though you have to go through something there's an after math and the aftermath after sounds terrible doesn't after mass thie aftermath can actually be a a time to relearn what your body is for how to use your body howto hold it better for the long run and for your baby so just to jump into what what it is that I teach, I teach something and I teach you guys this next two days yoga tune up yoga tune up is a movement based system that combines the best of corrective exercise self care stress reduction techniques to help you live better in your body and what I'm really good at is helping you to find and heal your body's blind spots so body blind spots areas of your body that are overused or underused misused or abused or confused these air areas of our body that we don't sense well they're catalysts for injury quite often these areas these blind spots that we don't sense well are really areas of poor pro pri exception appropriate section is these air the nerve endings peppered throughout the different tissues of your body that give your brain a sense of location so that you understand where you are in space without actually seeing yourself some to teach you how to locate tissues and when you're pregnant things get really distorted right? Thanks get really sort of blown out of out of the way and it gets really confusing toe cannot find yourself what's cool about being pregnant is that especially when you start to feel your baby kick? Is that your baby's like here's, your appendix and here's your small intestine and over here here's your so is and hey, there's erectus abdominals so it's kind of cool she just kicked a moment ago just like hey, what do you do about me down here? Uh, she loves kicking right above my pubic synthesis. So we will also be doing something I call pain erasing. I've created this whole therapeutic self massage technique called the role model method, and this is about erasing pain because you're gonna have aches and pains as you as your body changes. But it's not just those of you who are pregnant that had aches and pains I know for a fact those those of you who are not pregnant walk around with these unknown blind spots these unknown pains and so do your mates and so do your students and so do your friends, and so does your mother. And so does your father. Anybody who lives in the world there's wear and tear, and so I'm gonna teach you how to erase pain. I want to be doing stuff that looks like like this. We rolling on balls we will in our forearms were to do some sleep strategies stretching different layers of two shoes and your joints in your soft tissues. Hard to shoes went to a foot sequence this morning, strengthening different parts of the body shoulder mobility, which we're going to cross over today course stuff, hip stuff. Relax station step. A lot of the stuff that you see on these images is what we're gonna be covering over the next few days. So ultimately, ladies gentleman yourself care is your healthcare in pregnancy and beyond, and pregnancy is not a medical condition. You can do this. You were meant for this and again, those of you who it is a medical condition right now, and you are dealing with any type of very intense medical related pregnancy issues. Tomorrow is going to be your best day to ask those questions, but even if you're on bed rest like I was for two months, there are things that you can do. In bed rest to help calm down your nervous system to soothe yourself. And so some of the strategies that I'm going to be sharing with you are stuff that I came up with during my bed rest time last year. Ultimately, I want you to trust your body and learn to tune in and there's never a better time to prepare your body for motherhood, then right now. So even if you're thirty seven weeks along, there's still things that you, khun d'oh to improve that inner baby carriage, even if you're sixteen weeks along, there are things to do to improve even if you're looking and planning and hoping they're things that we can do now to make our bodies stronger and more pliable and that has to do with how you stand, how you walk, how you sit, how you breathe and how you sleep, so we're gonna be our own role models this week feels like a week it's today and tomorrow and today are first session, we're going to do some daily dose ing we're gonna dose up on our feet, our hands and our shoulders, so let's, get started any any questions before we dive into the movements? We've got a very active chat room, and they're just there's a lot of enthusiasm and there's a lot of appreciation for what you're doing. And you kind of making sure that we not only have somebody in the chat room, I can't remember who it was. But they said, it's. Great, that we're also focusing not just on the health, the baby, but also healthy mommy's, which is, you know, it's really important. And, you know, they're awesome. Cem questions specifically. But I feel like once you start the role that, then we'll be out of sight of separate those into whether you need him now. Great korea.

Class Description

Pregnancy is a time for joy and excitement, but it’s also a time that’s accompanied by a confusing new set of physical challenges. Join creativeLIVE instructor Jill Miller for an introduction to the pre- and post-natal choices that ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Drawing on years of experience with moms-to-be, her own pregnancies and working with bodies of every shape, size, and condition, Jill will teach you self-care strategies, relaxation tools, and strengthening therapeutic techniques that set the stage for a strong, healthy pregnancy. You'll learn exercises to help your body thrive through pregnancy and recovery. Jill's methodology trouble-shoots common post-pregnancy pain and alignment issues before they begin. Jill and her panel of experts will also dispel nutrition myths, kegel science, cross-cultural birth strategies and so much more.

Whether you’re trying to conceive, expecting, or recovering post-delivery, this course will give you the knowledge you need for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

During this workshop, Jill will be joined by Katy Bowman, Kelly & Juliet Starrett, Esther Gokhale, Dr. Eden Fromberg, & Sarah Fragoso,