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Daily Dosing: Shoulders

So everybody stand up so we've loosened up the front of the chest we've loosened up the ribs actually can organize them better we confined our stand position so you have your feet pointing in those downhill skis and you think back to katie where does my weight need to be so that I am but my little kneecap lines the lines behind my knees are parallel obviously we don't have markers right now for everybody and you want to activate that pelvic floor thinking of little suck up through a straw and create a little bit of that external rotation force then am I able to find that periscope the dire fram seeking the pelvic floor the bottom of the ribs aiming their way down to that bony funnel skull over the rib cage? Mrs an exercise that is a classic physical therapy exercise actually borrowed from from them? I've renamed it the hitchhiking pizzas this is my husband's exercise for being at the computer all the time but hello hello it's a baby corrective so actually rotate your shoulders bend you...

r elbows, stick those upper arms into the ribs and you haven't lost your stand position right spread your fingers is why does they can go tell me there's an ache between the palms and then try to touch the thumbs behind your back without letting your shoulder blades do that so just tryingto activate the external rotator sze it's super simple so your shoulders are away from your neck your upper arm bones are pressing into the side of the ribs you're spreading your hands as much as you possibly can and you have a gluten free pizza or if you don't eat that platter of vegetables or whatever you know baby back ribs whatever your thing is you try to touch offer them to the person behind you yes without squeezing the shoulder blades together and then release I would say for every round that you nurse you want to do that three times afterwards just as a re balancer to the shoulders all right, second shoulder strength honor that I feel is mandatory this is called floating angel arms for floating angel arms you need a yoga mat or a strap you guys all have straps or you can use a, um a towel or a blanket for this. Use the blanket jasmine grab the blanket instead just so there's a variety of different things you come up on stage here. Um yasmin, would you come up on stage lauren with the strap? I want you both to do the exact same thing that I'm doing so you have your hands about two feet apart, okay and you find that stand position have your feet underneath your lungs, turn on your till ish turtle in your pelvic floor, palms facing out jasmine no, I want to start with a grass like this exactly rights there's four actions shoulders drop down then you wanna pull your thing? Whatever that thing is backwards this isn't essentially shoulder extension you were trying to break it across your advise. Next action you wanna pull the thing from east to west meaning try to stretch it apart but you're not allowed to yeah, so these are unyielding things. You pull it back, you pull it apart, you're trying to hurt the thing last thing is to externally rotate your shoulders in other words, twist the arm bones backwards not by bending it arrest but by turning the entire shoulder from the shoulder. The hand happens to go along for the ride you're pulling back you're pulling apart and you're spinning the arm bones backwards and then you review all those actions. Make sure shoulders away from your neck you're pulling back you're pulling apart, you spin the arm bones backwards and then you let go and if you did this correctly, your shoulders will involuntarily rise out to the side like a floating angel. Are any of you doing this or it's just happening? It is happening good and release, so this is a way to turn on the back of your shoulders the external rotator, the deltoids again to help to reset that humorous position I'm gonna tell your picking that baby up out of the cradle and you burp in you change the diaper and berber you're here you're here you're here make sure that you're paying attention to how you're doing that but we're going to make mistakes in the end this is a great really simple corrective you could be done anywhere okay um let's give you one more do one more okay, so I love the shoulder exercises so this next one this is called thea per year of the cow and you don't need any shoot maggie, you don't need anything for it. So for the upper year of the cow you pat yourself on the back that's all use our left left hand so you're going to use your right is going to get confusing, isn't it? So use your right hand that way, tio sure, the audience out there it all looks like we've got our left hand right? You're patting yourself on the nape of the neck. You haven't change or stand position though, right not doing anything weird like this, right? So still attending to those core muscles and then take your other hand and hold on to your elbow if you could reach it if you can't reach it, this is an opportunity to actually go to a wall and let the wall help press that elbow in so this right hand draws the upper arm towards the ear at the same time, this arm is trying to move away. So there's a battle. Then you push your head into that upper arm and the upper arm pushes the head forward without losing your rib cage. And you press the palm of your hand into the nape of the neck. You try to press the neighbor the neck back into that palm and you breathe and see that all kinds of actions going on here then tighten the torch even more. Find tension in those abdominal muscles. And I want you to shift your pelvis off to the left, which means for us on stage it's actually off to the right and you create a side bent in those upper ribs. Yeah, while you're still resisting the arm from all dimensions, you would make sure that when you do that side bend that you don't end up going into some weird I think you still want to maintain that stand position. Even while you're bending to the side. You breathe into the side of the diaphragm, tying it all into the shoulders. Yes. Good and release and come up. Okay, connie. Yeah, I saw your eyes go like, oh, my god, how long is she gonna hold this pose, huh? So if you did that correctly your shoulder will have dropped a bit you can see on tia you can see there you can see which side did you d'oh it's one yours didn't drop that's okay let's do the other side was really tight one let's go to the other side so pat yourself on the back hall onto your elbow and by the way this is a way to set the shoulder in what's called externally rotated position and when you do this you're also going to feel like you feel all the tension in the lattes in the sub scapular heiress in the terrys in and it's gonna be different on one side than the other isn't it okay, so first thing you wanna pull the arm toward your head but the arm resists second thing the army trying to push the head forward with head says, oh no, I'm pushing back thursday you pushed the hand into the nape of the neck and the nape of the neck says, oh no you don't drop keep lowering those that periscope to the bony funnel I know it's challenging and then you offset the pelvis and you let the rib cage bend to the side and you breathe all of this tie in hello my lattice amiss hey let's add one more thing here, which is that you're trying to raise your leg off to the side that would be your right leg those of you watching in the audience and those of you on stage here that's actually your left leg so you activate the well we don't actually do it you attempt to do it without doing so and so that's that bloodiest medias yeah and it's tie into the quadra islam boram louis the iliac us for some of you and then come on up and release so these air all stretches that you khun d'oh during the nursing carrying lifting diaper changing how many years is that happened for just right you have a seventeen year old many many years right so this is you're not gonna be done with this this is again this is like brushing and flossing your body is going to need these shoulder nutrients so we should feel warm and cozy in your diaphragm and this tie in into the shoulder girdle cool in her baby carriage thanks ladies. Any questions m j j says just externally rotating my shoulder's out causes my shoulder blaze to squeeze how can this be avoided uh okay so the is a greek question because of course you're aren't the humorist is intimately related to the scapula and the muscles that connect the scapula to the humerus are called the rotator cuff muscles you have four of them and so uh there is going to be some movement of the scapula when you tryingto isolate that but there are other muscles that connect the scapula to the rib cage and you're trying tio I do what's called fixate them you're trying to stabilize them so the straightest anterior the ron voids your trying to not let those muscles influenced by the motion of of the of the humerus and so it takes it does take some body knowledge to figure out well how does a stiff in the scapula against my rib cage but then just move the humorous letting the scapula be like a foot foot doesn't get to move this capital is my shoulder foot now and just the arm bone gets to move and so it is about creating some in inner core attention to prevent that collapse from happening. A lot of people sort of make a thie illusion that there their shoulders air going into the right place but all they're doing is moving there scapula you see that? So your mom says sit up straight you like and you pull your shoulder weights together but my arm bonus still I still look like a weight lifter who's done too many bicep curls it hasn't addressed the relationship of the humorous to the scapula so these there's three bones here you know the clavicle, the art, the humerus and the scapula and there is an intimate dance and I do there's a lot more videos that cover this but hopefully that's a short the short shrift of that for you dance for this one to any w was asked question that has come up several times about online viewers and it's about vaginal birth following a caesarean so she says she lifted weights during my first pregnancy had a c section for failure to progress people do had issues with my s I joint and the muscles in that area now I'm pregnant and I want to try for jonah both offices area so do you have any exercises that would help get her into that both plan? Well I'm going to say uh this is not my area of expertise um we can ask the same question to dr start when he comes on we could also ask this uh to doctor from for tomorrow but the one thing that I can tell you about that the sort of thing the repercussions of the c section are going to be super personal to the condition of your body before the c section the type of alignment that you held in your body before your c section and then the type of corrective care and self care that you did for your tissues after that c section and so um uh what I'm what I'm provide providing you are you have few have that c section scar tissue I do know for from working with so many womens womens women with c sections and c section scar tissue that there is life after there is revitalisation that's possible after after c section and with that scar tissue um I know many women who've had successful v back after c section but I just can't advise and say well this is that this is the way that's going to make it work because your body is so particular and the way your pelvic carriages and if you've had also s eye pain and that synthesis pain probably some other conditions that are that are going on sort of other structural conditions that that you'll want to address in terms of the organizing of your bony funnel and your public floor that all of that is just a total match for the usual position will take note of that question and and re ask it's really important you know so many women want tohave vaginal birth after c section um uh a colleague of mine nicole crawford who did a really nice interview with me prior to the um to the weapon are on breaking muscle she's she had to c sections and then she actually tried working with katie bowman and her third pregnancy no problem the back after two c section so I know it's possible but I didn't know that did you really have to do your daily dose ing it's it's? Not just that you only exercise this way for forty five minutes a day you have to be thinking consciously constantly, your posture follows you like a shadow. It follows you from action to action toe action. And you want to be impeccable and conscious. Always. Jill, can you give us a little peek into what's coming up next? Oh, I wish I could give you the full kik kelly start and his wife juliette are gonna come and they're gonna talk about the athletic performing pregnant body. Uh, juliette is the mother of two she's gonna also talk about some of her her birth challenges and also her recovery afterwards. Kelly is a master of human performance and he's also going to give us amazing strategy for re integrating the abdominal muscles after after birth, which I know for many women is really a challenge just kind of lost in there. You're swimming around you, you can't leave fuel that pressure anymore, that contract all pressure. So he's going to give us some really great strategies around that and dispelling some exercise myths as well. Great. Great. Well, we did want to share a few quotes that air coming in online and the first one is actually is for katie. We didn't have a chance to share too many because we're running short on time, but l babbler says thank you, katie it was wonderful learning from you. Love, love, love, your books, so we love hearing that same same chat room user said. I am a melt method instructor and loved jill's explanation of standing position. Thank you for that, and we had to alicia, from north carolina, say jill's. Quotes are priceless on man, cathy says, amazing, jill, I wish I had the courage to do this during my pregnancy. I hope your next pregnancy you'll you'll be able to use this information. Yeah, this goes after birth. To this is maj is for the pregnancy. This is after birth. We got someone with seventeen year old over here and she's, learning all kinds of new stuff for herself on her client.

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Meredith Amann

so useful, so helpful. Loved the guests. Would highly recommend to anyone thinking about becoming pregnant or working with prenatal clients. Great posture & alignment knowledge bombs

a Creativelive Student

I do definitely recommend this course, though I wish there were room for a bit more nuance in the "of course"/"no thanks" model creativelive offers for reviews. This course is really helpful for thinking through movement and posture issues during pregnancy, and I think I'll take a lot of the lessons I learned here into my daily life even after my baby is born. It's worth sitting through all the lessons, and I am confident that most people will come away with new and useful information. d That said, this course contains a LOT of chitchat, which can be frustrating at times. All of the presenters know each other, and there's a lot of back and forth about their relationships, etc. It gets pretty tiresome. And there's quite a bit of in-course advertising for Jill Miller's products, which I haven't found so much in other classes. Also, I found the advertising for this class just a tiny bit deceptive. There aren't as many "classes" as listed in the description, because some of them are introductions, wrap-ups, and credits. I recommend just skipping those classes and focusing on the ones that specifically name what content they will address. Despite those limitations, I found this class worthwhile...just know what you're getting into!