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Hip Help, Leg Stretches, & Squats

Next one for the for the hip area before we get into our squad ish stuff is for the inner thigh and so I'm going excuse you you okay but what I want to do are you going to do this on the floor? I just want to give you more space you're longer than either tear I is this is for any any area in the inner thigh so anything from the need all the way to the groin and this has got a little bit of wood pulp on it and so what you'll do you come into like a half frog like shape and the bigger your about your bigger your bump is lauren and katie the higher up you might want to have this pile up and you'll simply drop your five right down on top of that bolster and it's like I'm a half frog trying to crawl for it and back you see that so you got the alfa there now got the big boy so I'm in this shape like a frog and you doc the ball else if you don't have a larger ball, you just use the smaller ball I'm just using the larger one because it's we're trying to cover a lot of territory here and use th...

e small ball and you maybe even use ah higher stack then this you know to get that ball up into you so just going across again and again and then we'll do the same thing that we did before freeze frame yourself and I want you to push the five hard into the ball and then released it, push the inside of the five groups into the ball hard and really set lorna uk there, yeah, more comfortable there at the first hint of the ball and release it and we'll do one last move here, which is sorry t it because he's going to invade your and made your space is to just lift in lower that ankle, this will spin the thigh across the ball, you could find another little soft tissue little tendon, thereby bringing the ball closer into the groin or further away from the grind literally everything we're doing right now, you could do this inch by inch from me all the way to the groin, and I like getting very, very close to that, uh, junction where the thigh and the pelvis meat is right here is a very, very valuable landmark it's called the lesser truck cantor and you're so is actually attach is there remember we were discussing the so is yesterday and we're about to stretch it actually in a very, very deep way, but if I can talk to the soas tendon as it attach is on the inner thigh now, I'm already pre tuning it for the stretch when you are and go ahead, switch sides now folks will do the exact same thing on the other side when you're carrying like something that katie was talking about yesterday when you're carrying your load in an odd way and kelly was also say, talking about this and letting that that belly sort of late let yourself be belly first creating a lot of extra extension the lumbar spine, the the ends of your so is come closer together they and getting tighter and tighter and tighter and so this is one way that we can actually pre stretch neurological e and in a soft tissue way the so is before we actually end up doing a quote unquote stretch for it so you guys were going across and then you're activating and releasing is that high enough for you? Where do you want it's? Plenty high e I think you need to bolster here you stay there so what? You can do it we could put a bolster and actually and this is the reason that we're get apart like dua a log cabin here set up for her is because of the mass of the belly all right, yasmin there's nothing in the way right there's no belly bump in the way and so she can have a lower I mean and it sort of looks awkward but it's super perfect right you can feel that it's going exactly to the place where you need it it yeah go ahead rebecca mackenzie she wants some clarification on the name of the muscle that's located at the mom pocket oh the bloodiest media's good and e d I us given anatomy booker you guys were online just google that muscle right away and let me show you again exactly where that this is meghan was that megan who ask the question mackenzie so the gloomiest media's starts it ten denies is itself along this upper rim not on top of it but just on this top edge of this indentation and then attach us to something called the greater tro canter of the femur and when it activates its primary action is too raise your leg off to the side and abducts it also is able tio externally rotate your hips a little bit mackenzie and the other questions you had you doing going through all three actions and then potentially finding a new a new location for the ball as well another question before we move on her solid were summoned okay great all right bonus there's a one bonus ball move and then we'll go to the wall and that is for your lower back yesterday we actually massage the back from the front by using the corgis ball in the gut and today I want to show you how to erase spain, from the lumbar spine using the alfa so I'm actually gonna demonstrate this for you. So for the lumber spine, it's pretty easy to find the air, the specific area that we're going into its literally that waist area above the pelvic bone, and so you can see here on my miniature model, the ball, and by what you have more space than this skeleton does, the ball is going to nuzzle right in here and it's, that quad rapist, limb born muscle, that tea and I showed you yesterday, connects from the twelfth rib to the top of the pelvic bone, and this is a muscle that literally it's the back door of the soas, they share the same connective tissue, and the more you end up dumping the baby weight forward, the's muscles get extremely short and tight, and it can be extra screw shing really painful on the lumbar discs, the bones and that's also going to impact the carriage of the diaphragm, and also the so is that deep hip flexor in front of it. And so it's, really simple define who simply lean back doc that ball into that waist area, and I'm exposing my skin so I can maximize and, uh, and ladies, if you feel extra sensitive, you can do this by leaning against the wall and lauren, you'll notice that I'm offset here I'm a little bit lean so I'm not totally loading the baby directly onto all that vasculature but if you still feel like oh this is making me nauseous than go to the wall and so here you could do one of several things you can but the ball cross across that tissue you could be still and breathe you can make a little side bend action or you can make the pelvic tuck and on talk or my favorite you can spin the ball to a little pin and spin and then mobilize the pelvis so you see what I'm doing a mess using my hand to ring the ball into the tissue all right so those are your options if you're at home and you have you can do this also with the tennis ball you may find that a tennis ball when you're laying on the floor doesn't necessarily enter the body quite so well so you would probably want to go up against the wall in order to get that movement to happen so actually lauren you'll keep your tush on the floor yeah and then throw your knees to the left the ball is going into your left way exactly can you feel that so we actually want to have the ball enter in from the from the side here that's making you know this muscle well I'm sure yeah and so you can rock the ball across that muscle you can't talk and untucked the pelvis and everybody's breathing, of course, and you can spend it into your lower back and how's that feel, katie, you're in the right place, there is a look that people get in their eyes when they're on this muscle and the look is that all this and all you see is the whites, their eyes, the rest of it's just rolling to the back of the head feels incredible. All right, go ahead and go to the other side. We're just doing a couple minutes on each side. You guys can refer back to this later and hit pause aa lot and take is about the time is you want how's that I don't want to get to the leg stretches on the wall to purpose for the squad. Yet questions come in yesterday about pain and pregnancy and stuff, and we thought we might use this time. Tio ask you some of your great great. Yeah, so dula risser says that my six week postpartum appointment my midwife check my abs and said that should go back together. Don't do any crunches, she's self diagnose an umbilical hernia actually to learn more about that with second pregnancy, why am I telling you that that's just come in? Story sharing let me ask you a question now you'll get no tried yoga, notre says, I feel the white terribly my pubic muscles to the point where it feels like the skin itself can hardly hold the baby and and also might mean I have a drinking problem, all of it, I gotta go again. This is she's she's feeling pain when she uses the ball yoga notre no she's generally and she's looking to you so she's got little more I feel the white terribly, my pubic muscles to the point where it feels that the skin can't hold the baby in and my s I feels locked on the right side. We're wondering if this ball, you know, when you're working the right side there, whether there's something you can do that, I would say I don't know enough about her specifics, I obviously I'm not, you know, working with her live, but just from just a safety on an advice sort of standpoint, I would I would not go to the pelvic floor with the ball if you've got that much irritation. Here's, what you've got, you've got to talk tio a pelvic floor petey physical therapist talked your doctor or midwife, I think you probably, and I'm just this is hype, this is just complete conjecture probably ok doing some of the outer buttocks stuff. I don't think that that could hurt, but please take the pain this type of really specific pain really seriously, I don't know where you are in your pregnancy, if you're like thirty eight or thirty nine weeks, but there are also just like we did yesterday. There are peripheral things that you can do to relieve some of the stress that the pain is causing you, such as doing footwork or doing hand work at a minimum. There are these little bitty little bitty pills, right? This is not a prescriptive right and it's not going to cause negative side effects to do this little peripheral things to your body, because that will give you a moment of, at a minimum, a moment of reprieve, you'll be able to breathe more deeply, and just even that calming effect can help to change some of your relationship to the pain that you're carrying. There's some questions about the balls and if you have this on your dvd is all of this is on andi, I'm actually some of the stuff that we're doing the specific pelvic floor stuff. This is on ly for creative live I haven't made a video around this, but a lot of the buttocks stuff. Shoulder step foot stuff is on I have ah video kit called the on demand pain relief, self massage video and that's available on yoga tuneup dot com and it's part of the give away I think we're giving away a couple of those kids on thanks to enter the contest, do that right the essays so you can win anything else that can we maybe take a right to take the balls out? Breathe into your gut remember how we breed on the chair? We're sitting on the ball once you just get a sense of location, fuel the in her baby carriage ballooning when you breathe in now we haven't done rib stuff today this is all very sort tushie centric, but this should help even though we haven't contacted the upper spine and ribs actually should help with the entirety of the abdominal thor asic region because of the relaxation response that you're getting from this deep pelvic relief anybody feel like they can? They're better breather right now you're the quadra islam boram awesome lauren the cordray's limbaugh rm does attack to the rib cage so even though we were in your lower back, we're also nuzzling against soft tissue relationships in that rib cage, so moving on to teach you guys a siri's kept saying guys yesterday, but it's, you two ladies and the guys out there a series of stretches for the hips that's extremely helpful for prepping for a squat so I would like to do is we're done with the balls yeah he has been grab a strap and come over there with a view to grab a block and katie can I use your body would you mind being a student were into that other block let you borrow this block okay great so what I'm about to teach you I call affectionately the leg stretch syria's although it's really a hip stretch let's come over here and we'll show you two variations so you're in the second trimester how you with laying on your back right now I'm ok you're ok ok great I am too on twenty four weeks and I still I have no problem lying on my back we talked to lauren yesterday she is not so keen on it it doesn't a little while and what's your time thresh okay it's just not a long term do you know what your time threshold like literally have you timed how long it takes for you to get kind of queasy? No but I should I think it's probably just a few minutes okay great well that's because we're doing thirty second hold great oh it's no problem ok good all right so why don't you scooch a little bit to the right so yes man is going to demonstrate by the way you husbands ah white to you teacher so she knows these stretches is something that we do quite often yasmin is going to demonstrate this entire sequence on a block and let me show you where she's going to put the block the block is literally going to go directly behind her pelvis where her sacred connects to her to pelvic bones all right and you're gonna do the exact same stretches but you're just going to do them on your back on the floor and this is how I would scale it is that when you're first learning these stretches you want to start first on your back on a wall the wall helps you to feel the congregants see of your pelvis which is critical uh as you go forward with learning how to squat and also just learning how to stabilize yourself and your baby carriage excuse the beeping just setting this for about thirty seconds and it'd take a hold of the strap now the first stretch and I'm gonna show this to you and standing from a standing position you want to have that right this is your left but the left foot planted on the wall like that katie and they will pull the right knee into the chest so you don't even need to strap just yet just hold that right me into your chest or because of the massive that baby just slightly adjacent to the chest right? So one of the key things that we look for here that the toes are pointing straight up or in other words, you're in the downhill ski position and so you're not reinforcing any type of of duck foot position. I also want you to get a sense here that you're doing abdominal thor asic breathing and ladies, please feel free to join us absolutely using any of the the room over there an abdominal thor asic breathing, you let your body exhale you in heels that you feel that in her baby cares swell, hang on a second and then the same breath comes into the ribs and they expand, followed by an emptying ex elation. Talk through a couple more of those you inhale the belly swells, then the ribs in the lungs without using those stress muscles of respiration to keep those shoulders relaxed, followed by ex elation. Good, go ahead, switch your legs are the reason I use a timer is so that I'm sure that I'm holding on this as much on one side as I am on the other. Ok, so just to point out so it's quite natural for us toe, I kind of have a little bit of duck position will be the only stand or when we walk and it shows up on the wall, so I want you to work on spinning that it's not just that the foot turning is that the femur is trying to aim its way forward instead of being out like that ok if you can keep all your toes there on we're doing this abdominal fat boy thirty second holds goes fast doesn't it? You breathe belly you breathe rips now jasmine is on a block and what the block does is it gives her a free position of hip extension meaning she's in the back of a stride right now right if she were walking this is about the degree of leg behind that would happen but it she's not having to put effort into it so the so is is able to lengthen because of the position and this is a great way to relieve low back strain that builds up because that baby is pulling your low back bones in the wrong direction and unsound direction right next stretches called half happy baby this is a half squat so for the half squat and we have a amazing demonstrator right here right next to you who hold on to the inside of that right foot and you want to try to keep my goodness somebody taught you these before this's like she knows this somehow have we met before? Yes way have you thought of my teacher training at avalon? Forgive me I have pregnancy brain I get away with a lot of forgetfulness now all right, so you're on a half squat position and ideally what we're looking for is that your ankle is directly above the knee and that your whole lower leg and the ankle affiliated with it are also attempting to point forward and so if I've got my feet pointing out and my knees bending and my knees coming in I'm kind of in this squad can you see this horrible sort of squat position? This is not really an effective position for the long term for the inside of my knee I really want to create a position where I'm in a squat position with the shins and as vertical relationship as possible and that might but ultimately is the thing that's bearing the weight the button the pelvic floor are bearing the weight of my math as a squat down you're prepping that here go ahead and switch sides so you hold onto the instep and so for yes, men she's on the block makes it much more challenging and many people actually can't reach their foot here until they'll have to use a strapping there's a couple other things that I want to correct on your gassman one is that it's very difficulty because this adds a lot more stretch to the so is to keep this pelvic bone and cord on the brick so you can see I'm adding pressure and that's going to make those pelvic bones feel like uh settled and there's a little bit less strain and secondly, I'm just going to take the use your thigh to try to drag that other pelvic bone down on this is difficult for you to do on your own but ultimately we want to do this when we're and an upside down happy baby, which is the squat and then again, if I if I were to flip this over right now you would have your knee in and so I'm losing this you want to actually try to drive this thigh away from the body but the ankle in slightly does that make sense? This is called lectures number one left like to the uaw rightly comes up and it's just it's like doing the splits so lauren, you know what's really cool is I have a third trimester variation set coming for you in a moment, so you're starting to feel woozy here, relax, we got something for everybody here you're gonna first trimester we're gonna say good job way got a third trimester all right, so here this is very good so I shall show you the adjustment on the other side but something that's really fun to do ladies is if you're at home, you got a wall here if you're you're really pretty legs like me you have dining room table, you go underneath the dining room table with this one and you can actually push your foot. You're healed up into the dining room tables, and I feel good. And so this is just another way again to reinforce this matchy matchy pelvic position. We're not trying to say stretch our hips in a way where the pelvic bones are offset or that continuing toe torque or create torch in or tilt in either side of the palace. This is something that both kelly and katie were talking about yesterday. Good switcher lakes. Clearly, I'm not using the timer at all. Now, I'm sure all my teachers who are watching this like you're not doing the timing for the same side on the same thing. My teacher, my beloved teacher glenn black he would hold. Make us hold it on one side, turn this foot and katie uh, how it's going to just keep repeating your mind has to go to that foot right away. He would we would do oppose on one side for two minutes and then the other side would be fall asleep ten minutes later. The's very discipline. He didn't want us to interject during class. We wouldn't say anything. We were just there stretch very long periods of time. So I'm giving her that compression and also for those of you at home, I'm actually taking the greater tro cantor and that outer, fluffy buttock mass, and I'm tracking it down, so I'm actually elongating her waist and putting her pelvis into a really excellent settled position that feel good that does yasmin's like, please come and do that to me, a writer, I'm a mind reader. I'm a body reader, switch your legs. This is called late september two in lace shirts. Number two is another really great preparation for the squad position, you know old been the leg out to the side, so you're still anchoring like crazy and hello in a baby carriage, you've got to stay, strengthen the left side of your core in order to do this, and so I'm just going to come over here and give you a freebie house. I feel amazing, I mean, anything you want things to keep in mind while you're doing this is especially if you're on the block, there may be a tendency to let your periscope let your rib cage go off access with the pelvis. Of course, there is an awkward thing happen and there's a block unnatural lifting your pelvis, do you still want to think? How do I seem my obliques so that I'm still relating the pelvis? And the rib cage there still those those halves of the egg yeah and you just saw katie smile when I compressed her hip there's nothing like having your hips put in place by a friend or a wall you could do this that corner switch your sides well by her husband, right? Or your partner the person that you also want a massage your feet but I'm telling you, you don't stuff yourself, you find a corner in your house and you and you make this work so I'm just gonna compressor and you're still breathing deeply and again trying to think, well, how can I get that pelvic bone that left one even though I've got a leg, a fancy late pulling it over here how going to get that left hell that bone to move away from the rib cage so that both sides my pelvis match their congregant that when I end up squatting, I also feel that there am baring equal weight in each tush as I descend last couple of breaths here now see if you could move that tushy that issue to veracity towards the wall exactly exactly an inch makes a he is monumental difference. All right, change sides make sure number three so in late stretch number three this one's a little bit awkward you have to roll all the way over on to your right side completely is it the right side? The left side let's ok, do you rule? Although we all get over on to your left side and the foot it literally changes ninety degrees so the foot once was on the wall and now pivoted, okay? And you're gonna lock it against the wall exactly and that lake crosses across for me. This is one of the best stretches on the planet. A breathe abdominal thor asic breath for relieving low back pain but the challenge here is when there is allow me to move your hips for you is when there is a baby bump in there. It could be very awkward twist on my my eyeballs are on lauren here and I'm saying you're not having any problem twisting here, and I know that some of our teachers who are not as long wasted as you are even though they swore by late stretch number three through trimester wanted to by the time they got around to trimester three, they were unable to stay here for a second, unable to make this feel comfortable. You're ok with this, too. Ok? So I'm just taking her tush and moving in a way no, I'm gonna ask you guys to do something interesting and different here, so you're doing a great job finding this shape, letting that rotation happen naturally breathing do me a favor, activate the bloodiest media's of the leg that's on the ground, in other words, push that left leg into the ground hard like we did when we had the ball underneath ourselves, and what you're going to feel is an incredible lateral lateral rotation strengthening opportunity for that glorious media's the obliques in the back of your lower back because did you know that your obliques? They're not just here, but hey, they wrap all the way around to your backside just is a great way to actually sneak a little toning little whole body toning into the stretch. Are you feeling that, meghan uh, it's a little challenging? If you're on the brink here, it might make your knee feel weird. It feels much better. So I should say that if you're on the floor going to excite yes question weight into the stretch before we get to that wanted to ask you, where can we send anybody who's interested in learning a little bit more on the role model? The rule model? Yes, all the therapy ball work for now, the therapy ball work. You can find a couple of videos on my website. Okay, where I have a bunch of the role model exercises that is the therapy ball pain kid there's also a next ence ihe ve incredible sequence on corgis I have another video called knee habit also has a great therapy ball technique I'm in the process of writing a book and so that book is coming out next sunday next sunday excuse me next summer with victory belt publishing and so I think you're seeing a trailer for that book but we're a little bit a ways away from from that went to your website for an absolutely and you can also look I teach their people training's world wide and recently developed a program for equinox fitness clubs based on this work and you can find this classes at equinox is all over the world called the our ex siri's classes any yoga tuneup teacher also knows these methods so you confined with almost two hundred fifty teachers worldwide to go to our web site you find them in your local area go to our facebook page we put tons of stuff out about this work and then we had some questions coming in about these stretches anna from croatia's is how can we be sure to avoid lower back hyper extension during the leg strap eso when you're on the block there may be a tendency to sort of lose yourself you get lost in the relaxation of it and the reverie of it and you forget he's still need to have some control of your core and the placement of your pelvis is this looks like they're relaxing are you working you better work right you gotta work this so it's not like you're laying around and just like lazy stretching your actually actively stretching while you're here and so that's one way tio avoid that does that make sense that's so different than like yin approach you actually very, very concretely again and again trying to make sure that you're finding placement that you're sensing yourself no go ahead and activate that bottom leg push it hard into the ground pushy pushy, pushy, pushy bushy in fact you can lock that top put into the ground if you're able to her against a corner could track that left but it towards the wall and then let go joe can I ask you a question while we're twisting up more and come on up chris lake and twisting I thought twisting limits yes with that chris lake and thought twisting was off limits during pregnancy said can you would you know how that worked for you if it's uncomfortable and you're feeling kick back you feel the obstacle of it then don't do it uh one of my one of my teachers I mentioned her yesterday lily chandra extremely short waisted she's really petite like me I'm super long wasted but she could not twist in her in her last couple months it just felt miserable lauren is thirty seven weeks pregnant she's extremely long in the torso she's twisting without any problems so even though lily was twisting for eons even before and doing the stretch particular by the time she started to serve you know grow bigger and bigger twisting wasn't working for so it's really going to depend on the different pregnancy tiffany chambers goldberg who just had her second baby she's also one of our teachers she was doing dynamic twisting exercises which I'm not teaching you guys today didn't have a problem at all so I think it's just going to vary from person to person all right the one that again the one abdominal thing that I caution anybody against is just doing some aggressive crunch like positions that's for me that's just the one like you probably you probably won't be able to do that the obstacle is they're telling you I can't do that mama can I show the third trimester variations all right so let's just finish off with this and they were all gonna do a squat okay so these air I just love these so the third trimester variations are really really fun we're gonna do these together so and we'll do them facing each other so come down onto the ground and you can use this bloc the bloc use your head way have a strap so this is when you were like you know what lay on the back super uncomfortable but my gosh I really feel like I need to do something to organize my pelvis I need to stretch my hamstrings this is just a really fun option so there's your strap so we looked down we're tryingto find our stand position so we're not here and like just letting everything collapse you're actually actively pushing into the wall and guess what the but is on take your top leg strap it up and you can you there use the loop or you can use the middle of the strap and you wouldn't bring that leg great thank you bring that late for just like lay stretched number one now the tendency is that this heinie be like oh yeah this is great and this heinie started to live but you don't want that to happen you want to depress that want to move it away and so you actually have to find your quite greatest limbo rem that d flow back muscle on the underside and treat what's odd here is you try to pull this pelvic bone that's the one that's under towards the rib cage and that will actually give you a waste exact really I'm gonna have a waist while there's this belly they're cool and at the same time you're pushing into this wall and it's not like I'm trying to touch my nose with my with my toe I don't care so much about that I want to find the truth of my end range and again maintained public position and then just for fun push this bottomley into the ground hard so then you feel that activation isn't that fun ish? Keep that tone and then lecture chamber to you reached the lake up and off to the side. Now this is a cz much an abdominal and core strength. There is anything else you're not letting yourself rolled back trying to maintain that side position so you may need to stabilize a little bit here with the block and again, I'm not letting my lower back arch, so we'll pull this up so you guys can see I'm not letting this happen. This would be like ge capital and no tailbone down trying to maintain the natural curve of the spine and push here and pushing into the floor pleasant, unpleasant no, it feels good it's like a good deep strike. Yeah, jan you're actually pushing right? So working oh my it's exhausting then it comes down. This goes to the law in this one so you want to keep this foot in that stand position against the wall again, reignite your course a chair, your inner baby carriage and who so that we get a little bit high, just bring it just down a little bit lower that leg and now we have a different feedback right now we're doing the same stretch, but we flipped the pressure, we flipped what is getting pressurized so again not letting the belly not letting the side of the waves just collapse so you still have to pull this public bone up a little bit but still trying to keep a matchy a match is situation I'm a tour situation I'm gonna push this leg back a little bit okay yes and then pushed the lay down into the ground which feels incredibly awkward the same time there's many things you could do with this leg you need to try to lift it up towards the sky without doing so we could try to move it down without doing so so it can fire all these different muscles that I rubbed out earlier and just kind of revolve my awareness through all the different ranges of emotion but I could do this lying on the ground and get actually get stronger use the floor to get stronger will do the same thing flipped over so good roll away from me okay so um so we've got the thing around the top layer on top where we find this dan position and squeeze the toshi hate by the way my my friends who are on bed rest you guys can do this stuff you just don't wanna put as much power into it but this is another thing that you can do to take care of yourself make sure that you're, uh tissue stay supple while invent okay so bring this leg forward and I know we're covered with lindt e teo help yourself descend this palace phone and you can descend that pelvic bone but activating the underside so oddly enough her left side she's trying to pull the pelvic bone towards the rib cage which will actually lower this outside the pelvis back and down and so that she's not having to deal with all this pressure of the baby pushing against that vienna kaaba and you know making things miserable try pushing this leg into the ground yeah so don't let me do that no no don't do that don't let me down last may good and will do a trick here that we didn't do on the other side now literally lift this leg up towards the sky activate that a doctor isn't that fun pretend I'm standing on your ad doctor yes all these different vectors that there's so many other than things you can play with here right? Drop that lead back down and reset your pelvis is best you ken day saw aunt and then later timber to she goes up and she extremely rotates the legs this is like the triangle post sort of kind of but the tendency is going to be that your heinie just wanders back so I lose that periscope to boni funnel and so it is not easy to maintain this is massive lateral core stability it's better when I do it isn't it it's always better when the teacher does it yes well angela says that her leg goes tingly and numb during this stretch is that you keep a little bend in your knee okay you people been in your knee or the other thing because you know what I'm losing you here go ahead lord that laid down and then change the lakes the other thing is that when that sometimes that psychotic nerve is getting stretched in length and position the muscles around the nerve kink the nerve they sort of backed down the fascist of the muscle are so tight that they little bit strangulated nerve temporarily and so you start to lose the hydration conductivity in the nerve and you start to feel that tingly nous so one of the uh tricks to that is doing something called flossing the nerve so she would bend and straight in the repeatedly so try bending it straight in the knee yeah again and again you see what she's doing here so that's one way to just sort of tease dynamically that tissue so that that doesn't happen we're trying to stay on our side this is a little more difficult, isn't it? Yeah I can see that also cause I'm buying you money yes all right so she could do a variety of things here she could push the lake down she could try to lift this leg up should I put this leg down uh and in pushing this leg down also feeling this sort of oblique continuity into the tush all the way down to the feet which by the way exists when we stand up so I'm gonna cut you out of this come on up and let's come back into the middle of the room and we'll finish with a squad okay so in a perfect world your feet are straddling about a little bit wider than a yoga mat so are you okay on the wood issue okay and we wanna have some type of object like a rooted chair a couch love seat that's very close s o that we can anchor with their hands so as we established yesterday rib cage over pelvis skull over that bony funnel so that we identify the stand position in our torso you're trying to pull the floor apart with your legs were both on the same yoga mat so let's try not to use it lose this poor yoga mat pull the floorboards apart the attempt is also to externally rotate so you're trying to do this without actually doing that to pull the floorboards apart you spend out and you sit back into an imagined hold onto the chair thing because we are gonna have a battle here over the chair knees away from one another don't sit down quite solo prior knees apart prior news thank you very much and attempt to keep the toes down keep pulling our packing baby in especially the base of the rips knees away from the body move the floorboards apart we'll have to just keep reminding yourself of this again and again and again and lean your body away you're not going to fall I've got you mean your body weight without necessarily dropping your tush okay I want you to be feeling this in the you're probably feeling this either the tush or the ad doctors what are your inner thought as you guys okay here kate is like I wasn't here yesterday how much longer can you hold a koto while you're holding out could I could I don't interesting one to you yeah man that he has an observation and a question I just noticed my joerres family relax and mole is a touching is it possible that these stretches have up regulated by body for is this more likely due to the shoulder and network from yesterday way re ask that man daddy man daddy so his jaw is so his george more relaxed dassey's mole is a touching oh his molars ok so hey you you haven't actually up regulated man daddy you've done regulated right so down regulation is relaxation response but you know everything's interconnected so I can massage my foot and have changes in my eyeball like literally well that's what he was asking he wanted to know if it was due to these stretches or do they stretches in the chest we did yesterday boy I wish I could just say hey, take this movement pill I haven't fixed your job it's is accumulation of behaviors repeated over time done it under a condition an environment where you allow positive adaptations to occur so this is something we try to foster in yoga tune up is that we try to foster an environment where healthy adaptations occur and so that has to do with sort of your mental outlook your optimism that this is a possibility and a probability that you can change in a positive direction and then working in a way that actually does affect you structurally in these incredibly beneficial ways and in ways they are you can't even know until you're like wait a minute, how come my bite is awesome right now your bite is awesome because you just put your pelvis into place when the pelvis goes into place there's a ripple effect up your spine which hey, by the way your skull is connected to your spine and so that access an atlas also settle better and maybe just maybe your mandible related better to, uh to the skull. Great yeah, thank you, thank you I don't you gone you know only if you you know you don't have to brush those again and don't talk as much as I do that definitely effectually

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