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Sarah Fragoso: Food for Fuel

This is an honor and a privilege to be able to introduce you to sarah for goes oh, I think I called her a lightning bolt and a hot rod. But what I meant to say was firecracker, just it's pregnancy brain like what is explosive and amazing and can also cook uh, hot ryan and a lightning bolt no it's syria for gozo of everyday paleo. Come on, sarah and I forgot to mention she is very good. Flat hot cowgirl boots flat, flat. We all need. Well, yes, absolutely. I do rock the heels every now and then, bench. I figured you know, I want to tell that to out loud. Dad, never mind. I never wear heels acceptable a police station. All right, but what in your mouth and you put it, but exactly my now it's a good thing it is. I'm not here to talk about shoes, I think because that obviously not my forte. But thank you guys so much for being here and thank you all for having me and for listening. And I have a click or somewhere I believe. Oh, here it is. And what I'm here to talk to you guys today about ...

is about food and food is fuel that's what it is it's meant to feel our bodies to feel are growing children that are inside of us for those of us who are pregnant and that's something that we don't always think about when we're pregnant is how does nutrition directly correlate to the health of my baby simply because in my opinion, we're not often taught that in real life that nutrition directly correlates to our own health, so I'm going to talk a little bit about a couple things today we're going to do some nutrition myth busting there seems to be a template of rules that were usually told by rob ryan's or that you read online or in books that you pick up about what to avoid, what to eat, what not teach how much to eat, how often do you eat and it could be very time consuming it could be confusing. We only have so much energy to figure out how to get through our days, especially were pregnant, maybe a little more tired. So I just want to talk to you guys really openly and candidly about my experience with nutrition and what I know about how nutrition affects not only the pregnant body but the baby that we're all of nurturing inside except for me no more babies for me leave that all to you, so we're going to talk a little bit about foods to limit foods to enjoy and then the plan so let's start first with a quote from one of my favorite authors on a big askin in this quote and I'll just read it to you guys, why shouldn't nutrition matter less in the creation of young humans that it doesn't young plants? I'm sure that it doesn't and that really says it all we know how gardeners treat their gardens I have a garden and I'm out there all the time and pulling the weeds I'm giving it this organic fertilizer I put the chicken do do from my chickens into the garden because the plants love that, so I'm doing all of these things to nurture plants, so why do we not do that to ourselves? And we're growing something as precious as a child and often we dio, but we need to be more informed if I don't have the options, I don't have any, so this is something that I learned through trial and error before I started cleaning up the way I ate, I actually became very sick and I'll tell you just a little bit about that because I have so much more to say, but it was after the birth of my third child that I woke up and I had no idea who I even wass I couldn't recognize myself in the mirror, I was depressed, I was anxious, I was overweight, of course I just had a baby, but it was like nothing I'd ever experienced before I had migraines I was having kidney infections so it was this awakening of oh my gosh I need to get myself in check because I have to take care of three children an infant in my family and I owed it to them to figure out what health schmidt and so now my passion is really helping other people get that understanding and grasp that we are responsible for our nutrition and from what we put into our bodies and what does that look like? So we're going to first start about start talking about a little bit of myth busting so when you go to the typical doctor if you read a typical pregnancy book you're going to hear things like and this is really just in general eat low fat make sure you're avoiding fatty foods to stay away from things like fatty pieces of me he's so fat is bad that is bad this is something that we hear all the time the low fat high carb trend has been going on for quite some time now but something that we need to understand is that fat is imperative for brain in organ development and I'm not sure if you all knew at home listening to here in the studio audience but our fat stores is made up of ninety seven percent saturated and mono unsaturated fat so if we think about that from a health perspective from um darry say an evolutionary perspective that our fat stores are made of fat that is supposed to be bad for us but why are we producing fat in our own bodies that's actually nurturing our cell growth and when we're pregnant nurturing the brain and oregon development of our children so low fat is actually in my opinion a myth but we're going to talk a little bit later about what kind of fat we should be actually eating avoiding seafood so this actually I can get on board with a little bit I don't recommend that folks who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant go to your local sushi shack and every raw piece of seafood in front of them especially shellfish however, while cut seafood like salmon so fish that's not a bottom feeder because there is some worries with mercury toxicity if you're eating while cut salmon that is rich in omega threes and omega three's is definitely something that we all need as pregnant women as women as people and this is a great source to find it. So while caught seafood I actually encourage women to eat that if you're pregnant or if you're not so that's one myth that I wanted to dispel and then drink milk and eat lots of dairy you have to have your calcium but the reality is that calcium is best found and other sources of food and especially in pasteurized dairy pasteurized dairy actually scientifically proven, and I want you guys to all check what I'm telling you, because I didn't do the research, I'm just an average mom doing the research on my own, that pasteurized milk actually leeches calcium from your bones, so we're told to drink plenty of skim milk, but in reality, that's actually counterproductive to the calcium that we need to support our own bone health, and that ever growing children. So just something to think about that if you're going to be consuming dairy, and we'll talk more about that later, that non fat, pasteurized areas probably not the best choice, all right, and then last myth busting tip it lots of whole grains, heart healthy, whole grains, that's usually one word now heart healthy, whole grains. We hear that all the time, but the unfortunate truth with whole grains is, although they're yummy and their staple, that they are often the culprit when it comes to inflammation. So avoiding foods or limiting foods that cause inflammation is really important, especially when you're nurturing a baby in your belly. So I know we've talked about inflammation and other segments, and how that might limited mobility, so understanding that the food that we eat can also add to that is a wonderful thing to understand and just think about when you're looking at your food choices in your food options, and I know that there's a lot that goes into pregnancy and your hormonal, and you're craving food so let's, talk a little bit about that foods to limit why should we limit these foods? Vegetable oil? Vegetable oil is a big one because it is everywhere I have worked in commercial kitchens before, and it's almost a ziff, they spray vegetable oil on the surface of every single thing that your food touches, and when I talk about vegetable oil, I'm talking about seed oils to seed oils are canola oil, soybean oil, grape seed oil, safflower, sunflower and I know I'm missing some of them, but they're the common oils that we are told our heart healthy because they're low, they're low fat foods, and the reality is, is that they are fat, that they're actually very highly inflammatory, they actually reduce omega three absorption, and we need to have a higher amount of omega three in our diet, because our diets are very high in omega sixes, so for eating a lot of vegetable oils, and we're eating a lot of brains, which is also high in omega sixes are ratios air really skewed, and we want more of a one to one ratio, but the standard american diet looks more like a six to one with the biggest six is being up here and the omega three's being way down here. So by cutting out those vegetable oils, which are one of the most chemically processed for foods that we eat, believe it or not, you're really reducing your chances of disease that are correlated with inflammation. And also things like joint pain when you wake up in the morning and your back is stiff, if your knees are starting to hurt, I've noticed that women, especially pregnant women, that will reduce quite a bit, just buy something reducing our cutting out vegetable oils with something to think about. Most dairy that's, a tough one, because, oh, my gosh, who doesn't love cheese? Not me love cheese. Cheese is amazing, so when you're trying to limit dairy, I recommend that if you go for the dairy, do the opposite of what you're told. Any of the full fat or fermented yogurt, for example, has most of the elect ins and the brain's not working the the protein cason. Thank you, theo! Case and that's found in dairy. Most of that has gone through the fermentation process so it's actually really quite good for you if you tolerate dairy go for the fermented stuff because then you get those good probiotics that helps with debt health especially if you've had it he got damage I recommend trying to eat a lot of probiotic rich foods so fermented dairy can actually be a great part of your diet in a taste delicious with some blueberries which are awesome and accidents so please go for the full fat dairy limit the non fat stay away from the glasses and glasses of milk also sugar and high fructose corn syrup is another one and this one is tough because I know when I was pregnant chocolate was my friend it really was chocolate and I go way back however high for just corn syrup is one that I really recommend everyone avoid especially children this is something to think about as your little ones grow up as you're in your day to day life I'm not sure if you all knew this or not that high fructose corn syrup is actually processed through the liver just like ethanol alcohol so when you're drinking a vodka cran please don't is your role not able to right now but when you're at home those of you who are watching and you're not pregnant and you're drinking that thought you create or whatever it is your drink of choice if you drink a soda or your child or someone you love or whoever they air processing that high frequency point sort just like you would if you took a shot of tequila so back in the day high fructose corn syrup makes me upset. So it's been a little bit of time on that back in the day when grandpa might have passed away and they did an autopsy and they said, oh, no, grapple was a closet alcoholic because he had cirrhosis of the liver. Now they're calling it non fatty liver disease because they're correlating too much high fructose corn syrup consumption to what looks like cirrhosis of the liver. So just that little bit of information is kind of my scare tactic just to let you know that this might not be the best time to be having a lot of process foods that are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. Sugar is the other culprit. We have a neurological response to sugar. We have a dopamine response to sugar, and I recommend women who are thinking about becoming pregnant who are are pregnant to go for them are nutrient dense foods if you're craving something sweet and that will actually help you with your cravings because once you get into that pattern of feeling hungry all the time, it's usually a craving and that signals as to want to eat something again that's typically, sugar laden and not is nutrient dense is what our bodies need for fuel, so I really recommend nutrient ins options for sweets, and I'm actually making it a dessert later that will be an example of that, so just something else to think about to get over those cravings curb that won me the wanting to go to the sweet stuff first rather than the healthy fruits and vegetables and protein, start cutting sugar out before you are pregnant or if you're newly pregnant, go to more nutrient dense options like fruit, but then we'll show you the fund is there later also foods to enjoy? So we're back to fat? I'm a huge fan of fat. Why do we crave things that are fatty? Because it makes us full? It provides happiness is sense of con our palette once fattening foods but not fattening to our bodies fattening tow our cells are cells need fat for development. We as women are driven by hormones let's face it, fat actually helps keeps our hormones balanced. So this is all news to us. And in my opinion, if you kind of take a look at the thirty thousand foot view and we look at all of the problems that we're faced with with our health, I see a direct correlation with cutting fat out of her diet. And replacing it with foods that really aren't food so I'm giving you all permission to get fat again and he should all thank me later and hug me, but when we're talking about fat, I'm talking about healthy fats so things that are found in nature if you have to chemically extract the fat it's probably not something you should be eating so something like avocado coconut oil well, all you have to do is simply press the meat you'll get that amazing mono unsaturated fat coconut oil with this awesome fatty acid proof profile that is really good for good health and like I said, brain development organ development things like olive oil, which should probably not be heated because it will oxidize it's wonderful as a cell addressing avocado oil and then meet which we're going to talk about next but meat is an excellent source of good fat as long as you're eating unprocessed meat and meat that was raised the way it was intended so cows eat grass cows don't typically eat grain, so if you're eating grass fed animals, the fat from those animals has the perfect fatty acid profile for you for what you need for your growing child so it's a wonderful source of fat is just to stick to those really nicely raised and prepared cuts of meat so the wild caught salmon grass that beef pastured poultry all wonderful options and then, of course, the seafood, which you already talked about rich in omega threes and protein, and then veggies and fruit trying to stick to organic of possible there is a awesome list on the daily green dot com that talks about the vegetables that you might find that are not organic, that have the lowest pesticide residue versus the vegetables that maybe you should avoid because they have the highest pesticide residues. So if you can't find organic, I would rather you at least to your best, rather than reaching for the nearest I won't say the word mcmuffin, so something to think about there as well. So if you look at a plate of food that might look like the standard american diet, so you have pasta with, I can't believe it's, not butter, and then you have your protein, and then you have your bread, and then you have your vegetables were worried about fiber. We're worried about vitamins and minerals, so we buy things that are fortified. But the good news is is if you feel your plate with healthy fats, vegetables and protein, you actually grant program get more nutrients that you need when you are pregnant or wanting to become pregnant than you do from a plate of food that possibly or is fortified so most rains are fortified, they have to be fortified because they actually leach nutrients from our bodies, so if we didn't fortify those grains, they would do more damage than they already do to us. So that's, the reason why I say swap it out for something that you know did not have to be tampered with, and it kind of keeps things a little bit easier. What to growing? What do growing babies need? What do women need? The vitamins that we all hear calcium, calcium, like we talked about earlier for milk is not necessarily the best way to get it so leafy greens, broccoli, salmon, almonds, all wonderful sources of dietary calcium found in foods that are right outside your backdoor found in nature things like folic acid, that's definitely something that we all know we're told from day one you have to get enough folic acid in your diet beet greens, brussel sprouts, broccoli again list of leafy vegetables that you can eat every single dating get the folic acid that you need omega threes definitely recommended tj supplement, but having a diet rich and things like the wild caught salmon, grass fed beef all wonderful ways to get those omega three's, natch, julie and I know I'm missing a really important vitamin anyone jill, help me out love with you feed your body good food you are loving your body so that is definitely the most necessary vitamin thank you so much. I know it'll come to me in just a moment I will remember it vitamin d oh, I'm so glad you brought that up because that is the one I was trying to think of. So vitamin d we think again we need to get vitamin d from milk but the reality is that the best way to get vitamin d is from the sun. So that doesn't mean that we should all go out and lay in the sun until we're sunburn. It means that if you could get some sort of sun exposure every single day so go out in a tank top if you live where it's very cloudy or in san francisco where it's foggy I do recommend a vitamin d supplement that's very important and usually a liquid vitamin d supplement is the best because we absorb that more quickly and we use more of it than if we actually take a pill. So yes, vitamin d thank you. I knew someone come through for me. So foods to enjoy now let's just kind of look at what the plan might be all right, so breakfast ideas the last thing that I expect anyone to do because we're all busy and we're crazy is to be in the kitchen all day it's impossible it's just not reality we're working we're raising other children retired cranky maybe we have morning sickness so planning and preparing ahead is essential and asking for help we all need to ask for help as women we feel like we can do it all but the reality is we can't it used to take a village and I firmly believe that it still does it takes a village so ask for support ask your friends to help you ask your husband your spouse your partner gets someone on board to make this possible and then cook in bulk make food in advance have a weekend so decide where you're planning and preparing so for todd with avocado slices that is a big egg omelet that you could make in a pan and if you make enough at the beginning of the week all you have to do in the morning this cut out a slice have some avocado with it or not and you're good to go if you don't feel like eating in the morning list into your body. One thing I noticed with women is that we force ourselves to eat little bits during the day and we actually don't ever really quite eat enough especially when you're pregnant you have to do the best you can because you need nutrients you need more calories than you normally do when you're not so that doesn't mean treating this like, oh, I'm just you know, I've been dieting, so now I'm pregnant a nice toe, you must eat enough food actually also helps with morning sickness when we're hungry, we usually feel worse. So when you feel good, eat doesn't matter what time of day or night it is. I remember at midnight eating apples and almond butter out of my refrigerator, and that is ok. All bets are off for your pregnant women each when you're hungry. So how that for tot already? So if it's not first thing in the morning, when you get to work and you get over that queasy feeling, if you're suffering from morning sickness, you have protein ready and that'll keep you satiated that will satisfy you. It'll give you the nutrients that you need, ed muffins kind of like the for tada, but you can make them like cupcakes, and then you can pretend they are so eight cupcakes or one of my favorite things, the recipes for that on my own. All my blogging in my book leftovers are awesome for breakfast when we're tired and we can barely get ourselves to the shower and out the door, make sure you have leftovers packed in a tupperware to take with you there's, no rules that say breakfast. I have to look like breakfast eating meatballs or chicken and broccoli for morning for the in the morning is totally acceptable in my opinion salmon and veggies, fruit and sausage, spinach and eggs keep it simple quick, easy ideas and I would like tio, I challenge you to see if it's any faster to pull a bore sir pull a ble pour a bowl of cereal then it it's a scrabble in aig and I bet it's about the same all right lunch ideas leftovers again salad with some wild caught salmon on it deviled eggs lettuce wraps was you're going to show you a lettuce wrap wrap option later soup I put on there because one way to get some wonderful nutrients into your diet is through bone broth and I know that sounds creepy and weird but that's how grandma used to make our soup she would cook the chicken or she would roast the leg of lamb or she would roast the show chief shanks and then she would use the bones to make soup because of all of that delicious marrow that's in those bones and I know people go oh no, you don't have to scoop it out need it with a spoon, but if you make broth out of that you're getting all of those nutrients from the bone marrow in a taste absolutely delicious and you're getting some of that healthy fat and soup often is sometimes that one comforting thing that women especially are experiencing some nausea can get down and then a few pre race and vegetables and added to it like some sweet potatoes and a little bit of ground chicken or ground beef you can get some protein and some nutrients from some veggies in there two or all you can do is the broth it's highly nutritious and often I hear that women feel better after they drink it because it gives them those vitamins and minerals that they might otherwise be missing and it helps with that queasiness toe have some nice warm comforting broth so that's why I put soup on there to remind me to tell you guys about bone breath again recipes for that are in my books and on my block every day paleo stuff sweet potatoes I love sweet potatoes and I know when I was pregnant I did crave food that was sweet and savory and salty all at the same time sweet potatoes potatoes air so nutrient rich and easy to make you can pop them in the microwave have your leftover chicken put it in the sweet potato top it with some steamed broccoli and some butter yum delicious so all really easy viable options for your plan to feed your body well dinner ideas slow cook stew roasted vegetables and burger patties taco salad grilled fish with vegetables all of this is just really food it's what we eat all the time anyway, it's simply omitting the foods are true excuse me, trying to avoid as much as possible the foods that cause inflammation that heller keep us from absorbing the nutrients that we need when we're pregnant and making us phil and well, ok, so snack ideas again, nuts and almond butter, coconut flakes, natural beef jerky, that's, gluten free dried fruit, hard boiled eggs, sliced vegetables and guacamole so all of these things have on her hand. If you have them with you, you won't find yourself in a pinch where you're going to the nearest drive through or you're walking into the grocery store, looking around, wondering what you're going to dio so preparing these foods in advance is key, so some points just to pack up and take home with you when you're thinking about what you want to eat when you're unsure this is all brand new, I want something fast I want something quick just try to keep in mind making the most nutrient dense choice as possible so most of your meals and snacks simply keep them out of a package. It should be unpackaged, unprocessed, that's, kind of the easy way to wrap your head around it, okay, what am I going to eat, how about some grapes? And a leftover hamburger patty versus whatever might be in the box or in the package, so keep it simple don't stress, because that's, the worst thing that you can do right now is stress out about this it's more about absorbing the information, doing your own research and figuring out what works best for you. But most people find that when they stay away from those foods, the limit list that they I feel a lot better and that's the whole goal during pregnancy. You want to feel as good and as vibrant and healthiest possible. Be prepared if you know you have foods at your home that are not necessarily the best options, the best way to avoid the mr get them out of the house. I know at my house if I have dark chocolate and if I have wine it's going to be gone, I'm going to consume it, so if I don't want to have those things, I just don't have them there, especially at ten o'clock at night when you're having that powerful craving. If it's not there, it's very unlikely you're going to drag yourself out of bed and go to the store and get it so instead have all of those nutrient dense options packed in your fridge never do not have food. Is that an oxymoron? That was like that was something I never do not have food. All we have food always make sure you have food on hand is the right way to say it, so make sure your fridge is stocked. So when you open your pants or you open your friends, you have those options like I mentioned earlier. If you want something sweet, go for the desert we're about to make in just a minute. Yogurt and blueberries, fresh fruit that's in season go for those options always be prepared now. Let's eat unless I have questions from you all, I think it's time. Yes, but I've always I. Before I got pregnant, I was eating pretty healthy. I was doing a lot of leafy greens and stuff to try and keep my information and checks. I had some low back issues, and as soon as I got pregnant, I felt like it all went out the window and my midwife is like, eat whatever you can eat and all you can eat a saltine crackers, eat saltine crackers, and I'm like, ok, we'll all eat walnuts or something like that but my body in the morning, when I'm still feeling nauseous in the morning, I still want that, like cereal and really, like, like a mild cereal and milk, right? And I know like a lot of your options and like, ok, well, maybe I could maybe I could do some eggs or something in the morning, but if I wanted to go for some sort of cereal and milk, is there a better option than, yes, it's like rice chex and non fat milk that I, jen, have absolutely so again looking at the nutrient density of foods so you can make your own homemade granola and there's actually places that you could buy gluten free, which is I didn't talk a lot about gluten. I talked a lot about grains, but trying to find at least something that is gluten free and not the rice chex, but something that's made with like nuts and seeds, especially things that air sprouted like sprouted pumpkin seeds and allmans. You, khun toast those together with honey and cinnamon. There are a ton of sites that have grain free granola options, and you can even buy it already made. So there is, like I said, a lot of options out there, I think it tastes better when you make it yourself. But for, you know, lack of time and all of the prep that goes into it if you could buy it awesome I think even at like the local health food stores you can get at least gluten free granola and usually it is made with nuts and seeds and then all the milk is a great I think a great subs for regular milk again, I want to use that as a replacement for nutrients because sometimes makes you full but you're not necessarily getting the vitamins and minerals and nutrients that you need from all the milk but an awesome replacement for let's say non fat skim milk so yes, I agree with your midwife that you do have to eat absolutely but always looking for the better option consulting crackers were just her no good no get any other questions from I'm here amy west is but she's anemic and she wants to know if you have any food suggestions to address that she does take iron but she prefers riel or whole foods yes. So back to the grass fed meat red meat is an amazing source for I am so if you feel comfortable eating red meat to try and find grass fed pasture raised that is the best source of iron also yolks are high and high in iron, so if you can stomach eggs the yolks you actually want to eat that and yes, it has cholesterol in it, but we talked earlier about fat and how fat is another enemy. Our brains are made of cholesterol. So are developing baby sprains of cholesterol is not something you should be afraid of. So eight yolks, red meat, dried apricots and dried peaches are also a good source of iron, so yeah, awesome. All right, I think we're ready to co awesome. I need joe appear to help me. Okay, this's a is a fantasy come true for me, it really is. I've always wanted to be on a cooking show and I'm having a good day. I am so excited. I am so stoked that I get to cook with you first of all. But I'm gonna have use slide on over here because you're going to be the girl in charge so we're gonna make she high today. Yes, that's, right? They make the cook, the chef, the kick, the girl in charge to get done to. Ok, so we're gonna make several things today with your assistance. And this is just an example of some of the stuff we talked about and then just to have fun. Because having son is important, being joyful food is about love, and I like to cook. With love and a dear friend told me once as I was chopping up salad, I'm not eating that you are cutting that solid with a knife, you need to tear it with live, so I think about that all the time, so make your food with love and that's the most important thing if you take anything away from today. So we talked about vegetable oil and unfortunately, our condiments. When you go to the grocery store, you got to eat every single thing has vegetable oil in it, so you'll read the label it's going to say, colonel canola oil or soybean oil or safflower oil? So I love manny's, I'ma, manny's girl and I know you and I talked before and you said you like things like tuna salad and khosla hold my god, that's like my favorite food it's such a weird thing, I just came because law, yeah, we had it yesterday here like my favorite phone, absolutely there's something about the crunchiness, and you could make it so many different ways, and the man is, and I'm going to teach you how to make your own homey manny's. So now you can have an abundance of manny's at home, and I'm sure all the pregnant women and I'm like, oh, man, is but you're going to want it at some point when you feel better so you can have chicken salad and tuna salad you could make in a totally out of it. You could even make it hollandaise lots of options with nannies, and I make a hamburger that's wrapped in lettuce with a basil garlic hey ali, and this is the base for that so there's tons and tons of options, so you because I know we're at a time if we don't get to it here, it's, we're going to start with two egg yolks don't panic, they are raw, however you can pasteurize your own eggs at home and I'm not going to go into deep detail how to do that, but it isn't hard, but if you go to my website and find the manny's recipe, there is a link to show you how to pasteurize your own eggs so it's very rare that we actually get sick from rotten eggs. It's one and I think thirty seven thousand and don't quote me on that because I could be a little off but that's about the number and it usually it's because the chicken is sick, so if you're eating farm fresh eggs, you have your own chickens if your neighbor across the street has happy chickens running around very small chance, they're actually going to contract salmonella from iraq so don't be afraid pasteurized them however if you are pregnant or nursing just to play it safe okay these air pastor yes, I know my dad's watching and he is an epidemiologist and dr infectious diseases and so he's like oh my god what is that woman doing to my dogs and ok, so we've got to radio and then we're going to hear this is your job I want you to add in the base so manages is basically in the multiplication right? So it's kind of like a science project so that's a little bit of sea salt and we've got some cayenne pepper it does not make it spicy it just gives it that little yummy kick that you that you need that we have some yellow mustard and you can use either yellow mustard from the bottle just make sure all of this is mustard seeds and I think it's a girl it's investor and then we have some apple cider vinegar now wouldn't the mustard and the vinegar actually react with the egg protein anyway so that you're already essentially cooking or pasteurizing it with vinegar? Absolutely in that that's another thing that right? I think it's awesome about home a man is is that it really is kind of a pastor's ation process but because I don't want anyone to call me and tell me that I made them sick past roger home goes to play it safe so what we're gonna do now as you this is the time to make the emotion and so this is actually a workout too so if you have a down today so I'm depressing my scapula and thinking about my humorous moving backwards as before needing a very brisk extra rotation motion calling this adds I'm sure I could wish better tia teo actually is also a chef so the goal to making this work is you have to for the man agent very slowly did you dump it in all of once then it's not going to work in your motion is going to break so way had the blender for it was going to do the man a you were so smart so jill is correct you can actually use a hand held mixer but I like to make you sweat so you're not gonna get a little weird so as you can see it's already starting to get a thick so if I read it for this whole entire thing and we would make about two dozen nannies you can rest now but go ahead and show the folks at home here I'm sure that they can see from this camera of above that we actually have something that resembles manning but yet you can absolutely use your handheld mixer but if you want to have fun in the kitchen with your partner your spouse going red do wish it's a fun later kid tio, keep going. You could be right. So manny's is gonna be our base. We do any like cardio, you know stuff. So that was my moment. And I am a strength and conditioning coach. So the first thing I do when my clients come into the gym as I make the meeting e I make them switch e one giant shoulders I get. So this is actually so manny's that we prepared earlier. So if you were to make it with that hand held mixer in a blender is gonna look you like that? What? Also? The cayenne that gives it that that you didn't tell her something. Exactly. So we'll set that over their christmas mayonnaise. Chris market red sparkles in there as the holidays approach it's important that you all are prepared with their christmas man. Ok, so we're going to make some chicken salad and this is something I love to do at home. My kids enjoy it. We love it and you could make a huge amount of it and have it at the beginning of your week so you can pack it for your lunch is before you head out. The door so we have some chopped up artistry chicken so I'm not going let you add everything in ok? And you know what? Let's actually use this bigger bowl because I think we're going to start overflowing here otherwise so we'll trade spot so dump the chicken on into this big bowl here. Sorry that's quite all right so we've got a protein from pastured chicken here that are gonna come in some healthy fat from the almonds no, we've got some basil we've got some pepper is dried basil yet dried basil we have some green onions to give it that little nice punch we have some sea salt assault is of sort of damp is it because they were in san francisco? I have no clue, but that could probably be dale salt down salt here we've got some chopped celery and then we have some apples so filled with fruits and vegetables to get all those nutrients in there and then the healthy chicken and then the base, of course is the man is so while year over there I will grab this. We're going to toss the malian and this is about a cup in a quarter ao yama homemade mayonnaise and then we're gonna start I'm gonna let that so while jail stirs it up, I'm going to show you how I actually love to serve this chicken salad you have different options because way don't want food to ever be boring and it has to be to your taste. So here we have some beautiful butter lettuce leaves which you could views for a lettuce round we have sliced cucumbers this is my favorite way to do it because I can dip it like a chip or for the parties you could put a little skipping chicken salad right on top and serve this as in our door or we've got indicted leaves and these are a little more on the better side, but if you like that I'll run shitter, then you are good to go love it that looks beautiful so let's just play one of these really quick so we can kind of see what that was this was good, it just all came together really well and what's awesome is that you can do if the bazillion different things with this chicken salad. I like to make a curry chicken salad, so I use pretty much the same ingredients and I just add some curry powder rather than the basil. You could make it more of like a dili salad and put in some dill pickles, chopped up some red onion and take out the apple so lots of different options with this you can use turkey if you don't want to use chicken, egg salad, salmon salad, eggs like I said, a gazillion it's my favorite word I would tio because I'm not so keen on fruit in my chicken salad, huh? Don't like cranberries are apples in general in my chicken salad, but I would put hickam a because that's gonna extra crunch and I actually have a recipe on my site for chicken piccata. Coleslaw. Yeah, so there you go. Everything that you're basically these are everything you love all in one thing so you can see it's really cute too. So it's a fun way to eat lunch and there you go. It is going all right, so shall we move on to the yeah, sure. Ok, so we're going to make a side dish and this is a side dish that you can use with any meal that you have and again it's made with vegetables instead of pasta. It's used for the really son little tool here and after we get all this stuff out of the way, I'm gonna bring it on up a vegetable spiral isar and a spiral isar turns anything your little heart desires into a noodle so that's a lot of fun if you're missing something like pasta but you want a more nutrient dense option don't show you how that works try and do this without dropping everything here this is the spiral izer and it's, such a fun contract in my life has changed forever because of this, and I will show you how it works in just a second. I mean, the pull of our ingredients up here and this is a zucchini pasta salad that we're about to make. All right, so there is the noodles beautiful, and this is the zucchini that we're going to use it put it all in here. Are you sure that we're going to show this first? And I do not have a knife appear what's a chef without a night away? I do I have one. Yes, I'm gonna cut the end ofthe you want to get the ends off of your bikini, man, you attach it here and while I do this, if you want to start adding the ingredients that air show folks here what this looks like at home. So as you can see, this actually makes noodles. Don't you want to play he's? Going to get out there way love during this at home with sweet potatoes and you, khun blanche in really quickly in hot water really fast with a sweet potatoes, they don't turn to mush. Oh, so you would you would do it raw and then blanche exactly in virginia ross salad this time I could do it. You can cook it to make spaghetti. So that's. Another thing that we do quite often at home as we make a big thing of marondera sauce. And we use the zucchini is noodles and you throw it into the sauce right at the end does it really doesn't take that long to cook. We have made sweet potato noodles that air literally as long as my six year olds in this tall oh, how funds so it's. Really? A lot of fun. So get inspired in the kitchen. So this is a tie into kenya salad. Okay, and in here we have sun dried tomatoes. We have kalamata olives, fresh parsley, sliced onions, zucchini, noodles, it's an extra virgin olive oil. So there's your healthy fat again and some lemon juice and then a little bit of salt and pepper to taste. And this is even better if you let it sit in the refrigerator for about thirty, forty five minutes. And this goes great with any protein, so we'll eat it with hamburgers. With chicken breasts with a stake, you can add protein rice to the salad if you want to. You and it's absolutely divine. So when you end up serving this, though, because of those mile long noodles yeah, like you can definitely, kevin because that's what we usually do, but I thought for the fun factor we keep him long today so you guys can see what they look like when you're actually making this great oh my god it's you know it's really good. Yeah, zero matics are beautiful. Thank you. And it looks lovely. You did a very nice job. Thank you. So we're on to dessert already already? I think that's it I think that's yes, I think we've made everything. So the desert that we're making today is called great balls of dates. And I decided to make those in your honor because I know you're on the yoga tuna balls. So in your honor, I'm making great it's just the onions, it's not me really crying you should that you totally deserved about me right now. It's my brain not working quite right. So I need some of this food that's what we're going to make that great yoga tuna balls of date oh, let's date some yoga studio so I talked earlier about trying to find nutrient dense foods if you're going to go for something sweet and this is what this desert is great, so instead of sugar, we're using dates is a sweetener, and then as the base way we've got almond butter so that's going to add in that good fat that we're talking about in some protein, so it's very filling, and you don't need to eat a lot of it, and then we have some coconut flour, which kind of keeps it all together, and you can use almond flour if some people don't feel that great with coconut flour sometimes, just so you know, you can also use almond flour, and then we have the secret weapon, which is unsweetened cocoa powder, so they are chocolate yoga to nut balls on, and then we're going to actually roll them in some coconut flakes, and that gives it not only a nice visual appeal that that little extra bit of community goodness, but if you don't like coke, annette, no rules here, you don't have to use it. So lots of different options with these two. And for this I ask you something about coconut because I am occasionally, um, you know, the one of the foods that just went not no interest at all once I've got pregnant was those like the date bars needs to eat one a day easily, you know, any any type of debar organic date bar that I would get the health food store, I would try all the different kinds. So I mean, I've lost interest for the but one of the things that I notice is when I get them with coconut a lot of times, a taste that the coconut has turned, oh, yeah, we're I mean, do you I talking about so coconut itself, but coconut oil is really stable, like it should have a shelf life of, like, five to six years, so that makes me wonder if it's something else or maybe just the mixture of flavors and how they combine there's different qualities of coconut products, too. So there's like, really high quality like with anything else like with olive oil or with wine with islamic vinegar, there's different levels of quality. So with coconut, you want to make sure you're getting really high quality coconuts so there's brand that I recommend, and I'm not sure I can do that or not, but on their brands, and I recommend for that high quality coconut oil and you can find those recommendations in my books and on my block as well, so that could be part of it too, but I'm not sure so that's a good question, I feel just like I have a tongue detector or like or that I that all bad coconut bar you end up on lee, you have the same problem I think I remember during my pregnancy, my coffee tasted different and that's wondering if your taste buds change no, this is this is pre pregnancy, I just like just yeah, it doesn't matter because I was going to say, you are very hypersensitive in your palette when you're pregnant in right here since the juror dramatically alert when you're pregnant, taste smell all of you guys know that obviously, I remember what it was like, like bionic woman aiken here and taste and smell everything so okay, we're going to make these days, and we don't have to be cooking it on them, and you know what I love go there, but you do have to use the food processor for the gun, and we'll see how far we get before everyone says e think we're good, okay? We're good. So first thing I'm going to show you is the dates and these air medjool dates means of the types that you want to use because they're moist and they're big and the little tiny, dry, hard ones are not going to work in this recipe. So you got to make sure you use the module dates, but they do have a seat in them, so you want to actually remove the seed. I'll do this part and you slice it open and there's a little seed and you wanna make sure you take that out? I think that the rest of it might have been removed out at all trick jazz sorry about that, but don't forget this step because I've had people email me and safe what so this weird shot like? Oh no, it says pitted dates so that's something you have to do is to make sure you remove the dates so we have about twenty I'm not going take that off because the blade will get message about twenty dates going into the food processor terms can double and this is a great recipe that you can use for the holidays. You could make gifts and it's it's great to get your neighbors and your friends does their cute little packages. All men better about half a cup is going to go in with the dates and this is good stuff. Have you tried all different nut butters and found that the almond butter is the best for this recipe? Or you know I haven't tried all different in that bettors with this recipe, but you want to know the honest truth almond better is not as expensive is it, but still it could be a little on the price you're depending on where you get it but I personally love cash you better but it's hard to find and justify me buying that all the time so I really enjoy only better too so it's just a taste good and in the coconut flour is going to go in, but good question them and then the cocoa powder and then the cinnamon and that's it so we're going to turn this puppy on and what you're going to end up with is kind of a mess and this is where the fun part comes in because you get to pull it out and squish it all together and use your hands to make the little day balls. All right, so you want a really good food processor for this adventure invited mix could also aware that I love my job for a while you really want to get all those ingredients mix together, you don't need to add any fluid to know I know you don't think they're made just out of a process that out once they're all mashed up, you'll add your saliva too. Okay, so that's probably good enough. We talked about phil either this all right, so what you have here is this crazy little mash up and then this is where you get to have fun so I should just pinch like probably half a teaspoon or a teaspoon into my hand and you want to make sure kind of squish it together you smell the coco? Can you guys smell it from there? This and I mean really now yes, maybe no. Can you smell it through the tv monitor? Yeah, and then you just roller got into this little dave ball, so if you want to eat it just like that bam go for it. Otherwise I think they look really pretty when you put that with the shredded cooking and we have some that are already plated that look really awesome and I wanted to show them all to you. I think we've got them coming to the stage now. So what? I first thank you when I first made these in the process, my boys really are those but just wanted to show you guys that you can actually play them very nicely. So you're great balls of dates can you medically pleasing. So at home I would pop a little bit of a green mint leaf on here or I would just sit in my chair and happily eat them beautiful and with these two one is like, does the trick there super rich and I guess all child, please there's all that actually were so I'll do this one on me that he didn't have the heat of my hands, I should make sure you have some water because they're kind of intense that's totally doable hey it's delicious awesome so there I mean but it's gonna take me a while to get it down yeah it's no I should have warned you like half of the time it is no joke this is not like first date foon you know you want to make sure that you're comfortable with the people you're eating them without a date date thursday with exactly but they are really ugly and again you could make these one hundred different ways if you don't like the chocolate you can leave it out you khun d'oh instead of sentiment out a little bit of nutmeg in their use different nut betters the dates though have to kind of be the consistent ingredient because that does add this week factor without the extra sugar so that's dessert I hope you don't believe me just cook like all of this food in basically under twenty minute well that's kind of the whole point of it too is that people think see what I do and they're like oh my gosh you write cookbooks and you have a food blogger you must be in the kitchen all the time but the reality is I am a mom I have three boys I have a crazy life I have a career we run our fitness site, we run the online program, we travel around doing workshops and I can't physically mentally be in the kitchen all the time I have four crackpots I own four of them and that is might go to source to feed my family so put your roast store your chicken or whatever it might be in the slow cooker put it on the on the countertop leave for the day you come home your house smells great dinners are done you can maybe make a salad to go with it or add vegetables to the crock pot as well earlier in the day and it's it's easy so doing things that you know work for you because cooking your own food is imperative to getting quality nutrients it just is and we've kind of forgotten that because things are really easy to get including food so we have forgotten that there's work involved in nursing ourselves so it's it's about working smarter not harder and preparing your food in advance freezing food is really important especially after the baby comes so make some of those recipes that you see on the blogger in the books that big things of chile and stew that you know a freeze well the homemade lasagna that's made with portabello mushrooms instead of pasta and you can freeze all of that and then have it ready for when the baby comes because that's almost the most important time to have good food on hand is when you're nursing and you're stuck on the couch or in your bed make sure you're hydrated keep water next to you that's really important usually one of the biggest problems that I've run into with moms that I've worked with if they're having problems with her breast milk supply, is that they're not hydrated. So eating a lot of fruits and vegetables helps keep keep, helps to keep yourself hydrated, some water right there. Good reminder. So, um, having that water close by all the time, and then things like the soups and the broads, that helps with hydration also, which is awesome for when you're pregnant. So there's, a lot of little tips and tricks that you kind of learn on your journey along your way. That will help you later on, especially when you have a little newborn at home. So I'm gonna try the chicken salad. Yeah, is going backwards, but I wouldn't students. I would love you to come up and try, and I can make you cry.

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