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Sarah Fragoso: Q & A

There was actually really more of a entire conversation on the chattering about nausea and some smells put certain women off and I know every woman's going to be different and that matter, but is there any cut anything that you recommend it's kind of a general cure all for that? Maybe ok, so yes, there are a couple of things that I recommend sleep and exercise are actually both proven to help curb morning sickness so often if you're feeling nauseous, giving outside and just walking as miserable as that sounds will help and I know that sounds totally counterintuitive when you feel sick you just kind of want to curl up in a ball going outside taking some of those deep cleansing breaths walking, giving your blood flowing a little bit often really helps curb that feeling ickiness I know I felt sick all day long when I was pregnant with growing, but that was with the one thing that I knew was supposed to help and I would do it and it would it would actually really help. Another thing that I...

mentioned earlier is making sure that you don't get to hungary because when you get too hungry in your insulin levels first their way up here and then they crash that actually could make you feel nauseous even if you're not pregnant so if you're going too long between meals and you're not eating enough at meal time you're going to feel pretty awful so definitely like I said earlier when I was I was election earlier on if you feel hungry getting as many calories calories as you can't at that moment that moment okay? So that's really, really important isn't that's definitely an issue with my husband and I cz at six o'clock I just get angry yeah, which means I'm hungry exactly and know those cues to understand those cues of oh my gosh often times especially if we've come to yo yo dieting in the past were really restrictive over calories we don't know what those hungers signals feel like, which is why eating this way helps keep your insulin levels regulated and helps you learn to understand what this hunger signals actually feel like that when you're pregnant all better kind off because your hormones are wacky anyway so really trying to tune in to what your body's telling you and when you're eating food like this you don't really need to worry about portion control, especially when you're pregnant. My whole concern is women not eating enough so to help with this those nausea little feelings of nausea giving in that little bit of exercise and then figuring out the foods that you know you can tolerate and sticking with them so nutrient dense options like the broth that I was talking about sweet potatoes or sometimes pretty well tolerated by women weren't feeling that great so yeah, sometimes let's just get it right and do it. Yeah, one of our one of our chat room participants said that she m j j says she just cooks with the mask on because she gets not advice. My smell? Yeah, that's not a bad idea like candles. I've heard women say that if they like their topics and candle and keep it far away, because sometimes like if it's vanilla, that could be too much, but yeah, or go outside if you live in a place where the weather is nice and barbecue to get the smells out of the house, because that is often is fugett version is just the smell that I like the mask on and everything that my my and morning sickness is different from pregnancy to pregnancy and my first pregnancy, they kept saying, you know, after week thirteen, you're going to be fine, and it was like magic, I assume, is that thirteen started that disappeared. I had all these other, uh, you know, horrible complications that I was dealing with the morning sickness is appeared this one, it took till eighteen weeks to get rid of the morning sickness, and I'm my once you're not there, honey, my only strategy that worked was to take a bite and then look away away. From the food that was on my plate I couldn't handle looking at the food it's my husband was like dying right now I'm like I know you're there food is there is just I have to look away from the food and I couldn't handle yeah it's kind of wacky you really do have to do the best that we can in that situation because like jill said every woman is different every pregnancy is different you don't know what may or may not turn you off or turn you on to food and it's different every time so you just kind of got to find those things that you know you can stomach I know a lot of women do better if they just experiment a lot so don't close the doors to your options like I said before you got it you got to know what your options are and then just try because you know you might find that one thing like oh my goodness I can eat yogurt or whatever it might be and then at least that's something sarah how about breastfeeding nutrition is there any new specifically mike to help people along that path so it with breast feeding again it's more about making sure eating enough food because it's harder to get those nutrients and when you feel like you're strapped to the couch with infant on you all the time and that's how it is when you have a newborn so that's why I talked earlier about making sure you're preparing food ahead and I recommend the same types of foods that I do no matter what if you're pregnant or not are breastfeeding sticking to the most nutrient dense foods as possible so with that being said always have snacks on hand I like women to create little like emergency stashes so little bags of trail mix tried fruit beef jerky stash him around your house wherever you know your little nest might be where you're going to land we're going to end up nursing the worst thing is to be home alone nursing a baby too tired to get up and you have no food or water next to you so just make sure that your loved ones have you set have your little spot have snacks close by things prepared in the refrigerator that you can get up and grabbed and I really like I don't know if we talked about baby wearing at all in in your talks weed with master go clay actually did a little baby wearing be please go on I'm a huge fan of baby wearing once you feel like if you dependent on your birth of course and how you're healing the recovering from your birth I'm a huge fan of baby wearing from the very very beginning and it especially if you have younger kids tio your mobile again you can still nurse while you're wearing your baby there's several different wraps now that are easier to use and used to be some are still a little complicated, but once you get it down it was a life saver for me with my third child because I had to others I was trying to take care of and myself, so to be able to strap this child to me and nurse in and still be able to move and take care of myself with a huge blessing so making sure that your mobile enough that you can get up and do what you need to do and that really, really helps, okay no, you also were a doula I was yes, I did go through the donut training program and I did do left for about a year until my life turned into what it is now. Yes, my I'm curious because this this question about nursing came up so one of the few people that I've talked to said oh, you know, drinking beer really helps no production action yeah, and I am I am a huge beer fan you may not get me not like drink tons of it, but like a husband I love beer I'm just wondering what your thoughts are because beers made with grain right and what so you're saying I would that would not be might go to if you were having problems with your milk supply so with nursing typically, I know sorry I'm such a dream crusher I know, but typically with my experience, the problem with a diminishing and diminishing milk supply is usually three factors sleep not enough sleep, which is you're like you're crazy, I have a newborn. How many? What do you mean? Ominously stress so stressful event and dehydration so there's some incredible stories of women in third world countries who are literally starving but there's still able to nurse their babies. So when you hear these stories and you see these, these women still being able to give their child nutrients although obviously it's on the optimal situation, I'm by no means saying that's great but our bodies are amazing. It's amazing how we respond to stress and yes, childbirth is stressful. Not having enough support is stressful. Being home by yourself with a huge life change is stressful, so making sure you're prepared for all of those things and have your support system in place and like I talked about earlier, have your water close by have your food prepared when the baby sleeps. Gosh darn it sleep that is the biggest one we feel like we have to conquer the world and if you look at other cultures around the world, they have all the mom has come in and help with the first three months of your baby's life and we don't get that here we do not we just simply don't get that so the village it does take it does take that village so if you think about life in the grand scheme of things your little babies on lee going to be a newborn for about that long and then they're running around and driving you absolutely crazy it's like nature's way of telling us to slow down and sit still so when your baby's nursing is frequently as it is, especially during this first three months, you need to honor that the other thing that diminishes knock supply is not frequently feeding, so if you put your baby on a schedule right away which some people will tell you that that's what you should do that can often diminish milk supply because babies need to nurse in order for your body to know that the milk should come in. So if you're immediately going home and putting them on a strict sleep schedule that could very well be a factor so nurse on demand be with your baby where your baby eat often drink often and rest both brought was kind enough and brought us over some way we're over here giggling and drying it very good this's so good and I know it's the man is yet makes you right you just feel the thiss like there's like a body and here yeah, it really gives it this sumptuousness that you don't get from store bought mannies and there's no sugar in it it's it's not he's like frosting manning and there's, no sugar in it money anything that goes into the category of frosting is is very positive. My kids, you go like when I'm making the manning isn't yeah, kid looks like frosting too, so you kind of have guys urged to do that. So, yeah, it's, good stuff. It sounds like you might have already answered this. It sounds like you're saying that this diet in general is going to be healthy for anyone yet but c brown asked any specific food you recommend to boost fertility for those trying to get pregnant. And so I thought I would specify and yes, exactly all the foods that I just replace it and really focusing on this foods to avoid, isn't there inflammation and infertility problems like pcos and endometriosis are inflammatory issues. So if you are focusing on foods that are not causing inflammation, wait. The gym that I used to work at, we used to say this is like a baby making factory people with women would come in with infertility issues, we'd help them clean up their diet, get them moving their bodies properly, working other mobility, working on all of the stuff that jill has been teaching us today. And then all of a sudden we have fifteen pregnant women and it's kind of this magical prescription of riel food, managing your sleep, managing your stress and moving your body the way it was intended and it's, all of these things just suddenly fall into place, and this is not to all minimize. I know that really there's really severe problems out there when it comes to infertility and not to minimize that make it sound like it's easy is that but it's definitely a just a jumping off point in the place to start grazier met dallas asks, is it truly bad to drink caffeine during pregnancy that I have mixed feelings about? I believe that caffeine is for healthy people, no matter if you're pregnant or not. So if you're going into pregnancy and your surviving and coping because caffeine is your drug of choice, where it's two o'clock in the afternoon without that pick me up, you're not gonna make it through, then you probably need to think about ditching the caffeine because that's going to help you manage your sleep and all of the stuff that we've already talked about that's important when you're pregnant. In my opinion, if you know that in the morning that half a cup of coffee is going tio, just change your outlook on the whole day there not any rheal studies with riel conclusion that show that that's going to impact the health of your baby. But I feel like when pregnant, the best thing to do is to give it up. However, I totally know what that's like s so I would say, keep it to a very bare minimum switch to decaf if you can. And then when the baby arrives, maybe you might want to bring you back in them. But also, if you're breast feeding, it could be it could be problematic. Well, we wanted tio thank you wanted tio say thank you really quick to melissa and you go who set all this up and made it possible for us to do this right here and creative lives of thank you to them, and also we're prepping for the guys in the booth for john and all the guys in the booth, they wanted some money, plenty left over, no one's tried to zucchini. Salad yet I feel like I need a scissors to cut the noodles I know can we wantto marinate a little bit? We do it'll be much better once the flavors all kind of melt together for sure definitely can I want to say because I heard you not in a bad column because it wasn't in the bath column up there but you did say this thing about dark chocolate on I'm just wondering if this is just like this is just one of your like go to I need food I crave because I my first pregnancy I lost my taste for chocolate and this one I had had my my taste for chocolate has has been there sure all along and I feel euphoric when any chocolate and I also feel in some weird justification place that it's nutrient dense, you know, because all the calories in it yeah, so I'm just curious what your what your take is on tackle I think it's a really, really great option for those cravings for sure I'm not going to not chocolate maybe it's my own bias because chocolate speaks to me. I could say goodbye to any sweet thing on the planet, but don't take away my dark chocolate because every now and then that's just what I need it's what I want and so I'm ok with that because it's not it doesn't look like my relationship with food that I used to have where it was it was like a drug, so I write that a piece of dark chocolate is almost like a spiritual experience and you can really get good chocolate. Yes, so try and try and buy chocolate that you know is organically grown well sorry not good chicken salad after it's been there that's you know from a sustainable source that is not sweetened with tons of sugar you know the darker the chocolate, the better it's higher and antioxidants it's lower and sugar so that if you don't want to make the date balls, I would say break off a little piece of dark chocolate usually it's so rich that you don't you can't eat a whole bar of dark chocolate my husband kept, but I'm yeah just like you, right? It feels itself rations itself totally rations itself it's not it doesn't have that evil mix of like carbs, sugar and unhealthy fats like a donut or something or a pizza where you don't even know what happened in the whole boxer or pizza is gone it's a different it's a different feel, but I think I think that a lot of what you said you know, as a woman as I I'm a recovered believe mika recovered anorexic from my early teens and twenties and I know that for me one of the biggest his shoes was actually sensing appetite and sensing what I was really hungry for, what did I need to suit? What hole was I trying tonight, phil? And, you know, sweets were a bench food, and there were years where, in order to teo move through some of those cravings, I really did have to work abstinence around those things, right, and deal with my emotions, deal with my relationships and cultivate connection and cultivate self trust and being able to listen to the inner signals. So now now, when I recognize cravings, I'm also I also dialogue with all the other associate cravings that are involved there, and I have found that the chocolate is, is they were bonded, yes, and were friendly now on, but there is that there is not there is not an abusive relationship, whereas I did used to abuse food, which that was how I abused myself, right? And what I found with my own experience, the food and the women I've worked with around the country and around the world is literally cleaning up your food helps clean up your relationship with food and it's pretty amazing how once you do, like you said, learned to listen to your body signals and understand what hunger means and what being full me. Ines and that this isn't about counting calories or portion control or eat this not that eat this not that it's about knowing what food does to your body and how you respond to it and I tell my clients of people I work with have the perception and have the perspective I'm going to eat whatever I want, you don't wake up in the morning and think, oh, I can't eat this a county that I can't eat this eat whatever you want to but understanding what food does that's fuel you? It feels your body it's meant for that and so I every day I wake up, I don't sell high candy gloom today and I can't eat sugar I can't eat those things if I want to, I don't want tio I want to eat what makes me feel good that makes me feel happy. What makes you feel blissful? What I love to do with my family is to cook nutritious food all of these things it's a different relationship than looking at it going. I don't know what to do with all of this it's just getting the information and understanding and educating yourself it's the whole process well it's so the first food I cut out when I started to become when I started to spiral into my illness was manning's, so you didn't know that yes um and it's just really special that you made me manager teo I think this is just too psychically weird yeah, I really appreciate it makes you wanna cry a little bit I'm so glad I was able to make his crap. Okay it's all of you guys it's like all these wonderful going faces it's bringing tears to my eyes I don't like the chicken salad yeah I know and the date both yes good thank you so much for coming on and doing this and for making this amazing food when as soon as we wrap him in a run over there and get all the leftover way wanted tio share with you something that c brown said in our chat room she said I've been paleo and following sarah's blogged for a long time her pulled pork recipe is my all time favorite thing on this I make it once a week oh thank you that's so she was very excited to share that with you but we just we did want to thank you for coming on and sharing all this with us because this is really this is important info just along with exercise and massage in all of that our nutrition yeah, thanks so much so much so much for our nourishing my body I was super hungry, awesome and for nourishing all of us very well I'm I'm so I'm so excited tio to dive into your recipes and to have a few months off, even though there will be an infant there to have a few months off where I'm home or you and I can cook for myself and my husband. Awesome. Well, thank you, and remember to make a bunch of meals ahead of time every day. Paleo in the everyday paleo family cookbook and the time got him all. Cook a bunch of it, put it in the freezer, and you'll be prepared. Ok, done. Thank you so much. I'm sure to you. We'll check up on you, make sure I'm doing it too awesome, all right.

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Pregnancy is a time for joy and excitement, but it’s also a time that’s accompanied by a confusing new set of physical challenges. Join creativeLIVE instructor Jill Miller for an introduction to the pre- and post-natal choices that ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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so useful, so helpful. Loved the guests. Would highly recommend to anyone thinking about becoming pregnant or working with prenatal clients. Great posture & alignment knowledge bombs

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I do definitely recommend this course, though I wish there were room for a bit more nuance in the "of course"/"no thanks" model creativelive offers for reviews. This course is really helpful for thinking through movement and posture issues during pregnancy, and I think I'll take a lot of the lessons I learned here into my daily life even after my baby is born. It's worth sitting through all the lessons, and I am confident that most people will come away with new and useful information. d That said, this course contains a LOT of chitchat, which can be frustrating at times. All of the presenters know each other, and there's a lot of back and forth about their relationships, etc. It gets pretty tiresome. And there's quite a bit of in-course advertising for Jill Miller's products, which I haven't found so much in other classes. Also, I found the advertising for this class just a tiny bit deceptive. There aren't as many "classes" as listed in the description, because some of them are introductions, wrap-ups, and credits. I recommend just skipping those classes and focusing on the ones that specifically name what content they will address. Despite those limitations, I found this class worthwhile...just know what you're getting into!