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Hidden Photoshop Tips & Tricks

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Class Introduction

Jesús Ramirez

Hidden Photoshop Tips & Tricks

Jesús Ramirez

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

I like to have a lot of fun. I like to play jokes on people. So the very first tip is gonna be actually of for fun. It's really not gonna help you out in your workflow, but hopefully it'll help hopefully make you, um, make your coworker for classmates. Laugh. So next time you're at school or at work and your coworker gets up to go to bathroom or take a break, you can actually change the toolbar and add the banana tool to photo shop. You guys know about the banana tool? No. All right. So you see these these three little dots here, these three little dots help you edit the toolbar, which is the tour here on the left hand side, you can click and drag tools that you don't need to the side, or you can rearrange them in any way that you want. So it's actually a very useful feature. And Photoshopped, it allows you to customize the toolbar anyway that you like. However, if you hold the shift key and click on done, you'll get a banana right here. So for those of you wondering, what does Obama t...

old do? It doesn't do anything that would just freak out your friends and co workers when they come back from the restroom. So I recommend doing that to your friends computers. Next time that you they get up to go to the bathroom to get rid of it, you actually use a different modifier key. Don't use the shift key to get rid of it. You gotta hold the option key. That's the all key on the PC and hit undone, and that gets rid of it. So it's a fun little little thing for you guys. And photo shop has a few little hidden Easter eggs like that one. There's another one that's not as fun. And again, I'm just going to show it to you so that you can maybe place a bet with somebody and say, Hey, I bet you can get a banana. Also coffee and toast and photo shop. So I'm gonna show you how to get coffee and toast. Serve you press command K. That's control K on the PC to bring up the preferences, um, panel under interface. You have these swatches here that allow you to change the interface. But if you hit command option shift it's which is the icon to a coffee cup or to toast. So you just want a bar bed and you have coffee, toes and bananas in photo shop.

Class Description

Everyone knows Adobe Photoshop® is full of amazing features — but where are they hidden?! Jesus Ramirez will show which ones are worth using when you really need to be efficient and productive. This session concentrates on Adobe Photoshop tips, features and techniques that most people never think to use and some tricks even the expert may not be aware of!

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017


Amy Vaughn

Yeah yeah, Jesus Ramirez is a great instructor and this class is packed with useful tips and even some fun ones that might not be so useful. But it was that one about using two windows from the same document that changed my Photoshop life.


Overall Photoshop Week 2017 has some amazing instructors for workflow & compositing. Jesus Ramirez has the unique ability to combine simplicity with really useful depth: blend modes, different approaches to selection or combining different tools. This course covers a lot of tools and there are a number of ‘wow! didn't know that!’ moments a more advanced user will love.


Jesus is excellent! full of knowledge and provides a lot of helpful tips in a clear and easy to understand way. Only thing missing are captions for this class, for some reason. Otherwise, I wish there were more classes like this one.