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Hidden Photoshop Tips & Tricks

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Using Channel Luminosity to Make Selections

Jesús Ramirez

Hidden Photoshop Tips & Tricks

Jesús Ramirez

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Lesson Info

21. Using Channel Luminosity to Make Selections

Lesson Info

Using Channel Luminosity to Make Selections

by the way, something that I've been doing throughout the entire class. I don't know if you notice I've been doing the revert feature and photo shop. I don't know if you guys know about that. When you make an adjustment to a file, sometimes you make a big mess that it's just easier to go back to what the file was like when you first opened it. So you're going to file Revert. It brings it back. I've been using the keyboard shortcut, which is F 12. If you're on a Mac book pro like I am, you do have to hold the function key and then hit F 12. Or you can just going to follow Revert. And this brings a file back to its original state. So if you make a big mess, it's a way of going back. The last thing that I wanted to show you and this one will be OK to show in this image again what channels you can use the channels, the luminosity of the image, rather to create a selection. So if you just hit command and click on our GV, you'll make a selection in the loo minutes and then you can use that t...

o maybe apply a curves adjustment and make adjustments to the image. But you're only affecting the bright pixels of the image. Let me show you what that mask looks like. That's what the Max Mass looks like. You can, of course, come in here and make adjustments like maybe levels to really on Lee affect the brightest pixels of the image, like so and now I'm really Onley adjusting the bright pixels. Or, if you wanted to Onley, adjust the darker pixel of the image. You can click on that layer, mask, click, invert, and now I'm only affecting the darker pictures with the image. So that's a way of really targeting the highlights or shadows over images and control them with adjustment layers.

Class Description

Everyone knows Adobe Photoshop® is full of amazing features — but where are they hidden?! Jesus Ramirez will show which ones are worth using when you really need to be efficient and productive. This session concentrates on Adobe Photoshop tips, features and techniques that most people never think to use and some tricks even the expert may not be aware of!

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017


Amy Vaughn

Yeah yeah, Jesus Ramirez is a great instructor and this class is packed with useful tips and even some fun ones that might not be so useful. But it was that one about using two windows from the same document that changed my Photoshop life.


Overall Photoshop Week 2017 has some amazing instructors for workflow & compositing. Jesus Ramirez has the unique ability to combine simplicity with really useful depth: blend modes, different approaches to selection or combining different tools. This course covers a lot of tools and there are a number of ‘wow! didn't know that!’ moments a more advanced user will love.


Jesus is excellent! full of knowledge and provides a lot of helpful tips in a clear and easy to understand way. Only thing missing are captions for this class, for some reason. Otherwise, I wish there were more classes like this one.