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Hidden Photoshop Tips & Tricks

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Using Content-Aware Scale

Jesús Ramirez

Hidden Photoshop Tips & Tricks

Jesús Ramirez

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19. Using Content-Aware Scale

Lesson Info

Using Content-Aware Scale

I'm sure that you're all familiar with the content aware and I was gonna show it in one way. But now that I'm thinking, probably most people here photographers saw first show you how it will work on a photo, and then I'll show you how you can use it for a different type of technique. So for those of you that don't know, there's something in photo shop called content aware scale which allows us to scale an image If I just skillon image normally by President Command T controlled t on the PC, I get these handles. I can click and dragged them, but a muscle affecting our model. So maybe we're trying to fit her into, Ah, you know, house. Certain social media sites have specific dimensions that you need to use, or maybe your block posts or any number of reasons why you must fit an entire photo into an image. In this case, of course, he could crop it, and we'll be fine. Other times you don't have the luxury of cropping the image, so you wanna have the entire image any specific space, but it's ...

too wide so you could go into edit comes in the wear scale and notice I'm scaling, but I'm not really affecting her. So now she fits in that dimension. Now, if I wanna push it further, I can. But at some point, we're gonna run into problems. Sorry about that. And I do. The content aware comes in the year scale. We're going to run into problems at some point right there. That's that's where we start running into problems when we're sorry just in her face. What we can do instead, um, is create a very loose selection. Um, quick selection should be okay. I'm gonna create a very loose selection. Okay, There she is. And again, I have to be very precise as long as I get the main features of her face and her body and arms and backpack. And that should be okay. And I can go into the channels panel. Great. A new channel. Fill it with white light, their apps white. They really with white. That's option to lead to fill with foreground color. That's old backspace on the pc to fill what for? Concolor. So now that's my channel. Then I can go back into the layers panel, and if I go into edit, um, content aware scale I can protect on this drop down right here. Says protect Alfa. So I'm using the Alfa Channel. The mask essentially what I this I say this election and Alpha Channel when you save it is essentially a safe selection. So I saved the selection. Now I'm telling Photoshopped I want you to content aware scale, but do not affect these areas. I want you to protect this area. So I want to protect her so I can select Alfa One. And I can now make that adjustment and notice how I can adjust the image. But I really, at some point I do, you know, start adjusting her if I push Photoshopped far enough, but notice that we went that far without actually damaging the image. In most cases, you're probably not gonna Teoh not gonna need to go that far. In most cases, maybe something like this, where the background or maybe a second subject still looks realistic. But, um, for something like this, this or you're gonna need So this is usually how you would use the content aware scale. But, um, my original idea was to show you one alternative. But I thought maybe I'll show you what most people use it for, in case you don't know. And then I will show you what I was really thinking. We're showing you, um I do a lot of, um writing. Now I write for magazines or blog's or different things, and the separate work that I do requires me to take screenshots of things, and they require them to be a specific size. So I used to make selections like this one and then maybe duplicate that part and go back up because I need to fill this panel and whatever magazine layout it needs to be. And I would delete the bottom part groups. Not that's not the right part, this part. I would like the bottom part, and there it is. But then, at some point after the win, hundreds and hundreds of of times and spending hours just wasting time, I thought that's gonna be a better, easier way. And I thought of the content aware scale, and it actually works great. So if you're working on a block or social media or anything that that maybe it's not necessarily a U Y element, but maybe It's a design that needs to fit somewhere that has a lot of maybe large blocks of the same color you can use. That same technique you can go into edit comes in the world scale. You can click and drag up and notice how I'm no longer cutting and pasting things. I can just fit that panel onto whatever I think it needs to fit in, you know, like an in design file or whatever it is, because it just does all the work for you.

Class Description

Everyone knows Adobe Photoshop® is full of amazing features — but where are they hidden?! Jesus Ramirez will show which ones are worth using when you really need to be efficient and productive. This session concentrates on Adobe Photoshop tips, features and techniques that most people never think to use and some tricks even the expert may not be aware of!

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017


Amy Vaughn

Yeah yeah, Jesus Ramirez is a great instructor and this class is packed with useful tips and even some fun ones that might not be so useful. But it was that one about using two windows from the same document that changed my Photoshop life.


Overall Photoshop Week 2017 has some amazing instructors for workflow & compositing. Jesus Ramirez has the unique ability to combine simplicity with really useful depth: blend modes, different approaches to selection or combining different tools. This course covers a lot of tools and there are a number of ‘wow! didn't know that!’ moments a more advanced user will love.


Jesus is excellent! full of knowledge and provides a lot of helpful tips in a clear and easy to understand way. Only thing missing are captions for this class, for some reason. Otherwise, I wish there were more classes like this one.