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Shoot: Bridal Suite

I mean this this room is absolutely beautiful so thank you so much again to the production team who created this spectacular environment basically what would happen is you would enter the room like I said teo I would enter by myself this is the typical type of scene that would be happening when when you do enter our gorgeous bride maya is over here and she has three quarters made up just like I asked her to be. All we really need to do is just to touch up on the lips and she's good to go she's nice she's calm she's relaxed kili are beautiful bridesmaid over here she's having her her makeup done and her hair done and you know she should be ready in ten, fifteen minutes and then devon are gorgeous makeup artist is going tio start on the next prize mint you know that that type of environment possibly the mother of the bride's here sisters there's a lot of frenetic activity we don't want to add to that. So sean, my assistant is in the living room he's chilling out over there and I arrive a...

nd I walk in like, oh, wow, you guys look so good how you devon good to see you again nice to see you yeah, you're right that's cool, I see you've done another beautiful job yeah, I mean, the job that you did on cement a couple weeks back was absolutely beautiful. So thank you. So you got the images that are center? I did, I did. Thank you. Hey, I mean, you can see that I'm acting here because I've never met him before in my life, but yeah, that's the kind of that's, the kind of thing that that's a kind of report I'd like to build with my with my suppliers. Obviously I would have greeted maya and told her how much fun we had with the guys in the morning. Often the question from the brian is you know how sean feeling? And I'm obviously going to say shawn's felix so excited I can't wait wei had some really good fun. We got some great images. Maybe I'll show you a couple ah, a little later, but yeah, we went temp in boiling and it was very cool. We got some cool images so he's really excited and you look so beautiful. Congratulations. This is very, very exciting. So that's the kind of thing that you need to start with with when you enter the bridal preparation area. If there's another bridesmaid hanging around, I would then ask her like I said to you, I'm gonna ask her, please, can you get me your dress? And the reason I'm going to get her dresses because it's pertinent to the wedding that's the color that they have chosen for for the winning when they do that, I will then ask sean, my assistant, I will take her dress say for example, this is that this is the price made stress while absolutely beautiful, gorgeous color, great choice they admire ok, so what I'm going to do is I'm literally gonna drape the dress over a chair and I'm not going to do it in the bridal preparation area. I'm probably going to go back to the sitting room where sean has already got my camera. Shawn, if you could come okay, we're in the sitting room now, so just bring the camera there for me peace and the macro lens that's great. So what I'm going to do? I'm going to ask the bride's maid to bring all the little things so she's going to bring the perfume, the rings, the hearings, all those kind of things not I would have briefed the bride beforehand on these things that we needed and essentially what I would do is I would hang out in the living room and shoot the detail shots, so here we go, thank you very much, you know that one that's cool if you could just take the lens cap off there all right and for those people who weren't watching yesterday, I know that it looks very old it is gonna go wide open on three point five and I'm going to take a couple shots off, say the perfume bottle and as you can see, I've made my own infinity curve over here with the bridesmaids uh with the bridesmaid's dress so what I'm going to do in this environment here with this ambient light that's going on I'm gonna start off for two thousand years so see what that looks like I have to shoot this in manual mode the reason when a shoot in emmanuelle martin on appetite priority is because if you look at what's going on here now if I'm in matrix metering mode, I want to take a shot of that perfume bottle it's quite even distribution ofthe brightness you know there's no eyes, no dark colors there's no light colors so it's quite even in its tonality that's the word I was looking for so if I shoot that and then I'm not going I'm going to shoot the hearings individually, but if I had to shoot the perfume bottle, take the perfume bottle away and I'm an aperture priority with the cameras deciding the shutter speed I put that over there the camera thinks it's dark it opens it slows the shutters be done because it can't do anything about the opportunity manual apple chitlins and what's gonna happen there is it's gonna be a different exposure so I'm shooting on manual for that reason, right? So let's have a look here beautiful perfume bottle and I'm gonna go on to manual and let's have a little look over here so I'm on two hundred shut to speed and I'm really just going to have a quick look over here and see what that looks like and it's pretty cool it's quite a nice shot sean, can you bring the reflector and perhaps bring in a little bit of light for me now you noticed? I mean, you will notice that I've gone away and I'm just doing my own thing, you know? Like I said probably half on hour before I go back to the to the bride day income from this side short just bouncing a little bit more like just two yeah that's cool their ego a bit that's nice right? Good job that's perfect and I think my exposure was correct on two hundred shutter speed on manual focus it's nice and old school really feel like you in the trenches here with this lin let's have a look at that. Okay, beautiful I'm not going to change my exposure at all because I need them to be consistent when I put them together in the album take that away take the perfume away let's bring the rings in over here sorry that the shoes and it's have a little look at that and obviously there are different ways that you can go about shooting your details and you'll notice here in this shot right at the top off the image there's a little v from where the cleavage is on the dress I'm not worried about that my retouch is going to sort that out no problem whatsoever if I wanted to I could always shoot just the dress by itself if she needed different areas you know if she needed to use the dress in post production a little later so I'm thinking ahead in terms of post production as well um kili sorry kelly's getting your hair and makeup done if I could get another bridesmaid or maybe a sister to bring the flowers over here for me please that would be really cool the bride spoke a would be nice uh so thes beautiful earrings um obviously with a ton of money uh maybe it's maybe it will work nicely if I take the butterflies off back in the hearing there. Yeah, that works a little bit better some absolutely gorgeous jewelry. Obviously I can't it's have a little look at that and remember, the exposure stock is still exactly the same time I want to focus on the front one on and let's see what we've got you guys are very quiet. Any questions let's just bring this around so good out here nine months yes, we like watching you work. Okay it's stunning there's a little qingqing address here that might be nice. Okay, here we go and all right yeah, I see this punk weaken take that on post this is a piece of dusty but that that image is really nice I've got a very shallow depth of field except you know that julia is going to be very happy with that shot and um so now if I think about that I've got three shots shoes, rings, assorted chews perfume and rings three shots what was there saying from yesterday? I don't tell me I have to look it up. You should know okay, I'm nate three m perfect um that was it right? Sorry I could shoot the ring which is an absolutely gorgeous wedding ring. I could shoot that on the dress if I wanted to it's not going in these ambient light conditions I'm not going to waste too much time shooting this year and maybe that will work nicely in the book if I, uh I can't that's very cool that day at all. Okay? All right it's nice it is okay and obviously with the resolution off this camera I can go and quite titan I mean that that's a it's a stunning shot the jeweler is going to be ecstatic to just take the ring and run right now or I could not shoot it on the bridesmaid's dress if I wanted to and I could shoot it with the bouquet so sean just take the dress off here please and then just bring the okay from right they're finishing checked his little you know when I when I arrive a little bit of chit chat walking around scouting the place I don't want to bother them anymore because I've given them a time line they are going to adhere to the time line I'm not going come in and rush them uh you know I'm here already let's start shooting but when are you catching the details of her getting ready oh yeah yeah we'll do that in a minute she's already done up she's not dressed and her lips lips still need to be touched up and also I don't want to interrupt the makeup artist just like you don't like being interrupted whilst you're shooting devon do you like being interrupted when you're working andi what do I want? Teo I wanted to make her job as easy as possible okay, so oh, all these flowers are amazing, okay, so what we're gonna do here uh can't just lose the veil at the top please all right, so what we're gonna do here maybe just take a shot off the uh off the flowers by themselves you might not use them but the florist wants this shot right? Okay, so it's cool I'm happy with that. Um if I wanted to incorporate the the ring into the flowers because these beautiful roses and peonies I think it is ok so if I wanted to incorporate that in I could if I wanted to I could pop that uh ring among caution so heavy that's an expensive ring this's also very good tip psychologically if you walk into somebody's house and it's like absolutely amazing don't walk in and go oh my gosh look at this place you do this every day, right? It's like uh okay, you know so if you see a ring like this don't go but uh it's like yeah okay withering alright bring the ring that's ever look every day I deal with jewelry that's worth more than my house but anyway okay, okay, so let's have a little look at this that's cool holding their three I'm going to ring now you can see enjoy shooting people a lot more than under shooting details. I'm a little concerned about the green bit of the bottom it looks a little but our yeah let's have a quick count right this one's mine if you're in an area where it's super dark and you can't do anything about the ambient light it might be a nice idea to perhaps um use the led and I'm shooting this upside down because I know it's gonna work the other way around and it it's just in a cool place so just picture that the other way around but that's a picture that upside down in the book and I think that's that's pretty cool um whilst I'm here I love the floral uh the design elements or the shapes that are going on over here so I perhaps will shoot this I might not use it but I might use it in postproduction two if I've got a the bride over here just bring in a hint of floral as an overlay onto the one side so now that I've said it I'm probably gonna have to do it but yeah let's just do this and I'm out of focus I'm in focus remember might just use it as an overlay later on okay right that's pretty cool can we get that back into the water please sean thank you very much and then what I will do is make sure that the jewelry goes back to to the bride and as we've really thought about it we've got we've got you know a page of design already sorted out in the in the album in terms of uh the construction off the off the book okay so let's get back let's get that back to the bride, okay? No uh shawn, can you get the seventy two, two hundred please? That two point eight right? You ready for a question? What? We're grabbing that lens yes, I know you always do do you pre conceptualize your your black and white versus your color photographs and how you're going to break them up to do that as you're shooting or do you kind of go through your post and make those decisions? There are certain things that are going to be in black and white one hundred percent for sure that would be the makeup getting ready it also gives you not only is it uh visually more attractive does if you're half made up or three quarters made up make a color images not that fantastic although because we've structured it like this you know, both the girls are ready, which is it happens like that people say to me how your waiting's just work like that it's what it works because I make it work and I make sure that it is like that every single time so in my mind the and I'll talk about that as I'm shooting we could do that yesterday afternoon I said all this might look good in black and white with the engagement shoot so you know that it did look good in black and white so we're gonna put that into black and white for the engagement shoot but congratulations when you come out at the church that's, black and white because it makes it feel photo, journalistic, black and white or a slight cpo cost, I don't like cpr per se. I I think it it does look a little vintage, but a slight black and white slight cpr cast. Uh, yeah, but a lot of the times it is structured, so yeah, yeah, the photo journalistic moments arm or they've got more chance of being in black and white. Really think sometimes I do a little half saturation as well. So it's not black and white or color, sometimes a little half saturation with a color. Costas well, so we can talk about that in a in a minute. Okay, shawn, if you could just bring the a collapsible reflector, that would be good. Right? So now I come in and it's now time to start taking pictures off maya. Devon would be busy with, uh, kelly over here, so should be finishing up over there and again, I'm like coming in. I'm chatting and so, you know, making sure that everybody feels calm and I'm not in a rush. I'm not harassed. Um you know, one of the things about having an assistant as well is that when you do carry a ll these heavy things and you rushing around, you end up like sweating and you know that it's it's just a lot easier and a lot more professional to make sure that you've got an assistant. So ordinarily, makeup artists find the best light anyway, they're normally in in an area where there's a nice open window light often you'll find in our home they'll be near the window light, and you just feel like maybe I need to move you a little bit around. So please, when she's done, I said, please, can you come over here or peace? Can you go over there and I never, ever interrupt her, call me when you're ready, you know, when you really that's going well, shoot some, um, mark makeup shots because, like I said, I don't want to interrupt her. I want teo teo, a lot of the times as you walking in, the makeup artist is waiting she's got a three brushes she's got eyes, lip cheeks and she's she's really waiting because she knows that I want to do this mark makeup preparation shot, and she knows I'm going to give her images. So she's like even if she's done sometimes I'll get there and she's done and she could have left half an hour ago but she's waiting because she knows she's going to get pictures for me right? So I'm going to come in here kelly's done she's all ready to go so what I'm gonna ask for kelly is could you just jump up for a sec, please and go and sit down way? Maya is my just leave your veil behind for a second there and what I'm going to dio devon was working over here but I think the light is better over here, so I'm gonna ask uh, maya to please come and sit over here my there you go. All right, now it now I'm in total control, so devon knows that I'm going to be asking her to do something and she's cool with that if I look at what's going on now right now, if I look at what's going on right now with the with the light beautiful like falling onto her, I think sean could come in over here with collapsible reflector and just make those eyes pop and it'll work really nicely when you're shooting on two point eight lenses it's going to make the background nice and soft anyway so shoot it on two points because a lot of the times his shoes on the bed and it's you know it looks like a bomb's gone off in some of these rooms but right here now over here I'm looking there but beautiful flowers in the background everything looks looks stunning for me and I can now come and shoot with the city seventy two, two hundred two point eight or maybe even the eighty five one four uh let me take a couple of shots with this and then we'll have a look right aperture priority I'm back onto aperture priorities are was on manual and back onto a pitcher two point eight okay devon please if you could stand over here for me and what I'm going to do is I'm going to shoot like along your hand as a leading line so she's going to frame maya's face I can tell maya what to do I can instruct her because it's purely a mock up shot okay so even if you're right over here that's cool and in my chin into your shoulder this way just to bring your shoulder forward for me bring your chin this way for me no no no you're short turn right keep going keep going keep going perfect chin down right down to the floor that stunning keep it there okay if you could just do lips for me there that's beautiful keep it just like that that's fantastic thank you just wait a sickle both unisex okay there's there's my makeup shot have a look at your makeup beautiful you'll like it looks happy yeah I want to send the picture to you you wanted okay so chin into your shoulder again okay that's beautiful and then from there maya if you could all hold them here we go that's beautiful absolutely stunning okay once you've got your shot don't carry on shooting and shooting and shooting got my shot thank you uh can you guys maybe just act as if you're doing the eyes maybe it'll be a good time if you could just grab me the eighty five one for there you could just give me that just to see the difference in the two shots well that's quite a nice shot as well just turn your chin in this way again even more good right just just yeah that's cool chin down a little bit day my beautiful that's mine okay all right all right let's do it let's do eyes no yeah let's call this go with that one just to have a look at the difference and give you that thanks. Okay that's good onto one four chin into your shoulder again keep going I'm doing that uh I'm doing that because if you take a photograph of me right now square on I'm big it doesn't it doesn't really work my head if you look at my head right now it's a one one place now I'm thinner my head's still in the same place so if you look at that you guys back home now right now you look at me now I'm quite square onto thats why I'm turning her sideways because my head is in the same place but now suddenly I've got have accentuated the depth so if you look over here that her back shoulder is completely out of focus her front shoulders out of focus but if I had to do that right now shoulders are in focus what's the point in shooting teo to point out when you want to show that dip the field so let's see what's gonna happen on one four it's go for eyes there please can anyone whenever you feel comfortable with that's great good job perfect okay and just for options maybe let's go to the other one as well left this shoulder up a bit for me that no look at me look at me like this perfect eyes closed eyes close myself so doing work on the yeah there we go that's perfect. All right good job okay and I never want to shoot miss kara being applied call us not call for this hey you want to shoot the musk are being being applied so when you talk to the make up artist uh lips, lips, cheeks and eyes they tell a bit of motion with yeah that one point four works really nicely you can see some really nice poker going on in the background there that one night uh eighty five one four great lands same thing again please with the shoulder yeah let's do cheeks okay there we go that's stunning and said very good then let's go for the other one as well ok my just tilt you head over that night either way it's a chin up a little bit yeah we got a beautiful that's cool and then eyes closed again looking down okay devon a little bit more motion is like moving it around a bit more okay there we go that's cool not happy I'm very happy with it. Thank you very much. You've done an amazing job and I'll send you all the images great thinking cool so if you can hang out over there for me just for a second what I'm going to ask um uh uh my heart to do it now yes you see me doing when you switch to a b yes what I'm going to ask me to do now is if you could just take your the gown off your shoulder on both sides she is wearing a bra so we it's all discreet and then can I just take the chain off? You're okay with them? Okay, here we go all right, so now we've taken her necklace off are absolutely beautiful here very cool thank you devon this amazing job thank you so what I'm going to do now is I'm going to take a shot that's going to be very clean and pure so I wanted to look as if she's naked I'm gonna work the shoulders chin into the shoulders and in terms of the makeup shot this is the killer shot that devon wants for her her advertising okay so what you gonna do there keep your back straight lean forward for me that's it even more chin into your shoulder this way can you see how easy it is going to point the camera in the right direction okay there we go chin in this way a little bit more that's absolutely breathtaking chin down a little bit for me looking hold on wait wait wait I got a nose for this is gorgeous okay? I've just noticed because I'm shooting on one for that my shut the speeders right up on eight hundred I'm okay with two thousand years ago on this camera if I wanted to go down just to bring my shutters be done in and not have the perceived noise if I wasn't shooting with this camera then I could I could go down to like a thousand if I wanted to see me just do that anyway maybe being a nice test just to see the difference okay so chin into your shoulder again looking down on the floor okay there we go that's it's lovely stuff okay maybe I need a landscape shot so instead of the shoulder being down lift the shoulder up that's it here we go and that's beautiful keep it just my friend can we get this part down a little lower for me just take your gun down a little bit low for me that's it with the shoulder again um oh gosh that's beautiful keep it just like that constantly reassuring her head over that way for me because she's emotionally vulnerable chin up very guy mayday that yellow is probably gonna bother me it's not that's really not that difficult to get rid of that yellow in the background okay so um maya if you could please just move up to that area over there for me and then even if you could come back over here kelly I just need a couple shots of you having your makeup applied as well so even if you could come back over here and act like you're going to be doing kelly as well yes um I just up onto the top where we were shooting yesterday there's a gap over here okay and you know it just I shot this intentionally with no earrings no jewelry pure clean simple gorges okay shown backto over here please chin into your shoulder that's it very nice okay and if anybody wanted to know when I drop my s o two thousand my shirt just be dropped down to three. Twenty so I'm pretty cool with us beautiful looking at me kelly stop it, baby okay all right, so that's the kind of thing that I would get I would also have I would also have devon apply the eyes the lips, that kind of thing so yeah, um come take a couple shots here, all right? So, uh I'm going to go up then sort some here and make up stuff over there so what I'd really like for you to just to try to do the similar thing over here maybe call us or you wanna you wanna come and help you just with the reflector and we're going to go up to the top over there, shawn what I would really like you to try this is eighty five ninety five one eight perfect off you go now would you do any of the more risque things with the bridesmaids? Are you just getting the details and tell him the story? Uh, here purely doing the makeup side of things, I've got to make sure that it's all about the bride, so no, I wouldn't be doing it here, but I would shoot if I've got four brides mates I would do lips on the one cheeks on other eyes on the back two cheeks on the one I'm not going to go do lips here sorry lips eyes cheeks on every single rise mate but I'm only going to do the nude shot on the bride all right, so you take a couple shots maybe stop cameras and you're gonna take a couple of shots but let's see how that works out ok, so tell me your name again I'm devin any questions from the internet? We're ok. Yeah, we sure do we're good you have got crazy just one quickly what we're moving over to the set do makeups artists come to you for critiques about their makeup after the fact I think they like feedback a lot of the times also great I think on adoption to that christian there would probably be if you think that something could be wrong then perhaps so you know, you know, I think she looks a little shiny or have a look at that and she could then say to you that shines on purpose it's a new look like ok, sorry about that. Yeah, you know, so so I think feedback is really important. What I've also found is a lot of the times on dh inexperienced makeup artist will not blend very well they weren't they weren't playing the makeup very well you'll find this line at the bottom of the bride's face and you can show it better in camera so you take the shot and you go look at this. But I think maybe you could just blend a little bit over here on onto her cheek or something like that.

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