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Creating Barcodes

We basically have all the data here and now you have multiple things ways you can do this one if you look at where the mouse is, right there's this great blank ro s o let's say and this is what we do in our school twenty five hundred kids I know just from me photographing I'm probably gonna have twenty to forty kids coming they're not in our data because I got the roster before they've got new kids come in the change from school school our district is an open district meaning if it's theirs to high schools in this district they can go to either one of the high schools they're not assigned depending on where they live, they don't have to go to a certain high school, they just have to go to that district lot of districts that way some of the required you to go, but either way, because we're in open district, we get a lot more kids going back and forth between all the schools and so that means I'm gonna have kids that are not on my roster that I get so from exam from previous knowledge, I...

know alexis, I'm gonna have anywhere between twenty five and probably fifty kids at least they're not on my roster not gonna handle it several ways and we're going to show you that way can handle like we did with san francisco where they simply just wrote their name on a card held it up we photographed it so we know who they are and I can mainly sort all that later, which we're going to show you. I can just have a bar code printer laptop with photo velocity on location with barco printer and kind of do what we do with the school function the school dance function actually enter them into the roster data on location in front of the bar code then or I do what I choose to do and I just create blank barcodes create a blank row, so operate one hundred blank barcodes so it'll create a unique I d number and give me the barcode that we need for later on the photograph but it just going to have for the name blank first name and last name will be blank one and then blank to blank three and so when an unknown comes up I have right here right up front where we're passing out the hand with the bar codes I'll have those blanks I just put on the card, write their name on the card and then go up there and we can photograph it so I had the barcode for the sorting feature and then I just have to go into the data later on and change a blank one to john henry or whatever his name is so makes it a lot easier, but there's multiple ways of doing it. Um, I suggested that the blank barcode method or the blame marco made that probably works better if you don't have a unique I d number because you want to change their ideas well, sometimes pro, so like for sports teams or dance school, where you create your idea number, the blank works really? Well, if you have unique I d number, you could just hand write their card and go from there, but either way, it's very simple or you can enter it on location and print the market out the lump. You don't have an extra computer, so for me, I don't like brain computer on location because again, that's just gonna calls another possible issue a failure I wanted to have a simple is possible the photo day. I don't want a little hand scanners, I don't want I don't want computers, I don't want printers, I don't want any of that crap. I want to just keep it as clean and simple as possible, and I leave the studio, and so I try to have everything prepped before we get there. That makes sense see wheels turning most backing up, exactly. All right, so now you have the data. You're happy everything's. There you work to tell off getting the correct data. How do you get the barcode it's? Really simple. You can either print a single label. Like I said, if you have that barcode printer, you could print a single label and it just prints out of one. Or you can simply hit current print, avery she and it will literally create it will format. There you go. All your bar codes and all you have to do is hit print to your to your printer and these print by default. The avery labels that are thirty per seat. Three columns, ten will get you the number later on. But you could just buy one. Buy bulk at any office supply store, and they'll print right out. And if you notice on there, it has their name and bold, and we leave a couple spaces because of the name. The space that's below. The name is in case they have extra long now. So you have two columns for names to rose. I mean for names. If you notice the first one, we have one that from new york and new york is not as long a san francisco. So we look over the second one on the top column, san francisco takes up the entire columns, pushed their position down, and it kind of ran it off the end. We only have so much space. This is unique situation because most of time, your data's not this long, most of it's just great is one or two letters instead of san francisco, new york, you know, and you can choose to items. What? What? You want to go on onto this on this side so it doesn't necessarily have to be the same. But now you have all that information you need, but really the most important part now that you're getting this to go to photo day is now the name is important because I talked about I want that name bold. So when I grab it, I go oh, look hey, ali, how are you? Have a seat or have, you know, stand over there on the feet again makes it personal. So that's why? The name is a top and the name is bowled over everything else. And if you don't like this, you can print and then what you do is you, khun, you can put him out, and this is basically what it looks like, or you can do if you I don't like the labels themselves and you want to do something else you can actually do photo cards and they make him nice and big so you have multiple ways that you can help with this data and so if you have bad eye sight, you're used to dealing with something a little larger, you don't want to be able because you could do this on labels you could do this on four by six no cards and you don't want to have to take these off and put him on a three by five note cards or whatever, which is an extra step you can easily just do this option as well. So there's multiple ways for different formats and then what we do you wanna and then what we do? So this is the san francisco office that we already photographed, then we would take those once we haven't printed out and we put him on just simple throughout five note cards we usually put him up on the top part that leaves this room if we need to write anything down and when we photographed, you're going to see we're going to hold it right here, so when we hold it out, our finger won't be over the bar code we put it down low, we could cover our finger out when we're photographing or something, so we just put him right on the top we do this at night when I'm watching tv drinking a beer, whatever I mean it just doesn't have to be done there's no scientific problem here it's just a very simplistic way of doing it and I forgot to show you one important thing. If you want everything sort of my last name you could just click on the last name we'll sort everything by last names you want everything by the teacher whatever you can click on that it's going to organize it you wanted by their grade or whatever so and that's how it's gonna turn out so if you want everything sorted by grade first you would click the grade and then we'll be alphabetical order by great if you want everything done by teacher which is usually what we like to do because that's how they're coming to us for school function or sports function I would sort my team or my teacher and then it will be offered a quarter by the giants by the astros and then we just come out and we make an individual folder. In this case we have three classes, so I have an individual folder for each of the offices. If it's little league and I have fifty teams, I would literally have fifty folders that have just the giants of majors in here just the astros in here, etcetera, where I just have ninth grade miss johnson's class period one ninth grade johnson's class period too and everything else on how they come to us so when they come I little could just grab this pull out twenty or thirty cards and we can hang him out to the kids before they come right before they come to us because if you well with the little kids you can hand out free pretty good beforehand with high school kids you don't want to hand out before it all because little john and little jenny are going to switch cards right before they get up to photograph it's gonna be so cool let's do it and the system's gonna work flawless but you're going to be backwards the entire system and they'll go into the yearbook backwards and everything else because of friends working yearbook and they're gonna go yeah everything's fine teach no problem and then the yearbooks didn't come out it's all backwards because that happened to us the first year it is my fault right it's my fault so we had him out as they come to us in fact it takes longer for us to hand the barcodes out and verify with their id then it does the photographs but that's important because we looked like idiots that first year how do you make sure you are handing the correct card to the correct kid and johnny isn't being stupid and saying his name is bob one we checked their ideas if they haven't luckily, our high schools, they required about where their ideas for safety reasons, and so we verify and two he's go ahead, johnny. Usually john is going to turn his head, you khun telling the kids up something because they're friends around and they'll know if they're if they're pulling your leg or something. If you pay attention and be able to pick up there way had the when we photographed the seniors one year and you have in your cap and gown, you have the national honor society throw, and we started noticing because they didn't give us a list of national honor society that say they were going to get it to us and it's my fault, I should've gotten this together, we'll get to you, we'll give it to you, and they never got it to us and what we're just gonna photograph home. I started noticing all the football team was national honor society, which you know, doesn't happen very often and find your like, you know, we just talked to principal if whoever takes the national honor society photos, not a nationalist, I won't be yearbook let me take this often I may not be on here yeah, I might not be honest, I think maybe my just below that yeah, so then they start backtracking. So you have to get a list of any any category you're going. Do you really need a list? So we have a national recitalist as the name comes up and if it's on it it's fine. If they said no, I'm really going to be on the end of the year. Then we retake. Um, we still do not photograph women that national honor society. So and we used to do like one with one without no on the list. They get photographed. They don't. They don't in the story. That's. Not my gig. That's the school school gave me the list. I gotta go. Bye. You have a problem? Take it with principal, that kind of thing. Because if you start giving, take it's just it's. Absolutely nightmare, it's an absolute nightmare coming to the end of the segment. We just real quick. So this is what you want your final data to look like. You've entered it all. You sorted out all the problems. And now you have a bar code and it barcodes everyone for you that bark. Oh, this right here. That bar code is a two d barcode. Basically, your one day is your classic marco that has the lines. This, some people call the q r codes. This is what we you collect. You can actually, we're going to get into later for the typical, you could do one or two d barcode on the template builder, but these labels are always a tooty because it collects more data. It's a lot easier, lot easier reading, less error. So this is always a two day it's, always going to look like this, and this is everything you need cause literally all you do, which we're going to show you next power. Just hold us out photographic, and that photograph is what sorts all your kids.

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This course is very comprehensive and full of valuable information for anyone wanting to get into High Volume Photography. We have been doing this type of photography for 5 decades and still found many great ideas to improve on what we do. However, this class was produced in 2013 and although I am not certain as to the current circumstances of TriCoast, it appears that Cody and Mike are no longer in business together and because of this, the FotoVelocity program (which in my opinion is the greatest program for what we do) is no longer being offered. Regardless, this program is worth every cent of the purchase price. My hope is that new versions of FotoVelocity will soon be available. In the meantime we are still using the current version and it still works great. It literally saved our three man high velocity studio thousands of hours of pre-/post- production work. We are a small town operation which provides photos for schools and sports in our local area to over 27,000 clients a year.