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Group Photos and Scheduling Re-shoots

This is probably the hardest thing to wrap your mind around when it comes to photo velocity so what you want to do and you can do it multiple ways what I suggest doing with school dances lots of times it's just easier because you never know how that's all going to work. What I like to do is once they're sorted, which I have all these images sorted now for the most part I'm going to actually when it comes to the group, I will actually just get a card right down like the four kids name that's on that photo photograph that card in the photograph film I find it's easier for me to just manually take that one image and paste it into all for their folders once you're sorted that's pretty easy because it's so random you don't know what you're going to do now you can create barcodes but I found in the un no, no, I guess is that question is with school dances where you can have so many people coming up and you get out the same person come out four, five times in different groups and everything e...

lse it's easier just to write their names down once I do the sort I can go in the person of management find their I d number and then just pasted in each folder in a more controlled environment like a sports team league or the spring photos bring personality photos for a small school, the little kids when they actually take a group photo for the class they're individuals or the team photo for sports what we do for photo velocities we actually can enter when we add a new person we could actually do like group and we're going to say seattle and we're going to do teach the greatest seattle since this is the group let's say that all seattle employees took a group we're going to say and over here it has is group photo and we click the is group photo and we hit safe and so what that's going to do is in our data it will add a saved I mean a team, a group photo we scanned down to the bottom where it adds it and if you notice there's my group seattle it says yes in this in group column nowthe one thing then I should've forgot to add let me show you the one thing you need to do is you see how let me close this out. It'll be easier to explain you see how this grade right here I entered your position where you guys worked and lived his grade and all the people in seattle are the same all the people in san francisco the same, so when I enter my group photos for if seattle if you want to do a sports team again, think of that as the giants or whatever else what you want to do is you want to add and let me pull it up when we find it before I won't be keeping keeping used sorry guys again I'm no jack davis at this love jack it's where I learned all my information from so let's start over so I want to do a group and we're going to do we'll do san fran and we're going to do in the grade the exact same thing that says here will do new york there's only one in new york so it's a little easier to understand I know we'll do seattle who cares? So in the grade I want to put in seattle as well in the grade and we're going to put his group and we're going to hit save we're going to close it out and now what happens it's down here and when I actually sort ideo and it prints out of bar code so when the seattle group comes up I would photograph that group barcode and photographed my group as many times as I need to get the images that I want just like the individual you come back in your processing area, you find the winning group photo it sorts it goes into the folder by itself that whole bit you're done all that and then you can come in and you hit group sort group photos and what it's going to do because I have the grade the same so everybody's greatest seattle or new york or san francisco in this case that one group is seattle and the greatest seattle's well in the group data does that make sense you actually would sort by grade and it's going to sort all the group it would go to those when you do this I know I'm probably confusing the hell out of you when you go to this it's going to pick up all the group photos that has is group it's going to go to this it's going to say okay in greatest seattle so I'm going to put every individual that has great seattle I'm gonna put this group photo in their folder so it automatically copies that image and puts it in all the seattle group photo and then you have a san francisco group is going to copy it and put in all the san francisco group so that one group photo if you have eighty employees from seattle will be in all eighty individual photos folders so in a controlled environment that way for a school dance I just found it easier just because it's so random just to write their names on the card, photograph it and then allow us to disorder mannion later just by cutting pace and put them in the folders keep it simple exactly I don't think the hard part is actually sorting the kid to who they are keeping the photo with the day that's the hard part and that's the strength of photo velocity it really sorts him out easy once you have that everything else you like you said keeps it simple makes it easier awesome thank you I think that sparked a couple other questions in our studio audience are you okay to take y'all have a just a couple questions when you have where you're doing the kid the day and also the group photo the day and so you're not doing your doing all pre sales you're not doing the after sale so you're not making that prove she how do you do you just make it a separate group or like choice like choice b is the group photo I usually yeah I usually make it as an add on drew photos and sports leagues thie what we call the memory mates the one that has the team in individual those air really really big so you can either add it into your portrait package where everybody gets one if you want or you can separate it and added as an add on or you can even make it if you want you know if your goal is to get twelve dollars a package off everybody make that eight by ten twelve dollars and just use it as its own individual package or all three if you want, because some people, even though they get like a five by seven group that wanted eight by ten or or vice versa because I know for our sports leagues almost all our packages and not all of them have a five by seventeen photo in it because that's that's, the biggie that's what they want if you want to raise if you want to get a little higher average, maybe your lower package doesn't have that five by seventeen minutes, and they've got to go to the second packages or above to get that he will really push people up to do that. However there's that fine line you gotta play happy with because the board might like that. They think you're a jerk and they'll deal with it this year, but they won't bring you back the following year. So those are all the things that you want to kind of talk about with the board beforehand, the sports league board I'm talking about, but yeah, using we just included in a package, and it goes with him until we sort it and then it's just another photo and it just upload to the lab and they printed out and millers will put them all in one folder, and you just hand him out when you get back. Along those lines with memory mates is their way when you go to upload that to miller's thatyou can designate this is the team photo for the memory made package and have it automatically included well more time I think I understand you but I want to make when you create memory made like in miller's for example you you do the package and then you designate that with this student's three by five include this group photo so how does the software it puts that it's a little different it works the same way but it's just a little bit different way of doing it so since we put that group photo and everybody's older it's just another pose of that child and so if you have an eight by ten of that memory made across the border let's say it's a five by seven you putting everybody to you know every package against five by seven you literally in photo velocity in the picture package pose like we have a bunch here if post four is the memory made across the board on everybody and I know that a member may is five by seven or eight by ten and you pre set up your packages is let's say everybody gets a five by seven memory may I have that memory made and everybody's folder already by just sorting and put it in there and buy me setting that package up in miller's package j is a five one five by seven I literally would just do a little bit just go, jay and so when I uploaded to miller's, everybody gets packaged j automatically, and I found that's a little easier for me work with each individual, because when I from my brain, when I first started trying to attach certain files to certain kids and this group, I got confused, and so, because some kids needed it, some kids didn't, and this was like, if my memory it's always package for its j is my five by seven it's going all just it upload them it's done. How do you deal with the teams that want their names below the picture? Well, you could do multiple things that's a great, great question, not just saying it is, cody says now I'm a little worried about sand it every time, because I guess I do, but you can do multiple things, you can batch it on with photo shop if you want, which is what I've done a lot we actually create no graphic authority has some really amazing templates out there that we use, and you can actually handwrite the names in there if you want, it takes a little more time, which we do sometimes, but problem is, when you hand write stuff, you're going to misspell names and if you have something that's going backwards, you know giants the eye before a before I and you're gonna have a backwards but generally it's going to be either in the systems if you have a system that will do that um but photo velocity itself then you can use the template builder and actually build it if you want, but right now photo velocity doesn't have a direct way to handle that, but we usually let the lab do it so dependent on your lab they usually do it for you a swell they can set up overlays and they can actually put it on the images for you. It just depends on which order in system and I don't want say all abacus all labs don't do that, but some labs will do that they have overlays that you khun when you when you upload it, they actually look at the data just like we and if it's the team is the they have a team column, you designate that they'll actually take whatever's in that team column and put on the photos for you that makes sense again, we have some issues here because I got to solve because the hand written, but I wanted you to look at the image associated column right now and we'll just go ahead and I'm gonna highlight the image association column and so now we have all these this one person right here is really messed up it has five images we should only have one so let's say I thought I did all my sorting which in this case we know he didn't but let's say I thought it'd almost sorting and I have a problem these right here from these these five groups should only have one image they have three and this one has five well this is bar code three zero five two I literally can't go to my bar code three zero five two and they should have five images in there and there they are and so now I literally can go back and no, these are my problems so it's another check system for you to realize that I have issues and that everyone just needs that one one image that I'm giving with giving now once you sort all those out the neat thing about this also and I told you is on photo velocity so now once you have it all sorted all these ones that have zero images associated with him those the ones we have not photographed yet so I can actually literally just copy that data copy it and placed it into an excel spreadsheet or google document take out the information they don't need that I could just email that directly to my clients say these are the kids we have not photograph we still need to get right off the bat don't know who you have and who you haven't photographed and that is tremendous again if you're trying to get a yearbook and you're trying to get all those seniors in that yearbook that is huge huge, huge huge so really quickly you can easily do that and and so it works really, really well and then finally I wanted to kind of show you this before we end on the day, so now I have my I told you I showed you earlier we have our san francisco people and I I knew what I was doing, so I hand hand written all the cards and I physically sorted them into their own folder. I went back to the data and I found that this guy's name tag was I d number two zero zero one so I made two zero zero wanted dropped his image in there and it is easy this is once you have does all sorted, I can literally copy these and paste them into where you already put what photo velocity, this sort of folder j peg sorted and when I paste them in there because they're already in the data, it automatically automatically refreshes the data toe where I don't have all those people now eighty seven people of the hundred and sixteen that I have in the data so instantly those the system thinks it's sorted but when you have all those handwritten which is what I'm going to do and and break with all those few other hand written ones just we're all on the same page I didn't want to be just so redundant so now all my san francisco people that I didn't have any data for in the sense on location of the barcodes are now sorted and matched up with our data in the system so that tremendously helps and also this keeps you in line with who we haven't photographed who we need to photograph how many we have total how many we don't have all this is here and now finally before we end this segment you notice now we have what used to be a red light it's a green light now we haven't sorted all these other items or opened up for you to play with in your workflow because now you have everything sorted so I'm not saying I can go to the next step I can do whatever else you need to do with this work flow because the barcoding was the first important thing entering that end of the day it was the first important thing and then after that you could add people then sorting and now that we have it sorted we're happy eighty seven of eighty seven with zero images issues pretend that all the images that we have are solved now we would go on to the next steps

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This course is very comprehensive and full of valuable information for anyone wanting to get into High Volume Photography. We have been doing this type of photography for 5 decades and still found many great ideas to improve on what we do. However, this class was produced in 2013 and although I am not certain as to the current circumstances of TriCoast, it appears that Cody and Mike are no longer in business together and because of this, the FotoVelocity program (which in my opinion is the greatest program for what we do) is no longer being offered. Regardless, this program is worth every cent of the purchase price. My hope is that new versions of FotoVelocity will soon be available. In the meantime we are still using the current version and it still works great. It literally saved our three man high velocity studio thousands of hours of pre-/post- production work. We are a small town operation which provides photos for schools and sports in our local area to over 27,000 clients a year.