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Photo Sorting with FotoVelocity

Basically, what I would do once we process all these, you just hits a ball and you can actually name if you want, which we already have renamed I'm actually going to select another folder outside the raw folder, so here's my seattle and I'll just make a new folder, and we're gonna call this when j peg unsorted is what I call it, you can call it whatever you want for your for your own processing for your workflow I don't I don't really care and we're actually going to save and they're going to run room and so basically, oh, I needed maybe select all and then save him. I'm an idiot and so basically what this does and I need to make sure it's j peg, this is going to make a folder of just my keeper images and so as they come in and this is what we're going to end up sorting with and why we're while that's doing that, I wanted to go over basically what seattle is mean what san francisco is done, we saw that, and so I have my j peg sorted and I have unsorted so here's here's what they did in...

san francisco, so you know, if we didn't have any barcodes at that time, we have a roster I gotta roster from this office with both office names on it but I don't know who these people are I wasn't there to get barcodes, so what we did was just handwriting just like the few that came in here they're handwritten, they just hand wrote, so we got the image barcode image keeper image barcode image keeper image which I've already narrowed this down so this is what so once you get done, this is kind of what you're unsorted folder will look like just your winning images that you're going to use plus the barcode image it's not a barcode image it'll be the handwritten card or something of that nature once we sort on which we're going to do here shortly, this is what photo velocity does so now it's going to look at the image the barcode would operate the folder with the number, innit? Great credit folder name it the I d number and then putting any image in it until it reads the next bar code and sorts it all for you. So what I had to do with seattle san francisco because they didn't have their bar code so basically what I did manually this is worst case scenario since her name was already in the roster I had that name tag so I looked a tte this guy that two thousand one and said okay what's his name so I in the person of management screen of photo velocity I just did a search for his name right here. Found his name. His I d number was two thousand one. I just simply created that folder and then dropped his justice photo. Took the bar code number out justice photo in there. So all those handwritten cards that's what we would do we and if they're already in the system, they already going to have an I d number if they're not in the system and photo velocity system, all you would do is just hit at new person write their name in the id number already comes up. You can literally just copy it and make a folder, making it that name and place in that photo inside that folder and the software is going to see it as you've sorted out the whole time. So that's one big air, a resolution form that you can do this is why I like when I see that there's problems. This is why I like to pull them out and put them in their own folder, because I know I'm going to spend some extra time with him. I know him enough to spend some extra work, and I want to be able to separate those from my easy ones. Maybe I don't not in the mood to do those at this time or maybe that's what I want to do and I don't want to work with something else, you know, you're getting different moods to do two things, but either way, I like to separate my problem children from my non problem children. All right, so we have that hope for unfold. Er definitely. So we have all these folders sorted and these are all the people there from from san francisco once we sort and I will show you that as soon as we finished saving these images, once we finish sorting, which were done cool, now we could go into the sort feature, and this is kind of the, uh I would say the magic photo velocity in many ways this is the neat part and so here's your main screen once we get out the person management screen and I want to show you the on ly things you can do because you got remember photo velocity is a workflow software. It leads you through the process of your of your photo day, and so I can either enter another csb file so override my original data, I can add people I can create a pre shoot template which were just fixing to talk about that or I consort images all these other links you can not touch they're not highlighted it's is not ready for any other actions because you have to sort first before you can do anything so it helps you guide you through the process of your workflow instead of just having to have a note a list of yes, I've done this yesterday and this this is a digital form of that and lead you through the process so you can't get confused on what you need to do next so kind of backtrack up before we actually had photo day and I should have talked about it before, but we didn't you khun do appreciate template and what that is is very similar to our career template. Once we sort I'll show you what that is, for example, we have a client in new york they do, they're really big into the jewish community and they have a layout of basically during the holiday season for multiple stations that the family comes through about different holiday season's tanaka, that kind of stuff. And so what that company's done is designed in photoshopped. A beautiful little outline is displaying a four by six card that tells people exactly how to view their images online it talks about thank you for coming here blah, blah, blah, blah on has their logo on its pure marketing and then has a bar code on it appreciate template will make all the for you. So once you enter the data and you know you, you know the names you know, the I d numbers, it'll make appreciate template that unique it has there everyone's unique. I d number on it very similar toe. Why are shoot cards are so you can actually make custom shoot cards if you wanted to basically so as these clients came up and you don't know who they are, they're random. They would come up with their family, you would give them a card when they first start going through the scenes, and in every station you hand that card to that photographer, they photographed the card, photographed the family behind that hand, look hard back, they go through the next station and repeat the process. When they get done, they take that card home because that also tells him exactly how to go online ofyou. The images says in a week, you'll have the images online. Well, once they get done for the day, they just combined all those images because that's six or seven stations, just like we talked about sort of and it's, sort of all in one folder, and then the upload on without pascoe protection, and they're done. Then they just do online sales they don't have to worry about anything else they're completely done with the entire process of work flow so that's kind of what appreciate templates are good for you can make your own unique shoot cards with it I don't I just used the labels because I think it's it's less expensive but if you have a really fancy gala like a fancy dance whatever else and you wanna have logos and you want to do all the stuff you absolutely could do that with it so those are the atoms that you can do for the pre shoot aspect so now comes the sorting so we're going to sort by barcode if you had and I mentioned really quick the old fuji's they're not around him or that some nikon camera's canon seven v which is a studio version basically what these unique models are they have an extra computer part inside there inside the camera that'll and an extra port that allows you to plug in an external barcode reader and so when you have that camera tripod in the bar code reader set upon on a tripod our little barcodes and said a photograph in a moment photo day you would just scan the barcode and what that does is when I take a photo that person it's actually going to embed that bar code number in the metadata file of that image that you take in the miscellaneous section so the neat thing about that is we could actually just sort by the metadata file and it'll create folders and everything else like really fast two hundred kids in like a second I mean it's really fast when you do that, however that's an elite level volume and that's it's more money for those cameras and everything else and it's where we would love to go, especially when we first started off, but I knew we didn't have the money to do that. And that's why the sorting by barcode is nice so you can do either horse if you have two stations, one station has the scanner one station doesn't you khun do both ways and it's still going to work within photo velocity so it's very versatile. All right, so now we need our source images our source images are exactly the ones we just output it to the jpeg unsorted folder you can call it your source folder you can call it whatever the heck you want, it doesn't matter whatever makes sense to you, so I'm gonna hit brows and I'm going to go to those photos and my pictures folder wherever you have it on your computer and you're going to say, all right, here's, my seattle and that's why I like everything and that's my unsorted perfect now, I want to say location to copy images, this is a big part of photo velocity because I'm a photographer and I don't want to mess up anything. We never damage the original files, the original files are always there, so anything we do, we make copies from a cropping standpoint to renaming, we make a copy, so you're gonna have multiple folders with the same images on there, but it may be in different naming formats, maybe different sizes, but I never want to destroy my original file because you never know when you're gonna have to go back to that. In this case, we're going to go it's going to open up, and you're going to find it again the exact same put zack saying folder here and we're going to make a new folder called j peg sorted kind of real creative and that's going to be where I am sending my photos, too, so that's the folder is gonna have if I have in this case eighty or whatever people have eighty individual folders now here's a safety feature, approximately images per student in this case we have won in this case, we have one's image per student if you have multiple, like a dance studio where you could have one to twenty, you would put the minimum number in there and what this is telling photo velocity, I should read one bar code and then read an image without a barcode, everyone barcode and image without a barcode because every person should have one image, the minimal number that makes sense. So it's a safety features. So I'm going to change this from two to one, and this is just all the ideas of the same length. It's another safety feature by default. It's it's checked there. So I'm gonna go ahead and hit sort. And now it's working it's starting to read those images were going if you look down here tells you exactly what image it's on I'm gonna pop open our folders here and I want to show you them starting to come up so if I can get to where I need to be and so we have the unknowns right away, which you're going to be there and they're going to slowly start disappearing and they're going to start creating folders just like we have in the seattle. Of course I'm mainly made these, and so they're slowly going to start creating these folders will only start dropping the images in there. We have a lot of errors which we made on purpose. In this system because we want to show you the air's we don't want to show you a perfect workflow scenario because that would be no fun that would be fun if it was realised but it's no fun in a in a training cinnamon seminar and so they're slowly just slowly going through everything the one thing you need to make sure of is you don't want to know if you noticed my folder structure when I make a folder structure I have my main folder and then I have within that I have the sordid and the unsorted on the same level you don't want to put the sordid inside the unsorted or anything else you want to keep all those folders on the same level none inside each other so it makes one master folder and then keep everything else on the same level that makes sense you know this is kind of hard material to go over right after lunch I just want to make sure we're all on the same same plan all good, any questions while I'm doing this so here's a lot of the folder starting to come in we do have some areas already which we knew we were gonna have the handwritten cards which I didn't sort which I normally would sort out you can start seeing but you can literally see the barcodes starting to come in bark it's starting to fly I made some the unknowns I know a few of that should show up I'm hoping some or don't show up I mean, I hope some or show up that I'm not aware of so we can really have some possible issues that will happen, but this is what's need about it it's literally sort of these images reem and giving you separating everything for you kind of go to this way so you can actually see him build also what's needed when you enter it and says eighty people whatever it says, we have forty two items, so it kind of gives you an idea of how many boulders actually start popping up, so if you if you have eighty people, you should hopefully have eighty folders you don't have eighty folders, you got some air somewhere and we have all the hand written ones are going to pop up, you know, the one without a bar codes gonna pop up the one that's from that's ripped that we ripped should pop up because it couldn't read because a kid, you know, wrinkle it up or whatever. So those air also possible issues. So we should have at least ten to fifteen errors here from the data that we collected hopefully that sounds really weird to say that all right, so we're finished we actually got quite a few errors that's also from the data and it's going to tell you warning at least one folder contains more images than expected twelve and she only supposed to have one, and so please complete the resolution forms you click okay, and now it's going to take you directly into the air resolution form, and so I'm going to kind of bring a photo blasting in the background so you understand it, and I'll bring this up since we're going back and forth. And so basically, this is a perfect example of a handwritten card, how you're going to have an heir, so it read a barcode, and it says, I'm the first person to check on me that people look like me, so it read the person's barcode before this image, it knows it should only have one image because you put in that every person should have at least one image. But the problem is, I read three after that bar code because this is a hand written image, so since this one's default that looks like him, I'm going to continue and now it's saying, okay, I read I d three zero zero on that I d this is that person's name is this that person and you say yelp and you get resolved so now it's sort of that photo in tow idea folder three zero zero now we have a problem these air hand written so now I want to say I represent a barcode because you do and then I looked like the person in that first image that makes sense but now I hate continue so now you have this person it's definitely three zero zero so basically this is a zoom feature you put your mouth in that little window. This is the full resolution to that file you right? Click to slow down your mouth you could do either way right click zoom out left click to zoom in and I'm just going to physically move over to this and say okay, this person's not in the system so I'm just gonna click search ad bring up my my search folder and I'm going to literally just add them directly into this so her name is andrea scott this is a ride so I'm gonna copy that and she is in the seattle grade and you hit save but now she's in the system I just copied her I d number so then I can just literally pace that right there and hit resolve and now it sorts it correctly and now this is the next folder that had more than one photo same identical thing we know this guy read it so now we're going to go through it we know that's him we hit resolve now we have another having another handwritten card it's the exact same issue we had one before I'm going to zoom out until I can read this gentleman's name and you simply added, so there he is, so I can go over to my ad and hit this and I can add another person and you literally khun just keep doing this and fourteen takes a little time, but it's very simple keep and this is a perfect example of why I tell people to always bring a sharpie or a thick pin when you're riding the hand the names on the card because I have a hard time reading this guy's last name I can't read it is that appears that an r and I'm obviously for this, I'm just writing something in it doesn't really matter for this scenario, but for scenario where you need actually know their name, this could really come back to haunt you, so hopes I need it save so always use a sharpie or some sort of thicker pin it resolved, and so this person's name is resolved another name. So you see how this is pretty easy. So hopefully let me get through a few of these that are not handwritten guards, you'll have any questions why I'm doing this cricket cricket like ask you, have you have some online? Asked me and we'll go through this if I have a new air that they haven't seen, I'm going to go ahead and pop it up because we're actually working this for riel workflow, so I want to kind of show them every possible option, so why are you adding them as a new person instead of searching to see if they're in there and their car just got destroyed that's a perfect example that hopefully some of these did have did do that, but no, that is a perfect you brought up a great point. I'm sometimes that will happen and here's the thing if that happens, they're going to be the system twice one of their folders this new id let's say we missed them, we create this new idea, they're going to be in the system under that idea. The other one, they're goingto have zero photos associated with him so it can cause problems if you collect that list of people you didn't photograph and they're going to be on there when you did photograph besides that, it really doesn't calls any other problems because their names correct unless they have a unique idea that you have to keep with them if they have a unique and you have to keep with him it's an issue so yes, absolutely exactly what you said I would always check the data first because some of the people that say they don't have a card or in there maybe you got busy like we talked about before we just started handwriting cards and winning when it goes into there all you have to do is search for their name, you'll find their I d number you just copy that I d number instead of letting the system create a new one like I'm doing here, you would just paste it in the exact same place which is right here and so let's say he is two thousand four instead of this and the system are missing I would just once I find it, I would post in the two thousand four and the system would actually solve it justus if they were always there makes sense, we do have a question that is very serious and the internet is just dying to know I mean, the fate of I think humanity as we know it depends on this's this has got to be scared a little the way you're building this up. So the internets wondering what how you deal with, uh, clients here concerned about lice when you give them your graduation caps question we actually have a can of lysol obviously kills it right there and every time we actually spray him off because you'll be amazed what these kids come in from lex it for football practice or they'll have so much hair black cody have so much hair product in his hair when you put it up the hat on, you take it off it's like, just full of grease or whatever, and so we have literally lysol cans and and lice killing things right there that we spray everything off before we we give him back. So as I said earlier, we get our graduation supplies from hendricks graduation supplies and the gowns will last a long time. The hats will deteriorate faster, there's still last year, several years but their cardboard with cover over there it's sturdy, but they will the more you spray, the more you get wet, they will deteriorate, so we just end up getting new hats every once in a while we'll thank you. You're just full of wisdom time for one more question, you know, I'm answering all these areas, we actually probably have more orders than we then I wanted a bunch of errors, but all these henry in cars, I probably should have separated, so we got a lot of time. S o beth in the chat rooms is asking, do you split a student shoot across two cards? Ever? What if you run out of space? Do you? They're asking if you shoot another bar code if you run out of space we try to as I talked about when this is full or the car distal will stop and put it on here but let's say you actually shoot the barcode and that's the last one you didn't realize it at that point yeah, what we would do we take those cards out, we put them all together and if we end ana barca will start we'll reshoot that that same bar code and that brings up a good point I don't know if this camera and see that you see how we actually stuck these barcodes on this little piece of metal we try not to ever stick them through the barcode itself, so that way we could actually this is that last one we just take it off, reshoot it and then we put it back on on the new the new setup? Absolutely how girl jesse asked what happens when kids are absent on photo day who we have retake that we always set up and then basically if they're with their absent and we're going to show you soon as I get done with all these, these corrections and I'm hoping we're going to get done with we had quite a few hand written I know and if we have too many I'mjust going teo pull him out later and we'll worry about it, but when you get this all sorted you're going to be able to see who we did not photograph from our data and also if we have you can actually organize it, go back to your question you can actually organize it by name and maybe there is already an alex wash in here and I'm entering twice you'll actually be able to go through and you can actually delete one of a cz wealth he needed to I try not to delete anything in my data even if I do a test or whatever else I want to leave it all in there only because I'm worried I just don't like the leading anything, but it will allow you to to delete if you need to have a question in the studio audience. So what do you do when you have a parent who doesn't like the picture that you gave so they came back on retake day? Do you get the pictures back from them? And then how does that work with song and stuff we have in a retaking this again member goes back to set limitations on everything you do we have in our retail when we hand out our photos there is a hundred percent guarantee that if you don't like the photos for any reason we will give your money back to you, however, for retake if you don't like the photos because your kid in small, correctly or anything else there is a fee for the retake and that limits a lot of people saying, you know what for ten dollars your smiles just fine, but if you don't put that ten dollars on there, they're just gonna come back over and over now if we mess up their eyes are closed bad exposures something that on iran absolutely get it for free no questions asked absolutely but we charge ten dollars to twenty five dollars retake feed opinion on the job because of that because it really can cause a lot of issues the first time we didn't do it and we have people coming out the woodwork wanting us to redo everything and unfortunately you had to because we didn't allow ourselves any out and so it's much likely if you shoot weddings and you say eight hour package and they get the eight hour package and you're having a blast and it comes to the end of the day and you could leave now if it's a great client no, I'll stay some more we'll have some fun times, but if it's a jerk client sorry your contract's up I'm out of here gives me that out you know if you want to pay two hundred dollars or whatever extra an hour sure let's do it so we always like to have that out given to us these more hand written, so keep talking I'll um I'm gonna fix it another question, and if you tell us a little more about the reforms like yeah, we're going to get to those in just the right code on, you know, how does the whole process work? People may let until they bring it in on you know what I mean for pre shoot? If we're just going to get order, like just regular orders? I don't do any barcodes on the order forms their generic there across the board, they're not unique to anybody. Now they'll be unique in the sense that I'm going to have my logo, the school or my logo on that kind of stuff on there, but I'm not gonna have any of their name or any of that stuff on there because it's just too you hang him out to fill them out the tournament. Now what you can do when they turn him in, you can actually have a stack of labels already printed out, you can pull it off and stick it on there and then give it to him. You could do that if you didn't want to do the note this car this bit we have people clients that do that for hostile, because especially with our big jobs it's so so big and so fast. That slows us down and so we just did not do that but you can easily do it if you wanted to know if they bring the order form in and then you input the order into the system correct we put it into to the pitcher package which we're going to show you and then from there it uploads from there and so we'll we'll take all these order forms we have on there they need to right their I d number on there because to me the idea numbers more important than the name. So what if there's a pre shoot and I don't know who you are it's a pre sale and I don't know who they are I will definitely get them to put their name and all that make it sure they spelled everything make sure everything's clear and then there's a big square that's boldin red idea number also they do it the day of the shoot they bring me that cash and I go home with a boatload of cash it's really a nice thing and and then for the post shoots when we do proof sheets which we're going to show you the software will actually put their I d number on it write everything on it and so when they just drop off the envelope everything is already on it so for appreciates you do have to get a little more a little more creative and you have to make sure whoever is bringing in whoever's there for your employees that's receiving if it's you or someone else you need to make sure that you can read it otherwise if they can't read it you're gonna have some problems and he hopes that he say his name is willie is that his real name? Walker okay, I was going to willy wonka getting all excited we're going to a few more of these then we're going to get to the other areas so if we have any any major missing things because I want to I want to make sure we're not falling behind on time and I want to show you some some other possible air resolution because again now you understand this takes a little bit time for the hands I would go a lot faster if I didn't when talking to you it takes a little more time for the handwritten cards because you're having to enter the people as ugo I think these are all hand written and they're going to be in layla's folder so we're just gonna put him in latest hola real quick and we're gonna keep going because I want to show you some other possible air resolutions while people are talking to us yeah do you have time for just one more? Absolutely we have all that you go actually have an in studio question yeah. Thanks. Okay. This may be a dumb question, but a ce faras retakes. Do you always do, matt, the school? And do you have any schools that say, no, we will absolutely not do a retake, sir, you need to do at the studio. Actually, we we wish they would let us do it with the studio. That would be heaven for us because it's in our world, but most of time we have to go back to the school most the time we have to go back to sports league or something generally dependent on the sports league we can do because we have enough land we have, like said four and a half, forty, five hundred square foot facility on they can have a lot. And so we actually khun set up in shooter sports leagues outside which we have done for make up for that, but for our schools, we go back to school, and so we set that up when I set up my original photo day, I set up a make up date to try to make it maybe three weeks, four weeks afterwards, something like that still give him because you still got to get time for them to round these people up and also depends on the deadline if you're doing a high school or someone that has a yearbook that's what you have to work off your first question you have when you have it when is your deadline for your your boat? When is the time that you can turn your stuff in and you find that deadline and then from there you work around the rest of the product you work around the rest of the work flow so if that's a deadline so let's, go ahead and get photo day here three weeks later no it's going to be moved up two weeks because your deadlines too quick for the year about two weeks later will be your retake day and that still gives me time because I want to give them all the kids not just the first day but retake on one disc don't give those kids if you do multiple shoots multiple days don't give him like three days if you do three shoot because they're going to lose one and those kids don't get in the yearbook and then it's your fault because that's happened to us and I know so now you do one disc because you know and she's unfortunately is not their yearbook teacher anymore that brings up a story I love you miss jamie she she comes in from never being a yearbook teacher she gets taken in halfway through this season because the yearbook teacher they've been there quit it december his teacher comes in never doing a yearbook ah whole new set of kids not knowing anything about it and she says to put this yearbook together we were starting off ah first year when we did this and I did my initial shoot and got an admin administration ps padilla's that we talked about a little bit last year yesterday gave it to her and then a retake gave it to and then some more kids came in and gave it to her I think she had for just that year some of the kids she missed the death some I'm gonna get in the year but we gave him to her, they didn't get the yearbook, so we don't know when your books come out we had a home student this point come five o'clock in the morning, my phone starts ringing and I'm gonna answer the phone because if it's my family are going to call me myself, all right, the phone starts ringing voice mail goes through the system, I'm kind of half asleep and also not start here in every four letter word in the book on our voice mail. So you like what's going on? So now you're kind of a wake you don't understand they hang up the time I could get up and get to the phone in the den, the phone's ringing again and someone else was customers out and then someone else we little took over seventy calls that day because they missed so many people in the yearbook and they were blaming us and we gave them all the photos but it didn't matter and so the kids put it together they lily missed the valedictorian they missed they missed the quarterback for the football team I mean they missed some big people in the yearbook it was over hundred kids go on in the senior class alone there's five hundred fifty seniors so I mean there's a lot of lot of missing the only thing that's really saved us was our senior reps in our trick oh senior business some of them weren't in there and we explain to people logically if it was our fault why we'd leave out our reps to and so that kind of saved us and unfortunately like said jamie is not there anymore she just was in a rock and hard place she stood up says no that's my fault I'm the teacher that's my fault but if it wasn't for her standing up we would've never we probably would have been fired from that job and never gotten that job back again so when I say give one disc it's important to give that one disc you verify that everything is on there I even give him a list of the ones that were not photographed when that give him the disk and they and sign off on that so they know these kids are not in the yearbook because that senior yearbook is huge so what we're going through and here's a perfect example so now we have multiple reasons these are the areas that cody actually came out with that we knew we were gonna have it perfect so it read this barcode we don't have this guy's barcode and then this one ripped so these air three common mistakes you're going constantly make besides the handheld because the handling cards really aren't an heir we knew they were going to pop up these are the things that you're going to make mistakes on so basically again it reads this person and it knows he's the first person and that's the on ly one that looks like this person so I'm not going to do anything else that it continue this guy barcode is this person and that sam so hit resolved so now my problem is I don't know who this one is so I can actually click on this photo and it's actually going to bring it up for me and I can say he is bob while I would say weirdo in this case with his photo and now you go back through the list and you find of course this is an heir to you find his card you could find the person before him and here's my card of that person and his number is three, zero two, three I remember his number, I close this out, I'll remembers number, and so I'll go ahead and just hit. He doesn't represent the barcode he's, the first person someone hit continue, and I'll just enter three, zero, two, three and hit resolve. And so that's, why you keep these in order when you forget to shoot the barcode and it's that easy to solve that problem, and then my next one is very similar to what we've done before I'm gonna click yes represented barcode, yes, represent the person, and as long as you can see that bar code number, which we can in this gentleman's card, you can go back and forth. I'm zoomed out too far, so I'm gonna zoom in and his number is three, zero zero, eight, three, zero zero eight make sure you type it incorrectly, double check and hit resolve, and they're resolved all the rest of these air hand written cards kind of issues, and this, this is another one, so we're going to kind of skipped through a lot of these problems, and I'm going to sort it out later because I wanted to make sure we have enough time and one sorting this complete sorting is complete, and now, once you reopen this software, if you look now we have this is perfect. We have our split total fifty eight way actually split fifty eight people, images with data's, fifty seven. We have one person that has no data, so either I typed in the I d number, wrong and it's, not matching up with the data. Maybe we sorted it, and they're just not in the data, and if you click on that, it'll little eat, oh, and it's the unknown folder, because I didn't finish sorting. It will literally tell you which folder is the problem with without the data in this case is theater known because, again, I didn't finish sorting because we're trying to speed along. Once you actually finish the sorting process completely, that won't be there.

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Remember the childhood excitement of yearbook photo day? You can bring that same joy to your clients — by taking your photography talents to schools, events, and sport leagues. From yearbook portraits to little league photos, high volume photography is a great way to multiply your revenue while providing a highly sought-after service.

Join veteran photographers Mike Fulton and Cody Clinton for a two-day workshop that will show you how to break into the high volume photography market and streamline your workflow — from setup and processing to hosting and printing.

Mike and Cody will teach you how to pitch clients, build your business model, and walk you through setting up a high volume photo shoot. After this course, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to become the preferred photographer in your community.



This course is very comprehensive and full of valuable information for anyone wanting to get into High Volume Photography. We have been doing this type of photography for 5 decades and still found many great ideas to improve on what we do. However, this class was produced in 2013 and although I am not certain as to the current circumstances of TriCoast, it appears that Cody and Mike are no longer in business together and because of this, the FotoVelocity program (which in my opinion is the greatest program for what we do) is no longer being offered. Regardless, this program is worth every cent of the purchase price. My hope is that new versions of FotoVelocity will soon be available. In the meantime we are still using the current version and it still works great. It literally saved our three man high velocity studio thousands of hours of pre-/post- production work. We are a small town operation which provides photos for schools and sports in our local area to over 27,000 clients a year.