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How to Be a Commercial Photographer

Lesson 24 of 34

Shoot: Beer Glasses

Rob Grimm, Gary Martin, Aaron Nace

How to Be a Commercial Photographer

Rob Grimm, Gary Martin, Aaron Nace

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Lesson Info

24. Shoot: Beer Glasses

Lesson Info

Shoot: Beer Glasses

I mean, I think I can work. All right, let's do it. Like it, uh, geared to win gold cards handy. Um, the only only thing we have the other one was It would be the right edge. Like this edge right here. So you're confident that we already have that another shot? I am confident that we're gonna have another shot without question. Great. We'll go back and get it. Make sure we got it. Okay. Time for beer. Do we want everything? Tax, heart. Do we want to let any like that last beer bottle go out in front of that? Do you want to shoot it sharp and shoot itself or just shoot it soft? The shooter? Both we can. Yeah. All right. So what? Rob was asking, right? There's shooting kind of for insurance. We want to shoot it both ways so that in post, we might want to change our mind. They might want a difference. So, shooting, insurance, shooting at both ways. That's another reason why it takes longer. Because we're shooting things twice or three times. Yeah, we're more okay. Just give me focus on th...

at back back here and tell me how it is. It's Christian. It's answer. Yes. Um, if this were at a party, there would be condensation on that glass. Yes, there would be condensation on the glass. So But for this creative licenses creative license, this is a freshly poured beer. So if you think about it, it hasn't compensated quite yet, right? It has to have a little time to sit, so it is absolutely not quite there. So, um, let's see. Gary, where did the gold card go? We have that yet. But, Bob, if we were doing that, we have basically a steamer that we use that we would then put next to the glass on, put that sort of condensation on it and go back and forth, pulling the bottle out, cleaning it off, and then re doing it over and over. Okay, Rob, is it generally your plan to have several different composited versions for the client to look at? No, I don't wanna have several different composited versions. I wanna have insurance If they decide that. You know what? We shot that soft intentionally, but now we don't like it. I want to be able to have something in my back pocket It's just a way to cover your butt. Um, see why a right. That's very It's a very important thing to do just to give them options. And they like that. Holy cow, Rob, I know we're gonna be getting into post processing tomorrow, Capture had asked. Since this image requires focus stacking, how is the lighting going to be integrating Clearly? Um, well, delighting really should not be a problem. Yes, there's that flare going across the front, but the focus is not shifting exponentially. It's just shifting ever so slightly. It really should not be a problem for Aaron to handle it all. Plus, what he could do is he can take the very first base file that has the flare coming all the way through it. He can use that everywhere, with the exception of the bottle. And just bring that new bottle in or that new glass in and it's not. It won't be an issue. It will actually be fine. Try that. Okay, bad. It's minus. This is pretty hot right there. I know that. Probably that's coming from my pan. Correct, I think. Yeah, we could turn that exactly. Take stop out of that guy. So if you notice in this program, I'm able to see how much information. If you look right here where these numbers are If I drag my cursor over right here, I know that I have zero information. So there's zero chance of Aaron being able to recover any of that. So it's gonna make it quite a bit harder. We've got 1/2 hours. We got a call. Okay, so we got about 1/2 hour, so we're gonna kind of focus on doing this. So if you could hold your questions to the baby to the end will try and be audible, But we're gonna kind of see what that carnage of this, if that's better. So we've just changed the texture of the gold card. It's good to have multiples of these. And he's just seeing what works. He also just turned the light down. Think what? Three tents to tens. I turned it down. Stop. But it's still whole. Stop. We'll stop which that light might be the problem. The bare bulb. Yeah. Turn that one down. No. What's go there? Go there. Okay, so I got a shade that thing, So let's go right there. Are you guys playing telephone out there? How is it? What do you think of that? I mean, other than that I like that a lot of one. Just slightly. I mean, there is a little bit of information, but I don't mind having a little highlight on that. Okay, What's pop this and see what that looks like? What's that? That's I was wondering what we got a little bit of some kind of weird from the card, I guess. Yeah, it's not that big of a deal, but that's where the card is. Probably. It's like the corner of the cars of this. Blow it up for me, please. Voss istaf. It's the edge of the car. Doesn't like it got smaller when you move the card. So if you maybe move it to the right or left, it's gonna go away whatever way, because it was a lot bigger than last shop. Move it some more. Whatever direction you just moved it. Can I remember what I did? Yeah. All right. Try that. But the other the opposite direction. All right, there we go. So you did. Congratulations, Rob. You did it. Thank you, my friend. all right. I'm pretty sure positive that this beer is completely dead, but let's take a real quick look. Our friend the chopstick. No, it's got some life in it. All right, Here. You ready? Not yet, Buddy. Just making sure you're fan tension now. Actually, this is dead. This doesn't have enough, but not yet. Still is still tornado. And I wanted to share the tornado. Okay, I go again. Okay. We'll see if I can get just one more out of this beer. That actually really is not bad in some ways. So again, I was talking about that end time that's in the wood. Yeah, that's dead. That allows for the carbonation to explode, and I stir it and stirring and stirring and it just comes together. But this is not what I want. So what we're gonna dio is use our handy dandy beer pump to get them out and redo it. So this pump is something. I bought it here. It's just a little tiny little tiny pump. We rewired it. We basically cut the wire here, bought a trigger, rewired it down on this tubes tube has had a little bit of beer. Go through it, so it's kind of disgusting on the inside. That's the nature of the beast. Put it down in here and I get to be route. Pretty sweet, huh? All right, good time for questions. Has got one from cacs Toxic. Who said What's up with your German accent? Just, you know, enjoy the day they got the right next. It's usually you guys weren't privy to this information, but they speak in faux British or German accents all the time. While they're working, it's just it makes your day happier. I promise. We're not trying to offend anybody. We just we just only because Germany and the UK are two of our favorite countries to visit. They are both lived there so way. Just miss it. You are the only accents you know how to dio. I know, I know in Australian to, and you're Russians. Awesome. Russian is awesome Day on the job here. Yeah, well, you know, keeps it interesting. Rob Photo photo was wondering about that pump. What about it? Is that a specialty pump for just beer or no, it's just it's just basically a little tiny pump from Syria's is made for to do any little job. It's a water pump. We just happen to run beer through it. Sure thing. Paper towels. Okay. This is messy business. There's no doubt about it. Now, this beer is fresh, so I'm gonna have to be really careful, cause it's gonna go in a hurry. Here. You ready? Yep. Just let me know. See, I'm barely touching it, and it's really going. No, that looks pretty good for the head. Nice. Okay, I think it prefers it cold. It might, indeed. Okay. You ready? We're gonna go again here. Are you trying to get the head of the bed overflow? A little bit of a way, which is now Neil it. I definitely don't want it to overflow when it does. It's just a nightmare. That's not bad. Look at those bubbles Band. Yeah, that's a perfect beer head right there. This is for the slightly soft beer with sharp one. That's for the sharp here. Okay, because it's pretty sharp. Right? Um great. Here's the sharpest. So technically isn't the sharpest we could. Yeah. It's good enough for government work. We're going with this one, especially given our time constraints. So I pad, um actually, I think looks great. Okay, So I'm gonna do something else here. I'm gonna actually really fill this beer. Overfill it. And the reason is, I don't like the way you see the Ellipse underneath the lips of the beer head underneath. So I'm gonna pull a little bit of that off on, add some more beer in. I'm gonna fill it all the way to the top, and we're gonna capture it again so that we have more of a clean beer body that goes up into the beer head. I just don't I don't love that a lips. It's actually true life, but I don't love it. I don't want to have the option to eliminate it as much as I possibly can. Does that make sense to everybody? And a quick question from Jackie from here Popped up. Hang on one second. Okay, Gary, I'm gonna touch this in and pull it out. I just want to kind of make the carbonation go a little bit, but not overflow it. Okay, so we're seeing a big hole. Something changed, All right. I think that card moved a little bit, man. It did. I thought I barely touched that thing, though. Well, or is it just behind the head? No, because it wasn't there. The card moved right, you know, right there. Where? Well, 12 Corumba. All right, let's try that and see if that gets what was the question? The question was, would you change the color of the reflector? Or how would this be different if you're using clear liquids like vodka or rum? Yeah, clear liquids. Tough. That has been the age old battle. Who's pop that that we've had with clients all the time clear by. I've had this battle with a lot of clients. Clear is clear, which means you're going to see what's behind it or through it. You're not going to see a silver card or a white card. Most of time. We wind up going silver, not white, because they want. They want it toe look a little bit cleaner, but a white car just looks funky because vodka isn't white and Rome isn't white. It's really and truly whatever is behind it. So we've kind of battled out a few times in the past. Does it look like I have it all now, Gary? Uh, yeah. Okay, let's uh, mark this with a Yeah, Let's But let's try it again. I just want to touch that in there and see if I can't get some bubbles to kind of come up a little bit faster. All right? You ready? Yep. It's nice. That's pretty sweet. Let's do it one more time out. Can't blow that up for me. Okay. You ready? We're gonna go one more time. We got 20 minutes. All right, Then you better be ready. Go. Bam! It's the 1st 12 times ago is better. Okay. Their orbit. As do you think that you like? Yeah, That one. This one. Okay, good. I had a weird dead spot. Despot weaken. Retouch out. Right. Okay, so if you're cool with that, I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna shifted to the foreground. I'm happy to entertain any questions. Really curious about achieving the perfect phone for the beer? And could you let us know again? Exactly. The Chinese chopsticks that you're using? Their bamboo, Correct. Yeah, they're just would Are they bamboo? I don't know. Um well, it was Were there made or what? I have used different, uh, chopsticks from different Chinese restaurants over the last 20 years, all of them seemed to work. And they're just to go Chopsticks from a Chinese restaurant. You have the name of the restaurant or the location? Yeah, actually, its with Safi. And there several of them. There is one in ST Louis. There's one Clayton. There's one of Lakewood, Colorado. Edwardsville that is giving from should work, though, right? You got to be careful with the olive oil of its extra virgin olive oil. It works. Just kidding, Actually. Really supposed to use mineral spirits. So wonder if this is actually our mineral oil. I want if it's giving it a problem, man would not be a bummer if I blew out my pump after this year's in the next 20 minutes. Yeah, we could do it. I'm gonna have to. You have, uh, better instead. Okay. Um, do we have a strong Can we get us drunk? Or but strong would be better to tell you. All right, let's see if we can do that. Thank you. It'll take one minute, man. All right. This is interesting. Normally, with these things, you put oil in it every time when you started, so that it doesn't burn up. What's that? Uh, yeah, that's that's a long way to go. And that things molding not almost siphon that hawker out. I'd rather do it was use a straw. So on the fly, awesome. Also need another cup or a bowl or something to spit into. All right, so I don't get loaded. What I'm about to do This is not the first time that I've done it either to talking too much. Well, you could weaken to dump it in there until they bring one out. Gerry's is the first time this has ever happened. No. The last time this happened, we ended up in Panama City. Six hours later was it was the best 18 hours of my life. Uh, he's not kidding. Thanks, everybody. Everybody hold on. I had so funny. Hey, Tip, I blew out my pump. Well, your pump again. My blew up. What table? That's why you always have spare beer pump, man. Yeah, I will now. All right, let's check focus on that glass and see if it's good. Um, close, but, um nope, almost. Was that the wrong way? Yeah. Yeah, it's less sure I'm doing it. I feel not by sight right now. Just for speed sake. Closer. Closer? Not quite, actually. I think we're getting further. Yes. Shift. I didn't see, uh, shrink out. Look at the edge of the glass and that the bubbles. I don't see it sharp. It looks to be sharp. In the middle of the beer is what we're seeing right here, I think. What's up, peeps? Mostly it's gonna be sharper. I love this camera. What's that? Yeah, yeah, sure. On this one like that, it looks like a sharpest. Maybe like right in here. I think we're close for we're literally probably 1/2 an inch. Maybe last. I really don't have an edge to see doing a life. It's so hard to see. It's ridiculous. Was that? Yeah, that's good. All right, we're going there. More beer. And we need to fix that card a little bit. Yeah, we've seen Try that. Because there, please. Okay, closer. That's not bad. That's saying a little black hit right there. Do you mind that? Yeah. I don't love it, but I really love the quality of light that's going on on the inside. I almost want to have Aaron fix that deal. with it myself. But so let me make might cause a problem, because it's such a difference. It makes adjustments. See if it goes. Let's try that closer. That's better. Okay, pop that guy. I drink out for me. Let's see how the rest of the year look lost a little bit. So, um, we'll bring the panhead back up. Stop, Actually, bring up seven cents. It was popping up. You really have what? Bubbles looked a little soft when you zoomed in that last time. Um, let's having check it on that monitor this monitor at 7 20 p. Now there's a pretty tack sharp on the front. I think I think they're just a little blown out. They probably are a little blown out, but that Hey, elation is making a local so to me, what I'm seeing over here, it's now It's pretty sharp all in here. Let's go up another half. Stop on that. On that pack, it's getting better. What do you think of that? I mean, I like the last one. Nice glow in the center. What about down here? We getting it has a little dark down there problem. The light is really It's coming from a tough spot. Now what's, uh, rotate this guy on sneak in? That's good way. Also need the background shots, you know, But it's important that we show how we do this beer we actually have. I mean, that one background is really killer right now. We'll do that a few more times, and we can show it. Show it, show it to them in post. You know what I mean? All right, I'm gonna go for it, okay? All right. No, not try to get I don't like that at all. Try that, dude. All right? It is tough. I think we're better off before. Well, I don't know that was there yet. Go there and there So you can see what we're fighting for. Finding getting the right light in there. If we go too far with gold target, that's better. You know, I'm just curious. What? It's a really good question. It is done. I mean, is there a big wrinkle in that card somewhere? You know what I think it is? There's a wrinkle. Yeah, it's right. It's right here thinking it. So that's why we can get we can get rid of that? Did somebody have a question? So we started. Shout something out. All right, let's go. So, again, you ready? Yeah. Let's go. So if you saw I was delicate and gingerly with it, I just went a little bit. I, you know, try this at home. Tried a lot at home. You'll be amazed at how a little stir can if you go like that. It's like you create this volcano. It's absolutely insane. So you just got to go little bits at a time. Um, let's just see if we can add a little bit more. Try another one of those. Scary. Yeah. It looks like we lost a little bit of the gold with the bubbles. Do you want to bump it up like 1/2? Uh, you mean exposure wise? Yeah. Is the background is that, um had blown out, though? No, not at all. Let's go out a bit darker than look how dark these tones air the heads. We need a little bit more. We also need a little more front line. So let's go up with this guy and then go ahead and bring another stop into the pan. Okay? This is very common making adjustments as you go. Oh, that's kind of nice. It might be a hair hot, huh? Yeah, like two tens to two tents out. I'm afraid we're gonna blow out our beer head, though. When this. You know, some that's coming from here to hang on. Okay, Pop. That beast wrinkles bugging me. Now let's go with it. You ready? Now? Instead. Okay. I got drink a lot of beer. Describe the taste of it, Rob, is it? It's silky, silky and warm. House the fence mood. It just totally shot into my nose. It's ah. So keeps moving my nose, too. I know that isn't pretty. So I hope you guys didn't get that on creativelive. But it's a very good example of when stuff happens, you just gotta deal with it. My pump burnt out. Got to deal with it. This is the only way to do it. So, improvisation dealing with problems as they pop up because there was a curveball. Right? There's not a curveball coming. Sorry. Okay. You ready? But yep, he goes here it Hang on. We're gonna need a second exposure for the head. But the body is getting better. Are we blowing out the head? Yeah. You know, we have. Ah, See, that's what I was afraid of. I wanted Do we have a head that we're finally Do we have a final head that we decided? Not yet. Depends like Pat. How many bubbles? No, that's not good for the bubbles. I'm only I want to only get the head for us. That's what I always do. We need to uh okay, so take that. Take someone out of that guy way got too hot on it. So right now where it's only shooting for we're just shooting for head of the beer. So here, uh, up here? Yep. Um, and you can see where it kind of blows out and you can see at the bottom. That's, you know, down here it's all to 55 which means there's almost no information whatsoever. Oh, sure. Rob, Tony actually asked another question. And that was when would you decide to add condensation to the glass way? Don't always do condensation on beer. It really depends on the brand and what we're going for with these particular beers, we're not gonna do it because we want the bubbles that are coming up on the inside a little bit, and we just want to concentrate on the head and the color of the beer. So the idea again is that this is a freshly poured beer. It hasn't compensated yet because its freshness queen some some beer companies, particularly. Maybe they like that beard to look clean like that. We have others that prefer to make it look like it's compensated, and we go a different direction with that. But maybe this is This is their problem, right, Pat? Yeah. No, I need reinforcements on that. Yeah, get chopsticks, too. Yeah. They're also in Fairy Heights and Centennial as well. You're looking the whole Are you ready? But I'm just worried about being a little too hot here. Uh, you better go fat. We better go fast, cause I need Okay. Ready? Oh, that's gonna go over. Damn. Yeah, We got the hero chopstick coming in. It looks like it launched out of the beer. Yeah, All right. So that happens also. That's not the first time I've done that. Will be the last time I've done it could go really fast. I didn't want that to happen, but it did so we're gonna deal with it, so All right. Real life. Okay, Back at it. Right. Let's pop that and see if the cards back in the right spot. Surely kind of cool, though. Kind of like that shot. Just get a little bit. I think it's this needs to come in. So this is where you know, um, that's where it was. So, like, this whole edge needs to come that way. Needs to come to the right. Yeah, OK, like that. You should be good. If you're gonna be a beer photographer, it's closer. Just go home smelling like one more inch. How can that be a past? My blue? Uh, I think the angles just off now. Distance is fine. Try that. Questions, concerns. Alright, bring on, um why would you not want the head of the beer spilling of, um, usually brands don't want that. Visually, it looks really cool, But brands, for the most part, they're not in love with that. Sometimes they are. It just depends. I mean, Pat, what are your thoughts? Is it cool? Uh, it seems to me it feel I feel like a be done. It a lot in the past, but I mean, that kind of just stop doing it recent years. All right? What's four oclock here? Rob? Yeah, What? We're gonna We're gonna get it in this shot, right? Yes, sure. You ready? Go. Ready. I'm probable. Up, up, up, up. Don't go anywhere. It's like you see, the edge should just be crusting. That looks good. Bam! Tell me all looking that Tell me that's not an awesome looking beer head. I think there's a little bit of remnant from the beer spill which Aaron gets to clean up. Right? And do we have the beer body now? We're gonna do that next. So, Robert, what point do you and Gary just switch places and Gerry's? There's drinking all the beer way. He's more whiskey drinking a beer drinker, but yet happens with some regularity. All right, Do you ready? We're gonna go for the body. Yep. I'm just gonna dip and try to get some of those class and I don't think that was good. Let's go and do that one. So to answer some of the people's questions before when they were talking about carbonation. When does it come in? It's not coming in in this case because we actually want the bubbles on the inside. Just I've still got some runs coming down the face of a donor. You know, the backside, man. I made a mess, Okay? Popped up for me. Let's just see if it's cleaner, because I do see, you know, on that I just use, um, drips and it's bugging me. You really cleaner. What in the hell is how? Well, what? What? What? That's the new one. Wait a minute. No. Hail. What happened? Hail Hill. Well, that's a whole lot better go down in the middle, like directly across from the end. What am I seeing down there? What is that? Is it on the card? Like the crease? Where? Say it again. Right there. Right here and a little bit higher. Yeah. These air. Yeah. They're goobers that I got on the back of the card. The black is shown up a little bit here. Hail. Hail. Now I'm just starting to lose it. Let's try that, Okay? I'll have more beer. I swear it's gonna go. That direction doesn't know. Try that.

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Outstanding course! I'm a former creative director, now photographer full time and have had the unique experience working with studio photographers for commercial products in the past. This course is right on and very close to my experiences, and now that I'm behind the camera, it's nice to see some of those trade secrets revealed. Commercial work is fussy and you often have to sweat the details, but the results can be astonishing and rewarding. Rob and Gary do an excellent job explaining the ins and outs, without any pretention or hold-back on secrets. Something that's always annoyed me in the past, photographers never liked revealing their process. It's great fun watching Rob and Gary work a shoot, and Aaron Nace is beyond amazing in his retouching skills. I don't expect to break into this field, but I wanted to learn how things are done, for my own personal projects. I particularly enjoyed learning how they get the look of ice, ice crystals, and frost on the sides of glass bottles. I purchased several items from Trengrove, as they suggested. Their acrylic products are not cheap, but the quality is amazing and I'm very pleased and looking forward to experimenting. Thanks to all at Creative Live, RGG studios and Aaron Nace for this presentation.

Doors of Imagination Photography

This course is outstanding. I would consider it an advanced level. Having a good understanding of the technical aspects of photography and lighting is recommended. Rob Grimm takes you into two real product shoots. These were not canned demonstrations, but the real thing including working to get the lighting setup just right. The postproduction section with Aaron Nace was enlightening. This does require a good preliminary understanding of Photoshop. It was amazing to watch them build the final images for the client in real time. This is by far my favorite course to date.