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How to Define Your Style and Brand

Ben Sasso

How to Define Your Style and Brand

Ben Sasso

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Class Description

Learn how to define your photographic style, foster its progression, and build a brand that brings out the best in that style.

A clearly articulated brand helps you attract the kind of clients you genuinely enjoy working with. In How to Define your Style and Brand, Ben Sasso will help you evaluate your existing body of work to identify your style and coach you through the process of developing that style into a trustworthy brand.


a Creativelive Student

Fantastic class - Ben rocks and is super funny, and explains things in an amazingly clear and simple way. Best money spent ever on voice/style/brand relating class. Definitely more classes with Ben please :) x


This is the first course that I have gotten to watch on CreativeLive and I am very happy I chose to watch Ben's class first. He has been a photographer that I have followed for some time now on social media. Not only does this course provide A LOT of great information that I cannot wait to apply to my business and fine tuning my brand, but it helps put a face to the great photographer that Ben Sasso is. Thank you for taking the time to teach us!

a Creativelive Student

Great information! As he grows and becomes more comfortable teaching (and he should keep teaching!) he would benefit from a little speech coaching. The sound, "aaahm.." is distracting because it's in the same deep, flatter tone. It's also one of the most challenging habits to break when delivering a speech/presentation, so I definitely can empathize. I do look forward to learning more from him, and seeing him grow as a presenter. In the meantime, I'll sit around with my cats and play the "Aaahm..." drinking game! Lol - seriously, great job!