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Turning Personal Projects Into a Career


Turning Personal Projects Into a Career


Class Description

"You build your business shooting for other people. You build your career shooting for yourself." From creating and choosing projects to organizing details and financing, this course will teach you how to effectively manage personal projects to grow your photography business. This inspirational workshop is designed to help you practice your craft and elevate your photography business. During this comprehensive course, Matthew will offer step-by-step instruction on how to launch and execute personal photography projects. Matthew’s workshop is part of a 3-day event sponsored by Sony called “Shoot What You Love", a 3-day inspirational event sponsored on April 22-24 with fashion photographer Matthew Jordan Smith, family photographer Me Ra Koh, and conservation photographer Cristina Mittermeier.


a Creativelive Student

Excellent, got great ideas about pursuing a personal project. One thing about Kickstarter, do your experience has been that you really will do better if you have a following, if you have a plan for marketing your idea and getting the word out before your kickstarter starts (think launch) and think about getting partners that can help either with getting the word out or contribute financially. As for the following, I follow a Youtuber artist, funny guy, who was looking for $35,000 to upgrade his broken down, tiny garage studio. At the end of his launch day he had raised over $100,000 (he was gobsmacked). What he did with the extra was actually tear down the garage and build a new one, but better equipment, and did other things to make his channel better.


Annet van Esch