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How to Boost Your Business with Animoto Videos

Lesson 4 of 10

Ana Brandt: A New Strategy for Video Marketing with Animoto

Ana Brandt, Sue Bryce, Susan Roderick

How to Boost Your Business with Animoto Videos

Ana Brandt, Sue Bryce, Susan Roderick

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Lesson Info

4. Ana Brandt: A New Strategy for Video Marketing with Animoto

Lesson Info

Ana Brandt: A New Strategy for Video Marketing with Animoto

00:00:02.23 --> 00:00:04. You know those first two challenges that I had was 00:00:04.53 --> 00:00:07. one I need to create a consumer base challenge a channel 00:00:07.38 --> 00:00:09. consumer base channel it was my first challenge and 00:00:09.89 --> 00:00:13. then second was it needs to really streamline my editing 00:00:13.21 --> 00:00:16. and cut it down and put pretty music okay so those 00:00:16.09 --> 00:00:18. were done in those were accomplished and I feel like 00:00:18.49 --> 00:00:21. I'm at a point now where I get it I get the video 00:00:21.63 --> 00:00:24. process you know, shooting it's one editing and producing 00:00:24.11 --> 00:00:26. is a whole other ball game we know that that's with 00:00:26.4 --> 00:00:29. anything so now those challenges were complete now 00:00:29.76 --> 00:00:32. I need a new strategy not necessarily a new challenge 00:00:32.37 --> 00:00:36. a new strategy create content and work on design and 00:00:36.25 --> 00:00:38. branding for client vide...

os that are beautifully captured 00:00:38.85 --> 00:00:41. and elegantly developed in packaged by dragon drop 00:00:41.19 --> 00:00:43. web based interviews interface saves time and money 00:00:43.36 --> 00:00:46. without having to hire a new stuff so my shift of 00:00:46.33 --> 00:00:49. my energy this year is going to be combining some 00:00:49.66 --> 00:00:54. of the tools that inamoto has and design and even 00:00:54.16 --> 00:00:57. try to work on it a new design that will work with 00:00:57.35 --> 00:01:00. my branding and my vision and just take it to the 00:01:00.47 --> 00:01:02. next level what I love about an emoto is they're always 00:01:02.66 --> 00:01:05. evolving which as we as photographers were always 00:01:05.14 --> 00:01:07. about me so don't feel frustrated is when you go to 00:01:07.87 --> 00:01:10. start video if it's a hot mess in the beginning I 00:01:10.45 --> 00:01:12. mean that's just kind of life he do anything the first 00:01:12.86 --> 00:01:15. time it's just a hot mess first time I tried to flat 00:01:15.2 --> 00:01:17. iron my hair I think I burned myself three times so 00:01:17.83 --> 00:01:21. I mean you know you've gotta know that life is an 00:01:21.96 --> 00:01:25. evolution you know were so impatient we wantto walk 00:01:25.43 --> 00:01:28. outside and just have everything be done for us but 00:01:28.2 --> 00:01:31. what's the point of that we've gotta learn and go 00:01:31.3 --> 00:01:35. on this journey so this is olivia and she's twelve 00:01:35.19 --> 00:01:38. and you know like five six now it's kind of ridiculous 00:01:38.43 --> 00:01:41. and I decided I was avoiding the whole tween clothing 00:01:41.25 --> 00:01:45. thing because I'm in denial and I finally was like 00:01:45.24 --> 00:01:48. okay we need to work on some dresses for your age 00:01:48.88 --> 00:01:51. and learn how to photograph your age because all my 00:01:51.64 --> 00:01:54. clients are coming in with these aged girls and I 00:01:54.12 --> 00:01:56. want to do something fun I want to do in the studio 00:01:56.73 --> 00:01:59. so we go at shoe a new location I do a new location 00:01:59.24 --> 00:02:02. every year this is a brand new location brand new 00:02:02.24 --> 00:02:05. dress her headpiece was from brazil we had never used 00:02:05.11 --> 00:02:07. it before we have to do a video of the woman in brazil 00:02:07.75 --> 00:02:09. using the head piece because she kept explaining it 00:02:09.85 --> 00:02:12. in portuguese and were like show us former times actually 00:02:12.42 --> 00:02:15. video of how to put it on and we're half of shooting 00:02:15.94 --> 00:02:17. I go oh my gosh we're going to the video 00:02:18.62 --> 00:02:23. and a vendor had sent me this I phone holder that 00:02:23.9 --> 00:02:26. goes on your camera like a year ago and I'm sorry 00:02:26.73 --> 00:02:30. I un cam apologize now that I hadn't used up people 00:02:30.69 --> 00:02:33. send me things and I'm like yeah I don't have a use 00:02:33.52 --> 00:02:35. for it it's just not gonna happen so she did send 00:02:35.97 --> 00:02:38. them to me did give away one recently and I was just 00:02:38.85 --> 00:02:42. like literally sat on my desk this little thing I 00:02:42.6 --> 00:02:44. think for six months I think it had collected dust 00:02:44.98 --> 00:02:47. when I brought and we were halfway to the location 00:02:47.49 --> 00:02:49. and I said oh my gosh that thing what I need to know 00:02:49.32 --> 00:02:51. what it's called we turn around the car run in my 00:02:51.77 --> 00:02:53. studio olivia's like I don't even know what it is 00:02:53.52 --> 00:02:55. I don't even know why it's a black thing singing might 00:02:55.03 --> 00:02:57. ask she grabs it and I wish I would've brought it 00:02:57.3 --> 00:02:59. but I didn't but you've seen them all over the place 00:02:59.19 --> 00:03:01. where it's just goes into your hot shoe and I think 00:03:01.71 --> 00:03:03. why I didn't use it was because I shooting studio 00:03:03.54 --> 00:03:06. so much that I use a pocket wizard so I can't use 00:03:06.63 --> 00:03:10. it on the hot shoe when I'm shooting with a pocket 00:03:10.25 --> 00:03:12. wizard I think there are ones that will go in the 00:03:12.39 --> 00:03:16. tripod munn tripod mount underneath the camera and 00:03:16.87 --> 00:03:19. I apologize if I don't know the specs on the details 00:03:19.48 --> 00:03:22. of this product but it's not to promote this product 00:03:22.21 --> 00:03:24. so I'm just trying to show you how I did it so this 00:03:24.96 --> 00:03:27. clipped on top of my camera and on my iphone just 00:03:27.54 --> 00:03:31. literally open it up jaws and the camera goes the 00:03:31.63 --> 00:03:36. phone goes in there okay and we grab it and I put 00:03:36.23 --> 00:03:37. it on my camera 00:03:38.32 --> 00:03:40. and I kept forgetting it is made cameras so they put 00:03:40.3 --> 00:03:42. the camera down and olivia's like your videoing the 00:03:42.44 --> 00:03:45. grass mom and I was like oh yeah yeah and I probably 00:03:45.96 --> 00:03:48. shot like an hour and a half footage that's like worth 00:03:48.4 --> 00:03:51. nothing and then it will be crooked kept running up 00:03:51.07 --> 00:03:54. to her their address mom it's crooked back again you 00:03:54.7 --> 00:03:57. know she's like twenty feet away run up mom your video 00:03:57.91 --> 00:04:03. in the tree eva starts undressing on our set like a ma I'm doing video she's like off the set on my video if he saw uncut undressing mike okay well I know what it means with that you're interesting maybe they were trying to do video here and I learned like well mom you're really not a videographer where's alex I know I'm not but I'm going in creative live I want to show these people that they don't need a videographer that they can do it on their own and kids are great because they're brutally honest and if you're going to fail you might as well fail in front of your kids and they're going to be honest they're gonna love you anyway and they're great muse is because at the end of the day you know how to draw out their beauty, and they trust you to capture their beauty. And I think, that's. The great thing about your children is they trust you more than anything in the world, and I have a love affair with my children. Anyone that knows me knows that my children are my world. And so I I love testing things with them, because they'll tell me, mom, you're totally not a videographer like, yeah, I got it. I got it, but it still managed to pull fifteen seconds out for an instagram. Fun right? Just fifteen seconds of power so that was the vital because the vibrance theme from an emotive and that song is in an emoto course you're gonna ask me what song I don't know but it wass like I've watched it five hundred times you gonna say sally I you're not going to ask you about what specific song that is but I do have a lot of people asking about the music and whether where you get the music how that works yeah enomoto a swell and it was coming that's okay we have lots of time I breezed through the this pretty quickly and so I have a lot of time that's all right we actually we have I've got a bunch of questions to ask you ok can weaken okay so amusing gosh I was so tired last night it was like right down the music I don't know the name of the song but I will be giving this thiss particular one I'll be giving to an emoto and I'm sure they'll put probably the song and the theme they already have the first family video so they can tell you the song and the theme for that one I'm sure that whatever I'm be doing with them they'll tell you what it iss I'm one of those people that I use a tool like with my eyes call list and then somebody go what did you do it like? I have no idea and so now you're gonna ask you about the music and yes before I get to that yes tell me what is the music of part of the membership with the subscription you get to dive into their library yes, they have different description so yes yes yes yes sally yes, I mean that's that's a huge part of the subscription using an emoto is access to the library I know it in pain you can get a lot of song. I know that so yeah, they have different memberships and for all those who say I can't afford it break it down on the monthly you know I break everything down by month my people dues are monthly like my bump at anything I do if you say and it's gonna be if it's like more than hundred dollars like what's the monthly plan I need a monthly plan I'm like that I'm like that with everything in my life because that's the only way I can budget I mean it dad's an accountant and so I rarely if something has a monthly option that's that's my check mark I rarely pay anything full price runup because then you can as you go along, start figuring out you know, your costs I mean come on that's a whole other day of the costs and I'm going to touch on that so here's the thing about music for years people have been asking about may be music and for years I've been saying I have no idea and I still I'm not gonna give you a great answer because my videographer just told me a week ago where he was getting my music and the only reason he told me because susan asked me and I had to ask him because susan's going to be coming in l a and you're going to be filming together and she's like what music do you want to use she's tommy who she uses and I was like, yeah, I don't know that's alex when I delegate I delegate this is what happens alex sends me iraq cut with the video and I say love the video music sucks or hate the video love the music and this is our dialogue and then happy although the music's too fast and this is a slow session or the music is too this or I'm falling asleep or I don't like banjos and said hello, okay? And so finally like one in the morning I'll be like love it go and I couldn't tell you the name of one song on any of one hundred fifty videos that are new to no one and I don't know and so susan goes, don't you get your film from triple scoop? Is it triple scoop music and I go no, I've never used triple scoop don't pick my music, alex doesn't she goes okay well she says I used triple scoop okay alex would he use and he said I can't remember it's connected to in votto themes oh audio jungle it's what it is I remember because he says audio on audio jungle but he said like I don't know he was just working the cost in his time so we've made some changes now on that we've made some changes so I plead the fifth on my music he buys the licenses for all of my music we don't do anything like we don't steal music everything is paid for it especially being on youtube youtube will knock your butt off if you're using stolen music it's very important what were you going to say oh and I just got some more information from about how an emoto perfect networks there are over two thousand songs included in an emoto professional when you're when you have that subscription and that of course they're all commercially licensed and to use publicly to promote your business and over a thousand of those are from triple scoop music so it's it really is an incredible I think that's where you can actually get really lost is trying to pick the music to go along with your videos because he's saying you can cut them down you khun you know paws forward all that well and even just picking them the music for lose little instead I mean it's yeah and and what I love about all these videos that I showed you days do not love the music I mean the music is what makes it I mean obviously good name injury you know pretty good some days so yeah you you can get the music inamoto there is the question um what else are we talking about well I was wondering if you could review again people are asking about so and and dokle says I don't see instagram as a share function on an emoto like facebook and twitter how do you create an an emoto a video for instagram so if you could walk us through that process like we're talking about this morning because you kind of came up with a great way to actually do that to get your video on in so and I'm not sure if susan's going to mean isn't gonna be using an emoto today yeah so it's just it's gonna be and I don't know if susan's done it but basically you could just time your video for fifteen seconds and animo no so I'm not going to go into the house twos of it because I believe that susan's gonna have a dusk and come up here so susan if you're watching and you don't know how to do an instagram video it's just get that done in the green room where you going? No problem but this is one of the questions was sharing. I think like facebook okay can I tell you something that facebook and I think it was in an old slide five out of ten kinds or not on facebook this is in fact from my own market research I tell people you've got to be your own market research company and I am all about market research I've been doing it for fifteen years solid from personal field trips to inquire into my client's toe asking to them to talking about them you know I do in person cells for a reason I want to know as much about my client seemingly impossible I am a market research quaint so what I do is almost every single day how did you find me? How did you hear about me and I'm gonna post a sneak peak do you want to stay peak what's a sneak peek sneak peek whereas I post one or two of my favorite images all cleaned up don't worry and I'll post him to social media are you okay? We were social media and facebook I'm not on facebook but out of those five and ten people that are not on facebook it's where they are instagram do you know that celebrities prefer instagram more than facebook because they don't want all the garbage garbage seed and they like the one the one of instagram just scrolling down and seeing pretty pictures and seeing video and they don't have to go through five thousand messages from crazy fans that they don't want to see or the latest news story that you see over and over and over again your news feed I don't see what my sister posted but I see like the same news feed story about I don't even know over and over and over and over and over that's why instagram is growing very rapidly and I could spend a whole day on statistics for a pinterest instagram pinterest is all over the news the other day about how the revamping ah lot of pinterest capabilities for video I pin my videos from youtube very simple to dio you know see you start creating a social edie a workflow that we all have rights I have social media work clothes I used to write flow charts for living so I'm a flow chart girl so I actually have social media work flows that tie in my blog's with my social media areas and again that's like five hours later I could tell you about that but I'll give you a short version is that let's say your nana moto and you post the an emoto and you you can download it and let's say you get it on youtube and you to click of a button to all your social media networks. It takes five minutes to lincoln your social media never send you to click pictures, twitter, linkedin and on and on and on and on and on and it's and it's out there. Google plus it's out there now you're starting the discussion google plus so I mean a bunch of communities in google plus so the automation in the social media workflow definitely has to be there with so fascinating about instagram is if you just go and look at my instagram you're going to see the shares you see it's at this at this at this so last night I was trying to get people to share this class on facebook and I couldn't get people to share it was like no one is going to share this class I'm ethic like texting friends you share this class yeah I'll get it I'll get it so what I did was finally on the tile pam page said okay I'll give away a maternity gown if you share this creative live program and I had to put in a post on facebook that says I'm going to give away one hundred dollars and it's still going so you can still win give one hundred dollars for a store you could buy me turning down if you will just share this creative lie of course and sure enough by the time I went boom boom boom boom boom boom I'll share all cheryl cheryl cheryl share I didn't have to do that on instagram I've never had to do that on instagram I've never had to say please share it's just evolves it's just a thing people do on instagram I do it all the time to my daughter and my daughter sends me things all the time on instagram and I love it I love it for teenagers because she'll tag me in something mom take a look at this she won't do that on facebook she needs to be on facebook and so it is different and if you're not tying in your marketing with instagram if there is anything you do do it now like right now even before you go crazy in the video get on instagram clean it up you know put on your tags in there I mean you could spend a day just getting all your ducks in the row with with your tags in your metadata and you know you do have to have those things in a row and we just don't have the time to do that today but the sharing on instagram and what happens is then someone's like they tag a friend who's pregnant oh check out this photographer than the photographer starts following me pinterest boards my clients have been creating a lot of pinterest boards lately and photographers coming all the time so I don't like it when they do pinterest boards or they bring in other congress work I love it why because I want to know what my client is thinking off right coming to hire me yes, that doesn't mean I'm gonna copy an image but when someone brings me there pinterest board or it says always screen shot in your instagram things I don't get annoyed that they screenshot it I'm like oh cool what are your favorite things what do you like about it and I'm looking at things they've tagged of my own and things they've talked about the photographers and I'm looking for similarities I once I once had a session she came in for the studio and her entire pin board and her screen shots for outdoors I was like oh why are we inside this is all well tiffany mentioned I could do an ad on location it's about your only booked for a studio session everything you're sending me is location oh yeah my engagement and wedding photos are like that too we need to go outside we literally changed her session I had to re book her because it was late in the day and I said you know what? You have your ultrasound photos let's do some quick backlighting silhouettes and we spent a half an hour in the studio and I re booked her for an outside session so I think that it is an important way of communicating with your client you know I've said before I'm not for every client and every client is not for me and I want to draw in I'm putting my best work out there that's what we're all doing is we're putting our best work out there and hopefully you're drawing the clients that enjoy that work that enjoy the video which I will go into pricing about video and enjoy all of that and then it's it's effortless it's what I said before when you're working with people who are passionate about what they're doing it's it's effortless when my kinds come in it should be effortless they should know my work my style yes backtrack just for a moment yes so you know we're usually utilizing facebook instagram youtube now you talk about these fifteen second highlights are you just putting those on your instagram and keeping the more like how two's on the youtube okay so this is a very good question and you know I didn't show any facebook screenshots that's a good question I was going to do this whole side of you facebook that we talked last night I totally for so originally I was only doing it on instagram my whole intention was to move those five hundred people I only had five hundred followers on instagram so originally and it can be I'm someone who is very clear about my intentions if you're very clear about your intentions then they will manifest if you're cloudy or uncertain nothing will happen so when I decide to do something I'm very simple and very clear and very direct so my simple clear direct intention wass teo increased my instagram followers at the time it wasn't even to attract new clients because I didn't even know that it would do that so it was just a numbers game we all like numbers okay so I'm going to increase my numbers but I'm not someone who cares that much about numbers otherwise I would've checked my youtube stats a long time ago I'm not somebody that has to have one hundred thousand facebook followers because most mankind turn on facebook so when people tell me marketing wise every workshop I sit down in a circle and say honey do your marketing facebook, facebook, facebook, facebook and I see really that's your only methods and for half the people in the room it is okay well that's it we'll all my clients are from facebook how would like people say I could there's no way I could do anything else because they're often facebook I go how did you know that because you have a market in anywhere else so as far as you know all of your clients are from facebook because that's the only thing you're doing and yes that was your intention and its manifest to clearly perfectly beautifully congratulations but you're missing an entire network of people that urn on social media or if they are our own very select social media pinterest boards for designing their home gathering ideas I know a lot of people in pictures that aren't on anything else because they don't want the noise and let's face it social media has a lot of noise and some of my clients are lawyers they're not on facebook teachers they're not going to show their naked bodies on facebook to their students um celebrities they have to be careful about what being put out there I have a lot of police officers and firefighters that are not on facebook but that aren't instagram um a lot of people are very private this woman one of my clients for the day told me I had three clients in one day say they weren't on facebook well my client is like I just don't like all the noise it's just I've got too much going on my friends call me you know? And so I know this because I've done the market research for pretty much two years on facebook that the majority of my clients are not on facebook so all of my other marketing methods that I d'oh advertising working with the community are still extremely important and I don't put those down for a second I still do all of that involved so with instagram it was okay let's go one step further and get my followers up I did that and I do that video what happened unintentionally was they started getting clients how did you find me instagram oh my gosh every time a client's in history I would really really they got yeah I was tagged by a friend I saw the video oh my god I mean went to your web site done but it wasn't even a thought and I was like, okay, so now now I'm going to really shift it and I started calling in many short films and started creating little tags people were like loving it I'm gonna search on these many short films then I said you know what? Okay I'm so used to people going about youtube channel I started looking at my stats time to read them monetize them do something with my channel what if I started embedding videos inside of facebook? What I still get a good response because I've got almost three million people on youtube watching my videos so like the photographer who doesn't like a market on facebook already have three million views on facebook I'm not looking for ten whatever I got three I'm from happy why would I do anything more but again you don't know what you don't know right and there's so many times we don't go down certain paths because we're afraid of the journey so I imported the video into facebook loses the number I was showing you last night kenna ten thousand views on a video something like that that was it was far more than I would have expected because I am you know in facebook you khun import video right in the face book and I was like, wow! Who knew I was going to get another ten thousand views in this video that had already been shared one hundred thousand times on youtube? So then I started imbedding some of my many short films from instagram in facebook and people go I love your many short films I love them and guess what happened what started happening in facebook the sharing began no contest needed so my a lot of my videos are shared my posts are gonna like her too get a lot of like so many images you work so hard on your image right you think you've got like the greatest image ever and like two people like it you know like okay go kill myself now it's iced up you know you've got to get over that I've been I've gotten over it it's fine I like it my client likes it she's the one paying me I'm happy yes well I think it's interesting that as the conversation continues in our chat rooms on kath holden is saying you know she has a love hate relationship with facebook twenty two thousand followers but on lee about two hundred of those sea the post that she puts out and so it also especially with business pages now that so much of the algorithm is about whether you're boosting your post or rang for it right she is saying and she doesn't want to do that but she loves loves loves instagram so just very excited about this good I mean look facebook is what they want to make money so you want to get your post scene you're going to pay it's just that simple this is not this is not hidden information I have a love hate relationship with facebook too because you know when I started there was no social media there was no facebook I couldn't throw any major out there and wait for thousands of praise to come back and make me feel good I had to do the work regardless and I was found so I couldn't get instant gratification through the back of my camera I couldn't get instant gratification on social media the only gratify vacation I had when I started out was my client buying my work what happened to that all of a sudden now we're in this world where we want all these people does she know these twenty thousand people does she know who they are by face by name but yet somehow their opinion is really important in her work that she's willing to pay for it or sacrifice herself for it you can count on one hand how many people's opinion really matters in my life and one of them is the man upstairs I mean honestly I look at it as photography is meant to be an evolution a lifelong process it is a journey would be great if all of her twenty thousand fans every single time she posted image all went in there went crazy yes and no you propose something that all of a sudden you get got bombarded with and you don't put your phone down because everyone's buzzing everyone's responding and then you start responding and three hours have gone by because your post was so great and you've done nothing except the that's what our world would be in a file twenty thousand users responded to every single thing you did we would just sit on our phones and just do that all day long and we never get any work done so the reason I started pulling my customers wass I'd post this grain image and I go did you see the sneak peek on facebook did you like it? I loved it really because I didn't see hit like and this is real conversations with my client I'm a new yorker I'll just come out with it tiffany dies when I start this conversation just like going in the other room now I'm like between hit like my kind of be like new but I like shared it with my whole family really because I don't see any shares on that post I mean you know I called like everybody wait so you call them oh yeah like everybody's seen like I have a huge family and I'm going to send three girlfriends to you really because the crew the three girlfriends they didn't like it either in fact the only three people that liked it are my photography friends and my daughter and we'll be like but but and the client sitting there going and then you know what happens those through those three friends of hers they book me you know me and so I think that we've got to change the algorithms okay facebook is changing the algorithms everyone's changing the algorithms I could spend a whole day on social media and algorithms and and we don't time for that but I'm going to tell you this number one know that you are not dependent on instant gratification from people you don't know that is not a requirement for you to succeed in this world I'm a living proof I do not run a six figure studio because I have a lot of facebook likes to my photos it actually has no effect on my bottom line when I'm sitting with my accountant he's not seen there going okay so how many facebook likes did you get on this image no does that image make you any money are you paying rent this month or what happened there okay so I know this for a fact remember to I know that video is growing by storm I've showed you the statistics they're growing rapidly you have two choices get in or get out and so if you're in for the long haul which I am I mean I'm gonna be forty five this year I'm not getting any younger you would think that after fifteen years I would be exhausted me like oh my gosh I'm just done no I feel like I'm just getting started there's so much I want to do with video that I would love to share with you right now but I can my when you see some of the things that we have planned for video is gonna blow your mind what's what's to come what I'm telling you now is already done this is already yesterday there's already knew things on the horizon that you don't even know about and so you know you've got to be doing the work you have now but be prepared for what's to come and so what's to come is if you want to be a photographer and you start getting in front of the camera and I don't want to hear I've gained ten pounds twenty pounds of time here and make up and I was joking sally earlier I'm like wolf I'm gonna keep doing this video thing I needed hair and make up girl will follow me you look at some of my videos and it's like know my hair is up and it's just not pretty somedays and I tell alex could you try to not get my dark circles but I look at it this way and then I'll go to canada and I'll finish pricing before we have to wrap up but I'll say this that I can ask my clients to pay me to photograph who they are if I don't show them who I am raw really with makeup without hair up in a bind legging sweats, that's the fact of the matter right and so I'm prepared to go all the way I'm prepared to say you want to watch me work watch me work we did we tested live streaming a couple weeks ago in my studio in the middle of a session existing client alex and I've been talking about it for a year and I said how it's what we do it's like I'm set up let's do it on my go right now he's like right now is such my client right now and she's like okay and he set it up and we were live we broadcasted we created anna brandt live channel and we're alive and for those that tuned in they saw me pretty real and I was unscripted and not edited and not cut out and my daughter goes do you ever stop talking in your session? I know that's why alex cut it out it's music on because I don't stop talking on and so but what happens is might when my clients come to me they knew who I am, right? So I'm gonna ask you a question because you're a female and you're a guy and you're a guy someone if they're all like yes, we are two again live unedited not gonna ask you we'll start with you first because you guys are going you're hiring a photographer for your baby? You spent five years trying to have a baby. You've probably spent ten thousand dollars in idea you really want to spend a dollar more but you want good photos because your wife said after all these years if I get anything I better get good newborn photos out of this are you going to go to the cheap cheap photographer 00:30:09.175 --> 00:30:12. down story and just get it done or are you going to 00:30:12.72 --> 00:30:14. say I'm going to do some research we're going to do 00:30:14.7 --> 00:30:17. some research and I won't start searching photographers 00:30:18.92 --> 00:30:21. souto orange county weren't photographer there's a 00:30:21.23 --> 00:30:21. million of them 00:30:23.02 --> 00:30:25. what is going to be the difference of how you pick 00:30:25.92 --> 00:30:28. a photographer how would you pick a photographer? 00:30:28.02 --> 00:30:28. What are you looking for? 00:30:30.72 --> 00:30:33. You want to cancel? Oh no this it's 00:30:34.22 --> 00:30:38. personally I would look to see who it is that my wife 00:30:38.64 --> 00:30:41. got along with there you go and how would you know 00:30:41.73 --> 00:30:42. who it was? 00:30:43.35 --> 00:30:46. I was able to tell if we met and schedule an interview 00:30:46.86 --> 00:30:50. or what not and if they got along and started talking 00:30:50.14 --> 00:30:54. about everything but photography that's probably perfect 00:30:54.15 --> 00:30:54. what about you? 00:30:56.52 --> 00:30:58. Yeah, I would look for the style that would fit but 00:30:58.69 --> 00:31:01. yeah, you definitely want to make you know your wife 00:31:01.75 --> 00:31:05. for girlfriend and so we're not getting a girl pregnant. 00:31:06.52 --> 00:31:08. Well, I know I'm not married so I was trying to put 00:31:08.52 --> 00:31:12. myself in this situation it's not real so I was like 00:31:13.42 --> 00:31:15. don't get your girlfriend pregnant alright it's not 00:31:15.62 --> 00:31:16. part of the plan 00:31:19.12 --> 00:31:19. the point is, 00:31:21.02 --> 00:31:22. he's not, you're not gonna knock anyone up, right 00:31:23.32 --> 00:31:26. that's, a whole other conversation, so he's, like, 00:31:26.16 --> 00:31:31. oh, my god, my mom is watching. So the point is that 00:31:31.26 --> 00:31:36. if these two photographers had video and you saw who 00:31:36.03 --> 00:31:38. they were, and it was a little riel on a little and 00:31:38.99 --> 00:31:42. edit it and you, they talk and let's say you had five 00:31:42.44 --> 00:31:44. photographers in a row and you weren't able to meet 00:31:44.81 --> 00:31:48. with them, consult. You probably able to pick him 00:31:48.08 --> 00:31:48. out, right? 00:31:49.92 --> 00:31:52. Probably probably get in a good light, really good 00:31:52.08 --> 00:31:53. idea, right. 00:31:54.52 --> 00:31:57. Same with you, you're a female. You go out, you're 00:31:57.42 --> 00:32:00. looking for something, you're going to go out and 00:32:00.26 --> 00:32:01. you're going to buy. 00:32:03.72 --> 00:32:06. What if you're going to buy a new camera back? 00:32:08.12 --> 00:32:10. You're going to five camera bag website you're just 00:32:10.2 --> 00:32:12. looking at all the pretty pictures but two of the 00:32:12.09 --> 00:32:15. five camera bags have video of how their camera that 00:32:15.17 --> 00:32:18. works with fits inside but it looks like how many 00:32:18.46 --> 00:32:21. things you can get in there the functionality what 00:32:21.1 --> 00:32:23. they look like wearing it are you gonna be drawn to 00:32:23.63 --> 00:32:27. the one with video that's absolutely right and so 00:32:27.22 --> 00:32:30. it's how we work not only is visual imagery very very 00:32:30.5 --> 00:32:32. important but you want to know who the person is behind 00:32:32.75 --> 00:32:36. the camera when we decided that I was going to go 00:32:36.51 --> 00:32:38. consumer direct marketing 00:32:39.54 --> 00:32:41. what did I have to think of how is paying for this 00:32:41.9 --> 00:32:42. right 00:32:43.84 --> 00:32:46. and so I said I'm going to test my markets like told 00:32:46.88 --> 00:32:50. you market research girl and I'm going to create a 00:32:50.13 --> 00:32:50. pocket 00:32:52.4 --> 00:32:54. in eighteen hundred dollar package 00:32:56.08 --> 00:32:57. that's going to include video 00:32:58.94 --> 00:33:01. I'm not going to say how long the video's gonna be 00:33:01.32 --> 00:33:02. could be six minutes could be ten minutes could be 00:33:02.82 --> 00:33:03. twenty minutes 00:33:04.94 --> 00:33:07. but it's going to include video is part of the package 00:33:08.84 --> 00:33:10. and let's see if we're on this something here that's 00:33:10.74 --> 00:33:13. gonna include this session a certain number of digital 00:33:13.5 --> 00:33:17. images and a cut video and of course I love packaging 00:33:17.76 --> 00:33:19. so we've got a lot of pretty packaging to go along 00:33:19.65 --> 00:33:19. with it 00:33:21.14 --> 00:33:24. of physical product's usp covers image box covers 00:33:24.65 --> 00:33:26. you know I like packaging I like physical things. 00:33:26.88 --> 00:33:28. I like to sell product. 00:33:29.64 --> 00:33:31. And when we booked five and one day, I knew around 00:33:31.65 --> 00:33:32. us something. 00:33:35.69 --> 00:33:37. That's why I'm going to say right now about pricing 00:33:37.84 --> 00:33:39. I'll say the second thing is that we've started to 00:33:39.96 --> 00:33:43. do add ons for general sessions because I believe 00:33:43.15 --> 00:33:45. in the basic session fee and you know here we go be 00:33:45.9 --> 00:33:50. here for three days but I on g we have video adults 00:33:50.33 --> 00:33:52. so I do believe there has to be an introduction period 00:33:52.92 --> 00:33:55. every big business in the world has an introduction 00:33:55.28 --> 00:33:59. period we're going to test the market you know I mean 00:33:59.38 --> 00:34:01. I remember studying marketing in college is all about 00:34:01.43 --> 00:34:03. market research and testing the market and if you 00:34:03.42 --> 00:34:05. want to put a new sandwich out there from mcdonald's 00:34:05.56 --> 00:34:07. it's probably gonna be the ninety nine cent double 00:34:07.23 --> 00:34:10. double double burger whatever and they're gonna find 00:34:10.14 --> 00:34:11. out if we're selling a million double double double burgers and then if everyone likes it or if they hate it and they could do the research and be like oh my god this is huge let's triple the price I mean supply and demand this isn't rocket science this is any marketer who does marketing out there in the world this is what you do you test the market so I'm not saying I'll and with this I will go to questions I'm not saying my message is not run out get a videographer get all good lighting equipment, hair and makeup mean that's what I want but recording studio I'm not saying do all of that I'm saying video is not only happening now but it's going to get even better than we can even possibly imagine hey and I'm saying you need to get in and do something about it find a muse find a girlfriend find someone a wife a daughter a subject a dog for god sakes my daughter loves you want to look on youtube about the number of the people that cpac videos like kittens or like the highest rating youtube videos out there so ana what people really want to know is they are if they're beginners where do they start in terms of content we've talked about showing behind the scenes we talked about showing your personality where should people start? Okay it's a great question and you know again things just can't get so overwhelming that you don't know where to start actually one of the things I have done right before I came that I didn't have a chance to finish wass I started taking pictures of my studio and my assistant had cleaned uh my prop area and the blankets and headbands and made it look so pretty so we started taking photos and I was I was going to catch the plane she was literally sending me photos and so I had an idea that I was going to create a little studio video that ship because the instagram response was huge one is like oh my gosh more should we mourn it was it got a huge share rate so I ended up taking pictures of my whole studio and I'm only showed little clippings so an easy place to start let's say you have you don't have a booking for like a month start showing the elements of your business and practicing that way because the great thing about an emoto is marrying the stills right on the video so I'm going to give you kind of a couple ways to start and then we'll wrap up so a couple ways to start is take pictures of your space where do you work do you work outside do you work in your home even if it's a home studio I recently did a workshop in chicago toe a home studio and we did for the video footage of it and it looks amazing and it was the fourth floor of her home and I said, oh my gosh people are really going to want to see home studio and so the first thing is from in a personal perspective show pictures of your work space even if you say and I work on location and I have this little tiny corner area of my room do you have a nice area that motivates someone or has cute quotes or just play around takes um still images with your phone or a camera and just do a little video just put your your iphone on hit record and just very carefully record a little bit and play around with creating some an emoto videos you're going to see what susan it's drag and drop people I'm telling you but my only advice would be to do small clippings with video don't do like an hour to just little nuggets and so you can start by creating promo material to show who you are that would be one good place for content because one of the scenes was asking during break if all the content was always maternity and babies while I photograph maternity newborns babies children families don't do weddings I don't two engagements and I rarely do seniors so yes from a main market of perspective of intention that is going to be my focus absolutely I'm I have two dogs you'll probably never see a video of my dogs but that's not to say that I can't show other things like my studio my work space the response on instagram is like show me more should be more where's your friend room I showed one picture of my friend room I want to see the whole front room show me more so I knew it was getting a response and tests I will often test by putting the picture of the firefighter the little fifteen second video we did I first posted the image got a nice response rate rick right away within days eight, eight hundred people looked it and so what I immediately said to my videographer was we need to make an instant I call my many instance making and stop because I knew that was a great response there's another images that I post that don't really lend well to the video maybe it took me an hour to get that one pose there's nothing great about it and then there's other times where I got a great chap but I didn't knew video so I definitely think test the market if you don't have an instagram account get one get it sets just start pushing still images just start getting your following up and just start putting your work out there who will be first and foremost and then second start creating little videos of things you like you know, even crafters if you make headbands everybody loves die why it's one of the most researched words on the internet is d I y on pinterest and I was doing research studies on pinterest number one is denial, so for those making things we love to watch people make things, I love it you know you make a headband or you're painting a wall or or anything do a little video my daughter started using her ipad and doing time lapse video and again now I'm going to open up a whole other camel worms, so I'll try not to digress too much there's this time last time lapse ap I don't know what it is my twelve year old doesn't she set up the ipad to record her drawing now she loves she loves doing illustrations you could draw anything she spent a day working on mickey mouse characters just for a picture and she put the ipad on the desk and just started drawing I'm not lying on a sunday afternoon for six hours she did not come out of a room and you'd walk by his room and drawings were just flying the floor she was just laying on her bed like just just kept drawing, drawing, drawing, drawing and then came to me goes look mama and push the button and it was hours and hours and hours of her sketching in time lapse video I thought it was the greatest sing I mean I haven't even touched on that that's a whole other day imagine is an artist who's painting a mural are in a kid's room to a painting to a fine art a backdrop any any artist in the world set up your ipad or your phone record the whole thing create time locks dropping in an emoto poppet so I mean I could literally spend a day on content, but the ideas you've got to start somewhere somewhere and if it's building up your social media presence, getting your ducks in a row, getting your instagram account, set up a youtube channels I'm doing what you know what your name is, you know, start linking spend a day just think you know what? Today I'm gonna link everything and I've done that on sundays grab a cup of coffee you don't do for three hours I'm going to just start and that's where the social media work full comes in just start linking tagging making sure that when I post on facebook it propagates to twitter making sure when I post on instagram it's going to propagate to facebook and twitter make sure when I post on the blogged that it's going to propagate to all four of my social media pages which is also going to go in twitter you know so the propagation and the anything and you just start doing it little by little and then your clients start seeing hey and it's doing some video this is kind of cool and then when you're having those great sessions and I don't care whether you photograph animal seniors teens weddings you know there's a time in almost every session where something's great so you know what video video video anna enomoto credit live video it's just you know and have something ready that I on cam that went on the camera something like that set up your ipad something and just just do it and just start doing it one of the things that I say is creating an image is no longer enough it's not enough anymore we must show the world our house and wise because it is on ly then that they will want to engage my stats are living proof that when you look at my images on instagram you know what I hear all the time another good image by anna whatever yeah, whatever but wait let me pause here and it just showed me how she got that baby in that book let me take a look at that and share it with a friend look that's how she did it painting a backdrop it's one thing to see a muslim painted it's another thing to watch a video of someone doing it it makes you want to run out to home depot by muslim by paint slap it together you know it's not that easy but you want to do it anyway why? Because it inspires you it engages you and isn't that what we're supposed to be doing? Why new commercials make us cry why do movies make us just sit in our seats and not want to move? Why? Because the images plus the motion and the movement and the music wraps up what we want our life to be I've always wanted to be a dancer I can't dance but I have two daughters who d'oh and so I can live through them and put music and put spin on it and it does something there's not a person around who's not going to watch a video who's not going to be emotionally connected and susan's going to show you how to do that and it's going to you're going to be able to tell yourself you know what I can do this.

Class Description

Animoto lets you turn your photos, video clips, and music into slick, professional videos. Learn how to easily make your own, branded videos in How to Boost Your Business with Animoto Videos with Ana Brandt, Susan Roderick, and Sue Bryce.

During this fast-paced event Ana, Susan and Sue will show you how to use Animoto to create videos and use them to market and grow your business. 

In this class you’ll learn how to:

  • The basics of quickly creating a video with Animoto
  • Use video as a marketing tool
  • Include Animoto videos as a sales add-on
  • Incorporate Animoto into your workflow

Ana will explain how she kickstarted a video marketing program for her newborn photography business 7 years ago and she’ll detail the huge impact it has made on the growth of her business.

Susan will show you the ins and out of creating a video with Animoto and that creating a video to incorporate into your marketing doesn’t need to be a time-consuming commitment.

Sue will finish things off to drive home the importance of creating a marketing video and the power it has for your business.

If you want to learn how to take your photography business to the next level, join Ana Brandt, Susan Roderick and Sue Bryce for How to Boost Your Business with Animoto Videos.


a Creativelive Student

Excellent ! really inspired me. If someone would of said to me use video I would have shrugged it off but after seeing this course I cant wait to have a go. I love how Susan put it all together, the video was amazing to watch and coming from me that has to be true as I am one of the minority who does not watch a lot of video's purely because I get bored after a few minutes but Susan's had me spell bound. Sue Bryce's work is amazing and Anna Brandt I could listen to over and over. Brilliant show

Rajiv Chopra

Yes, I would definitely recommend the course to anyone. So, here goes. My initial reaction to Anna Brandt was negative, but then I realised that she gave us some very valuable tips. These were not just on video, but also on 'market research'. It is interesting, because I spent years in corporate before switching to photography, and I had not applied my own learnings to my fledgling new career! So, some good tips from her. Susan Roderick was very good and systematic. She gave a very clear idea of how to put together a video, and the three examples she showed were excellent. I am not sure about the Sue Bryce part of the course. Since she had generously given her photos for the course, I suppose - yes. However, I am not sure of how much additional value she provided in terms of content


A class (GENEROUSLY) taught by true experts. Much information and visual demos were shared. Lots of inspiration and fun was had by all. I would MOST DEFINITELY recommend this class to anyone - whether you use Animoto or not. Video is the key to everything! On the other hand, YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY know about Animoto ~Without a doubt! ~Roz Fruchtman @RozSpirations