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How to Boost Your Business with Animoto Videos

Lesson 3 of 10

Ana Brandt: Use Short Films and Instagram to Attract New Clients with Animoto

Ana Brandt, Sue Bryce, Susan Roderick

How to Boost Your Business with Animoto Videos

Ana Brandt, Sue Bryce, Susan Roderick

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Lesson Info

3. Ana Brandt: Use Short Films and Instagram to Attract New Clients with Animoto

Lesson Info

Ana Brandt: Use Short Films and Instagram to Attract New Clients with Animoto

00:00:02.09 --> 00:00:05. My second challenge was to create many short films 00:00:05.5 --> 00:00:07. and to tackle instagram and attract new clients which 00:00:07.99 --> 00:00:11. meant fifteen seconds it's one thing to be recorded 00:00:11.43 --> 00:00:14. doing three hours in a newborn session or two hours 00:00:14.23 --> 00:00:16. an attorney or even in our family we do video for 00:00:16.68 --> 00:00:19. family to have some great family videos now you've 00:00:19.86 --> 00:00:22. got to take all that down a fifteen seconds action 00:00:22.48 --> 00:00:25. image beautiful music you've got fifteen seconds people 00:00:25.93 --> 00:00:30. okay how on earth are you going to do this? What happened 00:00:30.05 --> 00:00:35. wass I joined this is olivia I joined july fourth two thousand eleven off olivia in my car my first media posts on instagram not even thinking about it obviously we're in the car going somewhere wasn't really cared about the image I was posting and did nothing with ...

it did absolutely nothing with it did nothing with it and then what happened here so what happened? Wass one day like most photographers you're so busy trying to pay the bills and shoot and added and do all that's required to be a photographer is there so much out there there's pinterest and instagram and google and he just go on and on and I'm just like oh my gosh one more thing to do and I feel like everything in its time right I'm not saying go out and do everything because that's what stops us everytime I teach I tell my my clients my photographers I give them notebooks now and I say you're gonna write down in your notebook the list of things you have to dio that you want to do and prioritize them and even if it's one thing a week or a month don't try to do everything on the first day because you're going to fail and we're so impatient right we just want to tomorrow become a youtube sensation and tomorrow being instagram sensation and tomorrow everybody finds man pictures it's just not going to happen you have to be consistent and you have to be patient so I was ignoring instagram 00:01:58.505 --> 00:02:00. eight, five hundred followers nothing's happening 00:02:00.68 --> 00:02:03. my instagram page I wasn't following anybody no one 00:02:03.39 --> 00:02:06. was following me and I don't know if we're at twenty 00:02:06.65 --> 00:02:08. five my goal was to be on twenty five by this morning 00:02:08.86 --> 00:02:11. so off to check my instagram page I know my videographer 00:02:11.0 --> 00:02:12. was keeping an eye on it so like me we could be twenty 00:02:12.95 --> 00:02:16. five by tuesday morning but I was spoken imaging in 00:02:16.47 --> 00:02:19. january and I was like you know what? I'm going to 00:02:19.73 --> 00:02:22. check my stats and I think I was at fourteen thousand 00:02:22.86 --> 00:02:26. in january and that wass september october november 00:02:26.11 --> 00:02:29. december january five months I went from five hundred 00:02:29.82 --> 00:02:33. over twelve thousand and then doubled the number double the moment number in less than six months. How on earth did I do that and how many hours did it take for me to do that and how much time did it take for me to do that and is it possible? Video drives engagement, end of story video drives engagement. Seventy five percent of the responses on my instagram, our shares to others. Seventy five percent. I can't get those stats on facebook, but I can get him on instagram. And do you know why? Seventy five percent of those air shares to others? One reason and it's video. Try shooting right over. Father, we speak about that that's. How I double my number in less than six months. That's. How I even 00:03:29.044 --> 00:03:33. broke ten thousand in less than six months, fifteen 00:03:33.37 --> 00:03:36. seconds where you're browsing your phone, you're checking 00:03:36.32 --> 00:03:39. out at the grocery store, it comes in your feet and 00:03:39.58 --> 00:03:41. you're like, oh, not only do I love that I'm going 00:03:41.39 --> 00:03:41. to share it. Love, share, love, share, love, share, that's how I got all of a saudi arabia on instagram and I will tell you that I believe in personal studies, and so we're gonna talk some more about statistics. But I got my statistics from icon square dot com, and if you look at all of the numbers in here, out of all these images, this had the highest number because of video and it's over and over and over, I've pulled these stacks five times and every single time it's been video. Three out of the five most loved images video. It lets you put little best moments of instagram. Fifteen seconds. Icon squared. That's a video. Fifteen seconds. Can you market in fifteen seconds for little money, pennies on the dollar, and a moto has three themes that allow you to do square video. You're going to see one of them today, fifteen seconds, fifteen seconds. You guys, you, khun, do this yourselves today. Today there is one thing. The photographer must contain the humanity of the moment. This kind of photography is realism, but realism is not enough. Haas to be vision. The two together can make a good photograph, and I'm pretty sure that this quote was out before video wass, because I found on the internet and it's an old quote, one more, and then we'll talk about instagram. This was in australia in a rented studio. Fifteen second. So here's the thing. Um, you need to be a photographer, right? I'm a photographer. I am not a videographer. You will clearly see in the video that I did that. I am not a videographer. I don't want to be a videographer now or ever, okay? Susan roderick is a videographer, she's. Amazing. When you partner yourself with people that are doing what they love to dio, the passion in the creation is effortless. Photographer should be doing still plus video and a moto does design plus audio the photographer needs to be a photographer and focus on capturing the emoji imagery that is required to create a visual marketing campaign by using tools and automation that khun streamline the process such as an emoto you can have a professional cinematic presence in your chosen specialty you know some people always say it is so hard it's so hard guess why we're here you guys an emoto drag and drop that music of the first video like chokes me up every single time and it's in their library and so you pick the music you pick the transitions you out pops a video you can share to facebook download it sell it to your client you could then go back cut a second one for instagram I texted the next one I'm about to show you to myself last night after it was created in an emoto and then post it on instagram this morning and I'll show you the tool all tell you the tool that I used to do it but the point is that marketing and I've said this a million times it's got to be how you live and how you breathe nobody is going to show up at your door and knock knock knock oana don't mean to take you around and tell everybody how great you are and market for you that's called p r and I'm not paying anyone for p r right now and there may come a time where you have the funds to dpr. Look, I didn't hire alex till the end of two thousand twelve, so I had four years of not feeling like I could afford a videographer. It was just not in my numbers. It didn't matter how many times I did my budget. I was not selling video, and I could not 00:07:58.283 --> 00:08:01. justify the cost of hiring a videographer. So far, 00:08:01.33 --> 00:08:04. you're not selling video, then you probably shouldn't 00:08:04.75 --> 00:08:07. be paying someone to cut the video for you. That's. 00:08:07.81 --> 00:08:10. My advice, you're going to have to start somewhere, 00:08:10.82 --> 00:08:14. okay, just like photography, someone, someone, somewhere, 00:08:14.4 --> 00:08:16. started taking photos, and no one was paying. Now, 00:08:17.08 --> 00:08:19. I think it should be done well, and it should be done 00:08:19.27 --> 00:08:22. professional, and it should be a clear, concise message, 00:08:22.45 --> 00:08:23. which is why we use the tools I can't.

Class Description

Animoto lets you turn your photos, video clips, and music into slick, professional videos. Learn how to easily make your own, branded videos in How to Boost Your Business with Animoto Videos with Ana Brandt, Susan Roderick, and Sue Bryce.

During this fast-paced event Ana, Susan and Sue will show you how to use Animoto to create videos and use them to market and grow your business. 

In this class you’ll learn how to:

  • The basics of quickly creating a video with Animoto
  • Use video as a marketing tool
  • Include Animoto videos as a sales add-on
  • Incorporate Animoto into your workflow

Ana will explain how she kickstarted a video marketing program for her newborn photography business 7 years ago and she’ll detail the huge impact it has made on the growth of her business.

Susan will show you the ins and out of creating a video with Animoto and that creating a video to incorporate into your marketing doesn’t need to be a time-consuming commitment.

Sue will finish things off to drive home the importance of creating a marketing video and the power it has for your business.

If you want to learn how to take your photography business to the next level, join Ana Brandt, Susan Roderick and Sue Bryce for How to Boost Your Business with Animoto Videos.


a Creativelive Student

Excellent ! really inspired me. If someone would of said to me use video I would have shrugged it off but after seeing this course I cant wait to have a go. I love how Susan put it all together, the video was amazing to watch and coming from me that has to be true as I am one of the minority who does not watch a lot of video's purely because I get bored after a few minutes but Susan's had me spell bound. Sue Bryce's work is amazing and Anna Brandt I could listen to over and over. Brilliant show

Rajiv Chopra

Yes, I would definitely recommend the course to anyone. So, here goes. My initial reaction to Anna Brandt was negative, but then I realised that she gave us some very valuable tips. These were not just on video, but also on 'market research'. It is interesting, because I spent years in corporate before switching to photography, and I had not applied my own learnings to my fledgling new career! So, some good tips from her. Susan Roderick was very good and systematic. She gave a very clear idea of how to put together a video, and the three examples she showed were excellent. I am not sure about the Sue Bryce part of the course. Since she had generously given her photos for the course, I suppose - yes. However, I am not sure of how much additional value she provided in terms of content


A class (GENEROUSLY) taught by true experts. Much information and visual demos were shared. Lots of inspiration and fun was had by all. I would MOST DEFINITELY recommend this class to anyone - whether you use Animoto or not. Video is the key to everything! On the other hand, YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY know about Animoto ~Without a doubt! ~Roz Fruchtman @RozSpirations