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How to Boost Your Business with Animoto Videos

Lesson 10 of 10

Sue Bryce: Get Started Now Using Video

Ana Brandt, Sue Bryce, Susan Roderick

How to Boost Your Business with Animoto Videos

Ana Brandt, Sue Bryce, Susan Roderick

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10. Sue Bryce: Get Started Now Using Video

Lesson Info

Sue Bryce: Get Started Now Using Video

our next segment to round up our day is our dear friend, Sue Bryce. Welcome to Creativelive, Sue. How are you doing? I'm very good. Thank you. So so, so happy to have you on. I know that you are a big and a moto user as well. And when I was looking at some things on your website I saw a quote where you said in the years as a photographer I found that the best marketing I did I saw the greatest results was emotional or storytelling. It had nothing to do with what I was selling. That's a super writes quote. Um, it talked to us about the power of video in your marketing and how emotion comes into that. I think this four ease this emotion, entertainment, engagement and education. So say that engagement, entertainment, education, emotion. Um, so if you were touching on one of those four things, then people are going to be interested in watching whatever you've got. So I did. Just listening to Susan for the last hour. I just wanted Teoh and watching the questions coming on the chest. I just ...

wanted to add a couple of things that she didn't have time for, um something really cool. And maybe Susan can jump on the, um, and a Moto video. Now let me get this right. If you go to Facebook, you can join the Enomoto Video Marketing Challenge Group. So all of the questions you were answer asking Susan in the chair and questions that you didn't get answered can be answered in that group. It's just a free group to keep you on point to creating videos to market your business. So even if you're not using in a motor yet, join the group because it's ah, just to keep you really motivated and see other people creating slide shows and videos. And it's where you can get all of your questions answered. So it's the Enomoto Video Marketing Challenge group on Facebook now. A couple of things that Susan didn't get around to saying was I laughed when I saw the filmic pro crew filming in Europe because they were filming on Ipads and I was like, Wait a minute, why would you use this bowl key IPad instead of, ah, life iron and the IPad has an even better resolution. And so if Susan could do something to show that because just about everyone I know has an IPad. I'm also I've got I find six plus, which is like the size of my head thing, and it takes pretty amazing shots. So I think this whole point of today is to discuss, just get started. No excuses. And if I was going to have a message, mind would bay what's stopping you? So I'm just going to talk about the things that get in the way of stopping you from doing something that's just gonna absolutely have your business cookie about that. All right. Um, a lot of people were asking in the Czech also, um, real basic questions. Why 50 frames specific and why ntsc instead of pal, Why not 60 frames a second? Do shoot in teen ADP. Go to the Enomoto video Group and get all of those questions answered because they're applicable to and a motor and the whole team always in there. Absolutely. Thank you. Yes. And there are over photographers in that group. And you started that who started that group back in September. Right? And there was gonna be there 12 months of challenges. What I think is so cool as some of the testimonials in that group sue, where people are talking about how making video has truly changed their business. Talk about why can you talk a little bit about what? What you see is stopping people. You need a kick in the butt as well. Yeah, what we do when we trying to settle this idea that you'll should be making a video. The whole point of selling the idea to you is the stats obvious, like 83% of people are more likely to watch your video than read your takes. Ah, we know that YouTube is the second biggest suit changing on the planet. I mean, the evidence is all there. So what's stopping you from doing it? I'll tell you what's stopping you this three ways. Teoh use video, and I feel like the fist is in your sales that you can actually make an an emotive slide. Show off your shoot, show it in your presentation in your sale and then sell it as an head on or sell it as a gift on top of your sale. You can use it to tell stories about your studio and pretty much anything that connects you or connect your heart or what you want, you can make a You can make a story for a non profit. You can do it behind the scenes. You can shoot promo videos. I mean, it's unlimited the amount of stories you can tell around your business. And then there's your social media. You've got into the video. You've got Facebook, you've got your blawg. You can literally speak to the camera and speak to audience. You can just I mean, it's just absolutely endless. So when I say to people, what's stopping you? I think back to what was stopping me from doing video six years ago, seven years ago when I knew it was the future, and I feel like there's a couple of things. One of them Waas. I hated seeing myself on camera. I would see myself on camera and I would be so repelled by it. I was like There is no way anybody's gonna watch this. And yet behind the scenes has become like this huge thing. So I just designed my new gallery for my new website and in my gallery, every signal food image I've included behind the Saints photographs off photo shoots because I've actually realized that my public and my clients really love it and are really interested. How do you get over? Seeing yourself on camera is probably one of the hardest things you're gonna have to deal with. You just have to film yourself talking Film yourself, talking for two minutes. Talk about something that you're really passionate about. So whether it's your Children or your partner or your career, just talk about it or a hobby. Whatever. Just talk about it. Look at the camera, talk from your heart and just forget that there's a camera in front of you and just discuss it and then watch that video on and then watch it over and over and over again until you get used to seeing yourself. It's no different than finding the confidence to put your business out there. When you're marketing with someone, this is something you have to do to go to the next level. So I feel like the biggest mistake people are making right now is just holding themselves back behind the computer, hiding behind the website, sitting at home on Facebook, saying it's not working, and they're not really putting themselves out there. And people tell me that putting this tops out there all the time, but they're not. So I need you to look at this, the four he's in engagement, entertainment, education and emotion. And I want you to think about which one of those four words has the strongest, um so for May, emotion is definitely, really, really strong. So I want to create something that moves people. I want to create something that has my voice that has my hat and soul in it that speaks to you know, that feeling that you get and I love watching videos like that. Like Susan said, I like the videos with tears. So for May, I want to tell those stories. I want to tell stories off transformation and overcoming odds and, you know, seeing my own beautiful and discovering myself and I That's what I'm really attracted to. And so I want my clients to be attracted to that. So the people that I make those stories for inevitably going to be really drawn to it, Um, what are you struggling with? I think is the biggest hit A. Like a lot of people tell me they don't have anybody to shoot the video for them. And yet I can tell you right now it's just utter B is because your photographers, which means, you know, 1000 other photographers and that tells May that you can get one of them to come to your shoot and film you, and then you can go and film them and swap the footage. You can't tell me it's not affordable because it's a joke how easy it is. We have team play did the editing for you. So it's idiot proof. So if you're sitting here arguing, why would you pay this money to an emotive and not just get um, another editing software? Have you ever sent down and tried to use editing software? You know, I taught myself how to use Final Cut by watching videos on online education, and it was really hard, and I don't want to do it. Um, this is about coming back to basics. You know? I can actually afford now in my business to pay a videographer to shoot and eat at me. Um, but if I had had this 10 years ago, it would have changed my will. It still wouldn't have changed the fact that I didn't want to be on camera, so that took a long time. But if it since I started putting myself in front of the camera, look how much my business has gone in the last eight years. Um, messages, storytelling. I find the three things is, Who's going to shoot it? How are they going to shoot it, and how much is it going to cost? And I feel like this platform here, the base of this platform here, eliminates just about all of those questions. All of those excuses. I've just seen so much growth with video. Susan showed us how to transition, using video from just using still stills on a little bit of video and then a lot of video. When where do you see the most effect in your business? It doesn't met him. I can put up still, um, off behind the Sainz and I get the same traffic. People just want to say behind the kitten, and they want to get to know you, and they want to see what you're doing. And it's interesting, and its media like its multimedia it's keeping up with what's trendy. I mean, watching my appearance, who are 68 69 on Facebook. Watch videos. It's also my I just love it. I feel like it. It's just the best thing you could actually create now. So you have a class a new class coming up here on creativelive and so excited to have you back for that. Have you seen within your own group of mentors? Maybe you could tell us a little bit about what that is, but also how people who have been following you have been using video and what results they may have seen. And is that something that they were able to push past the fear of doing? Or do you see that people are still struggling with that? I feel like when people put a video up on the an emotive video challenge Facebook Group, It's a waste comes with a tag that says, I can't believe I'm hitting published on putting this out there like I'm freaking out and putting it out. There is probably the how this part, um, with my team off for my students and my mentors. Yeah, everybody's embracing it. There There's still too many limits around it, though there's still many people holding back and not doing it enough. I would like to see people doing it more. Sometimes we think if it's not perfect, we don't want to do it. But you know what? One of my oldest videos. I'm gonna find the link and I'm gonna put it on my Facebook page. It is so embarrassing. But one of my original videos from 2000 and nine is still on YouTube, and it is terrible. And it's, I think it's head. Some like its head teens of thousands of, if not 100,000 something views. And I lift it there because I was like, Well, people are still watching it And I started somewhere like we're not old film. My kids were just photographers in business, creating slide shows. This is not rocket science, you know, like really, we need to pull our hidden and stop being experts, you know, stopping an expert and start taking some action every single day. I'm like, I have to do something today that's gonna actively participate in the future of my business, and that doesn't include getting on Facebook and knocking down other people for doing something. It includes getting started. And you know what? You just I that that's my butt kicked. I thank you because I think that's it's always that first step. So I know I personally don't even start things because I'm afraid it's not gonna be perfect. How is it going to end up? And I don't even want to take that first step. And so thank you for your Do you feel that way? Wait on that. Everybody tries to run the marathon. You know, people always say it. They never say I'm going to start eating healthy tomorrow they will say, I'm gonna lose £60. I like 60. You can only lose one or two this week. So where you trying to lose £60. And people always say, I'm going to run a marathon, and I'm like, you don't even jog. So I think you just go for a job fit. And then if you really like it, your job tomorrow and then you jog the third day and then after you've been dogging for two months, you'll probably be like I job 20 kilometers Now. I think I'll do 1/2 marathon and then you look at Craig Swanson is now running half marathons. Hey, didn't say I'm gonna run America on. He just started jogging in some love with it. And I was like, your old China ran a marathon. Just buy the shoes, go for a walk. You know, make one video and when you talk about how much I've changed being in front of the camera this was the best thing I ever did. And I don't mean teaching on creative life. I mean putting myself as the face of my business, I thought that nobody would want to see May. I thought what people wanted to see was just the pretty clients and the pretty work. But I realized my clients when they like May, they would buy from me. So they wanted to bond with me. They wanted to get to know me. They wanted to feel safe with May before they even came to my studio. Putting myself in front of the camera profoundly changed how I see myself. I started to look after myself a lot better. I started to exercise more and eat better and just stop thinking about what I was saying on social media like, Am I being positive? Am I being a role model? Am I being someone who is the face of the brand? And I had come from the Oh, hell, no. I'm not gonna put myself out there at all. Like I was quite happy for my work to be in front of me. This was the single best thing I did for myself, and I would not stop doing that now. Thank you for that last sentiment, Su. I think that does. People are talking about in the chat room. We you are your brand. We are our brand. And it is amazing to see what happens when you allow yourself to be vulnerable and to present yourself your best self as you wish and knowing you as a dear friend, I do see what the the beauty that continues to shine from you from what you have allowed yourself to dio, um and that only comes back around right into your business And what you start creating and that power that you have what you're doing with video

Class Description

Animoto lets you turn your photos, video clips, and music into slick, professional videos. Learn how to easily make your own, branded videos in How to Boost Your Business with Animoto Videos with Ana Brandt, Susan Roderick, and Sue Bryce.

During this fast-paced event Ana, Susan and Sue will show you how to use Animoto to create videos and use them to market and grow your business. 

In this class you’ll learn how to:

  • The basics of quickly creating a video with Animoto
  • Use video as a marketing tool
  • Include Animoto videos as a sales add-on
  • Incorporate Animoto into your workflow

Ana will explain how she kickstarted a video marketing program for her newborn photography business 7 years ago and she’ll detail the huge impact it has made on the growth of her business.

Susan will show you the ins and out of creating a video with Animoto and that creating a video to incorporate into your marketing doesn’t need to be a time-consuming commitment.

Sue will finish things off to drive home the importance of creating a marketing video and the power it has for your business.

If you want to learn how to take your photography business to the next level, join Ana Brandt, Susan Roderick and Sue Bryce for How to Boost Your Business with Animoto Videos.


a Creativelive Student

Excellent ! really inspired me. If someone would of said to me use video I would have shrugged it off but after seeing this course I cant wait to have a go. I love how Susan put it all together, the video was amazing to watch and coming from me that has to be true as I am one of the minority who does not watch a lot of video's purely because I get bored after a few minutes but Susan's had me spell bound. Sue Bryce's work is amazing and Anna Brandt I could listen to over and over. Brilliant show

Rajiv Chopra

Yes, I would definitely recommend the course to anyone. So, here goes. My initial reaction to Anna Brandt was negative, but then I realised that she gave us some very valuable tips. These were not just on video, but also on 'market research'. It is interesting, because I spent years in corporate before switching to photography, and I had not applied my own learnings to my fledgling new career! So, some good tips from her. Susan Roderick was very good and systematic. She gave a very clear idea of how to put together a video, and the three examples she showed were excellent. I am not sure about the Sue Bryce part of the course. Since she had generously given her photos for the course, I suppose - yes. However, I am not sure of how much additional value she provided in terms of content


A class (GENEROUSLY) taught by true experts. Much information and visual demos were shared. Lots of inspiration and fun was had by all. I would MOST DEFINITELY recommend this class to anyone - whether you use Animoto or not. Video is the key to everything! On the other hand, YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY know about Animoto ~Without a doubt! ~Roz Fruchtman @RozSpirations