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How to Boost Your Business with Animoto Videos

Lesson 9 of 10

Susan Roderick: Editing and Music Tips with Animoto

Ana Brandt, Sue Bryce, Susan Roderick

How to Boost Your Business with Animoto Videos

Ana Brandt, Sue Bryce, Susan Roderick

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Lesson Info

9. Susan Roderick: Editing and Music Tips with Animoto

Lesson Info

Susan Roderick: Editing and Music Tips with Animoto

So now we're going to create videos with video footage and some photos this is mostly video a little bit of photos so this is the shoot actually I'm going to show you the shoot the video shoot that I did for soo of all of these photos that we've been seeing of elissa and but let's just cover this before we jump in how to edit video tell a story when you're editing video you short clips we've covered this prepare before you shoot when you go to when you go to edit the more preparation you've done before you started shooting the better off you're going to be he's got a shot list and you've planned this out when you go to edit it's going to be about a boom but of being you're gonna get this done and use b rule to break up different scenes if a person goes from standing toe laying down you khun use you know something in the middle of b roll of the dress or something to break that up that's why b roll is key because when you when a person is standing one direction and then another it looks ...

strange when you just put it in the edit so you have that b roll of break up those shots also pay attention your subject direction if the person is standing like this and then your next shot there standing like this it's awkward, so pay attention when you're editing and make sure that there's a flow to the direction that the people are in and watch all your footage I think this is really important in video we call it scrubbing when we just kind of scrub through the footage and just kind of like scan over did you do to do to do I am a true believer and washing everything you shot because this is where you find the nuances this is where you find the little glances and the person kind of looking in secure that makes your heart kind of pitter patter I watch everything because I'm looking for those little emotions and if you're just scrubbing through your footage you might miss that you'll be like oh there's a good shot of this but you miss that moment where the people looked at each other in the most romantic way and that is exactly what you need in your video to make it stand out to make it epic is to capture those tiny moment it's so watch all your footage once again don't worry about being original with your stories just be authentic just be authentic with what you're doing stories can be cliche so just be who you are and don't worry about telling some crazy story that you know is a david lynch film or something like that because you know I don't even want to see those waves anyway all right how to select music so we're gonna get into this but take your time selecting music I take almost as much time selecting my music as I do editing a video I picked the perfect song and I'll tell you if it moves me it's going to move other people and I like to cry if I if I tear up listening to a song to my video I know for a fact that other people are going to teo and if I tear up every time I watch it that is gold so you guys might not be into the tear thing might be into the happy go lucky thing which is fine but if it moves you every time you watch it and every time you hear the song this is the song that you need to pick and take your time picking music it is one of the most important things that you could dio an emoto has provided thousands of songs that is not there's a reason for that so that you pick the perfect one for your story pick a song that goes with your story if it's you know if it is kind of like a romantic thing you don't want to pick a punk rock song but so think about you know think about song as far as your story and think about the pacing of the music if it's a romantic shoot and you're putting on electro tech house that's probably not gonna work it might I put electro tech house on anything but it might work but just think about it all right let's create a video with mostly video and a few photos so now we're going to dive into the music and dive into some more stuff so go ahead and take me back fellas to the keynote I mean to my computer 00:03:59.315 --> 00:04:03. all right so back to my videos so I'm gonna go to 00:04:03.14 --> 00:04:06. this video shoot that I shot for sue 00:04:07.34 --> 00:04:09. and I'm going to kind of come in here to the copy 00:04:09.61 --> 00:04:13. so I don't uh do anything and we're going to talk 00:04:13.22 --> 00:04:16. about this exporting let's just talk about it now 00:04:17.44 --> 00:04:18. well now let's wait 00:04:19.74 --> 00:04:24. due to do okay let me just go in and show you guys 00:04:24.14 --> 00:04:27. this video shoot that I did so we'll talk about everything 00:04:27.02 --> 00:04:27. that we've just covered 00:04:29.34 --> 00:04:32. so as you see here as you scroll down all of the ones 00:04:32.29 --> 00:04:34. that are outlining grayer are video clips and all 00:04:34.79 --> 00:04:37. of the ones that are outlined in white are photos 00:04:37.64 --> 00:04:42. so this is mostly video with some photos so I shot 00:04:42.05 --> 00:04:46. the video the photos su has shot and you'll see I've 00:04:46.41 --> 00:04:49. muted every single one of these and I basically made 00:04:49.71 --> 00:04:54. each one of these ah a couple seconds so as we go 00:04:54.62 --> 00:04:58. along here you'll see I have I set the scene here's 00:04:58.15 --> 00:05:00. the studio some flowers you could kind of see the 00:05:00.24 --> 00:05:03. dress and the lights in the background then I show 00:05:03.93 --> 00:05:07. the dress so we're kind of getting ready setting the 00:05:07.09 --> 00:05:11. scene this is b roll this is setting the scene yes 00:05:12.04 --> 00:05:14. when you select how much of the footage clip you want 00:05:14.79 --> 00:05:17. to use can you show us how you do that I mean I see 00:05:17.9 --> 00:05:20. that you live with a slider little side of ours here 00:05:20.39 --> 00:05:22. so you could just here's the whole clip 00:05:23.54 --> 00:05:26. you just select the part that you want let's go and 00:05:26.39 --> 00:05:29. I usually keep it uh you know I used to keep it to 00:05:29.07 --> 00:05:32. like two or three seconds of clip you khun dio ten 00:05:32.27 --> 00:05:36. to ten seconds so then I show kind of the hair and 00:05:36.33 --> 00:05:39. makeup getting done and I'm shooting through a curtain 00:05:39.16 --> 00:05:41. so it looks kind of mysterious that's another tip 00:05:41.19 --> 00:05:44. shoot through things shoot around things kind of gives 00:05:44.26 --> 00:05:47. a creative edge to your video clips here I am shooting 00:05:47.7 --> 00:05:51. the makeup so she's getting ready she's getting ready 00:05:51.1 --> 00:05:54. here she's getting her hair she sews letting her hair 00:05:54.25 --> 00:05:58. down and then we're going into the photo shoot this 00:05:58.67 --> 00:06:02. is b roll perfect example the table with the jewelry 00:06:02.27 --> 00:06:05. on it and the flowers I love shooting stuff I'll shoot all day long so then we come into the photoshoot here she is she's lying down she's getting ready to get shot sue is shooting her more and then we go to a photo there's a photo of her so that's the end result we show soo shooting her and then we showed the photo. More more video of her on the couch as sue shooting her more photos. So now she's standing up, she's gone from the couch to standing up, so I show a clip of soup kind of fixing her hair through. I'm shooting through a couch. I'm shooting through a hole in the back of the couch, it's, part of the ornate design of the couch, and it kind of gives a cool effect here. Sue is fixing her hair. Here again I'm shooting around the couch and I'll show you this video so you can see and here again breaking up here she is here's a photo of that of her standing up so then we go back to the floor so I break those two up with a shot of the dresses so we don't go from her on you know from her lying down standing up or from her on the couch to a different pose you put something in between that so here she is lying on the floor and you'll see here she's lying on the floor in this direction and she's lying on the floor in that direction you see how that she flipped opposite directions you don't want that you want to make sure that that that she's lying in the same direction than you've broken that up somehow to her flipping over on the other side we'll put that back so you see kind of su is posing her here she is sitting up here and then I show a picture of her I'm really trying to match what was happening in the video and then the photo that goes with that scene what what photo did soo take in that moment so I'm trying to match all those things up here she is kind of suze posing her crossing her arms well you didn't really see that part but you will and here she is crossing her arms so going through that here she is, lying down. And then here she is, standing up in the stress. So I put the dress in between. To break that up yes um when someone shooting this you know generally are you switching like you're taking the photos and the video with that same camera soo's shooting I'm shooting behind the scenes of soon so suze shooting the photos and I'm taking video of it right now if it wasn't a situation with photographers when you're doing this for yourself you could do that for yourself you just need to let the client know I'm going to take photos of you and then I'm gonna shoot video when I'm shooting video of a client I will tell them I'm going to take this shot three times because I want to get from this angle I want to get it from this angle and when I want to get it from this angle do it again do it again do it again but I'll let them know that before I go into the shoot that that's what I'm gonna ask him to do so you just have to prep your clients you can do whatever you want with them or not whatever but you know what I mean within limits within reason and then in regards to once you do this upload is there any way to make it easier to line up you know that photo goes with that video you have to move those around when you upload them I guess do you have an answer for that? Sally depends on how you upload them. A love that your creativity how you want it to look I know in that last one where it was mostly photos in a little bit of footage we mix it up a little bit but you could just make it go in sequence this way you know what footages shot before it shock I mean it sort of makes sense the way you're going through it here she's facing this way there's the shot so it's good to lead up to the shot with the footage beforehand it is and it has an impact and I'll show you the video so you could get an idea of what that is so that's basically some quick tips about editing and we could get into a lot of detail about that but we don't have time for that today so come back for the next workshop all right so let's get into the music because music like I said is crazy important so once again top songs for the style animals picked five songs popular for photography and my favorites so let's go into brows full library so here you khun sort by title if you happen to know the name of the song you consort by artist you can start by genre or you can show short you can start by video I mean music length and here is where you favorite a song by clicking on that little heart you see how that lit up listen to the song and it will highlight so you can listen to the whole song and here you can also skim through the song so I'm just going to play this and you see that you can kind of scrub through the song and play different parts of it to see if you like it I listen well listen to the intro a song and then I'll skip ahead to see what songs khun change rather quickly so I'll listen to the intro if I like it I'll jump ahead and see if it still fits if it still fits as I jump ahead then I'll go back and listen to the whole thing so you could do that and you can listen to the whole song that's very cool you might want to pick your song depending on the length I don't necessarily do that because a song is more important to me than the length of the song and you can always cut the length of the song to how you want it so I don't go by length but you can sort by length and lorenzo get a question that if if you had a you know two minute song but your video clip was only or the entire video that to put together was thirty eight seconds you know you're just going to find the thirty eight seconds there will fit a thirty eight seconds of that song that will fit that video instead of having yes you can crop the song you wrote a song from the front and back and I I actually didn't show you how to do that but I will I'll show you how you how you do that in an emoto in just a second after we get through the library so you can't do that but picking the right song is more important to me than then uh how long it is to start all right so you can also hears all songs you can also sort by triple scoop music songs like she said there's a thousand triple scoop songs I used triple scoop all the time I highly recommend them s so that's pretty cool and here you can also start by your favorites over on the side so you can go also popular for personal business photography and education was popular for all those genres song length is also here on the side you can slide that and it'll kind of do that or genre you consort by genre I'd probably just automatically click pop and go for pop that's usually what I go for or elektronik or something like that but if your children's photographer they've sort of these for you so you can just click that and it'll show you all of the ones that are this length for children's that are popular for photography and you'll see how many you have. We have one for that so that's very cool. Is there anything else I'm forgetting about the music library that you think is important within them okay so let me go back here and show you how to do that so I picked my song if you click on this button here's where we trim the song so image pacing is important because depending on the mood you can either pacer images in the middle you can pay some quickly or you can paste them slowly and you could do this manually or you can have an emoto do it for you by clicking auto and an emoto will do that for you so here's where you from the song so let's say your video is thirty eight seconds I mean you can leave the song to the full and an emoto will fade it out for you so you don't need to trim that but you also can't trim it and I just would so you can trim this from the back or you can trim it from the front sometimes a song start out a little bit wonky and I don't like the intro so I might from the song most the time I'm just going to try and trim a song from the end I'm gonna leave the front and I'm gonna trim the end but you can't you have that option you can do that anywhere in the song so that's pretty cool so you're always gonna want to check this out you're always going to want to do this and if you, if you have a song, if you've trimmed the song too short. But you have a lot of clips in that you don't fit in the song. Oops. Did I say that, um they're going to appear over here in this whole side tray. So that's what? That side trails. That means those clips and those videos are not fitting in. They're not fitting into the dashboard. So you need to lengthen your song in order to fit all the clips that you have loaded up. If that makes sense, so just know that yes, lorenzo, does it matter? I mean, does an emoto pick which ones they're gonna take out? Do you have to kind of go and the ones at the end? Okay. So little. So wherever you trim it from that's where he's going to pull whatever the clips are at the bottom of this dashboard, it's going to clip, the less it's gonna take out the last ones, okay, does that make sense by so you can arrange them and do that? All right, so let's, go ahead and wash this video, shall we? It's! Deal. Yeah. Cats. Yeah. I with this, what? So that's mostly video with a few photos so you see the progression of and to be honest I mean I love the video but to be honest the photo the photo shoot with just slides of photos that has the same vibe as with full photo clip with full video clips you guys can do this you could do this with just your photos but get into video because it's cool to see all that video you know I like watching that I think that's fun I love seeing her in action I love seeing her in motion I love c I love seeing sue interact with her and you get such a better feel of that with the video clips than you do with the photos really dio and that's important what graham oh instagram oh boy there she goes with instagram oh we gotta get to her instagram questions you are so right okay sorry she's giving me the evil eye over here let's talk about uploading the instagram because anna so that I would talk about that so I I I do I do upload videos to instagram for filming pro and this is how I do it you could do the same with an emoto so an emoto has a few templates that are square and sally do you want to just run by those again I know you can definitely use vibrant shake uh documentary in the customizable styles will but the key is to use anything where the image and the video footage is in the middle because it will crop to square or even to proper to square before you actually imported into animator ok so you use one of those styles make sure it's fifteen seconds because that is the maximum you can export you're an emoto video the fifteen second video and then you can upload it to dropbox this is how I do it I know there's probably another way but this is the easiest way for me upload it to dropbox you should get a dropbox app on your phone upload it to dropbox you wouldn't do that on your phone you do that on your desktop upload it to dropbox and then you need to make it one of your favorites on dropbox once you make it a favorite on drop box then you can click the download and you can save it to your your phone, your library phone your phone library and then once you get it in the phone library then you can upload it to instagram so that is the basic way to do it I don't can you do that all on your phone? Yeah, you could do that all on your front you don't need to go to your desk so make upload it to dropbox making a favorite down on a chair photo library and then upload it to instagram so there's a few steps but that's how you do it are you good with that and brands thank you anna for asking again and thank you susan because there were folks act in in the chat room okay well can I just do a couple of and we've run out of time but rapid fire questions for you okay I have a couple things I want to say but if long as you guys were good with kenna going over ken is going over before he do your thank you just a couple more thing yes okay. All right, so once again you had somebody was asking about if you can put a multiple people if you can put your own voice or music into an emo to use yes if you have music licensing for the music you can upload your own mp three if you want to put your voice on an emoto I recommend doing a talking head where you're speaking and you're using the audio from the video clip of you speaking you saw what I muted each individual clip you can a knute those ofyou speaking and then the music will play in the background but it'll quiet down so you can hear the person talking so go to tamara lackeys I don't know where you see that video on the blood very saying ok it'll be on the animal of law blawg tamerlan video where she's doing that if you want to just record your voice going over the animate a video that's going to be, because now you can record an mp three of your voice, you could tell the story, um, and produce it and pay three, and use that as your background. Um, if you've got some audio experience, you could mix it with music yourself. But you do have to buy the track, because you can't mix it with the music in an emoto. It has to be one mp three that you're uploading, so you can either upload just the voice or mix it to the music yourself. So that makes sense. So if you want it, if you want to record your voice over, you have to buy the song. So I recommend doing the talking head thing where you're speaking in small clips and the music will quiet down. And then you can hear what the message is that you have to say.

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Animoto lets you turn your photos, video clips, and music into slick, professional videos. Learn how to easily make your own, branded videos in How to Boost Your Business with Animoto Videos with Ana Brandt, Susan Roderick, and Sue Bryce.

During this fast-paced event Ana, Susan and Sue will show you how to use Animoto to create videos and use them to market and grow your business. 

In this class you’ll learn how to:

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Ana will explain how she kickstarted a video marketing program for her newborn photography business 7 years ago and she’ll detail the huge impact it has made on the growth of her business.

Susan will show you the ins and out of creating a video with Animoto and that creating a video to incorporate into your marketing doesn’t need to be a time-consuming commitment.

Sue will finish things off to drive home the importance of creating a marketing video and the power it has for your business.

If you want to learn how to take your photography business to the next level, join Ana Brandt, Susan Roderick and Sue Bryce for How to Boost Your Business with Animoto Videos.


a Creativelive Student

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Rajiv Chopra

Yes, I would definitely recommend the course to anyone. So, here goes. My initial reaction to Anna Brandt was negative, but then I realised that she gave us some very valuable tips. These were not just on video, but also on 'market research'. It is interesting, because I spent years in corporate before switching to photography, and I had not applied my own learnings to my fledgling new career! So, some good tips from her. Susan Roderick was very good and systematic. She gave a very clear idea of how to put together a video, and the three examples she showed were excellent. I am not sure about the Sue Bryce part of the course. Since she had generously given her photos for the course, I suppose - yes. However, I am not sure of how much additional value she provided in terms of content


A class (GENEROUSLY) taught by true experts. Much information and visual demos were shared. Lots of inspiration and fun was had by all. I would MOST DEFINITELY recommend this class to anyone - whether you use Animoto or not. Video is the key to everything! On the other hand, YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY know about Animoto ~Without a doubt! ~Roz Fruchtman @RozSpirations