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How to Boost Your Business with Animoto Videos

Lesson 6 of 10

Susan Roderick: Getting Started Using Animoto

Ana Brandt, Sue Bryce, Susan Roderick

How to Boost Your Business with Animoto Videos

Ana Brandt, Sue Bryce, Susan Roderick

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Lesson Info

6. Susan Roderick: Getting Started Using Animoto

Lesson Info

Susan Roderick: Getting Started Using Animoto

00:00:02.28 --> 00:00:05. All right so let's create a video with photos on lee 00:00:05.7 --> 00:00:08. so I'm going to jump into an emoto right now we're 00:00:08.55 --> 00:00:10. going to take it from the top we're going to cover 00:00:10.95 --> 00:00:13. the dashboard we're going to cover how to log in we're 00:00:13.26 --> 00:00:16. going to cover everything so it will be very simple 00:00:16.63 --> 00:00:19. and you guys can understand this step by step and 00:00:19.26 --> 00:00:22. we're going to create a short video with photo's on 00:00:22.5 --> 00:00:25. lee so just a preface the photos and everything that 00:00:25.93 --> 00:00:29. I'll be using I went teo ella to shoot a behind the 00:00:29.77 --> 00:00:33. scenes photoshoot of supervised with her client and 00:00:33.67 --> 00:00:36. so these air supersize photos that I'm using he's 00:00:36.5 --> 00:00:40. a photo she shot of her client and this will be video 00:00:40.01 --> 00:00:43. that I've shot of su shooting her client...

so that's 00:00:43.13 --> 00:00:45. what we'll be using today all right I'm gonna go over 00:00:45.44 --> 00:00:51. here do do do and if we could get is this my desktop 00:00:51.21 --> 00:00:54. already because air quick is that my computer wow 00:00:54.64 --> 00:00:59. it isthe great so if you have not signed up look at 00:00:59.66 --> 00:01:02. that dude to do if you have not signed up for an emoto 00:01:02.85 --> 00:01:06. you need to do that first I recommend using getting 00:01:06.58 --> 00:01:10. the an emoto pro account that's what I have so one 00:01:10.12 --> 00:01:11. of the reasons you want the pro photographer account 00:01:11.98 --> 00:01:15. is because there's about twenty five uh we'll we'll 00:01:15.21 --> 00:01:17. get into this but there's about twenty five themes 00:01:17.58 --> 00:01:20. that are made by pro photographers that makes it so 00:01:20.37 --> 00:01:22. easy for you and these air photographers that have 00:01:22.35 --> 00:01:24. taught here on creative live people like lindsey adler 00:01:24.77 --> 00:01:27. jared platt generals and bomb tomorrow lackey so I'll 00:01:27.99 --> 00:01:31. show you those so I would recommend signing up for 00:01:31.14 --> 00:01:33. the pro photographer account if you guys have not 00:01:34.22 --> 00:01:35. so then we just log in 00:01:37.45 --> 00:01:41. and you can log in with facebook but I'm going to 00:01:41.06 --> 00:01:43. go ahead and log in with my account 00:01:44.88 --> 00:01:48. I remembered my password that's awesome 00:01:50.12 --> 00:01:53. all right everyone so this is what the dashboard looks 00:01:53.35 --> 00:01:55. like and if you didn't have any videos here all of 00:01:55.7 --> 00:01:58. this would be empty you would just see my videos on 00:01:58.17 --> 00:02:00. the side which will take you to your videos if you 00:02:00.24 --> 00:02:00. have them it's and the your account information and then help is over here on the side and this helps the help feature in an emotive dot com is excellent so I recommend definitely using that so if if this if you were new to an emoto none of these videos would be here and you would just click on this create button up here in the corner and that will take you to the creation dashboard actually that'll take you to the styles so this is where you choose a style and this is what I was talking about if you have the pro photography account there are so many different styles to choose from and styles by pro photographers so as you see here you can sort these you can browse my category they have wedding they have senior family children and baby events and glamour and boudoir so I'm gonna click on all just like in scroll down you can check out I mean there's options here you guys are will be taken care of you'll be set no matter what your aesthetic is or what you like I like really simple really plain they have that if you like something that any any any desire that you have is going to be met here so the way that you choose your style or your theme or your template as you kind of you can scroll over them runway is a is a style made by lindsay adler you can either scroll over and you get an idea of what it looks like or you can actually click on it and it'll play for you so that's going to play and you get you get to see exactly what it will look like which I think is very cool so if you did want to select if you did want to choose this theme then you would come over here and click create video so a couple other things you probably need to know. Some of these have little kind of icons next to the name like aperture here the little black and white circle that you'll see under the name just means that there's a black background option or a white background option so that's what that means, this little circle here, other ones have what it looks like a stereo odile, and that means that these air customizable. So I always use the customizable ones, because that means that you don't have a time a time limit on your clips. You, khun basically, you know, use your clips for us long as long as they are there's. Only a few, I think there's five that are limitless as faras the clip length, but also there's a couple more customizable things you khun dio. So look for these teo stereo little gadgets, if you want tio, I don't know if there's a technical name for those, if you want teo, you know, have more customization, so I'm gonna pick classic. I like classic because it's, just basic, and also I can customize it, so you go ahead and click on that, and then you would click create the video, and this takes us to the creation dashboard. So, let's, just go over how to use it. This is just starting out. This is what this is, what we're working with, and we're going to talk you through everything. So the first thing I would do is come up here and you'll see where it says untitled video, and I would name the video, and that is going. We're just going to call this the creative lives. Demo then you could put your name the producer named the date is optional you could put a description of the video and you have five hundred characters to write whatever you want this button here hides the an emoto logo at the end of the video if you have it unchecked there will be something that says powered by an emoto at the end but you can take that off his well you can also show a call to action button so after the video is done you can send someone to you concerned the people that are watching to a website to a product to something like that you just put in a label and then you would put the earl here so that's very cool feature all right so now we have a title if you were to go over here to the settings button that is this going to take you to the same platform or the same box will show up as the name so that's what the settings does and also you'll see these little icons at the top that we'll just change the size of your thumb now you see them changing their all right so let's go to customize style so this right here says custom I style for the few that are customizable if it wasn't a customizable style that would say change style and it would take you back to all of the style so that you could change your style but if it if it's customizable this will say customize so first let's customize the text which is a knock shin so these air the fonts you khun do formal hand written modern playful industrial and simple they give you options I like the hand written one you can also change the colors of your slides so you can change the text here or the background and you see they have different colors here different options also if you have a color code and html color code that you use for your web design that you like to keep the same colors can remember when I was that hot paint color for everything so I knew my color code by heart I like I was like it was a d b f e one something so I'd be like I know my color code so if you know your color code put that in right here otherwise you can just select from the color picker and same with the background you can change that to whatever you want or you can flip those that's what these arrows do and flip those and then there's the layout so you can have your title slides cut cut in they can slide up they can fade in or there's a cool animate a graphic that you can use their see the little arrow that goes in between the title and the subtitle also the media let's talk about the transitions your photos can either slide in they can cut in you can cross fade in or they can color fade in and then there's also framing so your colors khun goto inset which means they'll be like a black border around the photos they can go to fite screen or they could go full frame so the difference between fitz you have a question those settings is it going to be for every picture is on ly gonna be the slide transition or can you it will be for every photo every photo will be that will be the transition for the photos so the difference between fit screen and full frame you'll notice and full frame that the picture is completely filling the entire screen but when you go to fite screen the second photo which is in a portrait style there there's black on the side so full screen does crop this bike photo second bike photo quite a bit so you're going to lose some of your photo if you use full frame so I will say that I highly recommend right now that you don't use portrait photos in your video or port portrait photos or video you can so I'm not saying don't because I know a lot of you'd like to take portrait style photos and an emoto lets you do that but myself as a as a filmmaker is a videographer please try to get away from that please think about when you're in a photo shoot to shoot it portrait and then shoot it landscape because you're thinking about your video now and we do not see things in a portrait style if you have you ever gone to a movie and they had, like a portrait video clip in the movie that doesn't happen or tv or commercials, everything is in a landscape horizontal mode, so try to get away from shooting or including your portrait photos in your video and please just stop altogether taking any portrait style video with your dslr don't ever take video like this. I did that once for for soup rice, and she was like, what is that? Oops, I totally forgot you will forget just keep at it, just keep at it also with your phone do not shoot your phone like this always shoot! This is key. This is so important, I'll be telling you guys this again, so all right, so that is basically what we're working with so that's the customized, the style then you can add a logo so I'm gonna go here and click add love oh, I'm going to choose a file acted to dio and this is a super size photo shoot, so I am going to get a soup rice logo whoa! I know I got a lot of fuller's going on here. All right, let's, just add a soup rice logo so you can put your logo on the intro or the outro. I just turned both those off or you can have them both on and you can make them white or you can make them with a black background. So what I usually do is I put a logo at the end and let the video just start from the beginning. You can also animate your logo by fading it in sliding it down. Zoom it in, focusing into focus and rotating it in or zooming it out. Yes, it'll have the same preferred specs as the photos as the tips you gave us doesn't. Man doesn't sound? I think so. Um, it says it there, I think is about to meg. Um, that you need to size it to you. You get nothing too big for the logo. How lucky am I hear that? She's she's you're like? Yeah. That's. All right, so that is basically your logo options. So I recommend putting a logo on your video, create a logo and put it in there. I think that's it's important to have that.

Class Description

Animoto lets you turn your photos, video clips, and music into slick, professional videos. Learn how to easily make your own, branded videos in How to Boost Your Business with Animoto Videos with Ana Brandt, Susan Roderick, and Sue Bryce.

During this fast-paced event Ana, Susan and Sue will show you how to use Animoto to create videos and use them to market and grow your business. 

In this class you’ll learn how to:

  • The basics of quickly creating a video with Animoto
  • Use video as a marketing tool
  • Include Animoto videos as a sales add-on
  • Incorporate Animoto into your workflow

Ana will explain how she kickstarted a video marketing program for her newborn photography business 7 years ago and she’ll detail the huge impact it has made on the growth of her business.

Susan will show you the ins and out of creating a video with Animoto and that creating a video to incorporate into your marketing doesn’t need to be a time-consuming commitment.

Sue will finish things off to drive home the importance of creating a marketing video and the power it has for your business.

If you want to learn how to take your photography business to the next level, join Ana Brandt, Susan Roderick and Sue Bryce for How to Boost Your Business with Animoto Videos.


a Creativelive Student

Excellent ! really inspired me. If someone would of said to me use video I would have shrugged it off but after seeing this course I cant wait to have a go. I love how Susan put it all together, the video was amazing to watch and coming from me that has to be true as I am one of the minority who does not watch a lot of video's purely because I get bored after a few minutes but Susan's had me spell bound. Sue Bryce's work is amazing and Anna Brandt I could listen to over and over. Brilliant show

Rajiv Chopra

Yes, I would definitely recommend the course to anyone. So, here goes. My initial reaction to Anna Brandt was negative, but then I realised that she gave us some very valuable tips. These were not just on video, but also on 'market research'. It is interesting, because I spent years in corporate before switching to photography, and I had not applied my own learnings to my fledgling new career! So, some good tips from her. Susan Roderick was very good and systematic. She gave a very clear idea of how to put together a video, and the three examples she showed were excellent. I am not sure about the Sue Bryce part of the course. Since she had generously given her photos for the course, I suppose - yes. However, I am not sure of how much additional value she provided in terms of content


A class (GENEROUSLY) taught by true experts. Much information and visual demos were shared. Lots of inspiration and fun was had by all. I would MOST DEFINITELY recommend this class to anyone - whether you use Animoto or not. Video is the key to everything! On the other hand, YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY know about Animoto ~Without a doubt! ~Roz Fruchtman @RozSpirations