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How to Boost Your Business with Animoto Videos

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Susan Roderick: Intro and Why Video Content is Important

Ana Brandt, Sue Bryce, Susan Roderick

How to Boost Your Business with Animoto Videos

Ana Brandt, Sue Bryce, Susan Roderick

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Lesson Info

5. Susan Roderick: Intro and Why Video Content is Important

Lesson Info

Susan Roderick: Intro and Why Video Content is Important

I am excited to be here I am excited to be here for an emoto and I've been using an emoto since two thousand ten so it's been about five years I love everyone that works at an emoto I love the company I love the product and I'm just I'm proud to be here and proud to be part of this so my name is susan rodrick like kenna said and I love video I'm passionate about video I've been doing video for a few years now I am the creative director for the number one iowa's app filmic pro I make content videos constantly for filmic pro I make videos for clients I make videos for myself I'm cranking out the videos it's what I spend all day doing I love editing I'm extremely passionate about video so very excited to be here and I'll say that video I'm a photographer a heart so I love travel photography it's probably maybe my number one passion is travel photography but I will say that I don't think anyone has ever cried looking at one of my photos of of of a destination or a place and I don't know ho...

w many people get moved by photos to the point of tears but I've had several people tear up when they've watched some of the videos I've created and these air client videos that I've made for like a store and I've seen people tear up watching these videos. It's absolutely amazing I always kind of dreamed of being a rock star I know does that sound cheesy but I always wanted to be a musician I always thought about you know being up there and singing songs and moving people having them you know sing the song that I write my brother is a musician and I've I've cried while he sat at the piano and sang me a song I've just cheered up been absolutely moved I see people in the audience that love him and watch him perform and I will tell you right now that editing videos together and creating videos is like being a rock star you can make people tear up you can make them 00:01:58.874 --> 00:02:03. smile you can make them laugh it's almost like I am 00:02:03.17 --> 00:02:06. I am that musician that I always dreamed of being 00:02:06.46 --> 00:02:10. through video and I highly recommend that you experienced 00:02:10.61 --> 00:02:13. that and you check it out and you try it because as 00:02:13.01 --> 00:02:16. photographers you know we love the emotion that photography 00:02:16.77 --> 00:02:21. of votes you can evoke a thousand times more emotion 00:02:21.51 --> 00:02:26. with video so that is just a huge selling point for 00:02:26.11 --> 00:02:29. me for video so very excited to teach you guys how 00:02:29.63 --> 00:02:31. to do that so why don't we get started? 00:02:32.97 --> 00:02:36. All right so creating videos with an emoto now this 00:02:36.98 --> 00:02:39. is the easiest thing to dio you guys are going to 00:02:39.65 --> 00:02:42. be blown away with how simple it is to create magic 00:02:43.0 --> 00:02:45. using the an emotive software so we're going to learn 00:02:45.99 --> 00:02:49. to make videos with an emoto in the next ninety minutes 00:02:49.63 --> 00:02:52. so that is a challenge to me to be able to get all 00:02:52.31 --> 00:02:55. this out but we're going to definitely try and make 00:02:55.79 --> 00:02:58. sure it's easy for you and easy to understand so this 00:02:58.89 --> 00:03:01. is what we're going to cover how easy it is to use 00:03:01.23 --> 00:03:04. an emoto we're also going to cover how to shoot video 00:03:04.91 --> 00:03:08. so some of you have never even turned your dslr into 00:03:08.34 --> 00:03:11. the video mode we're going to cover that what to shoot 00:03:11.87 --> 00:03:14. you might want to shoot but when you turn that video 00:03:14.24 --> 00:03:16. mode on, you have no idea where to point your camera 00:03:16.59 --> 00:03:19. or what even what shots to take. We're also going 00:03:19.28 --> 00:03:22. to cover how to edit video an emoto basically you 00:03:22.69 --> 00:03:25. don't even necessarily need to learn to edit video 00:03:25.1 --> 00:03:27. you can just create the video you can make the video 00:03:27.52 --> 00:03:29. with your own photos but we are also are going to 00:03:29.76 --> 00:03:32. cover editing video in an emoto and we're also going 00:03:32.84 --> 00:03:35. to cover how to select music because if there's one 00:03:35.3 --> 00:03:37. thing that's going to make people cry it's the song 00:03:37.16 --> 00:03:39. that you pick and to me it's the most important thing 00:03:39.87 --> 00:03:41. it's almost more important than the editing itself 00:03:41.74 --> 00:03:44. is picking the music. An animal does a fabulous job 00:03:44.73 --> 00:03:47. of giving you the options in music, so we're going 00:03:47.16 --> 00:03:48. to cover their library 00:03:49.37 --> 00:03:52. what you'll learn today so you're going to learn how 00:03:52.48 --> 00:03:56. to create a video with photos no video is required 00:03:56.35 --> 00:03:58. no shooting is required if that's what's stopping 00:03:58.39 --> 00:04:00. you if that's what's intimidating you the shooting 00:04:00.08 --> 00:04:02. the video you are photographers you don't even you need to worry about it because we're going to cover how to make a video just with photos were also going to talk about how to create a video with mostly photos and some footage once you start shooting those clips of video and you put a couple of those clips in you're going to want to shoot more and you're gonna get more excited about it the more excited about it you are the more you going to do it the better you're going to get so we're also going to cover how to create a video with mostly video footage with a few photos put in so you'll see the progression of no video all the way to mostly video and I'll give you an idea of where you want to start or where you fit into this all right so let's get right to the point what are the benefits for me right everyone wants to know what is in it for me what why why should I care what is the benefits for me and I know anna went over some statistics we always talk statistics but there's there's some factors in these numbers so let's go over this video content I got this little tidbit from sally stargate from an emoto who I actually forgot teo introduce can I just introduce sally really quick everyone sally a stargate it from an emoto is in this in the studio audience right now can we get a camera on her and I just want to introduce her sorry I didn't do that before because if there's anything that I don't know about an emoto or forget or mess up sally is here to rescue me and help and go for all the details so thank you sally so she gave me this tidbit video content this is the number one current marketing buzz phrase right now video content so it's time for you guys to get in on this you want to be part of the buzz you want toby what's current you want to be where the action is this is our business so let's take a look at the facts super ice she always says this in her workshops youtube is the second largest search engine in the world she did make that up that's true and who loves you too google so put it together people search engine optimization you could pay people you could pay someone two hundred dollars an hour to boost up your website and create search engine optimization asio so that your google rankings top on the beginning of the page or you could take that two hundred dollars and get an emoto and make videos and have your search engine optimization let me let's check this out your website is fifty times more likely to appear on the first page of a search engine results page if it includes video if that's not what the benefits are for you if that's not the number one selling sentence right there I don't know what isthe I've searched my own name on google and I was like on the fourth page before I started doing video how's that impossible you know that doesn't make sense but it's possible get video put it on your block, put it on facebook put it on youtube put it everywhere and I'm telling you your ranking will go up this is key couple more numbers seventy five percent of users visit the persons website after viewing a video if you're selling product if you have services put video up and you're going to sell those products you're going to get those service people to buy your services one third of all online activity has spent watching videos well that's not surprising if I go to yahoo okay I go to your home to get my news that's what that's what I do but when you go through the yahoo stories a fifty percent of them are videos like there this is what is happening right now people are getting everything from video right now eighty percent of your online visitors will watch a video while only twenty percent will read your content. So you guys were spending a day two days to write a paragraph about on your about me, paige, about like thinking about what is the perfect sentence about me. Forget that to shoot a video, have your friend shoot ten second video of fifteen second video, one minute video telling who you are and eighty percent of people are going to watch that and know who you are. Twenty percent of those people are going to read the paragraph that you spent two days writing. This is serious business, the man himself, you think there's a lot of video on facebook right now and, you know there's a lot of video on facebook right now, but mark zuckerberg, the ceo of facebook, said, and he said this in november of two thousand fourteen, so that's been a while in five years. Most of facebook will be video. I love me some facebook. So if you guys are on facebook of you're using it to market your business if you're just using it to sell yourself, start making video. All right so also look at what's booming right now and anna covered some of these statistics and anna brandt in her last segment instagram has three hundred million monthly active users ken is one of those for sure um one hundred million people watched vine videos each month these air huge numbers there's only three hundred million people in the united states so that's how many people the entire united states is on instagram that's incredible periscope meerkat new acts that are coming out all the time everything's all about video that's coming out everything's video video video video you guys cannot miss out on this so I'm gonna tell you my story just a few years ago I was terrified of video I had no idea what I was doing I was a photographer and I didn't I had my I got my cannon five do you mark too? And it was new had no idea how to turn it into video mode ken and I were actually hosting on creative live of vincent law for a workshop he's really big into dslr video and we're surrounded by all these video guys and we're like, oh we should turn on the camera and like shoot video and that be funny so I go pick up my camera and I'm like do you know how to turn on the video can it's like I don't know how to turn on the video? Luckily we were surrounded by some video people so they showed us talked us through some of the basic things and I was off in ten minutes I and I knew nothing and then ten minutes later I was shooting video so that's where you guys are going to be today all right so you don't think you can do it just like I didn't think I could do it I had no idea so you don't think you can do it let's talk about why you don't think you can do it your fears so there's a super ice thing I love me some soup rice so your fears you don't know how to shoot video yeah I learned in ten minutes I mean I didn't learn to do it well but I learned how to do it you don't know how to edit video a lot of people this one stops them dead in their tracks because they can shoot video but they don't know how to edit ken is kind of in that boat right now she's teaching herself to edit but you're just like I'm overwhelmed I don't know how to edit you don't know if your text happy enough I'm terrible at photoshopped like I'm not I don't consider myself tech savvy but I teach myself and I persistent and I keep learning so you don't have to be necessarily text having to do this we're photographers photography is hard photography is hard to learn there's so many moving parts of photography if you guys have taught yourself photography, you can teach yourself video because photography is not easy. All right, I'm preaching now. I won't. Okay, so you don't think you're creative enough so some of us are really technical as photographers and we don't think we're created creative enough to make a video or you don't think that you'll make her client look good. You think you'll make your client look dumb where you think you'll make yourself look stupid if you put out about video or you just don't think you'll do a good job, so those are all valid. Those are all valid fears, so today you're going to be taken care of, I'm going to take care of you, I'm gonna make sure that you're taken care of that all your fears are taking care of. We're going to go over this, we're going to go and show how easy it is to create a video with an emoto, so don't worry, take a deep breath, we talked about all the fears now let it out now we're just going to be taken care of gonna give everybody a group hug. The coolest part about an emoto you don't need to be a video editor to create a video I talked about this before you can make a video, you don't need to edit a video, I'm going to show you, you take your photos and you make and you create a video without any video editing, so we're going to learn to use a software, so don't let the word editing get in your way. You already know how to create, all right, so let's, get this party started. I just had to throw that slide in there, 00:12:37.29 --> 00:12:39. so creating video's with photos only, 00:12:41.29 --> 00:12:43. and this is a behind the scenes look of a supervised 00:12:43.89 --> 00:12:47. photoshoot this's made just with photos. Sally created 00:12:47.79 --> 00:12:51. this video and an emoto. This is a this way to see 00:12:51.11 --> 00:12:52. this video. You're not even going to realize that 00:12:52.73 --> 00:12:54. there's, no video in this, so this is what you khun 00:12:54.95 --> 00:12:58. dio with your photos, only check this out. I do. Him, can't. I got it. I got free. You yeah, you good? 00:13:40.03 --> 00:13:42. What was that did you guys even notice that there 00:13:42.26 --> 00:13:45. was no video and it didn't feel like a video it feels 00:13:45.16 --> 00:13:47. like what you're watching video oh and he's got a 00:13:47.17 --> 00:13:50. question well I had a thought is when I was ending 00:13:50.45 --> 00:13:53. and the question from one of the one you wass where 00:13:53.99 --> 00:13:55. do you start 00:13:56.31 --> 00:13:59. instead of saying I have to start creating video why 00:13:59.57 --> 00:14:03. don't they start by just taking still images and creating 00:14:03.12 --> 00:14:06. the video is an emoto no that's exactly that's exactly 00:14:06.0 --> 00:14:07. the point you don't know you're going on another angle you start shooting video you don't need it you don't even need to do that that's what's so cool about an emoto if video is beyond where you wanna be right now if it's beyond your comfort zone but don't let that stop you you don't need to worry about it the thing is once you put your your photos into the slide show you have a video that is that is enough you're done you're you're good you put that on your block you put that on your facebook page you have created a video so don't let the word editing get in your way or even shooting video get in the way you just need to make a video with your photos so did I for that oops okay so let's do some quick tips these air just for photos just before we get into the demo of howto create a slide show with your photos the optimal file size for your images, and I might be jumping the gun, but I just want to put this out there the optimal file size for images two thousand pixels wide, you can use images as j, pegs, jeffs, p and g's, or tiffs, but anything smaller or larger could look pixelated. Once you go into an emoto, a lot of people think, well, I have a bigger file size, so it'll look better. That's. Not true. So as we go, make these videos, just resize your photos to two thousand pixels wide, so that's. That is a great place to start.

Class Description

Animoto lets you turn your photos, video clips, and music into slick, professional videos. Learn how to easily make your own, branded videos in How to Boost Your Business with Animoto Videos with Ana Brandt, Susan Roderick, and Sue Bryce.

During this fast-paced event Ana, Susan and Sue will show you how to use Animoto to create videos and use them to market and grow your business. 

In this class you’ll learn how to:

  • The basics of quickly creating a video with Animoto
  • Use video as a marketing tool
  • Include Animoto videos as a sales add-on
  • Incorporate Animoto into your workflow

Ana will explain how she kickstarted a video marketing program for her newborn photography business 7 years ago and she’ll detail the huge impact it has made on the growth of her business.

Susan will show you the ins and out of creating a video with Animoto and that creating a video to incorporate into your marketing doesn’t need to be a time-consuming commitment.

Sue will finish things off to drive home the importance of creating a marketing video and the power it has for your business.

If you want to learn how to take your photography business to the next level, join Ana Brandt, Susan Roderick and Sue Bryce for How to Boost Your Business with Animoto Videos.


a Creativelive Student

Excellent ! really inspired me. If someone would of said to me use video I would have shrugged it off but after seeing this course I cant wait to have a go. I love how Susan put it all together, the video was amazing to watch and coming from me that has to be true as I am one of the minority who does not watch a lot of video's purely because I get bored after a few minutes but Susan's had me spell bound. Sue Bryce's work is amazing and Anna Brandt I could listen to over and over. Brilliant show

Rajiv Chopra

Yes, I would definitely recommend the course to anyone. So, here goes. My initial reaction to Anna Brandt was negative, but then I realised that she gave us some very valuable tips. These were not just on video, but also on 'market research'. It is interesting, because I spent years in corporate before switching to photography, and I had not applied my own learnings to my fledgling new career! So, some good tips from her. Susan Roderick was very good and systematic. She gave a very clear idea of how to put together a video, and the three examples she showed were excellent. I am not sure about the Sue Bryce part of the course. Since she had generously given her photos for the course, I suppose - yes. However, I am not sure of how much additional value she provided in terms of content


A class (GENEROUSLY) taught by true experts. Much information and visual demos were shared. Lots of inspiration and fun was had by all. I would MOST DEFINITELY recommend this class to anyone - whether you use Animoto or not. Video is the key to everything! On the other hand, YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY know about Animoto ~Without a doubt! ~Roz Fruchtman @RozSpirations