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Teeth Whitening

Lesson 7 from: How to Retouch Portraits Using Lightroom CC

Kristina Sherk

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Lesson Info

7. Teeth Whitening

Lesson Info

Teeth Whitening

Let's talk about teeth whitening and let's talk about the only time I ever use auto mask. This is auto mask down here. Auto mask is gonna ... It's gonna work a little bit differently. When you're using it, it's only going to apply the effect over where you hover the plus mark in the middle of the brush. Let's choose the brush that we wanna use for getting rid of ... Mouth, teeth, medium. Let's try that one. You can see that I have added just a little bit of that blue color, but let's add just a little bit more just for today's example. If I activate our auto mask check mark, check box, whatever, and then I start drawing on the area, you can see anywhere where I hover, let's make sure our flow is all the way up for this example, anywhere where I hover, as long as the check mark in the middle is over the area that I want it to affect, we're not gonna have a problem. As soon as I take that check mark and hover it over another color, then we're going to have the brush going over into an ar...

ea where we don't want it to be visible. See, right there I went a little bit too far. The nice thing; if I hit my overlay, you can see that there's a nice, crisp edge around each of the teeth. Of course I kinda went a little bit too far, so let me pull that back and let me get that off the gums just a little bit. But it creates a nice, crisp line. That's the only time I use auto mask is when there's a very defined line between where I'm trying to make the effect visible and where I'm not trying to make the effect visible and it's very similar colors. Until auto mask has its own feather slider, I won't use it. Once it has its own feather slider, then I may use it a little bit more. Let's look at our before and after of the teeth. Again, using that same color theory thought. I think one tell-tale sign of over-retouching is gonna be just totally brightening the teeth so that they look like Chiclets or they look like they've been hit by radioactive whatever. It's not necessarily about brightening to the effect of super, super white. Sometimes it's about just the color evening and neutralization of that color.

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Great class, good, clear, easy-to-follow instructions. This is going to have a big impact on my workflow and save me a LOT of time - thank you!


As fast as Lightroom is growing and improving, it's a hard to keep up with everything it is capable of. Kristina did a great job of showing how to speed up workflow by retouching in ways that I though you could only do well in Photoshop. This class is super informative and well worth it!

Robin Spencer

Excellent! This program was short and sweet but packed with lots of very useful tips and tricks. I have been using Lightroom for years and still learned so much. All of her time saving tips especially "Sync" were really appreciated. Highly recommend.

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