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How to Teach a Craft Class

Lesson 6 of 29

The Importance of Lesson Planning


How to Teach a Craft Class

Lesson 6 of 29

The Importance of Lesson Planning


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The Importance of Lesson Planning

Word to talk about how to create a lesson plan we're moving forward with our crafty teacher training as I'm calling it and you might be wondering I know that like some of us are a little bit like a little what's a lesson plan that sounds weird that sounds tedious so this is why you should definitely pay a lot of attention to this step okay, so why is it important tow plan your lesson okay, so number one the more prepared you are, the more confident you're going to be when you step into that classroom ok, I know that a lot of us are taking this class today because we want confidence we want to boost our confidence and we want to be able to be as you know, we want to step up there and be the teacher of this class we want to be confident and this is a really very integral part of making sure you're ready to teach your class and I like to think of this example like tio thing about this a lot actually. So would you bake a pie for the first time without a recipe let's say you knew that you h...

ad you know he has like flour and butter and water and some ice maybe for your crust and then the filling don't know peaches, some sugar etcetera, but what you really bake that pie without a recipe you could because you know what a pie looks like you've eaten some pies maybe, but would you go into the kitchen and bake your pie without knowing the recipe? Maybe, um but I wouldn't recommend it right? You want to know that you want to know the measurements you want to know what to do first you want to know how long to bake your pie? Okay? There are very specific steps to follow to ensure that your pie comes out in an edible form. Okay, so I'm gonna like in lesson plan tio baking a pie okay? And just to continue drawing out this pie metaphor a little bit longer I this this applies to me or maybe somebody who has had a lot of teaching experience I decided recently teo bake a pie this is actually mean baking a pie this is not class related, but I'm going to use it to bring it back. I actually tried to bake a pie from memory it was last last last holiday season and let me tell you I was like, I have made this pie so many times I got it down and I totally messed that pie up I'm talking I did to the two very important steps for making cross to do them in the wrong order and it destroyed my pie ok? So even somebody who has like a lot of experience or form or experience needs to still be writing lesson plans and reading through a lesson plan before each class okay, so this step and urge you guys to spend time on before your class do not go into your first class having skipped this step okay number one besides the confidence besides, you know, needing to know the steps it helps break down what you're going to do into manageable chunks. This was kind of referred to in a question that was asked earlier I know how to do it, but can I teach it? Well, writing a lesson plan is going to help you break it down into manageable chunks that will make your students experience much more enjoyable, okay? And the left plan is actually going to be the number one thing that you're going to use to help you propose your class to a venue which as we know is a n'importe very important part of actually getting a teaching job is getting a venue to say yes you may teach here ok unless of course you're teaching it in your home which in this case is also going to be very important because you need to get students to come to you okay, so you need to make your class appealing to them right? You need to give them the value you need to tell them the value of taking your class and you'll find that by going through this process of writing a lesson plan. Okay. And then to circle back confidence that preparation goes confidence. Confidence equals empowerment. Okay, so you will feel like the most empowered version of yourself going into this class with a lesson plan knowing exactly, you know, within reason what is going to happen during your class.

Class Description

Teaching opens you up to a whole new revenue stream and lets you connect with people who are passionate about what you do. Learn how you can use your existing skills at the front of a creative classroom in How to Teach a Craft Class with Ashley Nickels.

Ashley is a life-long quilter and multi-discipline creative educator. In this class, she’ll show you how to prepare to teach a craft class and offer plenty of insights on making it fun for everyone involved. You’ll learn:

  • A variety of teaching styles for the full range of teacher personality types
  • How to plan lessons, set objectives, and manage student expectations 
  • Classroom prep tips that help you feel fully prepared 
  • Techniques for dealing with tricky situations 

Ashley will share insights from her years as an educator and help you feel confident before your first (or next) class. She’ll reveal her favorite classroom management techniques and teach you how to deal with difficult personalities. You’ll learn ways to engage and inspire everyone – from advanced learners to beginning students.

Teaching is not easy, but it can be incredibly rewarding both personally and financially. How to Teach a Craft Class will demystify the magic behind a good craft class and help you make your dreams of educating and inspiring others a reality.


Claude Aimée Villeneuve

This was a very good class, well prepared and packed with such useful information! I've been teaching various arts and craft classes for over 10 years now and did it sort of instinctively. Ashley gave me the tools I needed to refine my classes and prepare really good classes outlines and how to find venues to teach and pitch my classes. That was awesome and I plan to watch it again and again because there is so much in it! This was a first class presentation! Thank you Ashley! Claude Aimée Villeneuve, Visual artist and teacher

a Creativelive Student

I'm not even half way thru the online videos and want to recommend this class to anyone who just needs that extra boost to start their own classes! I like the fact that Ashley suggests that we think from a student perspective to help us to better plan. This class covers many things I have heard before BUT in greater detail. When I hear the 'WHY' of doing things, I'm more likely to follow thru. These videos explain many 'WHYs' (There are many informative sites/classes for this topic but not many people give you 'this is WHY' it should be done this way) Ashley gives the "WHY' and the 'HOW to'. If you want to teach and are mostly ready to teach, take this class and all the gaps will be filled in and you will be ready to go forth and teach your craft!

Barbara Schiffman

Great class -- watched live (most of it) and purchased for ongoing review. I've taught many things, including some crafts (decorating gourds, collage, making your own tarot-collages) but I gained new insights, ideas and confidence from Ashley's advice, the students questions and input, and the panel! I recommend this for anyone who wants to teach a class -- craft oriented, personal development, or anything else!