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How to Write a Blog Post That Drives Traffic

Darren Murph

How to Write a Blog Post That Drives Traffic

Darren Murph

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Class Description

New writers routinely have trouble finding steady work, but it doesn’t have to be such a struggle. Put yourself on a path to long-term success and learn how to thrive in the freelance workforce in How to Write a Blog Post That Drives Traffic with Darren Murph.

Darren is the former editor-at-large for Engadget and holds the Guinness World Record® for being the most prolific professional blogger.

 In this class, Darren will help budding writers and bloggers:

  • Improve your writing skills
  • Spot the details others are missing
  • Build a portfolio that's too impressive to ignore
You’ll learn about the inner workings of publications and what editors are looking for in a writer or blogger. Darren will tell you which authors and publications to pay attention to and he’ll explain what kind of, and how much, work is involved in becoming a great writer. You’ll develop more clarity on how to improve, market, and monetize your work.

Develop the skills that will give you a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace in How to Write a Blog Post That Drives Traffic with Darren Murph.

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Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

I have been blogging for more than 20 years. I started out with personal blogs then eventually shifted into blogging and other forms of content creation professionally (part time) in the areas of fitness, nutrition, and wellness while I also train and teach classes. I took this course because I've been contemplating make this my full time work. This was a great review of some blogging basics AND I learned a few new tips and tricks that I plan to implement right away. I particularly enjoyed the discussion about LinkedIn blogging. What a great way to add portfolio pieces that can be viewed by potential clients/employers! Great class! I highly recommend it!r

Tom Jamieson

As a new writer, I found this fantastic. Darren was a pleasure to listen to and I would happily recommend this to anyone who is starting out writing for the first time in regards to a small business blog, which is the area that I am coming from. He probably has taught me to use fewer words, but that can wait until tomorrow. Great class Darren

Dawn Pedersen

There was a lot of good content here for anyone new to blogging. I am not new to it, but I did gain some insight. Just a note: the 4 EASY STEPS TO LOSE WEIGHT was an intentionally satirical/ironic headline, which you discover once you get to step 3. Step 3 was "getting your heart broken", which I'm guessing anyone would agree is actually far from easy. The humor and sudden depth of meaning are the reason the post got so many likes and comments.

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