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Tell Your Story

Lesson 2 from: Blog Post Writing: Create Engaging Blogs

Maddie Cohen

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2. Tell Your Story


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Chapter 1: Why Launch a Company Blog?


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Tell Your Story


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Tell Your Story

blogging will help you number one tell your story. Every brand, every business has a story you didn't appear out of nowhere. Rather there was a problem or a gap in the market of some sort and your brand launched to fill that gap, there's your story. You can and should infuse it into your blog stories are meant to engage. Similarly, there meant to convince readers to take action. So in every blog post you want to appeal to your readers emotions, this will lure them in, keep them focused and convince them they need what you have to offer. You might achieve this by introducing characters into your blog that is real people who are somehow relevant to what you're doing now. This doesn't mean you should fictionalize key players to make your brand look good. Quite the opposite actually, what you can do is use real people to communicate important news, the benefits of your product or service and other information that relates to your brand or business in some way. You don't need to repeat your...

origin story over and over again. But you can turn to it for inspiration to tell other impactful stories make sense. Let's go deeper. Example, you might feature an interview with your founder or an important executive on your blog. Where did they come from? What struggles did they overcome in their past? What problem or problems are they helping to solve today? Note that there needs to be an art here, a clear beginning, middle and end to your story. You want your readers to identify with the content. You feature on your blog, you want to touch on their emotions and inspire them to take action what not to do what you shouldn't be doing. Don't regurgitate your web copy. You want to engage your readers and rephrasing your existing content your about page or your services page is far from ideal. It can be a bit boring. So engage your readers. Okay, Take this hubspot blog called content marketing for quote unquote boring industries 10 tips for creating interesting content. Sounds compelling, right? Rather than simply writing a generic piece on how to write a good blog post. They went all out, they went deeper and they focused on industries that some might traditionally consider boring. It's really all about your angle that isn't to say your blog post needs to be written in a specific format. Not necessarily, at least we'll get to all the creative tools and options you have at your disposal in a later chapter. For now, I'll let you in on what your content should do tell a story that is. You should aim to draw the reader in at the beginning, provide valuable information throughout and deliver a sense of understanding by the end. Aim to build empathy. However you see fit

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