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Lesson 36 from: Blog Post Writing: Create Engaging Blogs

Maddie Cohen

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36. Copyediting


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now I just mentioned, I like to proof read and copy edit blog post content. I do a lot of proof reading and a lot of copy editing for that matter. These are just two of the services I offer on fiber and I find both processes pretty stimulating but in different ways. What's the difference between proofreading and copy editing? Let me explain. Copy editing is generally done before proof reading. It involves checking your content for grammar, spelling, style and punctuation problems. Will address wordiness, flow and jargon. You'll pair your blog posts down, eliminating unnecessary parts and adding whatever seems to be missing. Here's some content I recently copy edited for a healthcare client. The original content was solid and that there weren't any errors but it needed to be condensed. The original version, Primary care is a key component to good health for a lifetime and we will ensure that every individual who chooses to trust us with their health care needs can be seen and treated in...

a timely fashion. Buy this now expanded team of family medicine physicians and providers. My copy edited version. Primary care is key to lifelong good health and we will ensure every individual who trusts us with their healthcare can be treated in a timely fashion by our expanded team of family medicine physicians. While you copy edit your content, Pay close attention to which words and phrases are necessary and which ones you can do without. In this example I cut about 25% of the content to communicate the same message