Increasing Trust in Your Online Business


Increasing Trust in Your Online Business


Class Description

Breaking into any marketplace is no small feat, and the changeable nature of the Internet makes setting up a trusted e-commerce platform doubly difficult. Building a reliable brand image can feel like an endless procession of attempts to fortify against any possible breach of trust, an exhausting proposition for a small business owner.

Join Kiffanie Stahle for insider tips that will increase customer trust in your enterprise. You’ll learn that privacy policies and terms of conditions don’t have to be dense and disingenuous. You can craft accessible, concise language that establishes your relationship of transparency and trust with a potential customer from the start - and protects you from a legal standpoint. 



Great class on what is normally a dry subject - especially with regard to creating Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for a business website. Kiffanie talks about why these are important to have, and provides guidance on how to create very basic versions of both. She also provides helpful advice on other things business owners can do to increase trust - such as purchasing an SSL certificate for your website and other helpful things. Short and sweet, clearly laid out - great class.

Leanne Elliott

great presentation - laid out in a very straightforward way how the website legal requirements need to work. very clear language and gave an overview of the content - so helpful and I am very thankful.

Kassandra Colbert

Almost skipped this lesson and I am so happy I didn't. Good information I did not know! It takes almost an hour if that long to learn something that will not only grow your business but save your booty in the long run.