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Aquarius Shoot: Declan

Lesson 24 from: Inside the Studio

Anne Geddes

Aquarius Shoot: Declan

Lesson 24 from: Inside the Studio

Anne Geddes

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Lesson Info

24. Aquarius Shoot: Declan

Lesson Info

Aquarius Shoot: Declan

This is um the mom's name is an o and that's that ability to remember but hi and whose thiss you've got a beautiful smile e I don't want to use it up I have a look here on the screen this's well yeah so we're not asking much l it doesn't have to sit in the park with the hat just alone even in piles yeah come on over and I'll show you okay um in the past which is all bolted down we need to give it a wipe around yeah with thanks a good idea yeah and it's all padded inside a psycho a comfy old armchair yeah very funny like okay very funny yes on dh so she's just sitting in there it's all predators okay and we've got a trapdoor that he that bill crows shafi and jonah is going to be standing here right clever so the plan is last came to good guy we're gonna put the head on she's going to sit in there and you try and be unobtrusive okay over there invisible yougot it maybe stick around just wash it goes in there and we'll give you the signal and looking discount sit on that seat and watch on...

screen off camera e e hi take urine here on our way there you go, huh? You ready? Smile that's a good smile thank you over here. Wow! Yeah, I got it. Thanks. Okay I say let's go let's go come on wait come on come on I know oh darling right to the side to side yeah that's it that's it wait sorry sorry what wow here yeah okay sorry tio yeah yeah if you stand there you can sit behind that light you can see here on the screen yeah yeah can you see that yeah oh come on back e oh oh disappearing gemma help come to the other side now all that toile yeah black one surprising is back yeah what everybody's more interesting today where's a hand we know I know we're in this what wait thank you so much hey rocks she's beautiful thank you nice to meet you and auntie I'm many o what you were saying you and and and you say aunt get mixed up with accents and lots of tacks in physio nice to meet you okay here okay now that's quite cute you guys are great sending those people's it is yours what was really great to watch in that one was get again seeing natalie go back and forth and it's the way that you would direct her and you guys are so in sing yeah we're okay pop back like you can see what the baby's about teo do and then she pops back then we had little connection in the middle with the camera and I just thought you know this is when it's going to happen and it had that happens frequently, and but it's always at those moments, but thank goodness we've got to babies, and we've got two nice shots from each of the baby, so that's, pretty good, you know, I mean, if not, if nobody else wants to see in the pot, it's, fine, but how many have we done so well, we've had. We've done, teo. Yeah, and the first to hopefully we'll be able to bring back. Yes, we'll try to do that. I don't know, but we'll we'll just do it briefly. If they really look at the apartment around, then we won't worry about it. Yeah, but I'll come wash my hands, you know, they're becoming fantastic.

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Ratings and Reviews

Jeff Petersen Studios

I just read the other reviews and think people may not have watched the preview video or listened to Kenna's explanation of what was going to happen. I felt the class was exactly what was advertised, and thought Kenna did an excellent job keeping things moving when there were obvious delays or unexpected events with "the talent" (the babies). I felt like I was at Anne's studio and experiencing what actually happens when she is working on a project. You can't script babies and pets, so you go with the flow and adapt. I think that's what they said and did. Kenna was always prepared to discuss Anne's books, or other topics and did a great job getting personal/and professional with Anne-just as they said they were going to. It is Creative "Live" so it could have been Much less organized, and much more chaotic, but I was actually Very impressed with the production and smoothness of the Creative Live team. I did feel like my view was blocked at times when I wanted to see how they were setting up some of the actual shots- but in general I think they did just about as well as you could in those conditions. I am not paid by Creative Live nor do they probably even know me, but I'm very happy to support and actually buy their content-because I don't know another place/format that teaches so many different, practical, and interesting topics as they do and I Love that they take chances like this and really do Deliver. Anne was very clear that she is not a technician. Creative Live has Tons of Great Technician classes in So many genres of photography (and of course other area)- with Anne's class there is Plenty to Learn from her, but the value does not come in the Wam Bam machine gun delivery of latest tech and tools, it is in the methodical, patient, But Driven pace that is anything but chaotic (as one reviewer said). As I said at the beginning, I think they delivered exactly what was advertised and I am very happy with my purchase. There is a wealth of information and frankly entertainment, for someone who is interested in really seeing behind the doors... AND, it is good for new people and experienced people, who are looking to get better in their craft, more successful, or maybe even famous-if they are see that not every day in a studio (or in any profession really)-Even for Anne Geddes- is Glamourous, Exciting and "Sexy": sometimes it is crying babies that need their diapers changed.


I had the honor of supporting Anne in her launch of her beautiful line of baby clothing here in Washington ( as her fulfillment provider ) and her attention to every detail, their willingness to share their commitment to an unforgettable experience for every customer - it was such a pleasure to see the magic on the photography side of the business that I never had the opportunity to witness. Pure perfection, and thank you so much for sharing. Best to Anne and Kel! Michelle Harden

Nathan Ivie

Watched the first day of this event and it was very different than other creative live workshops. Different is sometimes good and sometimes bad, this session was just that good and bad. It really lacked the teaching aspect, they did not go over her equipment, basic camera and lighting settings used to create the look she wants in her images etc...The lady who was interviewing her was terrible Anne seemed really open to share but the questions were very poor and lacked follow up and really diving into what Anne was doing. It was really neat to get to watch her work, she has an amazing personality that really is soft and kind and it showed in the way she worked with the parents, babies, and her team. It was a great overview of how she approaches the studio and a project and the detail that goes into making a top notch image. It is however weak on giving you the info strait up on how to improve your own work. If you want to see what it's like to work with a big team on a major project this is a great workshop. If you want technical teaching it is not so great.

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