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Behind the Scenes Part 3

Should be sitting just above the table when it's that's interesting maybe it needs to go up a little bit from the table thie tables it's a visual thing it's not can you put a shot wasn't just a prop oh yeah that's yeah that's true. Okay, but I wanted to shoot us without the table with the background that sure was a sorry chump right stand back there would be no baby it's just fight itself yeah, I just wanted to back but we're gonna hang the background behind and so I want to shoot it with background and everything this afternoon no, the back this backgrounds going to be straight down she brought you something like that you're just a bit of string and hold it we're just figuring out the size of the background why can it be exactly the same color is there? Yeah as it goes out to the rig go along a little bit no this is good because the next piece will stick on it there's method in their madness you just waiting for I asked her thinking we just stop this and sort out the background but I ...

want to be able to like the background separately, which means we're probably bring that horn forward if you bring it forward like another fourth then it gives me room to like the background no because if I was so tiny dorner even more because this planet yet really quick continuing taking that off brian yeah just put that polo it's gonna be in a minute and hold tight measure up so what do you want the background and wait rush ok at the back is it do you have that weird is it you want to lift record can you says it isn't a witness with the horn yeah yeah so the plan is to go right? Oh, I see what you mean okay, you were just picking out the size of it but you know but you might as well get it ok ok go towards tanya do you wanna come trance no, leave it back there and then I've got room to life all right? So if you guys grab the type wait we need to find the size of the inner circle right a bit law what then you'll come out that way? Yep. And john, you come in that's two thousand john this coming home read it while I was measuring the where um sort of the middle of the the highlighted circle. Yes, I put god if the shell the horn is kind of like that so I think where they are right now where they were that's the other thing you just hold that up to one side and then take the other side ofthe okay so it goes up there the white brian just to make that's the top there but let's put that there and see if you hold on what's so get it perfect on one side and then we'll go from there you know it may be too small is better you think that little place that's too small if you came closer and be not not enough friend pereda lighter okay, get it get it so it looks like you came on one side so go a little bit okay? We need to take it can you take it? Yeah, about a foot I was thinking maybe if you just get a little time keep going up okay and come over a little bit that why towards bryan notify go back back that's about right all right, so I need to march with the centers I can actually do a rough short of it trying to work out on number six I don't know I'm not sure where all the lights that might be a way yeah uh now you're gonna run out yeah, so that circle needs to be bigger that you wanted this sort of margin here? Is that what your eyeball? Yeah yeah around the horn that time back let's make sure that gives me enough for him to like you know what and what we need to do is put a spot on the back ground where the center of this is what about the really long pin? No listen um just and then we know where the middle is okay let's just think about lighting in the background if we have to um yeah so I might get a little bit of spill on there which would be nice so it's probably a nice distance the way it is at the moment. Okay, well so that's all good um and then what do you what do you think? Um if you just go then with a bit of tight mightily with the centers is that your weakness? Yeah, a bride and thick so I'm doing this with bigger circle no one know what I'm saying is you've got the top right and the left right? Okay, so if we put a mark on the background with the scent of the poppers you can measure from there to the side and there to the top how we're going to all ready to point up is that a point of doing put a pointer through camera so fancy it's a pretty fancy style or do it fancy then on justin he's my yeah they have reliable about where's my glasses I heard about your glasses the other night if you couldn't find the video I put one on the sink in them in the hotel room I can't find them word gets around that area there's really nice with you I just wonder if it needs to be um even last one on the way so brian will know what to do you want me baby our country is sleeping little bits of world no has the little lamb got a tail if you're happy with the specs side on that top waken mark with the middle is weakened how much bigger yes I am yeah yeah ok so who's got a little life I know let's have a look at that is that this is an ennis at the center off the horn the scent of the duke the viewfinder just signature scent of the picture that's the same time no chris you're shorter it isthe thing ted live don't worry about that thing that toy killing this interest it's in the center looked on ok, you hold it I don't need that I just need to spot you just do it and it's in the center what sentence wei have traveled to bite I know I don't do it so, clive you're talking about different centers? Yeah you're talking about the center of the horn I'm talking about sin is that of the image. No, I'm talking about the center of the horn. We'll never look through there and see if they don't all right I think it is in the center fine when I put some white cloth on the floor if we're going to need, we'll use a parachute cloth or something or a piece of you know pizza polly or something way even have so they got a nice reflection okay yeah yeah that's cool and if you don't want people walking on it you know we'll just somewhat fabric doesn't have to be perfect on no because it can't wait with bandages did you get some sandpiper did you get to come forward more just just stretching hey, I was thinking putting looking into fine on the bank looking into your fine so you could yeah it's legal but yeah I think we're doing saying is a little bit nice and that's why we're finished I haven't done with the other things from the balance point of view is a delinquent slide if you have a phone platform that was there so that only in the leg it still went flat but I was a bit lower okay so you want a bit sticking out here yeah, I feel like that looks like about there yes, I think that god is a nice fine if it's all for you okay, I'll do that do that do you? I think what we want but this is even like all around even at the front as well so it's just kind of glows yeah yeah I think it might need to this needs to come around a little bit and this one yeah and this one you a swell but right now I know that I don't know let's see what it looks like this I haven't got a here like and I don't think we need one so let's just say let's just say yeah we just need to widen this way really only needed one shoe you thought I needed a spear in case one case the other foot was hanging and that was the most horrible shoes you've ever seen. I want you to set someone touching beautiful market's soft when we stick this background together when neto becky um um someone to respect him so because you have to turn the print face down back home in a bit of a um yes now how much pipers can you actually look at it application way be doing um wait so I don't need to be this you know what if you got back just behind and then slightly angled that's a nice angle actually was good so just take it back it's gonna need to swivel but yeah if you take it to the pole up more on ninjas on loathe wait that's it you know so you get that you don't really like it a little bit more towards the front way let's feel that you can see this I sure that if that comes out a little bit thisa stalls hit big same figure than in the porn the size of a big label so that way put it on the other on the other door yeah don't just yeah so you can see it just feels like that's enormous well roughly taking on here and then put on the dog just have a look at that city and I'm not too worried about positioning system or not this is gonna be a problem way need that that's why I'm wondering if we need it on there or if I need to just a suggestion of it I think that's a suggestion yes, it is it is it had better you're the head goes down smooth ride off at least wei need another sandbag here, john just for the minute some top of that one right there that's a good sign, jerry she needed it all. I think it might be better not to scratch it because it's not gonna nestles that I could put a little bit at the top and then what if we just haven't freelance have a little bit there and then just chop it off what? We just took it in wherever? No no, I mean a little a little piece of what I do need a look. Well, I'm not sure little piece coming to samir just a hint of it wouldn't hit but um to remain attached to the hat yeah, because everybody's gonna live differently the're looks nice but you're asking you need that you and I could just pop in you're in the shot if you need to feel like it if you look at it like that it looks like the ear is on the other side yeah I'll just cut a piece off from which they have it or not have it on the day do it again I think spirit back yeah okay I'll let you take away what you wouldn't do the head and then we'll do it all but I've been lost without you know because I want to see where the here likes killing okay look that's why I take it you do it tonight what won't take long to like oh no I have got the background up take it take it um okay go into the booth anyway so you and I have actually got this I have actually got this other board that this is a bit more I can manipulate a bit more wondering if I should just go with that one sharon just tracking that we'll stack oh I see how that fits are certain shapes around yeah I think I might go to that one but just hear that position set one we'll just we'll just cut through that place that does this so it goes more to the shape of a t here here it's just to keep you out of here not really happy with you on that ends up killing back in my good looks more like it's growing out of the head

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Anne Geddes is the world’s foremost baby photographer — a beloved cultural icon known for her iconic, playful images of newborns. Join us for a never-before-seen behind-the-scenes look at the making of an Anne Geddes calendar.

This unique event is a rare opportunity to watch Anne at work. Inside the Studio with Anne Geddes gives you an inside look at her practice and process as she creates three wholly new images. You’ll watch Anne as she photographs individual children, all in her one-of-a-kind, signature style.

Anne creates images that are iconic, award winning, internationally acclaimed, and beloved the world over. Don't miss the exciting opportunity to be inspired by a true master.