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Editing and Printing Aquarius

Lesson 27 from: Inside the Studio

Anne Geddes

Editing and Printing Aquarius

Lesson 27 from: Inside the Studio

Anne Geddes

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Lesson Info

27. Editing and Printing Aquarius

Lesson Info

Editing and Printing Aquarius

Tell us what you and brian worked on over lunch will we rat break and you were going through the images and then doing a little bit of work to print this one it was quite in fact it was quite a simple photo shop job it worked really well to get five babies in in an image in that part out of six it's pretty good uh we started off a little bit rocky but you know you just never know how these things are going to go and that's one of the charming parts and the frustrating parts from a photographer's point of view of photographing babies but one of the really good things is after a shoot when you just I cannot choose because you've got two or three really nice images so we've just chosen one preliminary baby and and it doesn't necessarily mean it's gonna be the final one but you're going to see we've got the the two printers going here and uh, we're we're only a couple of minutes away from getting the big print out and putting it on the world which l a it's another one of my favorite things...

is seeing you smile as the print comes out I love putting holes in the war tell us what that friend means to you well it's a combination but well actually what it's a combination up until now off everything that we've worked on and and, uh, since february, you know, we've been imagining how we're going to do the first three zodiac images along with some of the ones that are going into the future, right on dh I want to tell you what they are now, but the next three, we're going to be really, really gorgeous. Yeah, but to have a print that comes out of a machine and to be able to it's just so tactile, you know, it's like you can actually look at it it's bigger than life size, I put it up on the wall, and this is the part of the story telling that everybody is going to see because now we've started the journey ofthe zodiac, and with the first three images and, uh, the color's coming together is the story coming to here. There is it it's, their sense of cohesiveness, and it will help us to re imagine, uh, the next tree and then the next three and then the next three so you shouldn't calendars calendar is really a form of storytelling, which really occupies my creative nine for twelve months before everybody gets to see the calendar. So believe me, I'm so boring if anyone brings up the subject of zodiac, I know everything about it. So I think that that is what's so cool has is that you don't try to do it all at once, you know, even though you've been working on so long that thes three images that you've just created live in person uh are will influence the way that the next siri's rolls along yes, this it's exactly right? Is this how you normally work and this of your all of your calendars doing three and then three s we always do that look for imagine if we could come over here and done twelve, maybe one or two of them might not be as good as the others and then it lets the whole calendar down. And so in order to develop from strength to strength with the images to make sure they all sit together, how many six month old babies do we have? How many newborns there's so many complex issues that are involved in it? Uh I like to just sort of have time to think in between and imagine what's going to be happening next in terms of the books and I've done some of them I like my coffee table book pure took four years to shoot so it's a process and hopefully over the last three days people have got a little bit of an inkling as to how much is actually really involved because so much goes on in the background before we even bring the babies into the studio. Yeah, yeah, I see that. Yeah, exactly. So you just mentioned some of their books that we have your sitting on the table and I just want teo we've seen some of these we did have a question that came through about protecting our tomorrows begin again tell people what this is but and I forgot to mention that it's actually only available as an e evil. Yes, not you had this printed for yourself now there's a very, very special books there's only been three hundred printers. Yeah. Oh, here that print come out good on, um very special, but it's available as a free download from effort my books because it's a very, very important project in terms ofthe basically we're trying to reddick eight meningococcal disease. And so you know you down like this. You can look at the images of these beautiful survivors of meningococcal to say some of these little children little five year old with no arms and no legs and and babies and teenagers and um it's just so inspirational and it was really one off the most inspirational projects I've done over the past couple of years for may it was stepping out of my comfort zone little bit as well because they're not babies will one of one of them respect a baby but it was I love doing work that's really important in that regard and so you can go and download this free on apple ibooks and of course the calendar is that like a calendar sales isn't you know round protect protecting our tomorrows again it's free and let other people knows the work was a message it's absolutely stunning! There is a beauty and magic in this that have seen throughout your work, but the fact that you were able to bring that to for these gorgeous young people happy is just stunning it's a great thing to do and then under the sea is the two thousand fifteen way too short it here are going to be so complicated and so many props it's a colorful and but it's great so it's out there now it is out there now they want an amazon maybe I could steal this one so she can I'll sign it for you? Yeah, that would be fantastic, but this is the one that we actually two of the images in here on I can show them to people as well are are available is part of the download as as wallpaper singing download when you when you do purchase fast down with those but thiss and I'll show those later talk about hold out further and of course have full a burglar, a labor of love which which will continue so we'll continue to talk about that that stories that just incredible. Thank you. Thank you. So should we take a look at the way this is? Yeah, this phantom oh, doesn't that looks good and we've got one as well. Yeah, this print off this come over there, it's great. I mean, that's just totally different look to both of these this one and going up life size, so we put it up on the wall. Come on, you guys, so everyone can see. So we've completed the trio seriously it's just seeing the connection that you've made with this baby and whether this is the final in or not, but just this is declan, I think different elements. Yeah, exactly. It's really nice for us to see, you know, to sit back and just appreciate all of the work that's gone into it and mohr, we'll go into this because as I said earlier, if you were watching all the symbolism will be doctored around you knows all sorts of symbolism attached to which the zodiac sign. So, you know, brutally walk in to the completed images and people will be able to see all that's involved. I'm not going to get involved in this or I'll get in trouble way need brian who's with his big wing span I'll go around here, but this is just this is fabulous to think, yeah, I know what I can't go up on the ladder, up on the left, it runs an expert that'll do great here's what we've created, yeah, so you've created his what a whole team has created, what everybody is seen you create thank you for taking us on your journey. We'll soon we'll have twelve going around here, they'll be all over the place, so we've got leo and theories and aquarius wow, wow, wait from toe to finish putting that up. Yeah, so we talked a little bit about, well, that's what we can sit back down and then get a little sleep once it's up so you know, one second, here we go. All right, there it is, everyone a random applied theory first, the first three ok, nine to go that's, right? You feel that it feels good, it feels good to get the journey started, and I think each of them has very special values, asai said. Not that they're going to be the absolute final babies because we've had to just do a quick choice after the chutes that people can see actually what's involved with a quick photo touch and just so we can get the print up on the wall it's really nice to to get to this point you know I just feel like it's come together so well great I'm very placed and I want to hear from people at home um how it feels for them if you've been with us this whole journey of these three days to see these images a cz they are right now thank you for joining us so okay so we're talking about they're there we know there are nine more images, time or signs of the zodiac that will be part of this project. What else have you got is in under under wraps or in your brain or now that you know you've been working on that is there anything else that everyone always wants to know what's next? Well, in a way started the preliminary race um and turns of the planning and my terrible sketches my team and chipping my sketches they like okay and it's just a couple of squiggles s o you know but this secret at the moment you know okay, I think we've got some were pretty well sit on the next three but we need to just think about it a little bit mohr and um you know there's some challenging signs of the zodiac with oh, you know it so well what are we going to do for, um libera and what will you do for a virgo? Um we've got scorpio such materials capricorn um jim and I were twins you know I don't want to be too obvious, you know it's like don't said when she was you know, talking about the moth orchid flower right it's not the first thing don't don't move with the first thing that you actually think about so we like to give it a bit of thought and make it a little bit unexpected which I think we're done here you know so yeah we'll have to look out for the next three I'm almost there with um okay okay stay tuned yeah but what about other projects are there u we've talked about how you're always you've always got a notebook by your side you're always starting sound always thinking anything else you can share well yes I mean I talked to about the march of dimes and should I create it and I don't know because I've seen it I just finished doing that and it's on your website yeah somewhere we have sight and well prematurity days coming up on november seventeenth which is very important day and much of dimes a fantastic group of people and I'm really proud to actually be involved with your non ambassador is that crisis? Yes and they're doing amazing research into why babies are born you're saying because fifteen million babies born too soon around the world every year and one million of them don't survive s o that's around five hundred thousand in the u s which is one in nine pregnancies and we need to solve this problem is too many yes and so a lot of people are watching here we'll have had babies born too soon and I'll completely understand what I'm saying so I just think we all have the people yes exactly so I'll be doing work with much of times through november we'll prematurity day so that's what we're going back to next fantastic fantastic well so much um so so much but you do for the world oh well as I say I consider myself in every get children I'm really really fortunate that so many people love what I do and I think one of the reasons for the success of my image is that most people in the daily lives never have contact with newborns and they're totally life changing not at three am well, they are life changing it's three a m but you know, for everything that babies mean to everybody and it's always been something that's my passion andi I'm following my heart in terms of my creativity and I'm just so thankful that so many people coming along and I actually really appreciate the message so I just want to say thank you to everybody who's been watching I know there's a lot of photographers um of course but also other people who just love my work and wanted to be a part off this came in the studio so I'm very grateful and I felt your good wishes that I was going along over the last three days there are a lot of photographers and the audience a lot of artists, a lot of creative believe here that any everybody, anybody and everybody has creativity in them in whatever form that is we talked a lot over over the days about the importance of gaining confidence in the beginning of your career as an artist by the early days I think any artist is always struggling to remain confident whether they feel it at certain times or not do you have any final words for people who all those are the south there who do struggle or, uh you know, just just waste just that you stay inspired that could I think what I do is I try to get into the zone and you have to be in the zone in order to imagine and that's what happens with may you know, we've just had a big move to new york and um with all of with all that's involved here it's you I realized to see them more clearly, you know you're in the zone or you're not in the zone and to let your thoughts flo and in terms of confidence, you know, all I can say is, you know, I explained during the interview that we did which people can watch? You know, it will struggle for a couple of years when I was first starting on dh I still struggle with a lot now but you know, I know that I can achieve basically what I want to achieve its not even people saw it this morning and I thought all with first two babies not going in the part he re alive and then you said to me, oh, so do you ever not get the shots? And I'm like, oh, I think the first time I ever stepped into a studio was the first time everything fell into place for me and if you can, I actually have that happen in your life, you know, it will give you a lot more confidence and let me just say don't try to copy out of people uh there's no such thing as copying other people people try to copy because you're only going to be as good as somebody else's work and if you are an artist, what you need to do it rich within yourself and follow your harsh and that's when your work will start to come together and that's certainly what we have been able to see you do is it is open up your heart and encourage all of us if you find that within ourselves find that imagination tap into the zone of our own imagination and everyone imagination is unique on dh that's what you need to see plus a little bit of magic which we've had in the last three days that that we have that we have well I thinkit's come to tie I don't want I don't want to close the door I don't want to say farewell for now perhaps, but I did want to read some things off of what people have said I love hearing coming always what people have said that they've learned that they've they've seen uh and one one of the things that uh a lot of people said that they've learned is patients wild trillium photography said that we have a big takeaways about all the preplanning that it takes to be successful on dh s gosh oh says watching and has given me the confidence to not feel defeated if a said it doesn't work out and also to give the parents more direction about their role during the session without feeling guilty about it oh I feel guilty about that but again photo empty try and try again again keeping keeping up that patients and hard work but this is one of my favorites on kind of sums up a lot of what we have been seeing and from people at home this is from through the eyes of a lotus I've always thought that your images were lovely but I became very inspired by reading a book about your career which I imagine is a labor of love some years ago in a bookstore I was just getting interested in photography as a career and I was getting a lot of advice about what kind of photography I should be doing in order to build a viable career reading how you were able teo set your own course choose teo close your portrait studio to focus on your own vision keeps me focused on my own vision as I continue to search for my own style and that's exactly what they need to be doing you know somebody told me in the beginning of my career that photographing babies was not going to get me anywhere well I get hot follow your heart just whatever's in your heart if you were an artist is what's going to make your work great? Amen thank you so much and what a pleasure it has been can't say that enough want teo just and by letting everybody know again everything that is included in what we've created way knew what we were creating in the beginning but then we keep adding one more war to it which has been a to ruin my life over the three days what an incredible event it has been and now this is the time we like to take just a couple of minutes to say thank you teo everybody out there this have this production man has been quite a feat it takes so much teo to go on here there's so many moving pieces teo make this how many unpredictable personality that's right that's right uh before we go any further if I can ask are tv is going to be a show big shot out for him but to go out of my ear that it would be fantastic way have a set of thank you's that we want to go through and first of all we would like to thank a triple scoop music who what? We've been playing some of their music throughout this event here having it be here for the moms to create that awful sick in this beautiful atmosphere. So shut up tio two triple scoop what we know and love so that's what fabulous want to give a special shout out to epson we've got the running in the background way today uh exciting this it has been and danno and the interruption team has been so supportive here I know it has been a view for quite some time any money yesterday were really brand new printer live online so thank you ups and for everything that you provided on dh I'm in trouble with ibsen just jacking for saying that it's available now, but it's we've just revealed the printer and I've been using it and I'm threatening to take it home with me where having a month but it's released next match I think you can't see it a photo expo in new york next weekend we'll from thirtieth starting that yeah that's not getting the days in a few days. Yeah, and all of these era, if you're in new york or you're going to the fredericks rv here on saturday in the sound booth, signing some of the prints that are coming out of this new piece. Six hundred. Fantastic. Fantastic. Well, thank you so much. It's. Exciting. Eso go me and in person fabulous. Is that if you're watching today and you live in the new york area very cool. Hey, big shoutout for our internet audience out there. You know who you are because you have been watching and you've been with us. It takes a village, and part of that village is the internet. All the folks that are watching from all over the world at home help to make it those five babies, it will be thanks to the party on. Will the newborns sleep? Yeah. Okay, so thank you for all of your participation and work in the chat rooms along with russ in there. It's been fabulous. Having you be a part of this next, we want to thank the creative life crew once again, so much work has gone into this live event and just want to shut out quickly run through all the people that some of the people there even more that have made this happen but I've been great teerlink justin really hasn't gone so well so john cornyn cello and danielle who have been assisting here on set brian are digit tech who has been fantastic addition to our team here of course are booth we have adam and nico and mike uh we have kellen who's been helping us with our audio are writing all our audio the whole time we've got our camera offs uh fifty who are fathers both has I think what twelve week old eleven we called baby nico his first so I know this has been enjoyable for him so they already nobody is sleeping in his house right? Yeah. Babies at home maybe he's at work and games thank you so much uh but we have a course our producers lindsay as well as kathy who have just man um it's amazing and have gone out of this world done an incredible job putting this workshop together with you and your team speaking of your team and uh we have had a love so it's been a team effort really vision to life and how wonderful for us to be able to experience your team that has come from across the world we've had dawn as well as jonah and natalie so has your daughter stephanie here in the room carrie's watching the printer as we speak that's part of her job is to hold the paper as it comes out make sure it doesn't three exactly fantastic and of course tell your husband and business partner and he has a major supporter and taken everything happened behind the scenes that was fresher so thank you um last but not least and thank you look it's just plain fantastic I really enjoyed the last three days a zoo I said at the beginning you know it's a bit nervous about actually doing a shoot life but it's just being really incredible I've really loved it and the team have a swell you know, we've we're all very at home here so we're looking forward to coming back and doing on next shoot with zodiac total secret it's just way you came and visited us in july here too and we met and saw the studio and you've just been you and I have just been a pleasure to work with everybody here in revive is as honored and to work with you and it's just been such a pleasure such a major event for us here creative I've had your event for me as well but it's just thank you thank you on behalf of everybody at home for sharing your journey with us lies you've done it because they think right yes, we've done it yes exactly so thank you so much

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Jeff Petersen Studios

I just read the other reviews and think people may not have watched the preview video or listened to Kenna's explanation of what was going to happen. I felt the class was exactly what was advertised, and thought Kenna did an excellent job keeping things moving when there were obvious delays or unexpected events with "the talent" (the babies). I felt like I was at Anne's studio and experiencing what actually happens when she is working on a project. You can't script babies and pets, so you go with the flow and adapt. I think that's what they said and did. Kenna was always prepared to discuss Anne's books, or other topics and did a great job getting personal/and professional with Anne-just as they said they were going to. It is Creative "Live" so it could have been Much less organized, and much more chaotic, but I was actually Very impressed with the production and smoothness of the Creative Live team. I did feel like my view was blocked at times when I wanted to see how they were setting up some of the actual shots- but in general I think they did just about as well as you could in those conditions. I am not paid by Creative Live nor do they probably even know me, but I'm very happy to support and actually buy their content-because I don't know another place/format that teaches so many different, practical, and interesting topics as they do and I Love that they take chances like this and really do Deliver. Anne was very clear that she is not a technician. Creative Live has Tons of Great Technician classes in So many genres of photography (and of course other area)- with Anne's class there is Plenty to Learn from her, but the value does not come in the Wam Bam machine gun delivery of latest tech and tools, it is in the methodical, patient, But Driven pace that is anything but chaotic (as one reviewer said). As I said at the beginning, I think they delivered exactly what was advertised and I am very happy with my purchase. There is a wealth of information and frankly entertainment, for someone who is interested in really seeing behind the doors... AND, it is good for new people and experienced people, who are looking to get better in their craft, more successful, or maybe even famous-if they are see that not every day in a studio (or in any profession really)-Even for Anne Geddes- is Glamourous, Exciting and "Sexy": sometimes it is crying babies that need their diapers changed.


I had the honor of supporting Anne in her launch of her beautiful line of baby clothing here in Washington ( as her fulfillment provider ) and her attention to every detail, their willingness to share their commitment to an unforgettable experience for every customer - it was such a pleasure to see the magic on the photography side of the business that I never had the opportunity to witness. Pure perfection, and thank you so much for sharing. Best to Anne and Kel! Michelle Harden

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Watched the first day of this event and it was very different than other creative live workshops. Different is sometimes good and sometimes bad, this session was just that good and bad. It really lacked the teaching aspect, they did not go over her equipment, basic camera and lighting settings used to create the look she wants in her images etc...The lady who was interviewing her was terrible Anne seemed really open to share but the questions were very poor and lacked follow up and really diving into what Anne was doing. It was really neat to get to watch her work, she has an amazing personality that really is soft and kind and it showed in the way she worked with the parents, babies, and her team. It was a great overview of how she approaches the studio and a project and the detail that goes into making a top notch image. It is however weak on giving you the info strait up on how to improve your own work. If you want to see what it's like to work with a big team on a major project this is a great workshop. If you want technical teaching it is not so great.

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