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Editing and Printing Aries

He is the big one yes, we're just about teo precipice on the wall with your reaction when it came out oh, you know, I was waiting at the I want to hear, you know, before we came alive again and you know, I love seeing it coming out in the beautiful colors and so on so this is little jolene if you guys can see but they'll be putting it up on the wall should not necessarily the baby who'll end up in the final image but just pretty cute just right for now and the photoshopping prices tell us a little bit about what you did while we were at break with it was very quick because we were well prepared yesterday and those who of you may have seen our sitting up yesterday we photograph this horn separately the hero's corn and then spent all of the morning photographing the little newborns and keeping the camera in precisely the same position. And so they just sort of melted together really? Well, you know, it's really nice to actually see that happened. You know, I think yes, that actually work...

ed all that planning and everything it's just works so well and then you've taken out, of course the metal bar yes, step back good good point here I automatically think that you're the middle bar that was holding the horn and the string that was holding the horn when we photographed it separately and of course all the parent baby paraphernalia that we're sitting on the that plexiglass table yes and natalie the headless woman we're calling her perspex wear onto u s o natalie that we had was it natalie or donahue says she's the most photographed I mean photoshopped she's the disappearing woman yes she they're both my human reflectors they they were white shirts for that reason but jonah is generally standing next to the baby and we're just gone on photo shop she's the great disappearing woman and that's about the both of them are today yes that's about all you've done I mean and we talked a lot earlier about really your focus is getting up until the time that you're shooting because you've already to get it as well as you can in camera did you want older shadows to fall in the right place and everything is looks natural you're not doing that well you know you can tell bad photoshopping when shadows aren't falling in the right places and and and it's even down to the colors of the shadows and everything you know so important so important well I love I hope play folks we'll get to see some of the behind the scenes footage on dh we played some of that some of it is in part of the bonus materials but I love seeing part of what we saw yesterday afternoon wass part of that part of that process of getting it right first was when we had a lot of bright light. Well, we're here and you discovered that you couldn't see that separation as well. Yeah, there's something you want, right? So then you had done all these little fixes to make sure sure learning, lighting, that's why you need to take the time to think about things as well. I always like to set up the day before says plenty of time, you know doesn't know how long it takes we'll just get it right and then you go, you go time, orson okay, sincerely, your back to the hotel and you think it's going to be ok? We're just gonna concentrate on the baby's that's the best way to do so in this afternoon we're going to be sitting up for tomorrow. We're just going to be aquarius that's, right? That's, right? They're exciting. We go take a take a seat again. Yes, to go over with this beautiful image we're gonna put it, get these guys to put it up on the wall nice trace, but it needs to be strike so let's, talk a little bit and yeah, take a load off it's great it's really nice to to think that for families so happy this afternoon, you know, that we were able to find a couple of these babies and that they're able to be part of this experience. Yeah, great. So let's, let's, just final reflections on the day before we have tomorrow. Uh, what were sort of some of the biggest things that that were exciting for you, whether they're expected or unexpected? Well, it was no said everyone in the the vast internet audience was able to just come along on a genie like and be there watching it was kind of a really nice feeling, you know, to think that so many people, uh, a little bit higher, I'm not a control freak that they could come on this journey and actually see what it's like, you know? Oh, john. Well, john's got the crazy, uh, get it straight. Look how beautiful that yeah, yes, and we're all singing jolene in our mind. Ah, dolly parton wasn't a telephone. Yeah, just so people could actually get a sense of the time it takes and all of the effort that we put in and it was really nice to see in the chat rooms, people saying, we just love the silence and what you're doing, and feeling like we're a part of it you know well this baby go to sleep and and actually began to see what I can see so it's right? You know it's great really good and speaking of those thirty years we were talking earlier we talked a couple of times about how that ten thousand hours and how much work you have been have put into getting here today so I wanted to give a shout out to mouth off glad oh yes that's what I was like oh yeah and the book out liars but I think that that concept of the ten thousand hours is reference I know her I know in a lot of creative life events as well because you just just wait on your ten thousand dollars I haven't added it up you know how to deal with in your situation you know? You can make it um can make something out of it and I think that's what we do today yeah, I think so it was a great community spirit I felt in here with all these people watching awesome well, thanks to everybody at their home then for your great participation and your comments on your feet back let's talk a little bit about tomorrow and what we're going to create well, let's talk about how we're going to do some of that this afternoon into tomorrow okay? We're going to strike the sit and I always like to do that just start from the beginning and tomorrow is aquarius and wake up yeah, maybe give you guys a little but this piece of paper that spring around the world a lot of nights and okay let's of editions and so on yeah, but this is a rough illustration we're not rough, but I don't generally illustrate them to this degree, but for the first three images the zodiac which is something you get an idea in their minds of how it would be so we've got a beautiful little greek and aquarius of course and the water symbol um little baby sitting in there so I have six months in here again tomorrow so it's going really well, noisier and more energetic, which we like and we've got a beautiful my thought occurred hat and some more thought it's going to be tumbling down the side in the final image will drop in a map of greece and all of that you know how we talk about detail and what we're trying to do so aggression are yes so that's going to be tomorrow and we'll be sitting that up uh, afternoon, right? And and while we do that, we'll be capturing again some behind the scenes because as you've done in the past two days given getting some of that technical information out there for those photographers on and looking at the lighting and and all those things and more of our own talk everyone through that. But also what struck me yesterday in particular was again just seeing how excited you are during that creation and focus during the creation process. You know, I think it's really nice as well, because there are no babies, this is no krysia, so I can just kind of just children just think it through without having to worry about all of the other elements, you know, it's very it's, quite intense for you, baby's in the studio and, you know, I keep saying everything needs to absolutely revolve around them because it's a lot more emotion in the room. So it's quite nice to sit up and have a chat from her cavity and think about things with time on my hands, which you never had with babies. That's a great point. Any other final words for us for today before we wrap up? No, I just I think it was great. I'm really enjoying this whole process and the timid, creative live or enjoying it as well. I mean, I just get this really sense that we're all working really well together as a team, so tomorrow's gonna be even better.

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Anne Geddes is the world’s foremost baby photographer — a beloved cultural icon known for her iconic, playful images of newborns. Join us for a never-before-seen behind-the-scenes look at the making of an Anne Geddes calendar.

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