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Leo Shoot: Phoenix

Lesson 7 from: Inside the Studio

Anne Geddes

Leo Shoot: Phoenix

Lesson 7 from: Inside the Studio

Anne Geddes

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Lesson Info

7. Leo Shoot: Phoenix

Lesson Info

Leo Shoot: Phoenix

Hi and this is stevie phoenix oh, hello we haven't met them. Uh it's a place you could come in thank you having this I'm in your chi and don't don't yes, dawn okay, the questions I think nick's looking around I thought, you know you got a little smile if she friend says she's super delicious have been running comes through she doesn't have normally strangers come through and I'll show you what we're doing brian if we got an image yes and the girls have explained because you didn't see me in the mother's room before what we're doing so well, cicely either lines and so what we're gonna do come over here and have a look we've already photographed the background come up close and have a lot and so this is the center of the sunflower and she's just sitting there being a lion okay? And we put it to you the photo shop later okay see the tile come separately and so I shall have the hat in the little shoes when we're photographing we'll get you to sit on those two stall tova veer and not make e...

ye contact with her you'll be able to see her on the screen um and natalie who you've finished be thio going back and forth and getting her attention we want to start looking in the camera and john are standing next to him oh we better watch it with that I was just doing one six on the big side no I think it's fine you're saying you want to push their way in just just turned six months are they strong yes first daddio way hold of the others twenty fourteen ten no tio yeah what's I started when you're twelve are you talking to donna you're complaining she wants to get moving don't you get on with this thing she's going to keio you had a ponytail don't you hey yeah she was excited general hold okay and we'll just take this arm grab the ammo if you did head on don't I get here change after you you're gonna you're gonna hold on coal we use a lot so when you get home well that's a good thing thanks for making me go crazy could I want from you are you here with ah wait wait ana have when your hair was wet wait give this to jonah and I will take you up in and you can pop down really eh all right just put time again so wait oh you look like a kitten e well what a dill oh look it was a wire for russia oh what do you weigh no sitting up a little bit yeah tell me sort of gone up to her chest no no that quick really quick can I say so exciting is melted you don't want back in oh yeah that's actually that will work jonah good thinking to smelt it into this oil we'll put a bit of five hundred let's get a couple light I think once she sits up to get you started she's sort of leaning forward e I think she needs to find wait hold on to the studio tithe job when two three d'oh I like the way you're gonna pull ahead off just gets here he's going for it in the tail yeah ah oh run one is to set up a little bit phoenix no no cummerbund ah yeah it needs the fineness is here come in and under terminus tommy needs to come down you know you don't want to do it no, come on, I think I know what you got. We still have passion who's a slave oh yeah so he'll stay for another fifteen you wanted she said yes because here's a slate and then he'll need some make up time way working this whole family I think that has been arranged. Yeah, yeah, I do actually because she's she's got quite a folding the jacks that yeah that's better more when we are parted we go too far for because she's not really strong in the back children border that thing that's good gives you enough of a platform and then I didn't see get your tile under control well, like going on is it done or you're still there no, they've gone I didn't mention I don't mention about their gifts I've seen the girls have been giving to them before the guy okay trust somebody has oh lions don't have pacifiers this one's got a pink binky could have a yellow one you can't have a mild looking one that's true hey going now look don't don't do that one thing that you don't know that one oh yeah e wo way we've gone shapes in it so it doesn't matter okay if she doesn't make sure you get your picture up there look oh you just want your cat you just want cuddle stuff you're thinking how can she be having a bad hair day bad main day amazing she lights up e daddy oh yeah hey it's got black doing wait we don't know if that's a good thing you expect the dummy I think she's fine natalie tapes yeah and don't take your no no leave it off upon the floor that's good we've got we've got some of that that's that's good she's very sweet playing at my nose that's cute mange good girl with beautiful hair fast game's a good game a phoenix no mucking around I left a game's a good game wait gonna smile at you wednesday name is tommy wondering from me that's great yeah how you doing over here? I'm gonna stay here kleenex we're going ok if you guys could stand up before we go away just a few words uh huh we're gonna turn around this way were you we're not sure I want that for you like it baby yeah yeah tell me about just the experience of coming here it's really intimidating actually I would like to own this at home I could do this all the time well thank you so very much thank you for having being part of this thank you it's quite an experience right ok, we'll let you go get back to mama I think she's really back back to go to sleep back to sleep all right, well, we'll let you guys go but thank you so very very much from any part of it thank you. Thank you was our pleasure. I think it was really nice to meet you and I'm glad you could make it at the last minute, right? Congratulations, daddy. One more baby who I believe was asleep but has just woken up so it's always a little bit touch and go knowing whether the babies are going to be asleep or awake uh and and so we're excited that she is she or he is awake again so while an is getting ready again washing her hands just wanted teo remind everybody that in that last image we saw jonah who was actually holding the baby now that baby jonah was holding was because she was a little bit younger then come on come on over my stephanie's got signed to say oh wait gotta watch babies when she gets excited she throws herself back that's why john was holding onto it back no come on e was telling mom that I was in them mom's room earlier that had not phoenix status so proud of her it's just a congratulations daddy when you went out yeah, he spoils harry was saying and she's so beautiful she is so he was I love saying the dad's really proud thiss big man with this tiny little baby it's really lovely and she's shoes he's first yeah, your uh and mom has four altogether yes you're saying a twenty year old what? All the way down to four I think she's got a grandchild and now she's a year I think little saying thanks yeah, not incredible story and e thank you. Yeah, you know what? It's really nice that my girls have been involved so long in my career and, you know, that's definitely said that to me because she said she loves being in the mother's room it's really nice in there you know, people are so proud and I love the fact that I'm just saying people loving me baby something it's really a special and what a wonderful thing in your line of work that you get to work with your family this exactly maybe that's exactly right speaking of sort of working with a group of people working with a team tell me about while everybody knows what they're doing how are you deciding sort of when to click the shutter or how how is it that you're here? What do you see when your body's doing what they're doing and I'm just watching and watching you know andrea lee that's my job true you know t get that image and you just never know when you just gotta be very, very vigilant babies react so quickly um and fleetingly on dh you just gotta be ready for it so that's all I do I just stare into the camera I wouldn't say all you do well during the shoots in this particular jury mr because there's been so much prep that has come up to this moment and like we said, we've set up the lights beforehand you've tested everything working with creating it to be just so that you all you need to focus on is the baby's yeah that's why I said come in here all of the work being done in the last two days, right? All of the studio work and sitting up and things like that so you know, after this once it's over we'll be sitting up for tomorrow so it'll take a few hours and uh with the newborns tomorrow everything needs to be really aside I'd like to go home the day before and think it's all called it's just about the baby's that's important yeah yeah back to the best lighting plans yes I made it three I am in the morning when you're lying there thinking look at this is that this would happen you know and so on it's really it's a full time job it is always yes I would love tio walk back over this way doing a little more talking we've got ten, fifteen minutes um one thing that perfect sort of sideways so what we're just talking about is is really the work that has gone into oh you're not going to talk about my bed sketches I am mei mei I may we don't know enough to want sorry it's not funny serious way have had the opportunity I've had the opportunity of see a little bit of this may I touch it I'm getting a sketchbook I'll get it is this terrible sketch but but you talk about your your process as as an artist to get us to that point and maybe we can take a peek it's generally when um we come up with a theme um I started your book sketchbook or an ideas for comes on and with the zodiac it's a summation before it's it's quite complicated you know and somebody people is so knowledgeable about it simply websites up there and we did a lot of research and I think we just basically said, you know what, we're going to find the book that we actually believe in and we're just going to use all of their symbols and or that sort of information but you know, all of the research that goes into it gets frustrating sometimes because for me, because people it's like under the sea for instance, how much work went into that, you know, the beautiful props and the research and into a lot of beautiful colors and all the little creatures down there and so on under the sea was probably the most complicated project in terms ofthe propping and preparation yeah, yeah, it was a big, big thing, you know? And and it seems like it took twelve months to shoot undersea brother time it gets to be out there in a calendar and you see it, you're kind of you're on to the next thing and you feel like saying to someone who's looking at it, do you realize how much additional has gone it's like look at that look at that theo match goes on and you know that some of the things that dawn does is just so clever whole process it's great to be able to talk about it so kind, so I start with the with the book and I carry it with me every way this book because you just never know you know and all of the night's going to it and so we've got tourists the ball this is what I've got here is an earth sign andi actually the miss behind it is zeus turns into a bull on dh approaches your over a beautiful woman she said on the bulls back and it jumped into the sea and and and swam to create a grecian island you know and I'm like that's that's amazing so when you look at these images oh yes, of course on and you just see this cute baby then people go oh, what a beautiful baby and I feel like saying you look at the beautiful costume and look at all the work that's gone into the background and and so on each zodiac sign has ah, a stone which is a sapphire or a diamond as it goes from changes in from april to may and this there are various flowers as well but we sort of, you know, chose the the sunflower and so we've gone through like I've made all of these tourists but do we have? Do you have any of the early sketches of leo get leo? Oh, you want to see early skechers if if if I love your cute little baby kisses him and other trains so I can't show you those um okay early skitch what should I do this or what have you got anyone that one yeah that's yours so this is going to cannes so that's interesting you sure forthwith sketches right? Yeah, tommy hold up what would you like and you see it this is this is dawns early sketch of legal saris from a tourist before you go um and so you know it's just evolves over time and I work um uh mainly with dawn on skype now so um it's just really it's interesting it's different these days they just couldn't have happened in the past before he had sky and I couldn't work with someone on skype who I didn't already have a history with, you know, because you have that sense ofthe I concede on face on sky when she's going I know you know that yeah, you can't you can't be face to face sort of contact um and by the way, I'm just going to come and say I think the baby's air next baby is on its way you know that because I have a wonderful producer who's signaling suck it she's a psychic on us. Yeah. Yeah, well, we can come back to this and explain the process and you know, I know don doesn't like to talk a lot about what she's doing but we have to make because I wanna see some of the stuff she does

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Jeff Petersen Studios

I just read the other reviews and think people may not have watched the preview video or listened to Kenna's explanation of what was going to happen. I felt the class was exactly what was advertised, and thought Kenna did an excellent job keeping things moving when there were obvious delays or unexpected events with "the talent" (the babies). I felt like I was at Anne's studio and experiencing what actually happens when she is working on a project. You can't script babies and pets, so you go with the flow and adapt. I think that's what they said and did. Kenna was always prepared to discuss Anne's books, or other topics and did a great job getting personal/and professional with Anne-just as they said they were going to. It is Creative "Live" so it could have been Much less organized, and much more chaotic, but I was actually Very impressed with the production and smoothness of the Creative Live team. I did feel like my view was blocked at times when I wanted to see how they were setting up some of the actual shots- but in general I think they did just about as well as you could in those conditions. I am not paid by Creative Live nor do they probably even know me, but I'm very happy to support and actually buy their content-because I don't know another place/format that teaches so many different, practical, and interesting topics as they do and I Love that they take chances like this and really do Deliver. Anne was very clear that she is not a technician. Creative Live has Tons of Great Technician classes in So many genres of photography (and of course other area)- with Anne's class there is Plenty to Learn from her, but the value does not come in the Wam Bam machine gun delivery of latest tech and tools, it is in the methodical, patient, But Driven pace that is anything but chaotic (as one reviewer said). As I said at the beginning, I think they delivered exactly what was advertised and I am very happy with my purchase. There is a wealth of information and frankly entertainment, for someone who is interested in really seeing behind the doors... AND, it is good for new people and experienced people, who are looking to get better in their craft, more successful, or maybe even famous-if they are see that not every day in a studio (or in any profession really)-Even for Anne Geddes- is Glamourous, Exciting and "Sexy": sometimes it is crying babies that need their diapers changed.


I had the honor of supporting Anne in her launch of her beautiful line of baby clothing here in Washington ( as her fulfillment provider ) and her attention to every detail, their willingness to share their commitment to an unforgettable experience for every customer - it was such a pleasure to see the magic on the photography side of the business that I never had the opportunity to witness. Pure perfection, and thank you so much for sharing. Best to Anne and Kel! Michelle Harden

Nathan Ivie

Watched the first day of this event and it was very different than other creative live workshops. Different is sometimes good and sometimes bad, this session was just that good and bad. It really lacked the teaching aspect, they did not go over her equipment, basic camera and lighting settings used to create the look she wants in her images etc...The lady who was interviewing her was terrible Anne seemed really open to share but the questions were very poor and lacked follow up and really diving into what Anne was doing. It was really neat to get to watch her work, she has an amazing personality that really is soft and kind and it showed in the way she worked with the parents, babies, and her team. It was a great overview of how she approaches the studio and a project and the detail that goes into making a top notch image. It is however weak on giving you the info strait up on how to improve your own work. If you want to see what it's like to work with a big team on a major project this is a great workshop. If you want technical teaching it is not so great.

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