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Printing Process

Lesson 10 from: Inside the Studio

Anne Geddes

Printing Process

Lesson 10 from: Inside the Studio

Anne Geddes

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Lesson Info

10. Printing Process

Lesson Info

Printing Process

Head back and ceo has gone. Brian is doing way. Just sending this over to our big absent printer is going to run through and double check my settings. So we'll be good it's hard to know whether toe print the two images that I like the most. Because, you know, you just have to be decisive. And then I can't be afraid. I think maybe we should print. Yeah, well, I think what do you think we confront too? Well, good. And in the meantime, when they start, um, print starts coming up that's a really, really magical moment. I just love it. So when you were again going through, um, getting to this point of of these two, I mean, these are going to be legendary images. I don't wantto okay, I okay on. These are precisely the babies, you know, the babies who were here this morning, everyone, you know, it does weigh heavily on may that brian asked me last time if it weighs heavily on you, which may be you, you actually choose. And, um, you know, it's so important that the families who come for the ch...

utes feel that way love their babies and that they had a great experience and that's, part of what way try to do when we're shooting you know that in the mother's room everyone feels really special particular with newborns because often when you want to come to the studio it's the first time out of the home um and for the for the mothers as well, you know, so it's really nice for them to have a nice experience and I'm sorry I don't mean that what we're going to see is going to be the final just meaning that how exciting it is for everybody at home that again what we've created today is part of what will be yes to your future project this's like an initial initial rough I'm not I'm sorry brian it's not rough but photo shop because you know, I spend a lot of time on it after it's putting in the symbolism and all of that sort of thing so the final work about you know what come together until a few months time, but this is really nice to actually see these and as we go over the three days, you know we'll lay them out on the floor and you start to get a sense of how the colors are developing how they sitting together um and then how will move on to the next three images? So when you say you're telling yeah that's right when you say you do a little bit of photo shopped here to get to these pronounced were we just talking we're enhancing some of the color or are we way pulling jonah's arms out or no no no no favors are they are the only thing with one one of these images that you'll see it's just absolutely I seduce you know and you know it always great when it's like that when you just got this baby you think they look fabulous and you don't need to do anything you know when you've got that said that whole charm factor of a baby just comes together and the easier it is to um retouch something the better the image will always be yeah if things start to get overworked um it just always looks a little bit forced so I try not to do that awesome thes air the things people at home I always want to know yes well hope so you know then if anybody ask anything um of may because you know I'm happy to share and um yeah I mean absolutely so it looks like we're still working on the printer's yep uh way tio fantastic so it'll take about ten minutes to come out so anybody's going questions or anything and we're gonna photograph this tale and they were going to strike this here okay um and um work on areas tomorrow yeah for tomorrow great session way just hang out here and do some so way. Check while I do the tail and the print will be out soon. So don't show a photo. Do what we were going to do with if people can see what we're doing here, huh? Well, well, well, we're photographing the tail. If people just want to know what the process is, then let's just go through the process, so no, I don't think I don't think we need the head it's just that it needs to. I should come around from behind that's sort of like area of the off the body, but I think arm needs to be down certain throws a shadow on he's got his arm that soothe kathy is suggesting our producer assistant we do go ahead and shoot the tail. Okay, I'm happy to do that. Yeah, so questions and do whatever. So we're on the same settings don't wait. Okay. That's great. You know, sometimes doing this sort of thing, you come off a a shoot where you know, it's sort of high adrenaline and with the babies and everything, and you're really, really focused on dh once the babies go, you go to a bit of a, um, a bit of a lull, because it's just so intense. When you're around and you have to really pay attention before you strike in terms of any little detail that could become a problem in voter shopping later um because I'm a great believer and um you know if you're photoshopped person shadows have to fall in the right place you know if you have all of the builder the ingredients in the cake the better it's going to be brilliant and so that's what it is definitely work today in terms of photographing the background before the babies came in and then keeping the camera in exactly the same position exactly the same impure ceremony on the floor as teo yeah you know it would be wondering about that so everything is on exactly the same angle so when the baby is in there it was throwing a little bit of a shadow which we didn't want and so now we can just lay one over the other but for the first meeting um this is photographs and we were up to tense good point yes thanks john cello so getting the lighting you although what what yeah ifyou're photoshopping and it seems like god that was so easy that's because you had the right ingredients to start with so much bad photoshopping um out there it's just extraordinary you know tio and you just need to take care to do it right in camera if you want the photoshopping to look as if it never actually happened so I do have a question for you folks at home are wondering so we're why do you do the prince in terms of your workflow before some of the final that final retouching what is it about again about printing things out what are you looking forward? We're going to do that I'm looking for that sense of emotion um yeah that's a very interesting question because it for me it's it's the it's a combination off the emotion ofthe the image that's that's what you want you know it's just like so how do we go now did did it come together hasn't got that magical element to us um I like to know that straightaway before I go on to the image tomorrow because shooting over these three days the energy just kind of rolls from one into the other and it's a great thing for the team to but people have work so long on this um it's just quite for everyone to just to see you you know and but you know, one of the things that I go on on and on and on about in terms of this sort of photography is you know you can have that the most beautiful background on dh you know louis knew he painted the background so keep going it's all about the background and you know and people think it's all about the costume but it's just not at all um you know you see the prince come out of the printer and it's all about the baby and that's the most important thing you know just that it's everything it's everything and that's what my work represents it's not how do you photoshopped this what if stop did you use and love alive it's just it's it's about the emotion around the whole image and I found that when we were going back and looking at your book a leader a labor of love that every time we kind of flip to a new image it would be that connection with the eyes and the bailey and that you can feel that connection that you have it's emotional work very very emotional work and very precious subject meta um but that aside every everything around it is so everyone that I have with you on my team so good at what they do you know and so you know you get to this stage in your career where you know I do portraiture for ten years and did everything by myself and you know have a team that's grown with you and I think this is brilliant you know it's it's just wonderful to work here can I shoot this time? I think it's right and you see all right I can't yeah thank you put him in a chateau great camera's not alive uh way should just do a couple of different options weii look like we're good on being fined two confirmed everything and it was still coming up it was something simple generally is fine a little bit higher backto exacting work and I know that you know um I should be talking people are what's she doing there but I have to do this before everyone strikes oh yeah absolutely so she's readjusting yes that it's just wear the tail comes out from the bank of the lion um on the right hand side there just needs to come from exactly the right place with the exact amount of shadowing honors and we just have to be patient and get this done yeah that's better don't with shadow wei have change any of this I'll live to focus uh focus is yeah but shadows they're great yeah we're okay with focus cool can I say that uh originally made the other one will go very wrong three start thinking with this what that's going to just sit here it's smooth it's cool pretty close silicon yeah so we'll just sit down you strike the city and everything we wear doing that yeah I think I think we're right way construct sit while we talk you know yeah so there so it was again it was the angle and the shadow you could've it's just better if you really spend the time to get the detail right and so when you are looking than on the monitors and what what, when we look at the prince, is that process that goes through your head in terms of, you know, we're talking about the expression and overall, what you're feeling from it, but are you like going around the image looking at you is like a checklist like wouldn't get color looking at this is the first time I've ever used a big print, as about it's the very first time, so for the three days we're going to be doing that, you know, off these some watercolors, and so I'm interested in how saturated the colors and in terms of using the papers and you're coming out of that big printer, you know, it's great to be able to come in and do everything here. I've over the last twelve months, I've did a really interesting project for the, uh, the prevention of meningococcal disease, and I experimented with doing backgrounds that were original water colors and printed onto these massive backgrounds like the old campus is that I used to use in in the old days and it's just such a beautiful effects, and I was just wondering how this would actually be, um, but I think it's worked quite well and making the sunflower looks three dimensional in terms of looking sort of, really, but a beautiful water car. And that's what I was actually it was really curious about if people at home were able to sort of catch that now that we've taken um the piece out that the babies were sitting in you can really see how the backdrop was and how what don made and what what are we calling the little center of the sunflower center the sunflower oil ness throwing a meadow full of sun plans but how that just seamlessly what we'll see in the images seamless sort of goes teo and I think I think it's worked really well so this afternoon we're going to be sitting up for areas we've got a big horn should we arrest the ram take a peek out you could maybe do that well, the print comes out and on dale start setting it up yeah for donna what number? Yeah oh yeah that's what we love say got a printer working this is this is just great, you know, looking at looking at this current doctor seo how big it is yeah, I know and of course I can't this is a big big thing or well looks great too. I tell you guys who anyone is into printing epson has a fantastic new printer which is being released tomorrow and I'm being sworn to top secrecy I can't tell you what it is but I've just done a print on it and it looks awesome really awesome. You know, they got the detail and the blacks incredible saturation and the sharpness is fantastic maybe you you guys wanna have a little look us wait to tell you all about it tomorrow but yeah how can you see it all lay it on the table the big print is coming out of the big absent printer but this is the image where we're going to re photo shop detail yeah, you see what I mean? Can you guys see it there? But I just love this see if I can see the smile on your face just yeah it's just I mean, how awesome is that? How awesome was that that's a fantastic quality yes, but singer and then a bigger than life size this is like yeah it's like you can walk into it everything's so eventually you would have all of these on the floor yet relay them out on the floor and you just could I don't know what it what is it, tio? Because you energy to continue telling the story I could see the shift in your style yeah it's awesome isn't it going to be able teo actually just stand in front of yeah yeah, I seen it hundreds of times and it's still magic? Yeah, yeah it's just incredible um it's magical because we've also because we just created it I mean just in that the baby was just here you know, in our hours ago in the days before digital we said two and a half hours for the film to come back from the lab and you know, lots of know right? You didn't know and so you know, to be able to you know, within a matter of an hour two hours be ableto print this out it's just it's it's crap for the creative process yeah, I really think it is something we don't do enough anymore these days I think yeah, you know look, if you if you're a photographer and and your I hope you get what I'm saying you know, I think that you have to have that um that sense of completion that sense of well look what we look what we've created and did this work and and be emotionally involved with it as opposed to I'm not one of these people who can get emotionally involved with something that's on the screen yeah um I would never I always have to print it out so I can touch it and get close to it get a sense of its character um before it's photoshopped but hi, I'm fifty eight you know, maybe it's just a course I'm so used to this well it's like how does this compare to you? Because I know you were a black in a dark room photographer yeah how does this guy have my darkroom? Um because we, um close the studio in oakland in new zealand I'm um there there's people who have printed in a dark room I mean there's just nothing like it it's it's no there's chemicals and um and the magic of a print disappearing on on piper and that is just awesome this is this is almost you're right yeah, this is almost, um a great comparison. Yeah, yeah, but there's nothing like it. I'm glad that my girls you know who twenty eight and thirty had the chance we know we're going through photography school teo I should get into a dark room and understand what that process was like. Yeah, I actually think that this is a more organic way to do things you know t get a feel for what you've created it's almost like it's a real if it's on a piece of paper on the walk o meter that's course come on, do it! Come on it is because it was clearing overnight so yeah, it was good. Brian, do we know how big this is going to me? That's pretty big forty four wives is forty forty four by thirty seven forty four by thirty seven inches it's probably been indulgent but it can't have been amazing and so you think yes do us on this afternoon also, we'll be printing out the background for theories tomorrow, so we need to figure out the size of it and, you know, that's that's, right? Because you're a little bit, like, right little way saw what I observed yesterday was there's so much again that you've prepared, but then once you get here and you have the props and all the pieces have to come together, so for example, you're looking at okay, well, we have this water color. What size are we're going to print it out at? Tell me? Tell me about that because it was. If you interfere, you'll have to figure out the bigger the better. I just if it if I could do it, I don't do it. Don's got a lot of work to do here this afternoon. Also in terms ofthe I should let her speak to this. But this's the quietest printer, I think it's mail because it's very quiet. Except when it cuts in his r. Okay, sorry. All you guys out. Never let's put on the floor here. I'll drop by your table with political way. Theo. So this is is that the best position for okay? This is, um this is a really rough no well you know it's not the perfect photo shop but it's a great representation of the image we shot today looks great don't have looked on so I can see it I'm gonna come over on this side of well okay so what are we looking at let's walk everybody at home through what's going through your mind right now this is not the final images not the final baby necessarily but I think that there's a really emotional connection with the eyes and that's the first thing you go to with the baby you know it's just do they have that charm factor we should call it a champ actors do they have that for you in yeah yeah um and there's another one that will be you know printing as well so we get to choose both of them but sometimes it's just nice to just look at them prepare for the next day think okay, well you know how would we have done it differently and how will we take that forward in terms of you know what we're going to do with the other images I think this worked really well um airing the poland on the edge has bought it look it looks even though it's a watercolor and this is a problem that the baby's sitting on they look like one on the same integrated this yeah the dimensions which really well which is so called because it's you helping complete and division you know what we'll do is what will ruin creative lives war and we'll get masking tape more stick all this prints up here in they will rip the way for it's not a problem I can call you that's what we'll do so when you guys union tomorrow you'll see the first one up there, huh? That's good idea and so that was something when you guys were here yesterday some of what you might see in that bonus bts footage is you setting this up and then looking at it saying, oh, I think we need a little bit of a good idea if you're interested in the process because others say this morning it was just the babies the whole process working up to this was great and yesterday is his latest yes way figured out how to integrate the prop that the baby was sitting on with the water color and I think it's worked really well. So don, what are you looking at when you're does the whole team come in and sort of, you know, I have to yeah, yeah um we're obviously always look at my work, but so what you looking at? What? What is popping out? Well, what do you think is wrong talking with my from my perspective is putting a my costume as I visualized onto a baby is like you just got no show of actually getting it a hundred percent here you want it so it's just kind of like well can I live with it but that's all part of the chance and drawn it's always in their twittering around with things like get out of there dorn and she's always thought I could do it welcome to a bit more there's a fine line between you know I mean I keep one to run in and straighten something or fix something or twist the ears or something but you don't too much you're not going to get this shot because you could upset the baby that's a real fine line you have to decide. Okay? That's like your bad that so you pick your battles so now we have image number two can you guys see that? Talk us through talk us through this one, all right, kenna I'm gonna put this down and ask you to decide and I bet you won't be able to so we do that let's put on the spot asked me to decide oh yeah, okay, you decide what which which would you choose d'oh wait can also ask the internet oh, my it's hard it's hard because they're very different um personalities and expressions that are coming out exactly so we have fairness, sense of questioning and curiosity and it's chewing on the time chewing on the tail it's one of the legs a little bit softer, it isthe after, but also it is good to go away for a few weeks now, you know, and just leave it and come back to it with fresh eyes. So that's a nice thing, you know, I'll take some prince back to new york with me and sit and look at them and, um, you know, let the dust settle a little bit, absolutely and look through all of the other images as well, absolutely. This is very much like I know what I'm doing. I know what I'm talking about. There's a little bit of sass a ah, a little bit of yes, I'm a lion it's hard to carry on really todo, you know? So how do you how do you know when, when when you do have it when I'm shooting? Now, just now from from from here on out, nothing going on, but I can tell yeah, very much no shot at you. You don't know when you shot it, you see it onscreen and it kind of yeah, that will be the magic. I think we've got that little bit of magic today you're fantastic.

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Jeff Petersen Studios

I just read the other reviews and think people may not have watched the preview video or listened to Kenna's explanation of what was going to happen. I felt the class was exactly what was advertised, and thought Kenna did an excellent job keeping things moving when there were obvious delays or unexpected events with "the talent" (the babies). I felt like I was at Anne's studio and experiencing what actually happens when she is working on a project. You can't script babies and pets, so you go with the flow and adapt. I think that's what they said and did. Kenna was always prepared to discuss Anne's books, or other topics and did a great job getting personal/and professional with Anne-just as they said they were going to. It is Creative "Live" so it could have been Much less organized, and much more chaotic, but I was actually Very impressed with the production and smoothness of the Creative Live team. I did feel like my view was blocked at times when I wanted to see how they were setting up some of the actual shots- but in general I think they did just about as well as you could in those conditions. I am not paid by Creative Live nor do they probably even know me, but I'm very happy to support and actually buy their content-because I don't know another place/format that teaches so many different, practical, and interesting topics as they do and I Love that they take chances like this and really do Deliver. Anne was very clear that she is not a technician. Creative Live has Tons of Great Technician classes in So many genres of photography (and of course other area)- with Anne's class there is Plenty to Learn from her, but the value does not come in the Wam Bam machine gun delivery of latest tech and tools, it is in the methodical, patient, But Driven pace that is anything but chaotic (as one reviewer said). As I said at the beginning, I think they delivered exactly what was advertised and I am very happy with my purchase. There is a wealth of information and frankly entertainment, for someone who is interested in really seeing behind the doors... AND, it is good for new people and experienced people, who are looking to get better in their craft, more successful, or maybe even famous-if they are see that not every day in a studio (or in any profession really)-Even for Anne Geddes- is Glamourous, Exciting and "Sexy": sometimes it is crying babies that need their diapers changed.


I had the honor of supporting Anne in her launch of her beautiful line of baby clothing here in Washington ( as her fulfillment provider ) and her attention to every detail, their willingness to share their commitment to an unforgettable experience for every customer - it was such a pleasure to see the magic on the photography side of the business that I never had the opportunity to witness. Pure perfection, and thank you so much for sharing. Best to Anne and Kel! Michelle Harden

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Watched the first day of this event and it was very different than other creative live workshops. Different is sometimes good and sometimes bad, this session was just that good and bad. It really lacked the teaching aspect, they did not go over her equipment, basic camera and lighting settings used to create the look she wants in her images etc...The lady who was interviewing her was terrible Anne seemed really open to share but the questions were very poor and lacked follow up and really diving into what Anne was doing. It was really neat to get to watch her work, she has an amazing personality that really is soft and kind and it showed in the way she worked with the parents, babies, and her team. It was a great overview of how she approaches the studio and a project and the detail that goes into making a top notch image. It is however weak on giving you the info strait up on how to improve your own work. If you want to see what it's like to work with a big team on a major project this is a great workshop. If you want technical teaching it is not so great.

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