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Intro to Apple Logic Pro

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Programming Drums: Ultrabeat and Drummer

Travis Kasperbauer

Intro to Apple Logic Pro

Travis Kasperbauer

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15. Programming Drums: Ultrabeat and Drummer

Lesson Info

Programming Drums: Ultrabeat and Drummer

It's always don't melt mess with so far is picking our drummer getting a drum kit that were happened with going through some of the presets, saving it, controlling it with the puck on area. But we haven't even gotten to some of the rest of the drum kit, so you guys might have noticed that in each of these and let me put a cycle up here that sort of spans across a couple of these will shorten it up, crab in the middle and move it over and what we're going to see here, two bars, where were we make those decisions that thinks like you like a drummer does? Ok, here comes a change we're going from first, of course, there is some kind of a break the next down beyond the throw, a symbol and maybe before that don't be don't throw on a little roll, we'll hear it here. There we go. So what I'm gonna do back this up a little bit here, so listen, this first one throughout it, we can let it do a little bit more in the way of phil's. So as I turn up the slider for phil's over here, watch it it's goi...

ng to do, and I've got a button for sixteenth down here. So we hear it give it a little bit of a shuffle in the middle of little bit more with it, but when I slow it down I'll make those much more simple or bring it down so simple phil want to have something really crazy with it turn it up all the way tyler's here so control how big is this impact of this next change does it one and against region by region so if I click this one phil's gonna be back down to normal but you might have heard there that not just at the break of it but right in the middle of so it's the start of bar three through a little change in there saying here comes a time in event down beats coming and we're going through so we can change the filles for each of these regions over here plus we can throw some swing into it as well control those bills and things with sixteenth and eighth lots of great stuff you might notice that we've got kicking snare put up we'll stay with with the first part of this maybe more like an intro thing and show what this when we click on these things here basically we're making them active so maybe we don't have a snare in this first part maybe the dreamer is going to play something totally different where they use the toms as sort of that it's instead of high hat they're going to do in just tom and kick drum and then back into what they're doing or maybe they threw the hi hat back in but no snare all right, so we get to do all those cool things plus we can say with symbols you have different patterns from, like reid simple pattern, so go on away from the hi hat into those symbols, all right? Or maybe we're gonna stick with that idea of no tom's, no high hat but kick our no stupid kick high hat simple little part but was throwing something else like percussion instead of the snare drum was to hand claps on this one let's make it I don't know what more complex as well a bit of a clam on those claps or maybe it's gonna be a tambo thing are with morocco. You know, we don't have much in the way of controls in those go down to the details, but that's going to give us a couple more things that we can do here with the high hat open closed from the ghost notes on it, a little bit of field stuff with it, but we can go in there definitely and change a few things also go to the drum kit just was make this a little bit smaller here and inside drum kit designer actually can change actual volume of those things, like the shakers, the tambourine that's drum kit, my drum kit, the collapse will make really loud cow bell more and I would go in here. I'm going to turn on that precaution here a little bit louder claps and everything right, mikey? Yes. All right. Uh, so that's what we go through and mute different things when you want it to be tom's instead of high hats collapse there too. We'll just give that drummer two extra hands now, playing his drums and clapping his hands at the same time. Really great stuff. Just keep putting out more regions as we go forward with it, I'm going to do another zoom out here. Imagine our song keeps going longer once you run out of regions rather than if you don't want to keep copying and pasting them stuff like that. There's another place where we've talked over the yes say a bit about how we can click in some different zones, different places and get things with a control click like the track headed or we can pick like customizing it are getting new tracks up on the toolbar. Sorry, the control bar here we put some different things, same with these lanes that we have the tracks go in here on a drummer track, we'll get some specific things for it so a click right here and I'll say create a drummer region and it throws one in right wherever I was clicking I can throw it and it's putting that in there so I have a new fresh one aiken start editing with all right? So that's a great thing wouldn't go in and start adding all these regions I'm going to do something tere I'm going to get rid of actually all these and start from scratch because besides showing you drummer, I also want to throw in one other thing here however, we can try to give you a few more of these options and make this easier for you and close my editor there and I've got the global tracks open and this one here another place where I can go clothes and stuff out but I can control click right inside there and pick different ones, but I'm gonna pick this new one called arrangement now they've always had one called markers that I've used a lot, which is a great way to sort of map out the session right to say, hey, this is gonna be my first party of the second part of an intro, a verse and of course things like that that's the way I like to work, especially when we get further you're writing yourself, you know, okay here's my verse here is my chorus you can jump to them to get right to the different spots you want when you're mixing you consort of cycle around these areas but they've done something really cool with the besides having markers now they've got this thing called arrangements where internet by cycle and go to the beginning it knows that that's what we use markers for sometimes so when I hit the little plus right here it's going to go in and give me a thing called an intro it says that you want a new spot everyone to call it an intro excellent so what we're gonna do is we're gonna go with a little four bar intro on our song will have that be just drums and maybe if we're gonna put some other parts in your later I'm gonna move my cursor down I want to do another one and it's going to be a verse okay, so our next section is going to be a verse in fact, what I want to do is double that so will be a verse about them maybe a verse that also picks up a little bit more afterwards but still going to be a versus far as I'm concerned she's going to click and it's going to naturally think that I want to do a chorus but now it's going to be sort of like a double verse but I wouldn't want some different settings with it so its inverse still then we're going to get right into it the chorus of a song so puts him in here standard lengthen the weekend of course resize them any way that we want using the resize tool another thing we're doing like you know be right tio as I like to color code stuff so I can see visually what I'm working with so I'll click that exact color for the chorus pick this color here my verse pick a different color this verse because it is slightly different wanna calls to rename it and then my intro color here is well I start to get a bunch of stuff up in there can shrink it down so great I have some organization I can see a little bit better what's going on but you might be asking me maybe mikey this was going to ask me travis what do these markers have to do with the drummer track that you deleted all your drums stopped from just right now I don't have anything for my drummer and that's kind of bumming me out but what I get to do now is with an empty one go back to that control click and this is also the same thing if I'm building a new drummer track like I've never had one but I did have uh these arrangement markers in here watch what happens this is my favorite I go in here and I can say populate with trauma regions now if I don't have markers it's just going to fill it with those normal you know a bar sections as long as the song goes or as long as I have like a market for but when I have arrangement markers in your uh what is going to populate them cut exactly to what I wanted which means if you've already worked out your song well but you're a singer songwriter maybe got a guitar on doing some vocals and you want just some drums to start playing with and you mapped out your song you can start playing if you have a drummer you like I just did a drum intro and then reverse and as it goes along give me my break halfway through that verse and then it knows hey you could do a chorus most people like a little bit of a change there change up the precaution change up the way it's plain that's so cool this is like jamming with a new drummer for the first time and you're just gonna let them do like okay new song okay, I'm gonna go you know, a couple bars of this eight bars of this sixteen bars of this do what you want and they're listening to us and they're playing along and doing those filles that is so cool the way that we could just quickly get a drum now if I had a a bunch of this stuff going like I've mapped out a three minute song, it would have filled that three minute song with everything we have, including all the way to an outro or having a bridge with another part. And there a cz well, mikey let's, get your question that was a part of my question is how many different sub sub categories that way have pre course? Do they have bridge? So what? They give us with options right here? Maki presets are they really have the controls, the first chorus, bridge and outro, but remember, we can also rename it so you know, if I want both of us, we worked with so many bands in the studio where you think ok, is the verse of the bridge the course, and they'll make up their own names like knows the pre chorus out trowbridge you can go in and you can see oh, what's that those air hundred, right? Those are a little bit hard to write, but you want to get him nailed in their perfect. All right, let's get back into drummer for just a little bit here because still, believe it or not, tons of exciting things to show you that we haven't even had a chance to look at now I get all my stuff is saris all of my regions in my drummer truck are currently selected so that's why we're seeing that I don't have any controls so if we go back and sure enough we'll get those again so we can still go in customize you could still go to different three sets that you had before we remember that we saved our preset so we could go in there and find class drummer so we like to worse we can go back to class drummer and we see that that one's even saved it for us and brought it in go through and change these all these different sounds with it change the drummer's more if we want teo once we start to get the song if maybe we didn't map the whole thing out but we're starting to map this also with those arrangement now doing a little mixture of drummer and arrangement class here but check this out if I had loops and I had vocals and a bunch of other stuff and I'm starting to work now with my new drummer we're getting things going even these arrangement markers work like regions doing there but in even cooler way that would say that I'm gonna have this verse in the course in the first part again option drag that verse and slide it over pretty cool that I don't have to make the marker again right but watch it's also going to move all the regions with it so if I had vocal tracks guitars that we were recorded midi notes anything that fell underneath that verse is going to copy with so I don't need to do any more copy and paste of a bunch of different regions just move the arrangement and copy the arrangement and they may be changed a little bit too it's so huge such a big timesaver on dh so cool especially when you put your drum track together but always when we're arranging the song and moving through this stuff so I love that anton all right, get back into my screen set here where we're looking at the drummer one thing I wanted to look at mikey you were able to notice this a couple times yesterday. What can you tell me about our track area here with neo soul drum kit? Anything in that track had you tell you that there's something unique about this drum this instrument here which means it's what kind of a track? That's right. Very good stack track there you go. Okay say you get a stack trick now I want you to stay with the accent. Oh, jack's tag checks take all right something I you know, I wantto um ever forget to show you guys because I'm so happy with these new things but the smart controls that we have so I can be key right to bring these up check that out what they gave us is a way to quickly just go in and change the drum performs not the performance but our drum mics and the sounds so I go through this first part what more kick give it more wanna mute it come it off snare tom duran duran be precaution I can compress this thing they even let me get a little nasty with it with the drive turn up the room cleaner on the room that's so cool so the controls that we have all the essential stuff that you know we normally think about this is something I want to turn up just give me a little bit more kick one recording this party give me a little bit more of the high hat so I can keep my timing one playing guitar to it all those cool things that we can control there right from that beaky with our editors are controls rather um super super cool to be able to jump with those and of course we talked about how we can change that we can add the things that we want in there now mikey I was asking you and you answered correctly that that was a different kind of track here sorry close my editor and what we see here is this is why I went to the producer kit let me go to our mixer window that we brought in so right there, we see that this is what we saw before was just that one control track or with the stereo kids. It was a mixed down mace gave all those drums. So we had control over volume. Now, with the smart control being able to change the kick in the snare volume and a nod, you know, that's pretty cool gives us a lot of control, but the reason why they call him the producer kits and the reason why I want to use them as a producer is ultimate control. So the difference in the producer kit's right here and the mixer there is my actual drummer track is right here, it's fifteen microphones that they put on a drum kit, which is a pretty standard for a great trump session. So what we have is getting our overheads so a stereo pair over our overheads, but we have a microphone inside the kick drum, a microphone outside the kick, a snare top, a snare bottom. We start listening to him here, you realize, yeah, we have actual drum sounds. Kick it in, kick out snare top, but then also the snare bottoms. So we'll get the sound of the chains of the snare mechanism underneath it feed a little bit of that in there for what to the high hat and we can control everything about it. So instead of having a stereo set of drums that comes down, you just turn up and down the drums. Now we're mixing the drum kit we can change already we've got to change the performance and the drum kit in the sound of the drums and swap out the symbols, but now we actually get to take it in the mix world and move this stuff around so we'll talk more about it when it gets teo are mixed segment tomorrow, but I just need to show you how cool this is now, the way that they did the mix for these producer kits are another thing that I'm really impressed with a mixed thousands of drum kits, literally for different recording projects over the years. It's one of my favorite things to do is recording a real drum kit on then to mix it later to be ableto set different queues for the individual drums, and they're one of my favorite things is getting the pan position, and I think they did an incredible job. The on ly on lee, I guess criticism and it's just a personal one that other people you know wouldn't necessarily agree with is that I think they panned them all backwards if we look here, we could see that they put the high hat over off onto this side. And, you know, a typical right handed drummer would have that on the other side, if you were sitting behind the drum kit. So therefore for the air drummers in the world, people that are sitting there listening to a stereo rocket out along with them, like, for those things to be on the side of a right hand, you know, set up. So maybe it's, just me, but I normally dry pan drummers. Perspective. Kind of a joke. It's really? All right, rush does it rush does their drums this way. So I imagine that's why they did it. It's. Very cool toe have the control. I don't like what they did. Awesome. That's. Why they keep giving us the options to do that. I consult this drum kit anyway. I want I can put one drum to the right one to the left and anywhere. Go in, adjust the individual components with it. Also, they give us some other things with it, like the over drives, we could add a little crunch to it. Any kind of, uh, sends that we talked about, uh, a little bit yesterday to rout things toe auxiliaries to bring in other parts, super cool, all right, now, how we doing with those questions from everybody about we've got a few we certainly did you want to start in the studio audience everybody anyone have a question go ahead daniel um I was just wondering if you make a track on here and it's all laid out is it possible to to combine this track with another recording that you had um you mean like you say you have like a mp three or mix of a full song that isn't in logic pro let's say you make a let's see you make a recording of just you in acoustic guitar singing okay yeah that's a lot of songwriters start right and so if you did it to a click track or a loop or some kind of timing reference as long you did it to a timing reference you know that we could put in this great back here where one bar was you know, one bar in length absolutely and that's the way I see a lot of people using it is starting maybe maybe they just start with a very simple apple loops you know, that was just poop pop pooping on some simple pattern they write their parts out and then they bring in drummer and put in the dynamics that the drummer could bring to the song and really fill it out yeah, absolutely you know, before we get to unless we have any other questions here I need to show this other thing here too this is so cool it's to answer the question that we had before about you so I can't say enough, but I'm gonna have to stop saying it now I guess about how much I loved drum kit designer really? I mean it's really recordings of drums on dh some of the best sounding drum recordings that have really ever worked with their amazing switch everything out all in the realm of reald drum kits you know when we can move them off. However, what super cool that they've done here is giving us these rial drummers performances that we have so many options here and the different genres and then the different people within their the different drummers within there but we can also take these rial studio drummers take them, take their performances that we've edited and created with them here now and this track but then go back to where we were over here and change it again sir, let me go to my mixer for a second we had on four we're gonna do is look in here in the full view and find out where we had the drum kit designer and I'm going to change it and we just took a quick look at this one I'm gonna put it on altar meet do multi output, alter beat and now check it out was fined drum kits classic hip hop remix is gonna play through that intro and I'll explain it just with a completely different drum kit and electronic drum kit let's go in here again I'm gonna find walter b what's your change through someone no and the pendant which parts we have plain with it so it's stored in the base signs and stuff on them but it's so cool to be able to get it to play elektronik drums and again it's going to be justice responsibility was to the drum kit designer but now with electronic trump so real drummers performance but with electronic drum beats and along with that also get back to the first part let's remember that this is always following along with our temple so we can change it we gonna have a tempo changes with it adjust it that's awesome! Great. Okay, how about some online questions? Let's do it okay biological had asked, can this be used to replace and our sample layer riel multitrack drums um one more time with that cannibalized can this be used to replace and or sample layer? Really multi tracked drums. Okay, great questions is what they're talking about. A lot of people do these days and I know I've done a lot of it is to take on actual drum recording from the studio, bring in a drummer, put up all the microphones like they've done for us here and then have them uh, play them and then what they'll do is come back to the studio news something either copy and paste or there's a couple of programs out there that allow us to do drum replacement, which is the same performance but with different sounds. So a lot of times I'll take a real acoustic drum kit and I'll bring in some kind of a synthesised kick drum just maybe has a little more punch a little more solid field, and I'll just have it with the original performance original drum and then have it also produce everything else's programs like sound replaced or draw magog a bunch of other ones that let us do that now, it's possible there's not just like a quick way function in it that I'm aware of, I'll double check with that, but absolutely what we can do with this is take this performance and when we're done with it and this goes out to question, I think spencer, it was yours where we're able to go in here with control click on dh look at these actually there's another folks here where we can go in here and actually changed this from being the drummer regions and then we can convert it to a midi region and when we convert it to a midi region than absolutely, we can use the dragon drop inside of ultra beat just like the one that we're using to replace those drums so short answer of what I just said yes you can that's what we like to hear all right, we'll be von asked if you copy a drummer region will it be one hundred percent identical or will it put in nuances of velocity and hits like a real drummer if it's if it's a direct copy like we did before like an option dragger copy pace it's going to keep it the same okay, but but like we saw it when we copy them then we just go back down here we can do a little bit to make it like that real drummer where this is a second verse so if we want just a little bit of intensity to it but also like a real drummer that's a great question that they're able to let us do a couple things here with it where we can refresh the region now refresh the region we've actually seen happen here where every time I moved the puck the drummer puck you guys saw that it refreshes right? We got that extra little fill in there I'll bring it back down the little phil goes a little bit quieter if I go simple, it goes away but also here let me zoom in a bit so we can see and just found this out is great well, even if we like it, we haven't done any changes I go over by this presets button and I do a refresh watch really closely just little changes so although it didn't wasn't refreshing from anything I did like they're asking right there we can copy one over and this is just like a drummer's perspective of a little bit of a field changer just the slightest bit of a little change with it so I headed again and we'll see again just a little bit different in the cycle something I will see what that difference is here a little bit hard to hear with that one that I brought up sorry but about refresh we'll hear no it's a big difference in the way there you go but yeah, absolutely when we copied it's going to stay the same when we do a direct copy but then we have the option by either refreshing it from the presets list or just by simply moving the puck a little bit from where it was to get that slightly different feel from the drummer a little bit of a change of it cool betcha another question came in from b von is there any resource to give us some hints on who the drummers are based off of to get an idea of their style when you said nicky I thought of tommy lee and I was wondering if there are real drummers that any of this is based on you know, I I'm not I don't I don't know I can't say exactly what not there was the real dramas here but uh I can uh I can tell you that you could look out there and some people have guessed to these drummers are and I've seen some guesses that looked pretty cool from what I heard it sound like I'm putting you on this but I can't I can't tell you ok I just thought it was interesting it was an interesting thing super interesting because I'll tell you like I can't tell you because I honestly don't know who all these drummers are that they've used or the number of drummers that they've used but I tell you I think about it a lot when I listen to them they sure I wouldn't say that necessarily buy the picture that that's made me think of who they are but from listening to the sounds of the drums on certain drum kits are like wow, that really sounds like this drummer that I've heard so well if you're doing that I'm sure yeah everyone is here I suggest they beg apple nice yeah all right well we have about well jules uk said hi travis when use the drummer instrument can you adjust the individual midi regions of each part and have them assigned to individual tracks within a producer kit on the arranged page uh, I believe that they're your people when you use the drummer instrument, can you adjust the individual many regions of each part and have them assigned to individual tracks within a producer kit on the arranged page? Um, so I believe what they're looking for us tow have different lanes here like, so I moved into this kit let me go back um one second, please, and I'm going to go into here where we have alter beat and I'm going to change it again back to drum kit designer and there we go and we're in here. I believe what they're asking they're looking for is the ability for us to be able to edit these things which of course, the first half the question yes, any region that we cut up any small division we make if we want even just a little simple one bar thing here, we can customize that and change it using the editor and filling it out, but I think what they're asking is, can we get then like a just simply kick drummer region? And can we get just a snare top region here that we can go into? I know as of now with my experience with it is this sort of master drummer region that we have to work with here and so this way we could do it but absolutely weaken adjusting to those individual things and honestly I think this is the better way to do it if we give it a little bit of a shot because from this window on the editor we can fully adjust what the kick is doing you know and no relation at all to what the hi hat is doing north and tom's we're doing so we can accomplish what they're talking about but I pretty sure that what they're asking is can we see the kid? Can we see this near can we see the tops and know it works more this way with the stack drummer region that contains all that information? Okay, one more question from bryce she is there a way to reverse the panning absolutely going into the mixer then there's changing if you're looking for an instant way like you know option click or some like that I think they should do it and call it the travis feature but if they don't do that you know it's simple enough and I think it's one of those things that you should position where we want where we just I have to go through you know we could start with from scratch with an option click on them and get them back to zero but not a full just reverse unless somebody has a new trick that I've never heard of cool way for us to do that all right? Well, I know that our audio guys are asking questions and I heard from the producers that they are in the booth with their mouths open just listening using their in there just talking blah blah blah guys but I guess they're just riveted by everything that you're teaching so that's kind of cool that's excellent awesome all right so we got about ten more minutes simmer minutes we're gonna be looking at drummer will be using drummer a little bit more from the rest of the class I really want you guys at home and you guys here to go check it out and if you come up with some questions to start the day tomorrow we'll definitely go through and check him out again but for those of you that you know maybe you don't care about another drummers opinion and what you want to do is program your own beets I want to show you a really cool, easy way that I started programming some beets and it really is a different track for this one so I'm gonna say goodbye to drummer from now on I'm bringing a new track we're going to take a look at it with a software instrument here we're going to take a look at ultra beat now we can again use the library I love the patches that they put up for us so we can go through look at different stuff so different drum machines and bringing those open multi outputs we're going to be able to see the stack of the kick, all of the snare and everything going with that as well. Go into my mixer here, look at all that I can bring up, uh, ultra beat when I'm inside here where yet all to be track was get over here when I bring up uh all to be here and in fact, you know, I'm going to do go back to step in just make this really simple for some folks make one more track software instrument and instead of using the library, I'm going to go and rape from our route list. I want to start showing us again. Where could we get this? Just the core instrument if you want to start making your own patches were going to go in here and just use a simple stereo all to beat he's away. A lot of people like to start this brings up the drums synthesizer ultra beat which I want to tell you just like the other. Since we're looking at before as faras waken play it. So if I want to go down another act, if I could just start playing it's a good area kickin stare so we can definitely just use this is the sound source it's got its own little synth engine or sample player and e q and all that kind of stuff for each individual drums so kicks and snares and stuff like that but what? We have just enough time for me to show you here is the way again that I started working with programming out of all too beet which is to go down on the front face to little button down here that says full view what that's going to do is show you their patterns it's got its own sequence or built into it in a power play we can see what their idea of some of these sequences are I've got a little button down here next to a word pattern that says sequence and I can roll through like actually play the notes on the keyboard over here c c sharp and see it change from different patterns but I know I've heard from people what they want or not stock sounds again the idea of customizing their songs creating their own stuff. So what I do is going into your to the first available which could be on the a one key or the tenth sequence I see this full view is blank what we're looking at because I know it's kind of hard to see but we have here and blue listed next to a computer keyboard the instruments kick I could actually click on the right here snare and what we have here is you see the cursor moving through it, so if I was to go through it's just a little spot where I can start clicking in some stuff you will hear kick if I went in here and we did a snare someplace, do the snare okay, so I can start going through just program in the ones I want, but they made it so easy and fast again we need to quickly make a beat doing tio is a bit of some control clicking in here and get this cool list, so I'm going to every downbeat on the kick drum maybe do every upbeat there may be going and we'll get rid of some of them going to some high hat stuff and instead of going and just doing grab this one, I'm looking for here little hat on and maybe what I could do it's just put in every upbeat but then go back on it again and say alter existing randomly and you start getting these different patterns being built right away just with some moments right? Click in my mouse, but I've got it set up right now that I'm doing control click either will work, so if you're on the laptop control control clicking on these different lanes we'll get those things in for you you can drop in and stuff for every one of them at the bottom we're gonna see for that lanes and velocities or how loud it is you start filling stuff drum machines always gonna be playing along with our tempo. And now once we get a pattern that we like know, we would spend a little bit more time on it. But so what we got, I go back over here to where I said I was picking my sequences rather than plain and note to trigger in which we could do I'm gonna grab a little button next to the word pattern gonna drag that over onto my track that brings over. I've just created a midi region, so instead of using a controller and it's stopping power on the sequencer instead of using the controller to record and try, you saw how much I was struggling there to try to get stuff in time. Now what I've got is my own little region over here that's gonna play through the ultra beat. When I get back into here, I've got the loop tool. Now I could go the beginning and I got my new pattern where was the clutter but pattern, but let me make this a little bit bigger for us and not quite that big, and when we look here, if you see down here, it said pattern got it right over there when you hover over. Luckily, it gives us a little thing that says drag to arrange window, which it's talking about the main area used to be called the range window. We're gonna pull it over right to the right of that was where we had the different sequences in what key on the keyboard was associated with him. I think that's really need a lot of people they're used to working, you know, step sequencers or, you know, pattern builders that way confined some cool stuff now that I've done it that way, though it's that, you know, and I had some swing control and stuff like that now that I have a midi region it's the same thing where I go and I can change that to any instrument I want, so maybe we'll do the reverse thing rather than having the drummer with real drums. Then go to the drum machine, I'm going to drum kit designer go into multi output, take what we want there. Listen to that playing that not part on a real drum kit so once then we have the pattern set change into any of the sounds we had said yes, you wouldn't go in there, haven't a piano on and if you want to yeah, good stuff drum kit designer and drummer ultra be fantastic

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There’s a reason Apple® Logic® Pro is the go-to recording tool for the music industry’s most-respected bands. It’s a powerful, easy to use program for creating professional-quality music on your Mac from scratch. Join world-class producer Travis Kasperbauer for the world’s first free live exploration of everything Apple Logic Pro has to offer.

This workshop will teach you everything you need to know about recording awesome music in Apple Logic Pro. You’ll explore the basics of the workspace and learn tips and shortcuts for navigating the interface. Travis will also teach you how to record with microphones and instruments, use MIDI, arrange and edit music, and mix multitrack projects. By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to record a full song with vocals, guitars, and drums.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, this course will give you an Apple Logic Pro playbook for unlocking your full potential as a producer and artist.

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a Creativelive Student

Travis Kasperbauer was one of the best teachers in this discipline I have encountered. His style of teaching is easy to follow. I learned more in one day with Travis then i have learned in a year watching video online and learning on my own and from others. Travis knows what he is talking about and what he doesn't know he takes the time to figure it out and walks you through the process of finding the solution to the problem. I find this important because there no one way to do anything when being creative and sometimes understanding the process to figuring something out is just as important on the steps to do something. So many people spend so much time explaining where a button is that they spend little time in truly explaining why you are pressing the button. Travis takes the the time to explain the basic lingo other instructors use but spend little or no time explaining. After Travis explains the basic foundation of logic pro he jumps right into the important thing we all want to know, and that how to make music. I does not matter what genre you are interested in this is the course for you. I watched the course live and after felt it was every bit worth it to own it! Take this course it is worth every dime. I look forward to his advance class in the future. After watching this class i feel confident that what i learned here has given me the tools for his next class but more importantly I can start experimenting and making music today! Thank you creativeLive for this course and Thank You Travis for your gift and knowledge. Thank you for making music attainable to the masses. Ronnie AKA

Ellen Gibson-Kennedy

This is a great course. Travis is an excellent teacher, as well as an interesting and relaxed speaker. I liked the casual classroom environment, which gives the impression of being in the room as well. I learned so many great Logic Pro tips. Highly recommend and enjoyed!


Extraordinarily well done. My long time expertise is with video production ... Avid and Final Cut Pro so I understand the learning curve in tools like Logic. But I was simply “blown away” by the quality and content in this class. I had already poured through two other video based courses and decided to try Travis’ course based on his credentials. It’s not even close: this course is superior to anything else out there. Here’s why: 1. He uses deep and creative real world examples based on his production experience. 2. He is a master of every feature of Logic Pro and then gives you precise examples of how to use those features to deliver a great production. 3. His “layered” approach to presenting the concepts makes the content “stick”. He doesn’t just turn on the fire hose of content, but brings in key features at just the right time. 4. He covers everything and showed me how to save a ton a money because of all the unique built in features. For example, because of his broad experience with 3rd party plugins and libraries, he showed how Logic meets and exceeds those other tools. 5. His style and communication ability is top notch. This is a long course ... I think this was done live over 3 days but absolutely worth my investment in time. I wish I had come here first.