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Intro to Apple Logic Pro

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Recording Digital Audio: Guitar Part 2

Travis Kasperbauer

Intro to Apple Logic Pro

Travis Kasperbauer

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18. Recording Digital Audio: Guitar Part 2

Lesson Info

Recording Digital Audio: Guitar Part 2

I just wanted to read something out to you travis be logical said I really like how travis's teaching this course from the perspective of making music a lot of tutorials get deep into turning knobs and settings but forget what this is all about it's all about thanks for the iconic because it's it's very nice I mean that's that's why I love teaching people this stuff and why work it is it's about making music it's about making sounds noah's long as we're having fun and we're doing stuff then you start poking around you know once you start getting the ideas down then that will make you want to dig through some of these columns and these different list and find different things but the best way you know tio look for something to do like hey can I edit this together is to put some stuff in that you want to head it right? So I'm thank you for the comment and right on I agree with you but let's all have some fun it makes a musical we'll learn while we're doing it um all right daniel was doin...

g overdub right? Okay so here's common thing I want to show you guys I'm going to use the same guitar but to be just just fine if we grabbed a different guitar and plugged it in or whatever but throwing on more tracks we recorded some of the same take over and over on that one track but now what we're gonna do is throw it to a different one. So go back in here. Plus was created new guitar bass track create that one there, select that one. Your selection? Yeah. You like this? This little I don't understand what you're saying. They're, uh, mikey, you're saying some kind of box word this amp clearly says logic clearly, clearly I don't know what this box you speak of is literally a logic amplify her little joke. You folks out there don't sue me, but I think that is a good one. Good idea, clean guitar. Brinkley once you let us hear a little of what you will be playing without, I will play for your team. It's beautiful. Let me ask you, daniel, do you have what you allowed this part you're gonna play? Is there never any chords or you just going to be reffing over the top? Okay, great. The reason I'm asking everybody is, uh, you know, sometimes you set up for what they're playing at the time through normal thing that'll do is get a vocalist, and that may be as it used to record, and I'll say how loud you're going to be like, don't you do a little singing? They'll be like, sing, sing sing sing sing away all right let's go I've got a good level setting my microphone preemptive got making good samples here and then we'll hit recording that ah and always he will succeed those twenty four bits we having clips so as I asked daniel how are you gonna be? He plays it for me I'm going to make just another quick adjustment going noodle around for me e could get just a little bit where you guys going to see a meter there but let me go bring up the inspectors who didn't see what I'm looking at here with it and they're showing me as I'm turning this down now it's showing a microphone on their people that know the aptitude stuff or maybe not azem adjust in it when it showed me the microphone that means I'm adjusting a microphone creon there's also instrument inputs that we could have on here but we're happening running this guitar through d I box which cut takes a instrument signal knocks it down to a microphone level signal let's just use the high quality microphone preempt to bring it up same thing if it was an instrument when we just had another button and we'll be set for looking for an instrument level and we are set so this is guitar too I'm going to use our naming that we had a double click on it to let's start at the very beginning all right, here we go. Danu everybody wait, wait. Excellent. All right. Great job. Hey, uh, susan question for you absolutely. Why didn't you tell me that we're hiring professional musicians to come into this class? I had no idea what you've started doing this right away. You guys were incredible. I'm gonna have a stupid same thing just we can show a little bit of comping later let me start again do anything different in the mix that you need what I'm asking about everybody while he thinks about it is remember at any point I can not go in here he's listening whether it be through headphones of these speakers that we have right now maybe maybe listening to the drummer's mess him up a little bit like always going to here I could go into the full drummer maybe what he needs I know it's something that I could always use a little bit more over maybe a little bit more shaker maybe a little bit more hand claps to stay on time maybe a little bit more combo maybe but uh you know anything that they might need we just go to the normal mixer we could change it maybe it's something where he wants me to put where he's at a little bit more in the other speaker or more towards him in that speaker there anything you can think of you betcha so what you're saying? I don't know if he's unlike so what he's saying is ah, really normal thing that's why I asked do you know he's? Like, could you give me a little bit more of the rhythm guitar that spencer did that's? What he's basing his timing often where he's finding his spaces to be so absolutely he not only gets it, he deserves a little more rhythm guitar over in his monitor they're also going to swing it over to your side on that speaker for you wait go take too I guess I want you to see her that I have the input uh monitoring on there and I haven't hit the recording able yet it could have had that on, but I realized as I was saying, you are our last time that I forgot to hit it looking nice they are engineers like me wouldn't start you'll see I'll hit our it'll automatically do it for us area wait, wait, that is so awesome! Great job, excellent! I think we've got you covered again amazed at our wonderful class now we're sitting here with you brand new drums just you know, not even finished with this segment yet and we've gone from nothing toe having a song created a new drummer plane, different parts with an intro, a verse of course we've recorded several takes of first guitar through one amplifier now we've had another musician up playing a lead part over it with a different amplifier doing multiple takes and you guys I don't know if you noticed I don't know where the camera was where we're going we change the mix so we could have our artists have a little bit of a different sound while that was going I sent him on recording I was able to go in here I was changing some settings on some plug ins on spencer's guitar tracks is trying to do a compression to get the quite stuff up a little bit more again changing that dynamic range, not interfering with anything that we're doing with the recording it's not causing any clicks and pops it's not causing the computer to crash or anything like that so we could be going through and adjusting all these things as they go if while he was playing, he would have said, hey, give me a little bit more distortion on my logic ample of fire here it's actually got a little joke going now with this these amplifiers of you haven't if you're not a guitar player, they look good strikingly similar to other amplifiers out there that have known through the many years but they all seem to be called logic, but they're fantastic and that's what we're going to talk about just a little bit here right now is going back in now once we're done with the recording or while it's going on let's check out you know what's happening with the sounds and do some adjustment with that so I'm gonna bring this back to the beginning and we don't have to worry about being enabled importing any other sounds or all set with these now listen to ours from the beginning start with the track you get back to my first screen set here change a little bit of a little for others nice warm tone of the sample fire so again what we're running through here and this uh, patch that we have for the library has it started with the noise gate when turn that off for now, but and I'm also going to turn off the pedal board but was take a look at the amp so and I think the library is a great place to get started with it. We looked there, you just start going through trying different things I'm going through when we get into mix and I'm gonna have us go through the different ones and kind of take a look at some of them but I want to also before we get out of this one show the guitar players that have been sitting through this sort of the core level, what do we deal with? So what we have are amplifiers either combo type amplifiers or you know head and cab speaker cabinet type simulations here where I know from talking with some folks that I don't think I'm getting anyone in trouble by saying but I know that they went out all around the world and found some of the coolest old vintage amps and I'm an old vintage apc I've been playing guitar since I was very young and I love old you know to be amplifiers big old things that take their really heavy take up a lot of space to get really hot and they're very loud and they sound really great but I also live in san francisco with neighbors so I can't play them very often and they sit in a closet these are emulation sze of some of those amps that have been in love with through all the years so from looking at the small type am old fifties and sixties amplifiers from different companies like logic but they actually are ever every famous am brand that you can think of and respected one you may notice a similar appearance to them so we can go through and pick all these different aunt models so going through looking going from the tweet era to black toe lex and silver face in black face sam's the small ones so you can imagine if a company were to be known for black panel amplifiers of black telex they had small ones and they had larger ones as well and different eras had different colors and different knobs, so a little bit of research you can tell exactly which amps there they're emulating here, and I'll tell you that we let it play a little bit as I'm going through this next couple as we're going here, then we're going to see my on the right track here. Of course not. So I'm switching, of course, reason why you didn't hear the drastic sound I was claiming they had was because I was changing a daniel's amp on spencer's. Well, listen to spencer's track, so let's bring up his way that huge tone, james, and the cool thing is, if I start to make some adjustments, you're like, get some meds in trouble out of it, a little bass heavy. Let me take that down and clean it up a bit, too. We'll notice that those similar sightings are gonna follow from after, so we start to go through the different areas of different companies. Is that the way that they chain made them are going to change? So from school venture japs to some very modern on dh, different sounding abs way just do to his cool jazz sounds everything in between wait now just made spencer a metal god, but bringing this stuff down. All these different amps were I'm just watching the clock tick bison like no, I mean show more of this stuff before we run out but this is where I'm gonna leave you guys off explore they've done so many great models to these different amps and the craziest thing is when I show you these amps, I'd gone through it is a great place to stop with it some of them have some different settings as faras just the main amp unit here they all have the cue that we saw moving back and forth and also some common on board and if acts like spring leaving from different eras or effects they built in like some kind of a tremor vibe. Rato wait, we could have had any speed or check this out I love this sinkerball effects which means way have a drum track let me give way give quarter notes here that going in court notes those of the same corner notes that we have that airplane so that when it said sink anywhere it's sinking to our tempo and playing in time. So now when I get back wait, take a look at exam that I pick my speed perfect sixteen like that being either trump well, dr harada it's a nice shimmering backs on it, so besides having being able to pick the amplifier that we're using donald it's like a play in the background, I can show we'll switch back to my speakers here besides being able to pick the amplifier, the onboard effects stuff like that, you'll notice that also down here, besides a model, I could swap out that head with a different one and have a different amp or have it plugged into a different speaker cabinet, so it was on the appropriate model speaker of ah one by eight men in one aidan speaker and a pawnshop type cabinet, but I also throw this through that metal cabinet and hear what it sounds like they're put it through a vintage logic silver face two by twelve, but oh, even more than that, one of my favorite parts of the recording, the relapse and something that I thought simms didn't get ready where simulators didn't get is the fact that when you're looking at a guitar amp in an eight inch tenants twelve inch speaker, when you move a microphone across it, it sounds totally different wherever you put it. Look at this, they have a microphone on the cabinet there I can actually pick between what they call ribbon one twenty one, which I'm just going to start calling south it's a royal one twenty one ribbon microphone when my favorite microphones for guitar but also condenser mic so that's a dynamic microphone, another dynamic microphone fifty seven that we'll be looking at condenser microphones, lycan a kg for fourteen or you eighty seven I could pick a microphone they all sound totally different. Listen to him also move where it is so rare, it's only the top me what I can see in the back I can actually change where'd be recording this so everything that I miss about riel amplifiers, you know, the look of them, the controls of them putting a microphone on it, moving back and forth they've given me like the only thing that they have taken away from me that I love you know, with the with advises I don't have to fix them, I don't have to lug them around and they're really heavy and I don't have to listen to their incredible volume coming through a wall. We're trying to track something so it's just incredible. I love it, you guys, if you're into good top playing guitar, this is the way to start even if you're not going to be recording guitar that day, this become on my laptop the way that I play guitar, I just plug in and I start finding some amps to get this next section, which I'm going to be able to do just before I break I think, um, once you think you've had enough by finding the amps we're gonna go back here. I will get my folks in that main area. Come down. We're gonna turn back on the paddle board and there's. Another one. I'll get to show you when we're talking about mixing because it's for me, not just about guitars, but this is one where we can do some preset save our own. But just on the simple level, start picking petals that you like. So you see things they could compressor vibrato, backup booth, echo that sinks like the stop boxes. You can turn them on and off. And any time you see something else you want, rabbit. I just drag it over. So it's getting like a leslie cabinet. Turn it on things like dr cabinet, back off! Don't like it just poof. It's gone, blanche factory isn't cool modulation going with it. Just guitar for a second back in here. Like I said, I could sit here and show you guys forever. Delays, compressors, modulation. This one tied out of the way. It goes backwards can sink it, it's all kinds of to be delayed. Amazing. Absolutely love it on, including interactive ones. So we have a couple different wah pedals interesting played in the foot. You can use your mouse or any kind of a mini controller that allows you to do this kind of access. And, of course, with anything. We start getting to the idea of anything you see me doing with the mouse on the screen, changing a value waken record. That is automation. So even though you didn't play with that wild, wild way to put it back in later, to have that title. So all right.

Class Description

There’s a reason Apple® Logic® Pro is the go-to recording tool for the music industry’s most-respected bands. It’s a powerful, easy to use program for creating professional-quality music on your Mac from scratch. Join world-class producer Travis Kasperbauer for the world’s first free live exploration of everything Apple Logic Pro has to offer.

This workshop will teach you everything you need to know about recording awesome music in Apple Logic Pro. You’ll explore the basics of the workspace and learn tips and shortcuts for navigating the interface. Travis will also teach you how to record with microphones and instruments, use MIDI, arrange and edit music, and mix multitrack projects. By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to record a full song with vocals, guitars, and drums.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, this course will give you an Apple Logic Pro playbook for unlocking your full potential as a producer and artist.

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Travis Kasperbauer was one of the best teachers in this discipline I have encountered. His style of teaching is easy to follow. I learned more in one day with Travis then i have learned in a year watching video online and learning on my own and from others. Travis knows what he is talking about and what he doesn't know he takes the time to figure it out and walks you through the process of finding the solution to the problem. I find this important because there no one way to do anything when being creative and sometimes understanding the process to figuring something out is just as important on the steps to do something. So many people spend so much time explaining where a button is that they spend little time in truly explaining why you are pressing the button. Travis takes the the time to explain the basic lingo other instructors use but spend little or no time explaining. After Travis explains the basic foundation of logic pro he jumps right into the important thing we all want to know, and that how to make music. I does not matter what genre you are interested in this is the course for you. I watched the course live and after felt it was every bit worth it to own it! Take this course it is worth every dime. I look forward to his advance class in the future. After watching this class i feel confident that what i learned here has given me the tools for his next class but more importantly I can start experimenting and making music today! Thank you creativeLive for this course and Thank You Travis for your gift and knowledge. Thank you for making music attainable to the masses. Ronnie AKA

Ellen Gibson-Kennedy

This is a great course. Travis is an excellent teacher, as well as an interesting and relaxed speaker. I liked the casual classroom environment, which gives the impression of being in the room as well. I learned so many great Logic Pro tips. Highly recommend and enjoyed!


Extraordinarily well done. My long time expertise is with video production ... Avid and Final Cut Pro so I understand the learning curve in tools like Logic. But I was simply “blown away” by the quality and content in this class. I had already poured through two other video based courses and decided to try Travis’ course based on his credentials. It’s not even close: this course is superior to anything else out there. Here’s why: 1. He uses deep and creative real world examples based on his production experience. 2. He is a master of every feature of Logic Pro and then gives you precise examples of how to use those features to deliver a great production. 3. His “layered” approach to presenting the concepts makes the content “stick”. He doesn’t just turn on the fire hose of content, but brings in key features at just the right time. 4. He covers everything and showed me how to save a ton a money because of all the unique built in features. For example, because of his broad experience with 3rd party plugins and libraries, he showed how Logic meets and exceeds those other tools. 5. His style and communication ability is top notch. This is a long course ... I think this was done live over 3 days but absolutely worth my investment in time. I wish I had come here first.