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Intro to Apple Logic Pro

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Recording Digital Audio: Vocals

Travis Kasperbauer

Intro to Apple Logic Pro

Travis Kasperbauer

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20. Recording Digital Audio: Vocals

Lesson Info

Recording Digital Audio: Vocals

So you know the same thing we're back teo digital audio here we're gonna be capturing spencer on the microphone going coming through again traditionally we'd have some headphones on I want us to be able to have a little more confusion be a little less you know make a little bit easier for us all to communicate and for you guys to see him stuff eh so we're gonna do it without it we might have to just a couple levels but always what you have to do is get these levels set again if you are working at home and you have speakers be careful with this next one because turning on the live microphone getting too close to the speakers will feedback it's not gonna happen here but we just want to make sure we get that set so good I'm gonna go with my input record enable on this one to go and give us a little check check it's alright yes you were a little hot going to click on my second input on the quartet here bring it down clear my meter out a bit more please and how loud do you sing no you know ...

this guy's voice he's awesome and that's so great no no no no no he said hey now tha just kidding just messing with you sound wonderful okay, so there's only one of those things to we're all gonna be adjusted on the fly and we'll get it in there you let it go because if we get a little hot it would give me something else to talk about here this is this is how recording goes so always start at the beginning go for it expanse for everybody e you don't be sorry I'm the one that's sorry, huh? Very good, yeah wait yeah so so amazing voice um that's so incredible everybody that's washing this way haven't heard this is brand new we're just uh you know, throwing together and of course spencer's at spencer and daniel like well, we have we'll play this we'll play something we're just putting together for you and I was blowing us away it's incredible. Thank you so of course I'm gonna make you do it again because I want to hear it again I think it's awesome you didn't make any mistakes. Yeah, see now I can't let that secret out everyone I work with me like you're telling me I saw you know you are incredible and I do want to hear it again wait that's so great you know what we're gonna do something really typical now you've done two great takes on there I won't have you double it now we don't know like something that's just a great technique adds a little bit of fullness and I was gonna fix it downloads from did you bring about pyre but you know, add a little bit of folders so the same pitch just exact same performance sometimes people want to hear a little bit of it coming back other times people don't want to play a little bit of it and if you don't like it, we can take it back out but this gives us a great opportunity here take off our input enable there in the record enable input modern record I'm going to show you guys another button we've gone for making new tracks we've got a couple places have gone up to track and new tracks we've gone now we found up here are plus right above our tracks list the plus for a new track I won't take a look at this last button up here new track with duplicate setting so just like this, this situation where I should have really just been going before the magic fades away if it's possible that it could fade away and I should be able to get in there, make a new track and get it set up again if you don't have to talk about it easy jump right up here hit this button is on this one selected click it there ago I've got that bright vocal channel strip setting I've got my input already set the way I wanted any tweaks I've made to anything on any of the editors which doesn't change from the smart controls with you then change some of the plug ins I'm set to go the only thing I might need to remember to do is give it a different name like vocal dub aunt we'll set it up there we'll go wait wait incredible once again and you know I love it so much I need another take I gotta have it so let's get right to it I know that he's susan tell me he's not getting crazy love from the people watching a clap I'm also ah but I wanted to know will we be able to buy this on itunes? Yes I think I think they have producers in the room I try to get a gig on this I think it's also important that people in the show this is how it goes this is how you do it. This is what the process that travis is going through is is how it works and how you should be doing it at home. You should be capturing these properties takes over and over again and don't just stop with one even if you get it right do it again because you never know when you can catch lightning in a bottle you know something that you never even thought of khun come and you want to have it all right? I just wantto do a quick note to the internet that you will be able to hear the take afterwards but we can't have it in the life he'd do the feedback issues when you play the vocals okay, does that make sense? Sure so you guys will be hearing it just wait for the playback oh, they're not quite here and at the same ones were no, they're hearing this but I think when you start mixing it we'll get we'll get teo oh you're gonna hear it? Yeah alright switches to another one just like that now taking it completely out of that moon that moment the thing we said we want to do is get back into it. Wait, that cell office has a really great all right? We're talking about your folks if says you don't have people unlike your eyes throwing in one part I do need to get one more part I'm gonna let mike might all start group here forgot we're going to get it but I'd love on the chorus to get something in today for a pitch maybe a little bit higher you can go high, right? Yeah no you please go louder with it. Um so was grabbed something a little bit higher and this isn't one that's going to be doubled so let's take a few takes going to start your rate before the chorus to be able to jump into it we'll do a few takes and really just go for it reach on da we're gonna get that special take care this is again part of why that I loved to record everything like michael ross was just saying there let's get all this stuff in their self talking let the man do his magic hit new track to picket setting and we're going to go in vocal harmony look at my arrangement track at the top to make sure that I'm not gonna miss any part here not on the throne partway through that first about halfway so you could get warmed up in into it you all set all right uh you want to give me just a really math? We'll do it on the fly was gonna say was checked that vocal level you said you're gonna get louder I'll catch you here we go. Wait excellent. So we're gonna do is we're gonna jump right back in there and I'm gonna adjust your game's a little bit let's just do a couple more it takes this is perfect. This is going to give us some stuff to work with for editing all right click off that one there use my place settings give me a go from that selected regent and here we go wait splendid really good let's do it this is gonna be the last one I believe less I need more all right got it I just want to hear more go for it this time I will stay in the same part but which is you know really like anything you want to stretch around with we want some options to be able to choose from so feel it wait beautiful beautiful beautiful all right, let me ask you you feelin any other parts for this can you come up with more force but michael ross over here you have a class is really getting into it is that x sign I can't read it does it probably say something about doing gang vocals or a hand clap thing? It doesn't say michael wants us to get up into your hand claps we are in a intro to logic pro ten class so maybe we'll go after class for the vocal are the clap recordings but let's get one more vocal here it's just a completely different part same thing whatever you feel like doing you can do no wrong wait you're doing something you're in it's okay to do the high part of the lower register it'll fill out the whole sound yeah that's sounding great go for it I need it back myself up here I'm gonna stop that their change my options here and make sure that I'm gonna play from my last locate position each time so we'll get right back that's a start wait wait gorgeous, beautiful, and you get one last. Try it that way. Here we go. Sorry, I keep forgetting to do my locate, see, excited with song, wait, that's, theo spencer. I think we're gonna be doing vocals here. That is amazing.

Class Description

There’s a reason Apple® Logic® Pro is the go-to recording tool for the music industry’s most-respected bands. It’s a powerful, easy to use program for creating professional-quality music on your Mac from scratch. Join world-class producer Travis Kasperbauer for the world’s first free live exploration of everything Apple Logic Pro has to offer.

This workshop will teach you everything you need to know about recording awesome music in Apple Logic Pro. You’ll explore the basics of the workspace and learn tips and shortcuts for navigating the interface. Travis will also teach you how to record with microphones and instruments, use MIDI, arrange and edit music, and mix multitrack projects. By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to record a full song with vocals, guitars, and drums.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, this course will give you an Apple Logic Pro playbook for unlocking your full potential as a producer and artist.

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a Creativelive Student

Travis Kasperbauer was one of the best teachers in this discipline I have encountered. His style of teaching is easy to follow. I learned more in one day with Travis then i have learned in a year watching video online and learning on my own and from others. Travis knows what he is talking about and what he doesn't know he takes the time to figure it out and walks you through the process of finding the solution to the problem. I find this important because there no one way to do anything when being creative and sometimes understanding the process to figuring something out is just as important on the steps to do something. So many people spend so much time explaining where a button is that they spend little time in truly explaining why you are pressing the button. Travis takes the the time to explain the basic lingo other instructors use but spend little or no time explaining. After Travis explains the basic foundation of logic pro he jumps right into the important thing we all want to know, and that how to make music. I does not matter what genre you are interested in this is the course for you. I watched the course live and after felt it was every bit worth it to own it! Take this course it is worth every dime. I look forward to his advance class in the future. After watching this class i feel confident that what i learned here has given me the tools for his next class but more importantly I can start experimenting and making music today! Thank you creativeLive for this course and Thank You Travis for your gift and knowledge. Thank you for making music attainable to the masses. Ronnie AKA

Ellen Gibson-Kennedy

This is a great course. Travis is an excellent teacher, as well as an interesting and relaxed speaker. I liked the casual classroom environment, which gives the impression of being in the room as well. I learned so many great Logic Pro tips. Highly recommend and enjoyed!


Extraordinarily well done. My long time expertise is with video production ... Avid and Final Cut Pro so I understand the learning curve in tools like Logic. But I was simply “blown away” by the quality and content in this class. I had already poured through two other video based courses and decided to try Travis’ course based on his credentials. It’s not even close: this course is superior to anything else out there. Here’s why: 1. He uses deep and creative real world examples based on his production experience. 2. He is a master of every feature of Logic Pro and then gives you precise examples of how to use those features to deliver a great production. 3. His “layered” approach to presenting the concepts makes the content “stick”. He doesn’t just turn on the fire hose of content, but brings in key features at just the right time. 4. He covers everything and showed me how to save a ton a money because of all the unique built in features. For example, because of his broad experience with 3rd party plugins and libraries, he showed how Logic meets and exceeds those other tools. 5. His style and communication ability is top notch. This is a long course ... I think this was done live over 3 days but absolutely worth my investment in time. I wish I had come here first.