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Create A Chalkboard Background: Graduation Invite

I have a couple more things I wanna show you quickly and then we'll be done. I'm gonna pop over to this. This is a senior graphic, or senior announcement, that I put together. What I wanted to point out to you or show you is unique to this one particular font I found and I've seen this done a few times and it's really awesome, but I think it's hard to figure out if someone doesn't show you how it works. So, we've got this graphic and there's all this text and here's ultimately what it's gonna look like. So very cute, very doodley, very high school fun, but I wanna draw your attention to this frame that is holding all of this type. So, I'm gonna hide the doodles and I'm gonna hide the type and this is the frame layer right here. So, what I wanted to show you is just that this is not a single glyph, it's also not an illustration like we've seen before. It's actually, I think, four or three different, maybe five, five different characters from the glyphs panel. So, let me pop open the gly...

ph panel and show you then what this looks like. I'll get out of here for a moment. This is called skitch borders solid and the way that this works is you can build borders yourself. know what? Let me hide this and we'll just do a whole new one. So, I'm gonna click to start a new layer and the way that this works is you, like, pick and choose what you want. So, there's all these little border things and you see that there's like a left side and a right side and then there are center chunks that you can use to make your own shape. So, what's really cool is if you find yourself doing a lot of invitations or things where you, maybe like, if you use, you make monograms or you're making a lot of labels and you need these shape layers to be on stuff, these kind of shape frames, it can be tricky to find ones that fit what you want. So, sometimes it might be too square for the text that you wanna put on it or maybe it's too round or vice versa or whatever, it's not wide enough or tall enough, you can create your own using these little pieces. So, they're like puzzle pieces and then you just fit them together. So, for example, let's look down here I think, like, this is the one I think I used. So, I start on the left, right? And I'm gonna just, let's do, I guess this one. So, I'll double click and then I get this left piece and then I need to find a center piece and I wanna say it's this. Oops! I'll move this over so you can see. Okay? And then you can put as many center pieces as you want for however long you want your frame to be and then you just add the right piece. So, there you go. You find the right end, so you've got, like, bookends, a left side and a right side, and then you just put as many middles as you want and then you have this neat frame and so they have all different kinds of sides and middles and it's so fun and you could, you know, if I wanna put a piece in here...oops. Maybe I want a piece in the middle that has a swirly doodle on it like that, I can do that because that's how the piece is designed. So, it just allows you to really create your own custom little frames and I just think that is so cool and I just wanted to point it out because I think if you do a lot of this work, that's really, really handy and it's really hard to find. So, again, that's called skitch borders and they have that at and there's a link to it in the resource guide and then, you can put together really fun pieces like this and it makes it really easy.

Class Description

Learn to create invitations for all the important events in your life. Invitations are keepsakes, and by creating your own it’s sure to be memorable. In this class you’ll learn to design event invitations using photoshop as the primary software tool. 

This class covers:

  • Determining the look and feel of an invitation (based on the party/event) 
  • Working with type and image in Photoshop 
  • Sourcing assets for your invitations (Creative Market, etc.) 
  • Basic invitation layout, what information to include in the text 
  • Establishing hierarchy - using design to bring attention to important information 
  • Getting things printed: on demand services, etc 
Once you have the skills to make your own party invitations, you can create custom designs for any events! You won’t have to spend hours searching for the perfect invitation and you’ll be able to create something special and unique.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5.1



Khara is a brilliant instructor and I learned so much to improve my business. I'm running wild in photoshop with the tools and approaches that I gained from this amazing course! Thank you!

April S.

I have a Photoshop Bootcamp that encompasses a few weeks of learning but I just haven't had the time and focus to sit down and go through it even though I know there is a ton of useful stuff for me in it. One thing I have wanted to do for awhile is to design cards using some of my photography and graphics/lettering. Khara's Invitations in Photoshop class goes right to the heart of what I needed to know in PS for this specific kind of project. I am not a complete newbie to PS but seeing her use various functionality in this context hit home for me. I'm glad I picked up this course and look forward to working on some of my own cards. Khara's is well-prepared and direct, she speaks well, is clear, gets right to the things you really need to know. In my opinion, she's a very good instructor for the Creative Live teaching format.

Rosemary O'Leary

I really enjoyed the course. Khara's teaching style is great - clear, concise and inspiring. Lots of tips and work-arounds, too! Thanks very much.