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iPhone 6s Photography

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Class Introduction and iPhone 6s Overview

Julia Kelleher

iPhone 6s Photography

Julia Kelleher

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1. Class Introduction and iPhone 6s Overview

Lesson Info

Class Introduction and iPhone 6s Overview

Hi and welcome to creative live. I'm julia kelleher, and this is the iphone six s class iphone. Ah, graffiti one o one for those of you who may be just got the success or you're working on, it is a really cool camera that apple has come out with with lots of fun, new features, and I want to show you some great ways to take better images with your iphone success. There's both the plus and the standard version, obviously, the plus is a little bit bigger. That's, what I've got here on this does have a couple more features than I'm going to outline for you versus the regular six s, but all in all, lots of fun, and one of the reasons the iphone is so great is because, it's, what we have with us all the time, I'm constantly carrying this thing around, so now all of a sudden, my camera is with me twenty four seven and there are so many images to take, and so little time I have, I think, almost four, five thousand images on this thing already from using video to burst mode. I'm a just can add ...

up really fast on here, but the beautiful part about that is you consort, select, edit and pick the ones that you want to use in your life and course print those all and it and print them all from the comfort of your phones so who wants to look around a big point shoot you don't need to anymore and for those of us who are pro photographers we have our big dslr cameras I don't want to lug that anywhere so between you know, just a regular point shoot camera and your dslr this makes life so much easier because it's with you constantly and this camera now on the success has really really improved so if you've got it I say you that I mean this is what we have mostly in our lives these days is the iphone or our phone of some sort and it's what we all take our are snapshots with but you know, there's only one problem with this thing technology changes so fast and there are some amazing changes that have just come out with a success I'm going to go over some of those features for you and show you how technology is changing for the better but it does mean creating which I know of course can always be a nice chunk out of the wallet so what you're going to learn in this class? It's a fun class iphone six operation for best results there's a lot of hidden features in the side this thing that are really fun to use and will help improve your image is straight out of the gate the new success features, of course, we're going to talk about hidden features that you're probably not using at all. We're going to discuss seeing light and composition and color in your images to take better snapshots of your family, your friends, selfies, even your food. When you're out to dinner, we're going to discuss how to shoot common snapshots. Better editing your images from mobile aps you can do everything inside your iphone now you don't have to have you don't have to take the images off your phone anymore, put him on a computer, edit them, then send them off to a printer. You could do it all straight from your phone, which makes convenience that much better. And of course, printing from a mobile world. I'm going to show you some different aps and companies out there that will let you print directly from your iphone, which again makes things easier, faster and more convenient for those of you who are always on the go. So why do you need this class? Well, better images on the go I want to be able to take amazing images with your phone, so the tool that you have in your hand is the tool that you're using of course, and sometimes it doesn't matter what will you have if you can see light, see color, see composition then you've got it made. The device in your hand is simply that device not only meant to teach you how to use the iphone six s to it full advantage, but I also wanted to start teaching you how to see things better so that your images turnout that much better snapshots, their most precious memories. I mean, I'm a pro photographer, and I take images of my kid with this thing all the time, and they are some of my most precious images. They may not be technically perfect, but to me it's the camera that I had my hand at that moment and that image has so much emotion to it because it helps bring me back to that time when I actually took the image, whether it be on vacation or just in my backyard, shooting my son with the iphone. Now, all of a sudden I have that memory in a digital format that I can then print to my heart's content. So, like I said, it's, not really about the camera in your hand, it's about how you use it and really, when it comes down to, is ultimately getting images off this thing. Printed and into your life, whether it be on your wall in an album or just sitting on a desktop somewhere. It's. Super important to not let them hide in your phone. And I know you all are guilty of this, too. There's. Thousands of images on here that I haven't printed and shame on me. But I want to teach you how to get them off your phone easily and quickly. If it's convenient for you, then you're going to be easy for you to do and fast.

Class Description

You’re using your Apple® iPhone® as the interface for your personal world, but its value transcends that. The Apple iPhone 6s is a powerful, versatile piece of technology – particularly when it comes to capturing important life moments. Julia Kelleher will show you how to use your iPhone’s creative capacity to transform your pictures into professional-grade photographs.

In this class, you’ll learn: · 

  • New features to the iPhone 6s 
  • How to pose and light your images 
  • Use powerful apps to print images and edit videos 
  • Share your photos in print and on social media 

Julia will help you identify how to take advantage of the Apple iPhone 6s high-resolution capabilities by choosing the right apps and add-ons. Discover how quickly you can become a contributor to the thriving digital photography scene, or the official documentarian of your family and community.

Your phone is a potent tool to unlock your creative potential, and it’s probably sitting right in front of you as you read this. Sign on with Julia Kelleher for Apple iPhone 6s Photography to find out what you’re capable of!  



I loved this...Julia was awesome, the quality of the course was amazing and now I'm going to go upgrade my iPhone 6 to 6s b/c I loved this so much

a Creativelive Student

Easy to understand, clear descriptions of iPhone capabilities, settings, and examples--and invitingly presented. More than just a description of the phone, etc. I feel excited and capable to take more and better pictures because I am more equipped to try new ideas rather than just point and shoot as usual. Lively and fun to watch! I watched the entire class!


Julia did a great job covering more than just the basics about iPhonography and the upgrade to 6s. I shoot professionally and was able to glean many great tips from her. Her suggestions on lighting, composition, etc are outstanding and well worth the time to watch this video. Thanks, Julia! I'll look for you on social media and begin following your work!