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iPhone 6s Photography

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How To Use Time-Lapse, Slo-Mo, Panorama, and Burst Mode

Julia Kelleher

iPhone 6s Photography

Julia Kelleher

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9. How To Use Time-Lapse, Slo-Mo, Panorama, and Burst Mode

Lesson Info

How To Use Time-Lapse, Slo-Mo, Panorama, and Burst Mode

I want to demonstrate three different styles of shooting on the iphone success, and I have two phones here because we're going to be doing a couple different things we're going to working with time lapse, which means taking basically a video or a lot of small so still images over time, and then the iphone will play it back as a video, condensing everything down into a short timeframe, so it kind of speeds things up, so to speak. I also want to talk about slow motion and how cool that is that a fun feature to create meat video with your new iphone success, and we're also use the panorama features in the iphone success to kind of create meet long, skinny images so well, what we're basically doing in this segment is lengthening and compressing time all with these neat, cool features in your iphone success, so because time lapse takes a little bit of time, we're taking a lot of images over time and condensing them. I have two iphones, successes, the plus and then the regular right here. I'...

m going to set up this regular to do a time lapse while we shoot everything else, and then we'll come back to it at the very end and see how it turned out, so I'm going to go ahead and this is the way I do it myself is just jimmy rig it so you want to make sure you obviously you can see your subject matter I want to set it up so that my frame is good in cases over there bouncing for me already the cameras right here so once I'm ready I'm going to go ahead and just press start and that should record one shot every couple seconds and we'll come back to in about five or ten minutes and see how it turned out okay, now I want to start where he was slow motion okay slow motion obviously is taking a a fast moving object and slowing it down casey here is getting totally demonstrate for us by jumping on this trampoline it's really funny slo mo is one of the things I used the most often with my own iphone and you could really get some creative fund luck ex with fast moving objects or even something like an outdoor campfire if you've ever shot in outdoor campfire was slow most it looks really cool so get creative with your light get creative with your subject matter let's try to slow down some stuff and see what happens so casey you ready? Okay, I'm going to get down nice and low to make him look like he's higher and I'm just gonna go ahead and start slow money so go ahead jump dies and I awesome you rot casey okay so you can stop, I won't make you totally get out of breath. What's cool about this is in slow mo is it starts off when you play it back, it starts off at actual speed, but then all of a sudden it starts to slow down and you could see people's faces get all crazy and they do funny things and slo mo could actually be a lot of fun, so I encourage you to use slo mo have a good time with it and capture your fast moving subjects in a slow manner. Now one thing that's really important understand is you should always shoot slo mo and time lapse horizontally like this, because technically you're shooting a video. So you want to make sure that when it plays back on a tv or screen it's playing back horizontal because your tvs horse onto, so if you try to shoot it like this vertical it's just not going to look at when you play it back on a computer screen or on your television for family and friends to see so that's this'll your face looks pretty funny like that in case he's a good sport. Ok, so now I want to move on to another feature of the iphone, which is panorama, and this is not a new feature on the iphone success. But it's one that I use all the time and really makes for some creative images so I'm gonna have the production crew here like spread out so you guys just spread out around casey and I'm going to take a panorama in it now what is a panorama basically it's a long skinny shot where you can either go one hundred eighty degrees or you could make an entire circle which is what I'm gonna do to create a really long skinny peace so general have you come closer come closer come closer come closer all up to me elevation these people they don't want to be photographed I'm totally suckering them into this so here we go now I'm going to swipe over on my phone to get to panorama mode aereo I'm now in panorama the key to this is making sure that you keep this line steady on the horizon when you shoot you see how I'm going along the horizon so I'm going to start at this tree press there and then slowly take my panorama trying to keep my horizon at the same level here we go and I'm going to go ahead and go all the way around so that we even get miles who shooting me at the moment them then I just press the button again and you look at it see what happens way go we have a cool panorama shot of all the people standing in the park and I basically went from one side of myself one hundred eighty degrees to the other direction to create a neat, long very interesting image capturing fast moving subjects with your iphone could be a real challenge because the camera just isn't that fast, but one of the hidden features inside the iphone is burst mode, so when you have a fast moving subject or a kid moving towards you, toddlers especially are sometimes really hard to photograph you can use burst mode and granted, you'll get a lot of junk e pictures, but you will also get that one shot that you love so basically what burst mode does is just that it bursts images and takes a lot of frames per second so I'm gonna have casey jump up and down here we just see if we can't get a couple of good burst images from him, so go for it. But so as casey job it's all I'm gonna do is press the photo button and hold down and you'll see the iphone counts how many images I'm taking and it just takes a cz many as it possibly can within the time frame that I actually hold down the button on the iphone now that I've done finished the burst mode, I can go into my photos and if I wanted to try to look at him you would notice that there's not I took thirty images there's not thirty there well to get there you have to select the ones you want to go into the select feature here and now I can scroll through the images and pick which ones I want you'll notice some of them as they're in fact most of them are blurry and not that money shot so to speak but occasionally I'll get one or two that are sharp like this ones really cool he's got a funny face on he's up in the air that's kind of the shot I wanted that fast moving freeze the action type image so aa lot of them may be out of focus but you'll find one or two that are sharp and that's your kind of what I call the money shot so the iphone doesn't have that super fast action capture ability that like a dslr professional camera would have but this burst mode is super helpful when you're shooting fast moving subjects animals, dogs, kids a guy on a trampoline and it allows you get that one shot that you were trying for without having to take images over and over again you just simply press burst mode and you will find the one in there that you love ok finally let's look at our time lapse we're back here uh at the little table we jimmy rigged up I'm going to go ahead and stop my time laughs okay, so I basically recorded for about five minutes or so, maybe ten at the most and time lapse is going to take. Well, basically, what it did is it took individual images and certain intervals and now it's going to put them all together in one movie, so when I play the movie, it'll be fast, super fast and all of us wondering around shooting, doing our thing, and it looks like I got the tissue box in my shot, but that's ok, but basically it's sped up about five, ten minutes of production out here and turn it into a really fast movie. So that's, what time lapse does it could be really fun, especially when you're like building a sandcastle on the beach or you're doing it a long, gated project that you want to show family and friends, but condense it down to a short period of time that will allow you to upload it tio, an online source, facebook or whatever and share it with family and friends without it being a huge file. So we've covered timelapse. We've covered slo mo, and we've covered panorama and burst all neat things you can do with your iphone success plus to do really creative and fun images for your snapshots.

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You’re using your Apple® iPhone® as the interface for your personal world, but its value transcends that. The Apple iPhone 6s is a powerful, versatile piece of technology – particularly when it comes to capturing important life moments. Julia Kelleher will show you how to use your iPhone’s creative capacity to transform your pictures into professional-grade photographs.

In this class, you’ll learn: · 

  • New features to the iPhone 6s 
  • How to pose and light your images 
  • Use powerful apps to print images and edit videos 
  • Share your photos in print and on social media 

Julia will help you identify how to take advantage of the Apple iPhone 6s high-resolution capabilities by choosing the right apps and add-ons. Discover how quickly you can become a contributor to the thriving digital photography scene, or the official documentarian of your family and community.

Your phone is a potent tool to unlock your creative potential, and it’s probably sitting right in front of you as you read this. Sign on with Julia Kelleher for Apple iPhone 6s Photography to find out what you’re capable of!  

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I loved this...Julia was awesome, the quality of the course was amazing and now I'm going to go upgrade my iPhone 6 to 6s b/c I loved this so much

a Creativelive Student

Easy to understand, clear descriptions of iPhone capabilities, settings, and examples--and invitingly presented. More than just a description of the phone, etc. I feel excited and capable to take more and better pictures because I am more equipped to try new ideas rather than just point and shoot as usual. Lively and fun to watch! I watched the entire class!


Julia did a great job covering more than just the basics about iPhonography and the upgrade to 6s. I shoot professionally and was able to glean many great tips from her. Her suggestions on lighting, composition, etc are outstanding and well worth the time to watch this video. Thanks, Julia! I'll look for you on social media and begin following your work!